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Haywood files Haywood , read online Haywood , free Haywood , free Haywood , Haywood 6484106b1 Katherine Sophia Danby, A Country Bred Lady With A Penchant For Mischief, Inherited All The Vitality And Health Not Prevalent In Her Family Line, And Stands To Inherit Much Even The Grand Family Seat, Haywood Hall, And All Its Wealth When She Becomes The Last Living Member Of The Noble Clan But On The Death Of Her Father, She Learns That If Haywood Is To Become Hers, She Must Marry The Marquess Of Brentonworth, A Man She Has Despised Since She Bled His Nose When She Was Eight Years Old And Has Happily Not Seen Since, Or Forfeit Haywood To Her Distant Cousin, Mr Colm Danby, A Devoted Gamester And Opportunist If There Ever Was One To The Discontent And Alarm Of Her Guardian And Relatives, When The Marquess Of Brentonworth Shows Up On Her Stoop, Invited To Haywood By Her Well Meaning But Meddling Great Aunt, Katherine Hatches A Plan To Circumvent Her Father S Will And Delay The Impossible Choice Before Her Risking Not Only Pride, But Bodily Injury At Every Turn, The Duty Bound Marquess Works To Flush Out The Root Of Katherine S Eternal Hatred And Win Her Good Favour A Daunting Task, When Her Temper Is In Constant Threat Of Igniting His Own But When Another Gentleman Arrives In Yorkshire, The Imbroglio Reaches New Heights And Katherine Must Decide Quickly Which, If Any Of Her Suitors, She Cannot Live Without

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    I thoroughly enjoy the glimpse into the life of Katherine Danby in this novel, she is a funny, energetic character The only frustrating part is that I couldn t pick up another book for a few days after finishing because I was reluctant to leave Haywood and all of its guests I wanted I loved their witty exchanges and personalities.

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    Would have rated it highly were it not for the overabundance of misused words Not using the correct verbal tense substituting one form of word for a different form of the word adjectives should never be used as nouns or adverbs, etc Excellent plotting and characters, no sex if that s what you seek , but continual misuse of words..

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    LovelyI really enjoyed this book, however I wish there would have been romantic scenes Over all though it was very clever and cute.

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