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    This is a modern day Indian Jones type of romantic suspense It s set in contemporary times but has a fantasy adventure feel to it Narice is the headmistress at a prestigious school whose life is turned upside down First her dad is murdered in a horrible way, then she is kidnapped by some nasty fellows, and finally she is kidnapped again by a man who claims he is saving her from the bad kidnappers Head spinning yet This is how the book begins but as the story unfolds things start to make a little sense Apparently her dad was the keeper of a sacred diamond that a country wants back and she is the key to finding it Now she and her kidnapper who calls himself Saint must follow the clues and locate it to avoid political catastrophe and her death In between all of this madness they fall in love.The two hit it off despite the circumstances It s kind of crazy and this stuff could never happen in real life but if you throw reality out of the window and go with the flow it s an enjoyable way to spend a few hours The characters are well done, both in their late 30 s with life experience and a little baggage He s protective and sexy and has a potentially shady past, while she s smart and independent but vulnerable too Their banter feels realistic, despite the situation, but there are some little things that feel contrived For instance, he has this nifty security thingy to find bugs but doesn t use it on her until some spies AKA cockroaches discover their whereabouts They then have to get all bad ass on these cockroaches It makes him look like a bit of a dummy and I thought it way too contrived that the little bug was hidden in a clothing item that caused him to think about her naked breasts But I m nitpicky like that.All in all this is a decent romance but nothing I d reread I m not a big action fan and for me to truly enjoy a book of this type it either has to be very emotional or extremely funny.

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    A book I apparently almost didn t get lol I received it with the wrapping burned and sootie The book itself is readable though Anyway, my first read by Beverly Jenkins I ve noticed her mentioned many times so I decided to finally try her out This may not have been the right book to start with It had wonderful strong characters and a good, if a little far fetched, plot Sort of a James Bond meets Indiana Jones type thing But something in the execution didn t really appeal to me I didn t hate it and I wanted to know how it played out but I felt it difficult to stay with it It just didn t grab me I will admit, however, that the historical information, regarding the Underground Railroad, was interesting.The basic plot is there is a missing diamond that Narice s father took possession of back in WWII for safekeeping Well, her father is killed and people are looking for it and grab Narice in hopes that she will be able to find it Enter hero Saint to the rescue He rescues her from the baddies and kidnaps her himself and the chase is on

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    EXCELLENT, what else can I say A PAGE TURNING, thrilling romantic ride from start to finish Saint is SEXY AS ALL GET OUT And Narice went from damsel in distress to vibrant and TEMPTING side kick I was once again CAUGHT UP in the chase, the mystery and the HOT SPICY romance Mrs Jenkins DEFINITELY has a way with the written word And I truly enjoy the skillful way she incorporates loads of historical tidbits into her romantic adventures I can t wait to the read the next book in this series

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    This is my second book written by Beverly Jenkins and I know I m a slow started but I aim to read all her available books this read.Romance with heart racing suspense at its best I understand why she sits on the top of many readers and writers list for she s sitting on mines.

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    Originally Reviewed on Bewitching BibliophileGoing into this one I wasn t sure who the characters were going to be I finished the first book then went right into this one with only a few hours of break in between I was pleasantly surprised that Saint got his story and I couldn t wait to see what he was going to share with us.Starting with Narice who is on the way home after her father passes away in a fire, she s quickly brought into an intriguing world that she s left unprepared for because she has no idea her father had any connections to this kind of life As the story got started I was so anxious for her and wondering how she was going to get out of this situation because OMG who wouldn t freak out a little Then the next round of craziness pops off and the story is off and running.I felt myself trying to read as fast as possible to get to what was happening because what a world of intrigue We get Narice who is in the middle of mourning her father, she s been rescued and told that her father s death may not be an accident and he was involved with the transport of piece that would aide in the fight for a monarch s place in her country Narice is a successful teacher who has founded her own exclusive school back home isn t really someone built for a world of intrigue, spies and hunts for treasures, but to have her father s murderer exposed she s willing to become a Bond girl Saint is a member of the shadowy group NIA who are trying to bring Detroit back from the brink by any means necessary, he also works for the government doing this and that, this is one of the cases the government can t have their fingerprints on.This is for those who love history like I do a great journey through the south using a part of the Underground Railroad and it s hidden maps I loved learning about the history of these maps and of course I have put those books on the tbr pile for later in the year.Narice and Saint meet with a Queen who gives them a mission and lays out the alternative in a way that let Narice know she really needs to do this As the adventure gets started and we are rolling through the south and heading towards the hidden treasure we have choppers trying to drive people off the road, missiles from hidden compartments, two or three other villains working to get to the treasure before Narice and Saint do And with many missions, as the danger levels rise so too does the attraction between Narice and Saint Saint has been doing these missions for a while and he s never been this attracted to a woman before, as the danger rises and she rises to the different challenges to help him stay alive he realizes he might have met his match It s interesting to watch them try to navigate a relationship that fits the scenario while working towards claiming the prize before their enemies do.As Narice is held to the fire each time the danger climbs she s discovering parts of herself she didn t realize were hidden While as a person who believes a gun is a girls best friend I understood her hesitancy but girl it s your life or theirs, and they won t be pulling their punches I loved how she and Saint discussed things and while he wanted to coddle her, he was also real about their options.This story was a great mix of treasure hunting while making our way through some of America s history The chemistry between the two was good to read We do get a glimpse of characters that will be in later books and of course we get to see the characters from the first book The Edge of Midnight I highly recommend for those who love adventure stories, history, kick ass female lead and hot romantic moments between gun battles Books In Series The Edge of Midnight 1 Deadly Sexy 4 Sexy Dangerous 5 Happy Reading my loves,

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    Beverly Jenkins never disappoints Narice Jordan, has just buried her father, when she is kidnapped and then rescused by a man who says that he is the good guy Thus begins the rollcoaster ride that Narice s life takes Her father s death was ruled arson by the police and now she learns from Saint, the good guy, that the her father was the keeper of a valuable relic and symbol of a small African nation His possession of the relic is what led to his death Simon Jordan killed by opposing forces who seek to steal the artifact for their own nefarious purpose As Simon s daughter, they believe that Narice knows the location of the artifact she doesn t Thus, Narice is pulled into a dangerous race to find the artifact so that it can be returned to its rightful owner However, with the handsome and formidable Saint, who is responsible for recovering the artifact and keeping Narice safe, by her side, Narice and her heart, embark on a quest she never could have imagined.

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    This romantic suspense novel was such a breath of fresh air and just the escapism I so desperately needed Saint and Narice are charming, tough, and witty The book has a treasure and a treasure map , romance, adventure, and a crusty old aunt who s really good with a shotgun Her, I really like Often romantic suspense doesn t leave any room for humor, but The Edge of Dawn s main characters are often playful with one another without the reader s losing any sense of the danger at hand.Anyway, it was a joy, smooth writing with an engaging story.

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    I genuinely really liked the suspense that this novel brought, it was another little treat by Beverly Jenkins It definitely caught my attention very early on and I couldHardly put it down once it started Saint was definitely a character and he was so interesting that I couldn t help but fall in love with him I loved how resourceful he was and learning a little about him was absolutely great.

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    I thought I was in a action pack movieThis book wasn t what I expected it s was so much ..The suspense and what was going to happen next keep me on the edge And how the romance between Saint and Nartice felt nature because of the situation they where put in, love the book you did it again Beverly

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    O always love the Black History woven into the story This was an enjoyable read as always.I would recommend this book to all my reading buddies I didn t like all the violence But I m looking forward to the next book.

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