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    He was beautiful, imperfect and mine Thea I want it all every kiss, every breath, every moan, every orgasm, every memory good and bad Damian.I m obsessed with this book Consumed by it I cannot get over the story inside I don t even know how to review it I don t where to start What to say Devil You Know has taken me by storm I m it s captive It s holding my heart prisoner.This was my first L.A Fiore book Not sure why I haven t read her before this point When I think over all the novels I ve read in the last 4 5 years, this ranks up there with the top favorites The emotions it pulled from me were than powerful I don t know if this has ever happened to you, but when I was reading, I was so entranced, so wrapped up in the words, I had moments where I literally had a physical reaction to it.Fingers tingling.Hot sweats.Jolts of electricity.Adrenaline spikes.Tears A mountain of tears.Fast heart rate.Flushed skin.Rapid breathing.More crying.More tingling.More More More More of everything.This novel not only affected me emotionally, but I felt it In my bones Under my skin It lived a life inside me Vividly I don t know how else to describe it And at this point, a couple days after finishing, I m in a fog I can t focus I keep running over scenes inside my mind I keep going over what the characters said Reading quotes Dreaming about it And now screaming about it I m frenzied in my need to get this novel in your hands.It s an EXPERIENCE, not just a book And when you come out on the other end, you ll have gone on a journey so wrought with emotional struggle, so well written, and well thought out, you ll know you ve read a book that you have lived There s no way you could read this and not feel it It s just not possible It s an unforgettable story I said this to someone the other day, and I ll say it again, it s so refreshing to see an author TAKE THE TIME TO WRITE A BOOK WELL There s no stone left unturned in this No plot holes The writing s impeccable The story line seamless I m in AWE of this authors talent And when I think of Devil You Know as a whole, I feel overwhelmed by it All the scenes that were written, leading up to a jaw dropping picture, the journey that Damian and Thea took from start to finished, it was so well thought out, so well done These characters They are multidimensional Their personalities are big You learn everything about them What makes them tick What they love What they hate Why they are who they are There s NO TELLING in this book It s all shown to you in a way that YOU get to experience it It s so rare to find a novel like this I swear, I saw the authors heart in this book I felt it And I want to commend her for taking the time to write a story that was so flawlessly executed.Again, this is one of the best novels I ve ever read And every second of reading it has branded itself on me I cannot stop thinking about it I feel like I am on FIRE for these characters I m giddy over my reading experience And I WANT THE SAME THING FOR YOU.I want you to read it and feel all that I felt This is a second chance romance Thea and Damian meet when they are teenagers They re both so smart and so mature for their age Endearing and lovable beyond words Your connection to them is instant The first portion of this novel is gut wrenching I cried A lot We see Damian s childhood What makes him HIM. And we get to live the romance between Damian and Thea.I m not going into detail I don t want to give anything away But this story is laid out in a way that you get to live ALL the years with Damian and Thea You ll fall in love You certainly won t know what to do with yourself It s impossible not to become completely invested There is a suspense element in this story that comes into play as well It s a GREAT addition to the romance we have going on A sub plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat I m telling you, you want to read this book YOU WANT TO It s so good So powerful, so visceral, so moving I just I don t know what else to say What else can I even say Just READ IT Read it now You won t be sorry This is the best second chance romance around Absolutely a top favorite read of ALL TIME for me FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER BLOG

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    4.25 stars He was beautiful, imperfect and mine Devil You Know was a fantastic brother s best friend first love second chance romance It was emotional, addictive, and had just enough suspense to keep me thoroughly engaged and addicted to the story Thea and Damian had quite the journey from their teenage years, up to 10 15 years later Damian first sees Thea in a photograph One of his best friends, Cam, happens to pull out his wallet and it has a picture of his twin sister inside Damian is enthralled by her at first site Her curly hair and beautiful smile he s half way in love already Then he meets her Thea and Damian hit it off straight away They become fast friends, and that quickly becomes They have a beautiful first love story When they go to graduate, things change a bit Damian has a bad home life and awful parents He s joining the military to get away from that life He wants something different for himself, and hopefully Thea someday Things get a bit complicated from here Damian doesn t want Thea to be affected by his past He feels it s better to not be together at this point in their lives And there goes my heart breaking right along Thea and Damian s The only thing worse than a life without you, is a world without you in it Remember me like this Just like this and know I m remembering you This story had a bit of a slow start for me, but towards the last half, things really picked up I m usually not a huge fan of the suspense element in my romance reads, but this really worked for me LA Fiore s writing is captivating and she has a great story telling ability I loved the present with Thea and Damian There is nothing better than a couple that truly has to work for it, has to fight for their love These two proved how deep they were time and time again I loved them both Thea was amazing There was nothing about her I didn t love Those daily letters sigh Damian was great as well Some of his actions frustrated me at times, but I could understand why he made the choices he made Honestly, the only thing about this book that would have made me love it is view spoiler If our couple was together of the story I felt like the beginning they were so in love, and even though they never really fell out of that love, it took them longer than I would have liked to truly reconnect hide spoiler

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    3 Something Stars This thing was all over the place and very disjointed Multiple times throughout I questioned myself as to why I didn t just DNF it, but there was something that kept me going Not sure what that something wasbut it was something And that something was enough to make me keep going and finish the book.I feel like this had so much potential that wasn t fully realized for me at least.If the price point is decent, I I might read another book by this author or the next in series if and when that comes outs.

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    ON SALE FOR ONLY 99c US UKIn Devil You Know readers are introduced to Damien Tate and given a view of his world You re taken on his journey with him of finding his true family, discovering his one true love, losing her, and fighting to get her back It s not an easy journey but Damien is a determined Hero and won t let life stand in the way of him getting his woman This story starts in 2003 when Damien is a young boy and progresses quickly up until he is sixteen There is when you get to see him make his friendship with Cam Ahern, which changes his life and lets him meet Cam s twin Thea From there you get to see him and Thea circle each other until they just can t deny their feelings for each other I really loved that the beginning of this book was kind of slow but gave us a ton of information on Damien I fell in love with him when he was still a young boy in this book and there wasn t a doubt in my mind that he was going to grow up to be an amazing Hero I don t actually want to say too much from where the book moved on from there because it s something readers should experience by going in bling Damien and Thea did not have an easy love story but it was one that had my eyes glued to my Kindle for hours until I finished I seriously did not move from my spot on my couch from the second I started reading until the very end I don t think I can recommend this book hard enough so please please read it In all honesty there were a few parts where I thought there was maybe a tad too much information going on and the story started to drag just a little, but it didn t stop me from loving the story Bottom line, pick up this book and don t plan on putting it down or paying attention to real life until you re finished ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    I m reading an arc, ebook copy of this and the time and effort this author has put into the formatting of this is gorgeous From the playlist associated with this book, the graphics of each break between POV S is so nicely set up I d love to see the paperback version of this THE DEVIL YOU KNOW In the Prologue we re first introduced to a very young Damien at the age of five life changed in the blink of an eye, a father he loved walked out the door never to be seen again, he s left behind with a bitter mother who takes her hate and anger out on Damien The negativity that spewed out of her mouth had a lasting effect on Damien years later He took the best years of my life and left me with you He s a monster, a fucking devil, and you are just like him HIs ever little spawn This slowly progresses through the years from 2003 to to present day and is spoke in Dual Perspectives At the age of sixteen during high school Damien meets Cam Ahern who takes him under his wing, Cam is the only person he s confided in about his childhood and they become fast friends He also meets Thea who is Cam s twin sister and straight away these two connect, she s sees the sadness within and wants to help him It s not long that he s brought into the fold of the Ahern family If it wasn t for this family I don t know what would ve become of Damien Seeing Damien nearly every day it s not long before what was a budding friendship between Damien and Thea became so much He became her first everything Her first kissHer first loveHer first heartbreak Damien has always had a dream of once he finished high school he would enlist with the army to be the person he thought he could and always wanted to be Their lives branch off down separate roads, she s gone off to Uni and he s off fighting for a cause he believes in If you love something, let it go If it returns, it s yours if it doesn t, it wasn t.If you love someone, set them free If they come back they re yours if they don t they never were This is a roller coaster of epic proportions, I love books that start off from friends to lovers, to what could also be termed as a second chance romance, moving up through the years we re thrust right into every feel that author can throw at us and like a magician casting a spell she delivers those feels on a silver platter I want it all, every kiss, every breath, every moan, every orgasm, every memory, good and bad This is so much than just a love story, the author pulls out all the stops when it comes to throwing every feel imaginable to us readers The love for these characters, the nail biting sit on the edge of your seat, the emotional turmoil of their separation, the feels in this book are to infinity and back I ve only read a few books from this author but that s something I really need to rectify because I loved this book, I can t fault anything, her words, the pace of the story, the flow of the story was absolutely perfect I will move heaven and earth to keep you right where I ve always wanted you, at my side I will walk in the rain so you stay dry, I will forgo food so you can eat, I will take the pain so you won t feel any and I will absolutely step in front of danger to keep you safe So to wrap up my review there s nothing I can really say other than I highly recommend a one click come release day Sit back and fall in love with this book a much as I did, be consumed as much as I was by Damien, he s mighty fine..

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    THE DEVIL YOU KNOW was another second chance romance from L.A Fiore and she hit it out of the ballpark It was a sweeping tale of love that spanned than a decade and I was immediately enad and captivated with the story of its characters I ve waited for you for half of my life I want a lifetime with you I fell in love at first read with Damien He was first introduced as a sweet five year old boy whose father ended up abandoning him, leaving destruction in his wake His mother became abusive and he became a little lost She had so much anger and hatred inside and pushed it all on poor Damien s shoulders Therein lies the seed that made him doubt his own self worth Luckily, at the age of 16, he becomes best friends with Cam and through this friendship he meets Thea, Cam s twin sister It was almost love at first sight for them Initially intending to enlist in the army, as his relationship with Thea deepened and grew, he started to envision their future together That is until his mom reared her ugly head, spewed her nastiness, and had him doubting all over again Those doubts separated the young lovers for almost 15 years There was a passage in the book that not only tells of the great love between Damien and Thea, but beautifully sums up how powerfully poignant their story really is I ve waited a long time for you and now that I finally have you I will move Heaven and Earth to keep you right where I ve always wanted you, at my side I will walk in the rain so you stay dry, I will forgo food so you can eat, I will take the pain so you won t feel any and I will absolutely step in front of danger to keep you safe Tears rolled down my cheeks and he wiped them away I ve waited a long time for you too, so let s get an umbrella big enough for two, let s plant a garden so we always have food, let s share the pain because we have each other to seek comfort in and let s just avoid danger because living a life without you would be worse than death I hope the author isn t too upset that I revealed this portion because I just couldn t help it I need you to truly understand how incredibly amazing this story is It blends romance, family, friendship, and even a bit of a murder mystery Each character remained relevant and the strength of their connections were palpable I want an Anton in my life too Damien s POV gave this story a special deepness and gravity yet there were so many lighthearted moments that things didn t turn dour or dark In all honesty, love didn t just make an appearance in this book, it was this story s statement It didn t languish and it didn t die It didn t only survive, it prevailed and the evidence was in the way that Damien and Thea found their way back to one another and finally captured their own version of a happy ending Release Date March 10, 2017 Genre Contemporary Romance POV Dual 1st person Steam 3.5 out of 5 Book Type Standalone Book 1 of the Lost Boys series Anton s book is next

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    4.25 STARS There s this saying that good or bad, words can change your life We ve all read than a thousand words, soaked up their meaning, and disected the undercurrent of their complexities And you know what happens when you have the best words You make the best sentences, you develop the perfect plot, and you have one hell of a story So you see in this case, words were not only good, they were damn near brilliant and I m glad I got to experience such a well crafted strong story that s going to stay with me for a long time I ve waited for you half of my life I want a lifetime with you Damien Tate has been a grown up longer than he was a kid Having his father leave at such a young age, Damien became the object of his mother s cruelty which was filled with nothing but verbal abuse and hatred Knowing kindness was not a part of his daily routine but one moment changed everything for this Sixteen year old and little did he know, that same moment would shape and change his future as well Thea knows what true love and kindness is She s been surrounded by it from the moment her and her twin brother Cam entered the world and she couldn t imagine someone else not experiencing that kind of love So when she meets her brother s friend for the first time, Thea knew that she was going to show Damien that kind of love and kindness But what she didn t expect was to fall for the boy who would become her savior and her future heartbreak all at the same time This was a story that spanned close to fifteen years and let me tell you, it was beautiful, utterly heartbreaking and at times frustrating I wasn t expecting to be so invested in these characters and their lives to the point where I found myself secretly wishing for of EVERYTHING There were plenty of characters that made me fall in love with them, some broke my heart, while the others gave me the humor I was craving and I cannot tell you how much I appreciated that I also loved the fact that this had a bit of mystery suspense that kept me guessing up to the end Thea became one of my favorite heroines and I liked the fact that she wasn t a push over and she said what was on her mind She was quirky, fun,, and when it came to Damien, her love was unconditional and timeless Together these two had a long journey set out for them and I will admit at times I was worried but with a love like theirs, I knew it was only a matter of time And timing is everything.If you haven t read this book yet, there is something seriously wrong with you and I encourage you to talk to someone because that s unacceptable READ THIS BOOK

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    BIIIIIIIIITTTTTTCCHHHHHHHH this book had me everywhere and nowhere all at once Thea has a life that I ve always wanted shes weird ,crazy, creative sweet and awesome She s some how always surrounded by protective men who love and care for her, and like who wouldn t want that.I loove how she has crazy curly hair , it basically reflects her inner self.Damian from young age has had the worst happen to him ,to the point where he closes himself off from any possible connection from the outside world That s until he meets Thea.Now i really liked the book cause it basically felt like a journey with new adventures happiness, sadness, anger, confusion were just a few of the emotions that i got while reading.Not giving any thing away, But if you read this you should be prepared for ALOT of twist turns and I mean this seriously cause there were times where I thought one thing and assume stuff and it would end up being nothing.But overall a very enjoy able, successful read

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    4.5 stars I ve no time to review right now but I must say that I loved this book and I highly recommend it It is a second chance romance that was done very well It is the start of a series and believe me the secondary characters are just as interesting as the main characters I will write when I can but I m very satisfied with the story I read

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    One of the things that really drew me into this story was how the characters had an instant, almost unspoken connection They just knew what the other needed and no questions asked, gave it You know the saying, like recognizes like , and how some people relate that to their sounds finding one another To me, it felt like that with these two main characters Three words and I was a goner I didn t understand what I felt for this boy nor did I appreciate the uniqueness of it at the time, but I did know that little smile and those three words was all it took for Damian Tate to claim a piece of me that I would never get back So the beginning of the book is set in their teenage years, and the ending is when they are in their early thirties, but that doesn t mean that they didn t see each other during this time Small, stolen moments, kisses, touches and glances were what kept these two going for all of those years The hope and love for what they could be, and even if they couldn t, just having the other safe and close There were definitely harboured feelings and these moments didn t help the characters to move on whatsoever, I think they actually strengthened their relationship But with this, while the situation was heartbreaking, it was also hopeful I always had hope for these two finding their way back to one another, that fate would make it happen It s almost romantic, in a twisted way Never being able to give someone up but only ever getting small pieces of them in return He didn t say anything and neither did I We had already said everything we needed to He just held me for a really long time and when he walked away he took my heart with him Have you ever started a book and known right away that you were going to fall in love with it That was me while reading Devil You Know But before I get to that, one of the first pages had a drawing of Damian s tattoo HOLY CRAP I needed a warning, LOL I started this book late at night while sitting in the dark I was a little scared for a second I was hooked by the prologue Enamoured by chapter one Heartbroken by chapter two Aching by chapter three Crying by chapter four Shall I go on Angst is my thing I love it But for those who aren t huge angst lovers, don t fret, because you do get a reprieve It s so just the beginning which is heavy laden, but with good reason After the first few chapters it gets easier But all in all, beginning, middle and end, it was as good, if not better, than I had hoped for Now, let s talk about POV, and this is going into two parts My first thought was that I really liked how it was not only dual POV, but how it changed rather frequently You didn t have to sit through an entire chapter before you got back to the other character I think this was not only important but an extremely strategic decision given how many years there two spent apart and how they lead two different lives for so long This way, you got to see what was happening with both of them and how their relationship effected the other On the flip side to this, I think it would benefit the reader to have these swaps identified And this could be just because I read an early copy, but there were several changes that weren t labeled Especially when starting a new chapter I just believe that this is important to reduce and hopefully eliminate any possible confusion Wherever you are, the places you go, the horrors you ll see, the people you ll befriend, please remember me remember the girl with the crazy hair who is thinking about you every day You re not alone, Damian At first, I just assumed that this was going to be a military book that focused on PTSD when the hero finally came home I mean, I kind of have a right to expect that, do I not Most of the military or military inspired books that I ve read are sort of along those lines But it s so completely different that I was both floored and super excited The hero is haunted because of what he believes he is, not because of what he s done The military was his solace, his place to belong and become a leader It truly shaped him into the protective, observant, alpha, swoony package that he is The military was a way for him to find himself and give him purpose He became harder, stronger, and created a skill set to be rivalled by the best The military was so to explain and show how he became the man he is, rather than be the focus of the book which was a different take than normal but one that I really enjoyed One of the main things to tug at cough rip out cough my heart strings were the letters that Thea and Damian exchanged Now I need to emphasize this It is no where near the same as Dear John Yes, he s in the military That s about the only similarity They are few and far between, but each letter broke my heart and I couldn t believe all of the pain these two had while trying to let go of each other So incredibly sad The only thing worse than a life without you, is a world without you in it Remember me like this Just like this and know I m remembering you In the same thought, can I please just give a round of applause to our service men and women And besides them, the family that are waiting for them at home I can t imagine what these would be like I don t think I d be a strong enough person to handle all of this pressure and worry all the time, so I have that much respect for these people and their families for what they go through.So while this book covers a lot of ground over the years while the characters are separated, there is still a majority of it set in the present day, so don t worry, you see plenty of these characters interacting When they re finally in the same place at the same time again, my heart basically sighed I was so excited for them to have a chance together.This is the type of story that shows a large portion of the characters lives, so sit back and prepare for over a decade with these two I love how it started as a young adult age group I have a huge soft spot for YA and it s one of my biggest guilty pleasures There s an innocence and a charm to it Damian, while still quite and controlled, absolutely had this charm on display Like Thea, I couldn t help but to be drawn to him Even at a young age, there was always a tension and an energy between these two I FREAKING LOVED seeing this as a constant when they got older Sparks and tempers flew because there was so much energy Because of this, Damian at times goes from hot to cold At first, I was a bit confused and couldn t really understand why But when the pieces fell together, wow He was still that vulnerable boy that Thea first met He was still battling his past everyday He was trying to be a protector to those who he loved I love you, but sometimes love isn t enough Be happy Live your life, Thea, and know there s a man out there who remembers you will always remember you Along those same lines, I want to touch in a bit of an underlying theme Family doesn t always mean blood You don t get to choose your family, they re just there They could be the best, or most miserable people in your life, and we saw both sides of that coin in this story What the important part is, is that you can create your own family from those of your own choosing Even without meaning to, Damian created his own family, and the one of Thea and Cam grew exponentially Family is everything Blood is not It was truly spectacular seeing everyone come together and their love for one another From the main characters to Anton, Cam, Kimber and Ryder, Mic and Razor, Rosalie, the list goes on Thea was such a fantastic character Not only was she honest, smart and kind, but she was extremely charming, witty, and at times, sarcastic I loved her sense of humour I feel like she would be the type of girl I would normally hang out with Plus she was so understanding, levelheaded, and smart about everything that was going on Have you ever thought about following in your old man s footsteps You have a knack for reading people Becoming a cop There are a couple of problems with that idea First, you know my feelings about running, so chasing down a suspect is not going to happen And blue is not a good color on me I have always loved romantic suspense novels and I ve come to the conclusion that I don t read enough of them But then I remembered why I m a stickler for plot I sniff out holes, obvious answers and slip ups like a bloodhound, so it has to be a well thought out and meticulously executed plot to keep me guessing while trying to fit all the pieces together Considering I loved this book, I sure you can deduce quite quickly that the author did just that So bravo, LA I m giving a standing ovation to you It was complex but easy to follow The reader never has to guess where the characters are drawing their ideas or conclusions from and the entire dynamic makes sense I cracked the door to my bedroom and smelled coffee Someone broke into my apartment and started brewing coffee There was a part of me that had to give the home invader points for having their priorities straight, but that was my coffee Damn it I smelled bacon and that was the last straw Fear gave way to anger It was one thing to break into someone s home and kill them, but you were stepping over the fucking line eating their bacon and drinking their coffee There were a few scenes in particular, the intense ones that I think could ve benefitted from some detail Nothing major, but they moved fast and I found myself having to reread to make sure I understood all that was happening Who s your friend, Thea Seriously Her too Who Him I don t know We just left the bank at the same time As I hoped, her attention snapped to me and she glared And that s why he s standing here with you now I think he s a little slow, I whispered then added, I didn t want to be rude I m sorry for my daughter, Damian I really did try to teach her manners, but she is just so damn stubborn For me, the perfect Ha See what I did there song to emulate this book is Perfect by Ed Sheeran Between starting out young and the love spanning ages, to an unsure hero, his angel and a soul sweeping, dive in head first kind of love, I really get a Damian and Thea vibe from this song I ve only included the first verse, but really, each verse is amazing for them I found a love for me Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me Cause we were just kids when we fell in love Not knowing what it was I will not give you up this time But darling, just kiss me slow Your heart is all I own And in your eyes you re holding mine I LOVE Anton Seriously What s not to like Even early on he reminded me so much of Lucien Black, then I was thrilled to see the connection between them This guy is such an enigma and I m so enchanted by him, I can t wait to see what his character will bring to the table when he gets his own book I feel like I need to start a countdown now Everyone loves different things about books and that s freaking fantastic Some want an alpha Others like swoony and charming Kick ass heroines, rockstar, sports romance, etc But if I could pick my favourite thing to read, it s angst I LOVE having my heart ripped out of my chest Tear it to shreds, stomp it in the dirt When an author makes me feel an ache this strong, that s my favourite part I want a lifetime, Thea We ll start with that I was only a quarter of the way into Devil You Know and I d already had tears My heart hurt I was so insanely crazy about this story that I wanted to press a big pause button on my life so I could do nothing but read about Thea and Damian And wow, what a journey they had LA Fiore put her heart on the pages and it shows it s her best work yet Devil You Know is heartbreaking, yet hopeful Beautiful, yet scarring This is not a story to miss Buy it Buy now An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review.JOIN THE SISTERHOOD FIND US ON FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER BLOG

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Devil You Know (Lost Boys #1) download Devil You Know (Lost Boys #1) , read online Devil You Know (Lost Boys #1) , kindle ebook Devil You Know (Lost Boys #1) , Devil You Know (Lost Boys #1) dde7db278727 Damian Tate One Look Into His Sad Green Eyes And I Was Hooked I Wanted To Be The One To Make Him Laugh, To Make Him Smile I Hadn T Expected Him To Be The One To Make Me Blush, To Make Me Hotto Make Me Fall In Love He Was My First Kiss, My First Love, My First Everything I Wanted Forever With Him, But Life Got In The Way He Enlisted, I Went To College, And For Years We Were Never In The Same Place Long Enough To Pick Up Where We Left Off Thirteen Years After He Left, Tragedy Brings Him Home The Stoic Boy I Fell In Love With Grew Into A Quiet, Dangerous And Wildly Sexy Man He Still Tugs On All The Right Strings For Me, But He Seems Determined To Keep Me At Arm S Length However, When Trouble Comes Knocking At My Door, He Is The One To Put Himself Between That Trouble And Me Spending Time With Him Might Drive Me Insane, Or It Might Be Our Second Chance At First Love Due To Strong Language And Sexual Content, This Book Is Not Intended For Readers Under The Age Of