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It's a Mall World After All chapter 1 It's a Mall World After All, meaning It's a Mall World After All, genre It's a Mall World After All, book cover It's a Mall World After All, flies It's a Mall World After All, It's a Mall World After All 4faeb9f2dde01 It S Too Bad They Don T Give Out Diplomas For What You Learn At The Mall, Because I Could Graduate With Honors In That Subject No Really Since I Ve Worked There, I Ve Become An Expert On All Things Shopping Related For Example, I Can Tell You Right Off Who To Distrust At The Mall Skinny People Who Work At Cinnabon I Mean, If They Re Not Eating The Stuff They Sell, How Good Can It Be The Salesladies At Department Store Makeup Counters No Matter What They Tell You, Buying All That Lip Gloss Will Not Make You Look Like The Pouty Models In The Store Posters And Most Importantly My Best Friend S Boyfriend, Bryant, Who Showed Up At The Food Court With A Mysterious Blonde Draped On His ArmYeah, I Saw It, And Yeah, I Told My Best Friend All About ItYou Would Think This Would Mean Trouble For Bryant, But You Would Basically Be Wrong Somehow, The Evil Boyfriend Turned Everything Around, And Now I M The One Who Has To Prove Myself But I Will Even If Bryant And Importantly His Best Friend, Colton Keep Trying To Stop Me

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    Rallison is laugh out loud funny When I first saw this book I thought, just another silly teen romance novel And it is a teen romance, but it s smart and absolutely hilarious It s fluff, but it s the kind of fluff that I can read and recommend without guilt Rallison s plot just races along as Charlotte, a high school senior with an uncanny ability to get herself in humiliating scrapes, tries to manage an attraction to her best friend s boyfriend s best friend, while simultaneously trying to prove the best friend s boyfriend is cheating Yes, it sounds sudsy, but the characters are smart, the dialogue is witty, and if you don t laugh, seriously, you need to get your funny bone checked.

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    It s a Mall World After All was a cute high school kind of romance book I wish I loved the mall as much as the MC did. but unfortunately that will probably never ever happen.Charlotte is a world full of fun I honestly laughed so much at the situations this girl got into So she wants to be the apple of her best friend s boyfriends best friend However, she is also trying to prove that her best friends boyfriend is actually cheating at the same time Just saying that and probably reading that. you know that Charlotte is going to get herself into some sticky situations Or lots of trouble.Either way, she made this book enjoyable Besides liking Charlotte, I really liked Colton He provided as many, if not , laughs in this book too He just made the situations even better and honestly enjoyable I think this is one of my guilty pleasures for a teen kind of romance.

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    12 17 I read this one years ago and loved it just as much then as I did this time around Rallison has a great snarky teen voice that really makes the characters come alive and keeps the reader laughing.Not all smart girls aresmart Charlotte works in the mall and is determined to prove to her best friend that her boyfriend is a cheating slime ball Charlotte can t get over how mean boys were in Jr High, which is a shame, but she s strong enough now to dish it right back out and take her flaws and awkwardness in stride.The characters are great especially Colton and the situations are pretty funny I love a story with a little conflict and growth amidst the fun and this one delivers Such a fun, holiday story for the youngster in me.Content mild romance talk of cheating mild language 8 09This book had me laughing out loud at times It s about Charlotte, a girl who was picked on in Jr High, moved away for 2 years, and comes back really beautiful, but is totally against dating any guy who goes to her high school I really enjoyed watching Charlotte develop throughout the book She really does have others best interests at heart, but goes a little overboard in trying to protect those she cares about and is very prone to accidents A light, clean, funny, and fluffy young adult book that will have you alternating between blushing and laughing.

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    Oh my goodness. This book had me chuckling almost the entire time After reading a review someone posted for this book, I knew I had to read it to I m so glad I did now I need to get an actual copy of it, instead of an ebook It was just so much fun Such an fun read to help you get through a lagging day or writer s block or even reader s block grins I recommend it.Charlotte is the funniest girl ever She had the most hilarious attitude I m sure I was the only person in the book that believed her about Bryant her best friend s boyfriend I m so glad she was right At least it made some people apologize to her, instead of visa versa.She had so many accidents Argh But it was so funny Watch out for Charlotte the girl who will make an accident out of basically anything DColton That name really makes me like him even I got annoyed with him several times, because he would suddenly become friends with Charlotte, than something happened and he s mad at her Thankfully things got better at the end coughs No spoilers from me, sorry.All the characters were hilarious They had such funny personalities and just made me happy as I was reading Content A couple kisses Mentions of girls being really pretty view spoiler hot actually hide spoiler

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    I love this book It is just so witty and lighthearted while also makes you think We need books like this I love Janette Rallison for making so many of them.

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    A new author I love She s like Meg Cabot without the crap or the gray areas She s funny She s easy to read She s perfect for teen readers This book s story is about a girl who decides that she learns some great life lessons while working as a perfume promoter at the mall She gets herself into some pretty sticky situations while trying to prove that her best friend s boyfriend is two timing her Cute, cute story This one of the authors that I met at a signing the other day at Barnes and Noble She s pretty cool Learn about her at her blog

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    Lots of drama and boyfriends and silliness, but it was a nice change from deep reads It s strange reading about high school age groupsI often forget I ve been out of that age for a few years now XD

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    I love this book, I don t know how many times I ve read it I stopped keeping count after four or fiveI don t know what to say that I haven t already said to all of my acquaintances Charlotte is wonderful and my soul sister and can I please have a Colton Thank you.This book is so funny, I seriously still laugh at it after all these re reads and can we take a moment to appreciate Charlotte s father It s also clean, which is hard to find in YA books these days.But seriously, I can t believe that you are still here reading my sorry excuse for a review and not scouring the world for a copy to read yourself Go Read It

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    Reviewed by Cayla Carhart for TeensReadToo.comIf you like witty and hilarious page turners that keep you interested and laughing all the way through, then IT S A MALL WORLD AFTER ALL by Janette Rallison is the book for you This is the kind of book that keeps you wondering what hilarious twist is coming next Charlotte is a girl who works in a mall, spraying perfume on unsuspecting costumers She s a high school student, has red hair, she s taller than normal, and she has a strict policy against dating guys from her school Charlotte never understood why anyone would buy those perfumes at the mall She could never figure out how anyone could believe those advertisements that say the perfume will make you irresistible if you wear it, or that the guys will be all over you When Charlotte sees her best friend, Brianna s, boyfriend, Bryant, at the mall with another girl, she is faced with the tough choice of whether to tell Brianna or to not say anything and hope it was all just a misunderstanding When she asks Bryant s best friend and also her study buddy , Colton, about what she saw at the mall, will Colton stick up for Bryant and deny it or agree with Charlotte Is Bryant deceiving Colton as well as Brianna Is Charlotte the only one who knows the truth What happens when Charlotte goes to great lengths to prove Bryant s lying to Brianna Will Charlotte get pinned for everything And will Charlotte s friendship with Brianna survive through all the lies and rumors And why does Charlotte have a policy against dating guys at her school, anyway What happens if she breaks the policy There are so many unanswered questions But don t fret all you have to do to answer them and have a lot of great laughs along the way is to read this book I can tell you one thing, it has a great ending.

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    This book is really interesting It starts out with the protagonist, Charlotte, who works at the mall In the mall, she analyzes people based on what they buy She also learns about things in the mall This book is about one day while she was working, she notice her best friend s boyfriend with someone else She then tries to find out what s going on While she was trying to find out what is going on between them, she falls in love with her best friend s boyfriend s best friend There s a lot of twists and turns I find it interesting that she was able to analyze people based on what they buy I also liked how in the story, she meets a little boy whose family is poor It shows how you can meet all kinds of people at the mall But I liked how she tried to help make the little boy s wish come true which was being able to buy a pair of shoes for his mother You ll enjoy this book if you like romance stories

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