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Mile High Club summary Mile High Club , series Mile High Club , book Mile High Club , pdf Mile High Club , Mile High Club f8555826af Turn Around, He Whispered Into Her Ear She Knew What Was Coming, But She Was In A Daze She Didn T Think About The Consequences, Not AnyShe Stuck Her Fist Into Her Mouth To Keep Quiet, And When He Lined Himself Up With Her Entrance And Then Pushed Inside, She Stifled A Moan As Best She CouldBlake Prince Isn T Your Average Guy He Carries Two Things With Him A Bible And A Gun Oh, And A No Limit Black Card So Three ThingsAfter He Practically Ripped A Guy S Arm Right Off To Save Me, Along With An Entire Plane Full Of People, I Thought It Was A Little One And Done Thing That I D Maybe Lose My Job OverImagine My Surprise When I Found Out Precisely How Not Done My One Was I Ll Give You One Little Hint It Involves Two Pink Lines

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    This read like a random but somewhat chronological collection of chapters in a prequel The chapters start off and I m thrown the scene would be somewhere else some time in the future I had to take a while to fill in a lot of blanks on my own and figure things out The heroine, understandably just want to go home where she d be safe, or so she thought So she kept whining she wanted to go home, like a kid.The hero, thrifty, religiously devout strangely and smitten but didn t know how to let the heroine know, was hard to figure out.The suspense in the end was resolved easily but the abrupt ending gave me the WTH happened feelingThe book is only 100 odd pages but I ve read way shorter stories that are better and felt complete and satisfying.

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    I would give this book 3.5 The reason it wasn t 4 is because I felt robbed of the last few chapters of the book I like the author s writing style, which is natural and unforced, but I felt like there was a bigger book waiting inside to be set free.The plot was interesting, a little different from the normal billionaire romance genre A flight attendant and billionaire passenger bond over an attempted hijacking and all sorts of twists and turns ensue from the circumstances of their meeting.While I was reading the book I really enjoyed it, it just ended too quickly for my tastes Other people might enjoy the bite sized nature of the book.

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    Acceptable with some limitsI found that there were things missing in this one that left me wondeirng what the hell just happened The read was quick The mystery was not a true mystery The conclusion was justing waiting to be reveal not discovered I felt like I was cheated out of a full story.

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    I really hate to give low ratings but in this case, I feel I need to warn any potential buyers The writing is good and the storyline had so much potential but the execution was awful.chapter one she is a flight attendant on a delayed aircraft and he offers help with disgruntled passengers, after his help, he takes a seat end chapterchapter two jump to another flight she gets taken by hijacker he takes care of hijacker end chapterchapter three jump to them having sex in lavatory end chapter just sex no how of why just sex Every chapter starts as if you no what s already going on and then ends abruptly The next chapter starts up with no explanation on how they got to that point I have some really loose guidelines on rating books but if I could give this 0 stars I would.

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