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    I was surprised that I enjoyed this so much Usually I don t like any war stories or war movies but this one had a nice love story intertwined that grips my attention from the get go, right to the end A passionate story with fire and desire I loved the writing, flawless, easy to read, easy to follow, I didn t have to re read pages to get the gist of anything That is something I really admire in a book Talk about passion and desire , here s a good example Show me your fury A crescendo of explosions erupted along her hidden walls, each stroke and thrust setting off fireworks Her entire body shook under cascading ripples building higher and higher each time he pulled her body firmly against his He sunk completely into her trembling heat, and her walls convulsed, milking his length while he thrusted through each spasm forcing her muscles to seize into unadulterated bliss Her hips moved with his, riding through the ebb and flow of every seismic wave until finally her convulsions began to weaken With a great groan from his deep voice, he filled her body and exploded, bathing her heat with ribbons of passion Sometimes what you desire is really what you get.

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    Darian The Havorian Chronicles Book 2 is a hot hot hot book I absolutely loved it There s lots of super interesting twisty drama in this story elixirs used to seduce women on the spot, human enslavement by aliens, outer spacey other worldly bits, and a steamy spicy romance with sizzling characters This book creates all sorts of feelings inside of me It s emotionally engrossing, and thought provoking This is one of the best books I ve ever read I love this book If I could hug this book, I would That might sound weird, but that s fine with me Aleena Stark is an incredibly prolific author, and this book is masterfully written The details , images, and characters are absolutely amazing They re a pleasure to follow thru the entire story It s my first Aleena Stark book I ve read, and I m looking forward to reading other books written by her.

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    This story of an alien Earthling romance amid a growing conflict offers a few interesting ideas, but it suffers from much telling than showing This results in a narrative that feels both superficial and generic While the star crossed lovers central to the plot enjoy several scenes spiced with eroticism, the characters create little connection with the reader because their relationship is based almost entirely on physical attraction and transactional interactions.As is too often the case with self published material, this book could use another editorial scrub, both to correct a plethora of grammar errors and a fair amount of repetition regarding the plot and the characters motivations emotions As for the dialogue, the author deserves credit for a consistent tone, but the arch style can be distancing.In the end, the story has some promise, but most of the heat generated feels as if it s warmed over from other, better works.

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    2.5 stars

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    A good continuation of this series.3.5 A good continuation of this serious The 3.5 comes for the repeated repetition of certain phrases it was annoying at times Good story and great characters.

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