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    I didn t think I d like this book Yes, it had a fantasy element, but it was written like historical fiction, which I ve been avoiding Anyway, I liked it It read extremely fast the plot builds and builds but isn t predictable at all I couldn t believe I was than half way through when I checked And I read it during breaks at work, so it kept my interest through lots of short spats It s a fascinating blend of genres I think I ll categorize it as magically realistic historical fiction This is the story of two little girls, and the important roles they play in bringing peace to a fictional batch of islands One of the girls is child governor of the island being the daughter of the slain Anglish Governor The other is a native child The Anglish landed on this set of islands when their boat wreaked on the shores The boat was en route to America, delivering indentured servants Thus, all of the Anglish on this set of islands were criminals back in England There is predictable conflict between the Anglish and the Colay natives Anyway, the story talks about colonization at a child s level, cultural identity, literacy, the role of story in society, historiography, race, physical appearence, ethics the list goes on and on I really liked that the blemishes both girls have are relative nonissues beyond being a nice basis for attitude comparison.At first, I didn t like that most of the characterizations were fairly archtypical, but the author does a nice job of redeeming most characters Oh, and I loved the author s historical note at the end She s done her research.Anyway, great book I m gonna see if I can get away with booktalking it to 5th 6th graders, even though the main characters are 12 I find myself randomly thinking about this book and wishing people had read it Four years after I read it So it deserves to pop up in my feed again Especially while I m so behind on my reviews.

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    Despite its delightful and inviting cover, and promises of magic and adventure on the cover flap, this book fails to live up to its promises.Set in the late 1700s on some fictional islands off the coast of North America, this is a story of colonizers and colonized and of magic, both good and bad, and of prophecies The colonizers are the shipwrecked survivors of three ships of British convicts referred to as the Anglish being sent to the American Colonies as indentured servants Instead of reaching America, they are blown off course and land on an island that is part of a group of islands inhabited by a brown skinned people called the Colay The English or Anglish, as they are referred to, quickly claim the territory for Britain, and set up a society within a walled in city that is based very much on British class society of the time except that all the members of the nobility are convicts, just like everyone else Some of these convicts are ethical than others, and the relatively good Governor and his wife are soon murdered in a plot that falsely implicates the Colay Renard, an evil Anglishman who arranges this has his eye on the governorship for himself, and only Snowcap, the twelve year old Child Governor, and the Colay stand in his way When Snowcap overhears plans to kidnap and murder her, she runs away into the woods outside the Anglish settlement, with little plan of what further to do Meanwhile, Lucy, a twelve year old child of the Colay, overhears an unpleasant interchange between Renard, who her father had hoped to make a trading treaty with Shortly after this meeting, all the men and boys of the Colay are turned to stone, and Lucy thinks it is no coincidence When her mother gives birth to a baby boy, Lucy takes her him to the main island, in search of Colay philosophers, in the hope that he will be the prophesied child who can turn around the evil curse.The two girls inevitably meet, and after a difficult beginning, based largely on Snowcap s rudeness and sense of entitlement, realize they need each other They set off together to solve their problems, with Renard and his henchman Sir Markham hot on their trail, as well as the governor s groom and schoolmaster, who show surprising willingness to assist Snowcap after her recent humiliating treatment of each of them Thus ensue what should be exciting adventures, which unfortunately fall flat, in part due to lack of character development, and in part due to lack of plot development Nothing is very remarkable, nor is it true A novel about an encounter with a real English girl and a Native American in the early years of the American Colonies would have been interesting.

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    Although I loved the concept, I have to admit that I struggled to get into this book I felt the pace was really slow The book read like a fairy tale which usually I like , and I found that there were parts that I thought were really cleverunfortunately I found those parts came few and far between Maybe I would have liked it if I knew about the historical events that it was inspired by, I don t know.

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    This is a decent little story I wonder if this is supposed to be a YA novel because it seemed a bit simplistic at times Regardless, it is still a fun little book.

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    This book was really fun because the characters actually traveled somewhere, and they had trouble, and they had to save themselves.

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    This was a delightful little story You never know what you re gonna get with a random grab off the JV shelf at the library, and the one I read earlier in the week was meh, so this was a treat to stumble across.

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    I have to admit it The cover sucked me into reading this one It looks like the artwork might be the work of Nicoletta Ceccoli, though my Kindle edition had no information about the cover artist While fanciful, it s a fairly accurate representation of the girls in the story However, it s also a bit juvenile, and should have given me a clue about what sort of tone to expect from the story I like middle grade fiction when it doesn t remind me that it s written for kids unfortunately, this book failed on that account.To sum up the basic plot This book takes place on a fictional group of islands off the eastern coast of North America in the late 1700s The Colay are the native people already living there The Anglish as they were called in this book are a group of convicts who were on their way to the colonies to be indentured servants They were shipwrecked on the Colay s islands, and proceeded to act like regular imperialists They set up their own British style government and, eventually, cast the Colay off the largest island for reasons that are further explained in the story Lucy is a Colay girl who lives on one of the smaller islands For reasons unknown at the beginning of the story, all the Colay males have been cursed, which makes them turn into stone When Lucy s mother gives birth to a baby boy, Lucy is to take the baby up the mountain to a special statue garden and leave him there to turn into stone But he doesn t turn into stone which sets Lucy on a journey to break the curse that eventually involves Snowcap, the governor in waiting of the Anglish.A big problem I had with this book was the characters First, their names I read all 270 pages of this book, and even by the end, I was still mixing up Lucy and Snowcap Giving their children names of the other culture was supposed to have been a sign of respect, but it just confused me Every time I read Lucy , I d think English girl Constantly having to remind myself throughout the story was annoying And it didn t help that especially at first both girls were pretty unpleasant, immature, and snarly making them even difficult to tell apart once they got together Philip the tutor was an amusing character, and I didn t mind Adam, the Minister of Transportation he took care of the horses , but the villains were fairly weak We know who they are from the beginning, and yet we really don t know much about them other than secondhand bits of information from other people Renard was some sort of sorcerer What, exactly, could he do Where did he learn how to do it When someone just starts waving magic about only when it s convenient for the story, it seems a bit inconsistent For example, if you have such powerful magic, why do you need to get rid of your enemies by poisoning their oatmeal As I mentioned earlier, the writing in this book seemed a bit juvenile It wasn t bad it just seemed a little bit light Technically, the writing was nearly flawless, and that s something I usually find pretty impressive in today s crop of books for young readers However, the tone just didn t work for me The story is also told from a third person point of view, with quite a bit of jumping around between different characters thoughts It was a bit much, at times.My biggest issue, however, is probably with the pacing I was going along quite merrily, enjoying the story until I hit page 215 At that point, the pace really goes wacky We d spent days with the girls as they slowly made their way toward the desert, and then within a few chapters the various characters were bouncing around all over the place Into the desert, out of the desert, back to town, off the island, onto another island, back to town It was almost enough to give a reader whiplash And then everything wrapped up so neatly, so simply, that I felt quite cheated and a bit insulted as a reader Are middle graders, often readers of sophisticated fiction like Harry Potter or A Wrinkle in Time, really going to be satisfied with such a pat resolution Somehow, I have my doubts.So, while I give credit to the author for an interesting idea, I can t really recommend this one The confusing character names, weird pacing, and unsatisfying ending were just too much for me to get past It might be suitable for readers on the younger end of the middle grade range but it probably won t be of much interest to sophisticated 12 year olds or adults who read MG novels for enjoyment.http theladybugreads.blogspot.ca 20

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    Another GORgeous cover Anytime artist Nicoletta Ceccoli does a cover, I inevitably pick up the book That said, there are a few that I picked up and did not finish Lucy and Snowcap, however, had me staying up into the wee hours wanting to find out what happens.On the surface, Lucy and Snowcap seem quite different Snowcap is the newly orphaned, soon to be Governor of the land of Tathenland, which was colonized by 3 shiploads of British criminals in 1775 The Colay people, who have been on the land since anyone can remember are banished to the nearby smaller islands soon after the British arrive Lucy is Colay.One way in which the girls are similar is in personality After her parent s deaths, Snowcap becomes rather unlikeablebratty and over indulged, even Lucy is a hard girl herself The women of her Island say that she is as tough as goat s teeth Both girls are seemingly untouchable, and unbeknownst to them, they are both integral players in the near future for the Colay and the British alike.Lucy s mother bears the last child of the Sunset Island Why the last Because all of the menfolk have been turned to stone The lifestone that is native to the islands has claimed every last man and boy Since Lucy s new sibling is a boy, she is given the task of taking him to the Stone Garden that holds all of the stone forms of the men Lucy is not scared of this task, but what she doesn t expect is how badly she wants her brother Rob to stay a boy In fact, she prays over him and bargains with the stone not to take him At the same time, Snowcap is trying to survive She has just overheard her guardian, Sir Markham and his steward Renard, talk about poisoning her oatmeal It is clear to her why they want her out of the way Once she is dead, Sir Markham and Renard can take over ruling the land and claim all of the power over their fellow castaways What they don t count on is Snowcap s feisty nature It s not that she wants to rule so much as she cannot let them win Once it becomes clear that the men are anxious to do her in, Snowcap decides to runaway.While this is happening, Lucy s brother does not turn to stone Lucy receives a prophecy from the Gray Lady on Sunset, and realizes that she must take Rob to the main island The two girl s paths cross, and soon a grudging alliance is formed.Both girls are perfectly unlikable at the start of this tale I don t know what I was expecting, but this wasn t it H.M Bouwman has written what can only be called an exquisite story The histories of the two peoples are folded in seamlessly, and it is interesting to notice that the castaway British, the criminals, still thought of themselves as better than and in charge of the Colay people Quite the sociological angle What I like the most about this book is the way that the girls grow Morally, emotionally, and simply as strong girls The side characters are interesting as well with my favourite being Philip Tutor aka Robbing Parsons The unexpected element of magic plays a primary part in this story I wasn t sure of its fit at first, but by the end, its placement makes sense I think it may have been my adult self trying to categorize that hindered me Is this fantasy Is it magical realism Is it another world in an alternate history The Remarkable and Very True Story of Lucy and Snowcap will stay with readers I find myself thinking about it at odd moments, and wondering about the girls Another read for the deep readers in your lives.

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    A tale told from the author s point of view and yet quite hard to put down once you get used to it Heather Bouwman s technique is one they tell aspiring authors not to seek but I believe if done well it is brilliant You know you re not directly behind the character s eyes and yet you can see yourself right next to them on their adventure.For a fictional place Tathenland is real enough for me to wish it existed somewhere hidden on the map.The two heroines are quite difficult to deal with very strong personalities and it made tension sparkle off the page when the author put them together on this adventure neither of them actually asked for I think that was when I couldn t put the book down any.Magic in this book is subtle and strongly linked to faith in yourself, in the unknown and nature I thought that was pretty neat since I m kind of used to the magic that s already there waiting for the hero or heroine to tap into it In all, I truly enjoyed this story minus the slow start and for once the occupants and the occupied had a chance to live together in harmony Which is not what we see in real life aka any country that had been occupied by western civilizations in the past.God historical fiction with a touch of magic and the occasional funny chapters thanks to one character in particular Go read to find out.

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    This is a story of two young girls from different backgrounds Snowcap is the daughter of the Anglish governer and Lucy is the unremarkable daughter of a native fisherman They both reside on a small chain of islands somewhere is the Atlantic Ocean But the girls have a lot in common both are unhappy in their lives and are on the run Snowcap is running away from the regent and her guardian who are trying to kill her Lucy is running from her island to another to protect her baby brother from turning into stone like the boys and men on her island The two girls join together to survive their journey At first it seems they will never get along, but eventually they learn to work together and care for each other.While the premise of the story is good, I never felt as if I was getting insight into the characters Most of them were simply surface characters I never got to know The two main characters, Snowcap and Lucy, were also fairly shallow It was hard to like either one The villians in the book never truly gained enough substance to even make them truly villiany Most of the acts they committed the reader only learns about through rumor or eavesdropping There is very little in the way of first hand knowledge or action In the end, the book was entertaining but not something I will read again and again.

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