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The Red Kiss (Safe Words, #2) chapter 1 The Red Kiss (Safe Words, #2) , meaning The Red Kiss (Safe Words, #2) , genre The Red Kiss (Safe Words, #2) , book cover The Red Kiss (Safe Words, #2) , flies The Red Kiss (Safe Words, #2) , The Red Kiss (Safe Words, #2) dd767d15b0fad Years After Being Targeted In A Violent, Public Attack, Seneca Graves Is No Longer The Women She Was Once A Forceful And Outgoing Writer And BDSM Lifestyle Advocate, She Now Secludes Herself Behind Walls Both Physical And Mental When Other Survivors Of The Attack Begin Showing Up Dead, Seneca S Life Is Again Bound Up With Her Former Lover, Special Agent John Book Of The FBI Their Bond, And His Willingness To Submit, Draws Out Seneca S Strength And DominanceAt The Same Time, Holly Rabb And Jason Wills Of The Local Police Join The Investigation They Are Partners, Dealing With Their Own Feelings And Dangerous Flirtations All Are Thrown Together In A Swirling Mix Of Mystery, Murder, And Heated Attraction As Seneca And Book Become Mentors To Holly And Jason In Feminine Led LoveAs The Pressures Of Romance And Investigations Come To A Head, Secrets Are Revealed That Put Lives And Careers At Risk The Mystery Deepens As Seneca Makes Plans For A Return To Public Life, Bringing The Connections And Passion To A Head Danger Collides With Sex, Whips With Skin, And Dominance With Love Not Just Seneca, But All Four Lovers Must Evolve And Learn As A New Killer Rises To Threaten Them All, Once Again In A Very Public Confrontation

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    I loved it The story kept you on pins and needles the entire time.I loved Book and Seneca the had major chemistry together.The story was full of suspense and intrigue as well as murder.With almost being murdered Seneca retreated into her own world for a bit.With Book back in her life things are becoming brighter and heating up again.Another threat to her life and Book is their to protect and serve once again.Seneca and Books relationship first time around didn t work out but things have changed for Book and he truly understands what Seneca is asking from him and is totally into submitting for her so they can pick up where they left off and this time both give 100 percent to their relationship.Book was my favorite as he went to great lengths to learn about the world she lived in and do whatever he needed to be part of that.Loved that he never stopped loving her all those years apart.The story was full of tons of surprises super hot sex and was filled with a ton of drama all the while trying to save Secena s life and bring a serial killer to justice.Omg the ending didn t see that coming,A page turner from beginning to end.I love the whole cast of characters and they were easy to connect and bond with.A recommended read that goes in the keeper pile.5 stars

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    Another outstanding read from Drury Jamison I didn t finish it in one reading weighing in at over 120,000 words, it s a bit long for that But every time I set it down, I was eager to get back into it Drury Jamison takes us back into the world of femdom, and into the lives of two strong women and the equally strong men who allow their women to be in control, and into the twisted mind of the man set on destroying them all.Sometimes brutal, never comfortable, but always a completely engrossing, absorbing story Drury, I patiently await your next offering.

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    Great second book in the series Intense.

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    Review can be read at It s About The Book 4.5 starsThis novel, this exotic drop into a world so totally foreign to me, took some getting used to but I love when I m able to read something that totally freaking blows my mind It takes me into another world that I gape at, eyes big and jaw slack It makes me wonder what the heck my neighbors could be getting up to, right This story literally started off with a bang and proceeded at breakneck speed soon after The opening event was a crazy, mixed up free for all at a convention hall As I read this book, I kept thinking about control.Sometimes your environment is out of control, and you re left stumbling, numb with fear and pain, trying to protect yourself It s hard to control your surroundings.Then there s the other kind of control Self control The ability to keep a cool head when you need it regulate your emotions, and keep your boundaries To take a moment before you react to the circumstances around you.The heroine, Seneca, knows what it feels like to be both in control and even worse, she knows how it feels to be out of it.Isn t that what we all fear In the BDSM world, control sometimes takes on a darker meaning It s in the relationships between doms and subs the willing relinquishment of control to another, an absolute trust between the two It can only survive if both are willing to put everything on the line are willing to put their relationship first.It also requires not caring what others think.I love this book because it s sassy at times brutal, and always deliciously wicked There s so much packed in about stereotypes, about physical versus mental control, about what being a man really means, and I think I need to re read it just to catch everything Not always an easy read for the squeamish, but an eye opening delight for this reader Love you, Drury

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    A great book.

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