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The 13th Valley files The 13th Valley, read online The 13th Valley, free The 13th Valley, free The 13th Valley, The 13th Valley c4bbbfa3e Praise For The Th Valley, A Finalist For The American Book Award There Have Been A Number Of Excellent Books About Vietnambut None Has Managed To Communicate In Such Detail The Day To Day Pain, Discomfort, Frustration And Exhilaration Of The American Military Experience In Vietnam Joe Klein, The New York Times Book Review The Novel About The Vietnam WarDel Vecchio Has Constructed A Classic War Novel, A Complex And Frightening Book, That Gets It Right Chicago Sun Times An Important And Distinctly American Book William Plummer, Newsweek The First Vietnam Combat Novel To Demand And Deserve Comparison With Norman Mailer S The Naked And The Dead Philadelphia Enquirer The Th Valley Written With Straightforward, Authoritative, Unadorned Prose And Merciless Intelligence Is Not Just The Best Vietnam War Novel To Date, But The Smartest CDB Bryan, Author Of Friendly Fire The Th Valley Is Dynamite This Is The Most Sensuously Honest Interpretation Of The Vietnam Experience I Ve Ever Read Al Santoli, Author Of Everything We Had

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    The 13th Valley by John M Del VecchioWhen I began reading The 13th Valley , I was immediately taken aback by the author s assertion that Vietnam was the most moral war this nation has ever engaged I had never heard anyone make that claim before nor had the option ever crossed my mind I taught history, and it is almost universally believed that the distinction of most moral war lies with the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, or World War II I was intrigued It was a bold statement He had my attention.As I read the story of Company A, 7th Battalion, 402nd Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division I began to understand that the author s definition of moral pertained, not to the war itself but what occurred within the fellowship of the soldiers fighting it The story gives utterance to a range of camaraderie and courage between and in the men who battled in Vietnam that is profoundly moving and which calls into question many of the stereotypes perpetuated about the war and those who fought it.As you read The 13th Valley you hump with the boonierats and come to grasp the psychology of endurance that men like Egan, Cherry, Doc, Jax, and Lt Brooks use to keep from going insane Don t mean nothin Drive on John Del Vecchio s engrossing and powerful writing plants the reader right there in the Khe Ta Laou Valley up in I Corps As I read, I felt the elephant grass slice my fingers as I traversed into the valley with my squad The descriptive language alone is masterful while the characters seem so real they appear before you as you read.When you finish the book, you will be convinced that this was the way Vietnam was The language of the grunts is authentic When you finish the book, you will be convinced you were there because the writing is that good.

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    I led a Recon Platoon in the Central Highlands in 1970 71 and this book captures the tactical experience perfectly The role of my platoon, at that time, can be characterized as Bait Our job was to go around poking at stuff until something poked back, I was there just after Cambodia and Charles didn t want to come out to fight, so I never had exactly the sort of experience that ended the book, but I once ran my platoon as fast as I could to what some helicopter pilots claimed was a battalion of troops sun bathing in my AO We spent three days trying to find where they had gone but they were gone Vietnam was a contest between Marxism and the Harvard Business Model and Marxism won It didn t start out that way before 1963, the mission was nation building helping a pre republican society install infrastructure necessary for the nation to operate as a constitutional republic In this regards, Vietnam was not a mistake but a deliberate response to the Soviet insurgency model being introduced all over the world, including Central and South America Trotsky wasn t in Mexico as a benign presence.Vietnam was a battle in the larger Cold War and needs to be understood within the context of Korea We were in Vietnam as much to protect the oil in the Persian Gulf as the shipping lanes to Japan which depended upon that oil to drie its economy Vietnam was not a mistake We lost the battle, but the conduct of the war did for the Soviet Union what Borodino did for Napoleon Vietnam is the reason why the Soviet Union doesn t exist, today, floggers of the Reagan personality cult notwithstanding When I got back from Vietnam, I ended up doing business with the Soviets in the aerospace sector of their economy I had studied them while working fora bank and the only thing that kept their economy operating at any level was something they called blat , which refers to bribes, specifically, but applies to the shadow economy which has revealed itself in the Russian mafia, Nobody realized at the time just how big this was, but the formal economy of the Soviet Union had been bled white by Vietnam and Afghanistan was the last feeble attempt to eventually create a warm water port in Iran through the Kyber Pass But the conventional wisdom that Vietnam was anything but the necessary war needs to be reexamined as consistent with the wishful thinking that characterized the occupation of Iraq than the rational projection of national interests that it was, I don t want to refight the war we lost it, fair and square and I put up with enough anti war crap during the 60s that I have no desire to engage those particular conceits, again, but many of these reviews reflect what I call the Oliver Stone version of Vietnam including, if not especially, the architects of the all volunteer military and all I am saying is that it isn t necessarily so Dick Cheney and Bill Kristol ran the Iraq occupation on that basis and one result is ISIS I m just saying.Personally, I wouldn t have missed Vietnam for the world

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    This is a captivating and engrossing book I first read it in the mid 80 s when the paper back edition first came out I could not put it down then and my experience was the same today when I read it again But be warned that there are very graphic depictions in the book And these depictions are not limited to combat and war The author does a very credible job of getting into the heads of the soldiers You learn what they are thinking, feeling, and dreaming Many of the men retain some semblance of humanity by dreaming of their girls back home One of the main characters relives his time with his wife when he was on leave which results in him receiving divorce papers while on patrol in combat In many ways this is an awful book about an awful subject And that is as it should be The conflict in Vietnam was a terrible mistake This book helps you understand this on a very basic level The same can be said about war in general I came away thinking that this is not an activity I would want to engage in unless I had the most compelling reason to do so The changes imposed on these men was horrible and you can definitely understand this by reading the 13th Valley.

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    Often hailed as the most important novel to emerge from the Vietnam conflict, former war reporter John M Del Vecchio weaves fiction and fact to paint a vivid picture of the soldier s lot in the latter stages of US involvement The narrative follows a fictional company of paratroopers taking part in the last major US operation of the war, a real life event that was every bit as futile as is depicted here The dialogue flows with poetic obscenity as characters converse in authentic military patois, shot through with a soldier s habitual humour and cynicism Vecchio also displays an impressive gift for description, the unreality of the situation enhanced by his depiction of the jungle as an alien landscape far removed from the corrupting touch of civilisation There are no mindless grunts or stereotype heroes amongst Vecchio s cast of characters, most are college educated and fully aware of the essential pointlessness of their deadly encounters with the North Vietnamese Army More disturbing is the fact that many in fact seem to enjoy the war, the immediacy of combat and the vibrancy of day to day life in a jungle haunted by a formidable enemy providing an escape from the mundane realities of failed marriages and adult responsibility By turns exhilarating and harrowing, the seductive insanity of war has rarely been better described.

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    Re reading this book some 25 years later, I m not nearly as impressed as I was the first time Overwritten is the term that now comes to mind, based on what I found to be a curious overflow of words in many passsages, apparently aimed at intense description, but that somehow took something away rather than adding In particular, the out of the blue, intense philosophical discussions seemed at least a bit out of character for many of the participants And the lengthy attempts at shedding light on some of the main characters personal lives, including their nighttime dreams, just didn t seem to work particularly well As another reviewer noted, all in all it seems that Del Vecchio could have done much with less That said, this novel does leave the reader with a great understanding and feel for the combat and combat related experience among American foot soldiers in the Vietnam War, and for that reason alone it makes a worthy contribution.

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    I read the 13th Valley when it first came out and then reread it a couple of times over the years last read was 2011 You see something new each time you read it It is, in my estimation, the quintessential book on ground pounder combat in Vietnam It is gritty, gut wrenching, profane and philosophical all at the same time It follows the trials and tribulations of a single unit the oh deuce during its engagement in the A Shau valley, describing not only the action, but the setting in detail, sometimes excruciating detail In my opinion, that lends authenticity and flavor to the book I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to understand the war in the Nam from the ordinary soldier s perspective.

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    the 13th valley is one of my husband s most favourite books, so i read it at his request several years ago it is an amazing book and del vecchio did a fantastic job creating a work that feels so authentic and heartbreaking given his personal experiences, it is not surprising he was able to achieve this in the 13th valley he knows of what he writes.if you are interested in books about the vietnam war, i highly recommend this one it s a much better book than the popular Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes.

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    Perhaps the most powerful book I ve read on Vietnam As I read the Siege of Khe Sanh I kept recalling the acts of unselfish bravery and heroism from the troops in The 13th Valley The book is an amazing story that compares to Mailer in passion, pain and complexity A closing seen of an LZ ambush is still in my mind This is as real and powerful as any novel about any war.

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    Powerful, vivid, gripping If you ve got the time and the interest, this book will show you exactly what it was like to be an infantry soldier during the Vietnam war It also powerfully encapsulates the ugly and noble truths of all wars It s raw and almost overwhelming at times, but well worth it.

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    One of the best and most disturbing books I ve ever read. follows the story of a scared sh tless young recruit as he arrives in country during the Vietnam war. and his gradual descent into madness Awesome book.

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