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Sufi Comics (Volume 2) pdf Sufi Comics (Volume 2) , ebook Sufi Comics (Volume 2) , epub Sufi Comics (Volume 2) , doc Sufi Comics (Volume 2) , e-pub Sufi Comics (Volume 2) , Sufi Comics (Volume 2) 5caa776289e Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi, A Th Century Sufi Poet, Has Crafted Timeless Wisdom In The Most Beautiful Of Poems And Stories Sufi Comics Presents The Second Volume Of Rumi S Poems In Graphic Form This Rich Visual Narrative Makes His Message Easier To Understand And Accessible To A Wider Audience Read This Book To Experience Rumi, One Of The World S Most Widely Read Poets, Like Never Before

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    A nice read

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    Reason, Faith Humility.An exceptional collection of stories here by Maulana Rumi, beautifully illustrated by the team behind Sufi Comics Particularly loved the one about the importance of reason, or aql as is it said in reason The story brought home the point that reason is both a choice and condition, that it doesn t operate in isolation, that the wise man takes faith and humility as reason s travelling mates In the troubled times where we live, where science is pitted against religion, which itself is seen not as ally but a force against peace, where reason is understood as the opposite of faith, Rumi s words bring both peace and joy to the heart.

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