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Dream Daddy pdf Dream Daddy , ebook Dream Daddy , epub Dream Daddy , doc Dream Daddy , e-pub Dream Daddy , Dream Daddy bfa0bfecf1e Untouched And Unmarked By The World, Lola Ray Is The Sunshine That I Never Thought I Needed In My Life She S Perfect A Petal On A Cherry Blossom Tree Aching To Be Plucked I Long To Caress Her, To Make Her Mine To Bind Her To Me And Let Her Beg For My Love I Know It S Wrong She Is After All My Best Friend S Daughter But As I Look Closer, As I Start To Give In To Temptation, I Begin To See The Scars She S So Desperate To Hide They Run Deep Like An Abyss She Cannot Escape A Nightmare That Never Ends Scars So Raw That I M Not Sure She Can Ever Be Healed However There Is One Thing That I Know Has The Chance To Make Her Whole Again, And I Won T Stop Until I Make All Her Dreams Come True Author S Note Dream Daddy K Words Is A Standalone Steamy Dark Romance It Contains No Cliffhangers, No Cheating And A Guaranteed HEA Bonus Content Included For A Limited Time Starts At %

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    Title Dream Daddy Author Emilia Beaumont 4 unexpected stars Dd lg genre novels are coming and popular, and i try to read as many as possible because no matter what, the social stigma always comes into play and takes away the beautiful side of this type of relationship Also, good and even amazing books describing these relationships are very difficult to find since most often than not, you have many depicting the many kinks that are from one extreme to another which usually turns so many off, fueling the stigma Emilia Beaumont s Dream Daddy tells the story of Lola Ray and Mack, Lola Ray s father s best friend And i do use that last term very loosely the two men used to be football mates in high school until Mack tried to protect someone he loved and landed in jail Once he was released, he returned home and found out that only one person would give him a hand in starting life once again, Lola s father Every sunday Mack would make his way to their home and watch the game until Lola Ray decided to take matters in her own hands and tempt the man into taking what she s reserved just for him her virginity 4.5 sexy dreams Their relationship is very steamy and sexy there s no denying that one single bit Lola Ray happens to be everything that i never thought she would be devious, strong, seductive and so very much in need of a hero that Mack is the only man to fit the bill There were many surprises that i never expected, which fueled my curiosity in finding out what would happen between these two lovers especially considering everything that they have to go through and everything that is working to keep them separated As much as my curiosity was at an all time high, there were still parts that kept me so confused, keeping from truly loving this book and that is mostly from too many polar opposites in one person one moment Lola Ray is the reserved, shy and reluctant, and the next moment she s manipulative, devious and the seductress waiting to catch her man Mack, on the other hand, seemed to be too reserved and too on the outsides, not rising to the full potential of what i would have expected from him There were so many moments when he could have done , but he didn t, afraid of what would happen to him on the side of justice It left me wanting Maybe for something I m not even sure at this point, but i m still sure that there is so much that Emilia Beaumont has to offer and i m sure that i ll be looking forward to reading from her in the future ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review.Reviewed by Kathleen, The Small Girl from A small girl, her man and her books

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    A older man, younger woman budding romance in the making Lola Ray has always had a secret crush on her dad s best friend Mack Every time he is over, she knows she can get in trouble from her dad if he catches her in the act So to keep the peace, she plays the dutiful daughter But underneath it all, she is tired of being the supposedly perfect daughter and still getting a beating for it When will it all end But seeing Mack before her birthday and the present she got She knows just how.Mack I always wanted her Staying away from her was the best bet But after a pleasant surprise during a super bowl party at her dad s house I can t stay away any longer Only how will I get her into my bed, and still stay in one piece from her dad Will But where there s a will, there is a way But how

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    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book I really loved Lola Ray Mack s story I could relate to Grace a lot Super intense very erotickept me on the edge of my seatcouldn t get enough Wow

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    Dream Daddy InsanityYou have the young woman being raised by an abusive father that no one likes but is a paradox because his reputation is everything to him The young woman, Lola Ray, has daddy issues with a hidden love for violence Her love interest is supposedly her father s best friend, which, I guess is true, but Mack doesn t really like Lola s dad Anyway, all the characters are crazy I am talking certifiable Lola Ray is mischievous and straight up evil She flat out manipulates and frames people to avoid consequences without remorse She is 100% gleeful Mack thinks of killing LR s dad often, he has a dark side, he is super controlling in a bad way , and super jealous to the point of stalking Sam seems to be a younger version of LR s father, and LR s father is controlling, abusive, and hateful I am slightly worried about this author, to be frank The second novel, something about a billionaire stepmother, it was better, but it still fell short for me Lex is controlling and horrible in the beginning He takes her phone and clothes for several weeks, and she isn t allowed to let people see her, and she LIKES IT Maybe it was partially Stockholm Syndrome, but she was begging him not to leave Pretty backwards,if you ask me She couldn t do anything for herself She was enrolled in Oxford, but I couldn t really find any personality other than desperate attachments and mopey The best friend, I was confused over her motives I guess she was just a dumb best friend.Anyway, it was a huge miss for me.

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    What can I say Incredible, Kinky, Hot, Erotic, Beyond Belief where can I get me a Daddy Seriously, Dream Daddy is one of those books that will knock your socks off and keep you guessing The story is of a almost woman named Lola Ray who has ALWAYS had this major crush love thing going on about her dad s best friend named Mack Every time he is over, she ends up doing something that gets her dad mad at her but in Lola s mind, its worth it But there is something going on than just the normal older man younger woman plot There is depth and character to Lola she goes thru so much in regards to her home life and all that she has to hide Then we have Mack we don t know much about him until the story starts to get underway and even then its hidden and shadowed What is shown is his hunger and attraction for Lola He has been plotting to take his naughty little girl and so much planning has gone underway and when her birthday happens, WOW the story really gets going.This is full of energy, lights, sizzle, chemistry, heatI don t want to give too much but this JUST isn t a normal Older man younger woman story or a DD lg story lineits way than that All I can say is, you have to read this story and savor it, get ready for the roller coaster of emotions, of actions and twists turns that happen I cant wait to see what Ms Beaumont has next.My rating 4.9 stars I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Rating 3.5 StarsThis rating review is based on the audiobook version only.If you could sum up Dream Daddy in three words, what would they be Different, Erotic, HotWhat other book might you compare Dream Daddy to and why I don t think I could compare this to another book Don t feel that this question would be fair to either author.What did you like about the performance What did you dislike Mr Kane definitely had a voice that would make you think of a daddy but not sure that s what we wanted here I think his voice was great for Lola Ray s father but not so much for Mack When I think of Mack, I don t think of a man who s past the half century mark and that s what Mr Kane s voice makes me think of he makes me think of my own dad and then I just go ew He does a good job with Lola Ray but you won t think young and sexy.Did you have an extreme reaction to this book Did it make you laugh or cry Like I stated above, I had that ew feeling here I don t think that when the author wrote this book that she wanted the reader to think of their own father while the narrator was playing the part of what I m assuming is supposed to be a very sexy man Did I have an extreme reaction Other than the ew moments, no.Any additional comments This story is pure fantasy but if we re trying to get the feeling of this being a really hot and erotic story than I don t think that Mr Kane did justice to the characters I don t have anything against his voice and I m sure he would be perfect for another book but, for me, I don t think he did justice to what the author was trying to bring to life.Ms Beaumont creates a young woman who wants to get out of her current situation I m sure that her hormones are giving her nudges when she sees an employee friend of her dad s Her dad is a man who takes out his dislike on his daughter something that happens in a lot of families But only you can decide if it s her situation or her heart that gives birth to a relationship.Would I listen to this book again Probably not since I think of my own parent as I listen and it just gives me the shivers to even think of Mr Kane as Mack Would I read the book Once I get the idea of my dad out of my head, yes I would probably read the book so that I could get a different perspective of what our author has written.I voluntarily reviewed an Audiobook copy of this book.

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    Engrossing and unputdownable..5 stars This story is not everyone s cup of tea It s a bit dark but satisfying, as it has such a delicious and concise plot I tend to get all tingly with goose bumps when I read older man younger woman, role play themed stories And not in a good way Only because the female in the story is portrayed as young, naive, and silly, and mindless and just happy to go along with whatever He wants with little consideration to what makes her happy What I like about Lola Ray is that her character has depth Meaning, yes, she is young, naive, sometimes silly, as would an eighteen year old, but her character shows strength in tolerating an unhappy situation Yet she holds the capacity for hope and affection Maturity is something forced on Lola Ray at an early age, she has to endure an abusive, controlling father, and horrible family life, basically a servant in her father s house But her father s best friend is someone she wants, and she s showing every bit of her naughty girly bits to seduce him Lola Ray s single minded pursuit of Mack is driving the poor man crazy hot with all her dirty flirtations Huh, but she s no match for what Mack has on his filthy mind.Maddox McClane hides a past He s lucky to be offered a job by his best friend from high school But his daughter is irresistible and driving him out of control with desire It doesn t matter that he s twice her age, Lola Ray is everything he never knew he needed Sweet, naughty, and malleable for his kinky lifestyle Mack introduces Lola Ray to BDSM The sizzle and sexual energy is scorching, and combustible Mack is everything a true dom daddy should be assertive, decisive in his punishment, controlling, but can be gentle and cherish her Lots of mind games Includes rough play.Ms Beaumont has a winner in Dream Daddy She weaves an exquisite plot with BDSM elements, in depth characterization, steamy dialogue, emotional intensity, sexual tension, and a thrilling ending It s equal parts plot and scorching, kinky goodness I enjoyed how well all the elements of this romance blend into a spellbinding story Dream Daddy is told in dual POVs so you get different perspective of the same scene and every dark kinky thought from Mack and Lola Ray I was surprised by that mind blowing reveal towards the end, but so glad things ended the way it did I won t soon forget this story.I received and voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

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    An Awesome Read I loved reading Dream Daddy, all about Lola Ray Saxton a seventeen year old girl who has a crush on her dads best friend Maddox McClaine He lives behind us in a house that he rents, and he has been friends with my dad since grade school They were on the football team together in high school, and he works for my dad in his construction company He comes over to our house every time there s a football game on or any other type of sports and watches with my dad, and I m expected to keep them in ice cold beer and snacks the entire time I don t mind because I can then openly stare at Max, once my dad gets so caught up in the game he s no longer paying attention Unbeknownst to me, Max also has a crush on me, but even he wants to protect me from my dad, because he sees how I m treated and it isn t with respect The author wrote a wild store, their is so much emotion and so much sadness go on for one young girl to endure it almost seems like her facade is about to crack Read this story it was very well written There was another story included called Billionaire Stepbrother, and it s all about Aimee a nineteen year old girl who has just finished high school and is going to UNI in the fall specifically Oxford So her mom just married Billionaire Michael Chamberlin and they are off on a three month holiday honeymoon around the world Aimee is expected to stay home in the penthouse, have fun with her friends, do some major shopping for opening day and listen to her Stepbrother Alexandre, since he is in charge After finding out she has a babysitter she stomps off and slams her bedroom door, never wishing her parents a good time on their trip This story was also full of adventure and was a real page turner from start to finish I enjoyed reading both story s and I hope you will as well

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    Hummmmm.now I will be honest and though this sounded a hot read I wasn t convinced by the aspect of the relationship but, once again I am proved wrong and am SO glad I read this one Emilia Beaumont reaches out and hooks you in from page one as usual and her talent of weaving great characters and a brilliantly intense plot means you certainly will not regret reading this book Lola Ray is a young and naive woman but who is secretly struggling with the secrets behind closed doors Mack is a naturally dominant man who has struggled with his own issues and is fighting to rebuild his life Mack knows he shouldn t really be attracted to his best friend s daughter but there is no denying the hot and intense attraction between him and Lola Ray and her vulnerability ignites his Daddy Dom personality.This story is nicely paced and has many a twist and turn to keep you guessing what way this will end It is dark in places as we are shown just how strong Lola Ray is and what she has struggled with but as with other books by Emilia, it is so intricately woven into the story that it simply adds to the passionate and loving story I loved Lola Ray and Mack I loved how they interacted and the sex scenes were equally steamy and romantic The relationship they develop throughout the book is beautifully written and makes you warm inside for than just one reason Certainly add this to your TBR pilemaybe somewhere near the top You don t want to miss out on this one I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reading Copy of this book.

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    This is one Deliciously Dark Dirty Read I received an Advance Reader Copy for Dream Daddy by Emilia Beaumont and voluntarily reviewed this book Mack lives right next door to his boss and best friend, Will, the old high school buddy who gave him a second chance when he moved back into town He has been on tenterhooks, however, because he has such wicked, wicked thoughts about Will s daughter, Lola Ray, and he is always over at their house to watch a football game or to share a meal She appears to feel the same about him, though, because he seems to be constantly, deliberately, and so deliciously teased by this barely legal girl that he is always teetering on the thinnest razor edge, barely leashed The buildup of sexual tension was so thick between Lola Ray and Mackuntil one day, Mack just could not hold back, especially when the reason for the haunted look in her eyes slowly becomes revealed He has a past of his own, but he wants to make a new life with her now.Wow, I really loved this book This is a new author for me, but I will definitely wishlist her other stories The story was than I expected, so well written and so delicious to read

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