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The Celestial City txt The Celestial City, text ebook The Celestial City, adobe reader The Celestial City, chapter 2 The Celestial City, The Celestial City bfba77 Six Months Have Passed Since The LDS Prophet S Memorable Visit To Manti, And The United States Has Suffered Through A Harsh Winter Meanwhile, The Coalition Forces Have Methodically Taken Control Of The Nation Except For The Rocky Mountains, Where The Ice And Snow Have Kept The Saints Hidden Away From The WorldBut Spring Has Arrived, And The Coalition Soldiers Are On The Move Again In Response, The Elders Of Israel Have Been Called Forth From The Mountain Camps To Defend Their Liberty Under The Direction Of The Prophet, These Faithful Servants Prepare For A Showdown That Will Determine The Course Of HistoryWithin These Events, Members Of The North, Dalton, And Brown Families Each Make Vital Decisions As They Prepare To Help Build A Holy City That Will Stand Forever New JerusalemThe Celestial City, The Second Novel In The Standing In Holy Places Series, Paints A Vivid Picture Of Exciting Prophesied Events That Still Must Occur Before The Second Coming If You Have An Interest In What Awaits The Members Of The LDS Church, This Series Should Definitely Be On Your Reading List

About the Author: Chad Daybell

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Celestial City book, this is one of the most wanted Chad Daybell author readers around the world.

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    I still enjoyed the plot and action just like the other book but the writing style still gets to me Someone commented that it is like reading the outline of a great book It just isn t flushed out with all the details that it would need to become great

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    Much better than the first in this series More action and details It helped me appreciate my life and realize that I haven t had to sacrifice much, but that someday I will probably be asked to.

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    So about a year ago the saints have hidden while the coalition has destroyed America and the coalition is headed to the Saints destination The Saints build an army and have a way they will destroy the coalition Their plan is alot like the 2,000 stripling warriors plan After that, they head towards their destination and start building the New Jerusalem I think this book is one of the best books I ve ever read and Can t wait to see what happens in the future I know it will be scary at first though Chad Daybell has written many other awesome series.These kind of books are the best because I hate reading but this series is different.

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    The continued story of a righteous people preparing for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ This is written by an LDS author and contains prophecies well known in the church being fulfilled No bad language Uplifting happenings Really good reading

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    I didn t want to read this series of books but. Tom asked me to read them Once I got started I couldn t stop This series is about the signs of the times The author said he wrote this series in a novel so that the signs of the second coming of the Savior would be easier to remember How has the book affected me When the truck pulls into the church parking lot for us to load up our food supply and head for the hills, I ll be there I thought his depiction of the events was very interesting I think my fav s were his description of the ordinance of the resurrection and the author s interpretation of how the earth would be cleansed When people were resurrected they were called forth by their spouse or dad He depicted the resurrection as such a joyful time for everyone One of my favorite characters was John, the Revelator He was a pilot for a while and flew the apostles to Jerusalem His plane crashed after the apostles parachuted to Jerusalem safely Then John shows up later that day unharmed.All in all, it was a good read It sure makes me keep an eye on our government so don t get a chip in your hand The gov t will track you and your money Enjoy

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    OK, I am the first to admit it is almost embarrassing to enjoy such a poorly written piece of work Despite Daybell refusing to acknowldge that his readers ARE slightly intelligent, I find his story ideas very compelling and frankly, I HAVE to know what becomes of Josh and Kim This is the second in a series of 5, and here I have sigh and saythese are small books, could he not have put them together and saved the drama and suspense Of course not, there is money to be made In the foreward he says he writes of an outline of a story on purpose but how I wish for some Meat There was great potential for an indepth fascinating story based on the second coming I am so sad his interesting ideas were not given the chance to bloom into a full fledged, sink your teeth into it novel With all that said, I really found myself dwelling on the events in his story and thinking What if So would I recommend this I answer a yes, with the understanding that you not expect great writing.

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    This book is not great literature In fact, there were a few times when I found myself laughing out loud over some of the narrative and dialogue For example, a character we met in book 1 who is mentally unstable to put it mildly renames himself Sherem and takes over the Utah state capitol as conditions deteriorate throughout the United States Despite the harsh winter conditions, Sherem isn t going hungry because he has stolen food from homes that had food storage He complains that everyone stored peas, chicken noodle soup, and tuna fish, along with the obligatory wheat He was getting rather tired of the monotonous diet I thought, Wow I guess I m not too good at storing food I haven t stored any peas or chicken noodle soup because I won t eat that food But despite the weaknesses of this book, I have to admit I could not put it down I found it fascinating to see how Chad Daybell takes prophesy found in the Bible, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants and shows how things COULD happen I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

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    um, okay I didn t enjoy this book near as much as the first I m not saying the things in it regarding the last days couldn t happenalthough it DID seem as worst case scenario as possibleI simply don t believe that every soul on earth that isn t a mormon will be wiped out At one point some invading soldiers were killing off bad guys and they said they were all wearing Budweiser t shirts I mean, come ON Every so called bad guy drinks beer and then wears a t shirt saying the brand they like Give me a break I almost put the book down at that point.And again, things seemed TOOOOOO easy If you escaped to the areas you were told to golife just went along and worked out, and I just dont think it will be so peachy for all of us AnyhowinterestingI always enjoy reading about the future and different points of view there are so many

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    so awesome

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    I wasn t really sure I wanted, or was ready, to read this book because the first one was so disturbing, but here I am without anything else to read right now I started this book today at lunch.Well, I finished it, and it wasn t as disturbing as the first book It made me stop and think of whether or not I could handle what these saints are doing I thought a lot about the pioneers too Amazing people doing amazing things.

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