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Tempt The Boss (Tempt, #1) files Tempt The Boss (Tempt, #1) , read online Tempt The Boss (Tempt, #1) , free Tempt The Boss (Tempt, #1) , free Tempt The Boss (Tempt, #1) , Tempt The Boss (Tempt, #1) 54e18f050 Lauren Going Back To Work Was Supposed To Be A Painless Transition, But When My New Boss Turns Out To Be An Arrogant, Cocky Jerk, He Quickly Turns My Professional Life Into A World Of Torture Okay, Fine, Calling Him An Asshat Before Knowing He Was My Boss Wasn T My Finest Moment Hating Him Should Be Easy I Just Never Counted On Him Being So Gorgeous Or Charming When He S Not Annoying Me Austin I Expected My New Assistant To Be Professional And Punctual, But All I M Getting Are Dirty Looks And Rude Comments I Should Fire The Little Hellion, But Instead All I Can Think About Is Bending Her Over My Desk And Breaking Every Rule I Ve Ever Made For Myself One Look One Touch One Night If We Break The Rules, Our Lives Will Never Be The Same Again Good Thing Rules Were Made To Be Broken And Besides, It Feels So Good To Tempt The Boss

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    Please don t throw things at meyet I tried I really, really tried I read this a couple of weeks ago because I read the blurb and saw all the feedback saying, OMG, this book is hilarious That s like waving a red flag in front of a raging bull, the bull being me of course So I bought this book and started reading After a few chapters, I stopped because I didn t like a single thing But then I looked at all these glowing 5 star reviews again and thought to myself, Surely, all these people can t be wrong Maybe I should try again I did The verdict I love the enemies to lovers trope It s one of my catnip And this book does have that in spades Unfortunately, it lacks the self reflection and character growth that I want in my romance Lauren met her boss she doesn t know he s her boss yet during a fender bender on her way to her first day of work Her boss was the one who hit her She of course, lets him have it Again, not knowing he s her boss I loved her attitude then I thought she was spunky and after being betrayed by her ex husband, I was rooting for her to get the hot guy.Then she arrived at her work place and found out her boss is the guy who hit her car earlier And suddenly, the story devolved into a juvenile, playground, sandbox bully territory Look, I have no problem with pranks being played by characters on each other But it has to be done within a certain context for it to work, at least for me Things like age and situation are important to me Unfortunately, the pranks in this book and the way the characters went about it, was enough to turn me off the whole book Putting laxative into your friend s drink CAN be funny But putting laxative into your BOSS drink when you know he ll have a very important meeting afterwards NOT FUNNY And grounds for termination Yes, yes, this is fiction Duh But come on, that was uncomfortable and criminally unfunny If Lauren and Austin were friends or even frenemies for years, it would ve been funny The fact that Lauren is a temp and Austin was her boss and it was her second day at work And it wasn t just this one prank Austin pranked Lauren byget thisrearranging her post its and giving her porn virus In retaliation she put itching powder in his pants Yeah, and this was just the first week of work The whole thing would ve probably worked if the author managed to convinced me that these two characters have a very good reason to hate each other They don t Not really Not only that, there is nothing at stake here NOTHING If they stopped hating each other the next day, there s no emotional rewards or consequences for both of them At the end of the day, their animosity expressed in pranks roll eyes are not earned Therefore, it feels empty and shoehorned It did nothing for me.

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    4 stars for OTT humor lol Do you like romantic comedies Office and second chance romances Douchebag bosses who secretly lust over their female PA a little pranking at a workplace, perhaps Ok Then this one is for you The heroine is a divorced mom of two who starts a new job as a PA for Mr Douche It s her first job in years and she is determined to succeed Ez, right This was my first book by Natasha Madison and I very much enjoyed it Mostly, as mentioned above, I found it entertaining Some scenes were so wait, WHAT that I found myself lol I know this monkey makes little sense to you now, but it sure will by the time you re done with this book Now, the constructive criticism part Some parts frustrated me a lot I really dislike it when the same scene is being told from both POVs, especially if it involves dialogue It annoys me to read the same thing over again and it adds little to the story while slows the pace down There were multiple instances of this happening and I was sometimes forced to skim nopatience Take those repetitive paragraphs, remove them, and add another scene or two Primarily I would have enjoyed of the hero getting to know the kids I think the book would have really benefited from it because,, for me it felt that the kids accepted him too fast, especially the daughter Some sentences contained repetitive words Overall, a good read with whole lot of humor and steam Did I mention steam Some scenes were very um yeah Verra niiice I might have been taking notes Just kidding.

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    If you haven t read this book yet you should And here is your chance..Enter below to win a copy of Tempt The Bosshttp www.booktwinsreviews.com p 8201 OMG This book was incredible The first half had me laughing so hard and the other half I was busy swooning over Austin If this wasn t the perfect combination, I don t know what is.Funny story, 3 4 into the book I realized that something sounded very familiar, and lo and behold I read the authors debut novel Something So Right in 2016 Because Cooper Stone had me sitting up, there was no way I would ever forget a hot ice hockey player like Cooper DSo back to dear Austin and Lauren.Those two couldn t have been matched any better.It already started out with a B A N G Austin rear ended Lauren on her way to a temp job and was less then gracious about it Fortunately Lauren had NO trouble telling him how it was going Sassy with an ATTITUDE that s pretty much how Lauren rolled She was a busy mom, fresh out of an divorce and NO ONE, especially not hot looking, suit wearing, ill tempered Austin would tell her what and how to do her job.Yeah, she ended up being the temp assistant he was expecting to start that morning Of course that didn t go down well at all, and after giving him her scathing opinion she turned around and walked out of his office Austin had a hard time picking up his jaw and keeping his dick in his pants And that s pretty much how it went for the first half of the book.Neither held back.Both of them tried to outsmart the other From itching powder, to unpaid tickets, from penis balloons to porn viruses there was no stopping either of them which was fine with me I loved their banter and little competition, it usually caused the most hilarious moments and made me laugh out loud.The second half of the book Austin turned into the most swoon worthy guy I ve ever had the pleasure to read about He was so dreamy, sexy, and sweet He really stepped up and showed Lauren that he was someone she could rely on Someone that was as into her as she was into him Someone that was interested in a future with her and her kids.SWOON Tempt The Boss by Natasha Madison was everything and so much I had no idea what kind of gem I had on my kindle It was almost perfection in it s storyline, plot and characters Wonderfully written, it allowed me to forget everything and just enjoy a few hours of light hearted and easy entertainment It was exactly what I needed I hope that another book is coming, because the author introduced a couple that I can t wait to read about P.S and how awesome is that cover Love it For of my reviews My Blog Book Twins Reviews Facebook Blog Page Twitter Subscribe to Blog

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    FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED If you ve been looking for a HOT and HILARIOUS new book to fall in love with, then you have to read this book It s about a sassy single mom who started a new job only to find that while her boss was incredibly gorgeous, he was also a complete asshat Or so it seemed They got off on waaay the wrong foot and their hate to love romance not to mention the outrageous pranks they pulled on each other almost made me cry with laughter And when the sexual tension hidden behind their animosity finally exploded, things got HOTTTT It was a fun, sex, and seriously fantastic read LaurenGoing back to work was supposed to be a painless transition, but when my new boss turns out to be an arrogant, cocky jerk, he quickly turns my professional life into a world of torture Okay, fine, calling him an asshat before knowing he was my boss wasn t my finest moment Hating him should be easy I just never counted on him being so gorgeous or charming when he s not annoying me.AustinI expected my new assistant to be professional and punctual, but all I m getting are dirty looks and rude comments I should fire the little hellion, but instead all I can think about is bending her over my desk and breaking every rule I ve ever made for myself.One look One touch One night If we break the rules, our lives will never be the same again Good thing rules were made to be broken And besides, it feels so good to Tempt the Boss Can I just say that one of my favorite things about this book was that I actually LOVED everything about it That might sound weird to say but it s true Literally everything about it worked for me The writing was strong and flowed so smoothly I never wanted to put the book down There was no stupid drama at all, the wit and sarcasm was on point, the banter and pranks had me in stitches laughing myself silly John Get the fuck in here, I whisper yell angrily through clenched teeth.He walks in, and I close the door as he looks down and gasps, taking in the state of my balls What the fuck, dude I don t know what s going on I was sitting in the meeting when I felt a prickling sensation I thought my pants were just tight Dude I look down My balls I look up again to see that John is standing there, a hand over his mouth, his eyes wide You need to go to the doctor Jesus, do you think they ll explode he wonders as he crouches down a little too close considering our relationship to get a better look Get the fuck away from my balls, please Once the main couple got together they were functional and fantastic together There was just the right balance between hilarity, heat and swoon There was great character development and importantly great relationship development There were just enough feels to ground the story but still keep the overall feeling light hearted And despite the pranks which were AWESOME and HILARIOUS beyond all reason swollenballs the characters were actually really quite mature This was also easily the funniest book I ve read all year and one of the hottest That is almost like watching porn, I tell him You doing stuff like watching dishes, vacuuming, homework with my son It s mom porn His eyebrows shoot up Are you checking me out he questions with a smile I m going than checking you out I m undressing you in my mind, I tease him as I lean against the counter.He shakes the water from his hands Really Well, in that case, where the fuck is the vacuum I just I just genuinely loved everything about the book Plus, when a hero can be amazing with the kids of the woman he s falling in love with, that s just mega bonus points right there It s impossible not to swoon over that Do you love my mommy Her question has my breath stopping in my chest I love your mom than you know, he answers her, and me as well His words bring tears to my eyes There s a softness, almost a reverence to his voice as if he s talking to me, only me, as if we were alone I ve never loved anyone the way I love your mom I know, I know, this review is less polished than my norm but I literally just finished reading this book a few minutes ago and I m just in major gush mode over how much I loved it right now I CAN T STOP SMILING Go woo your girl Woo I ask him A meal, rose petals, champagne, lingerie, vibrators, cuffs You know, romance This, I can do I make a list of everything I need to get I m going to woo the fuck out of her You guys, this is the romantic comedy you ve been waiting for Just read it You ll thank me later Rating 4.5 stars Contemporary Adult Romance Standalone Buy TEMPT THE BOSS Kindle Buy TEMPT THE BOSS Paperback Buy TEMPT THE BOSS iBooks __________________________ For of my reviews, book news and updates Main blog Aestas Book Blog Facebook Blog Page Twitter Subscribe by email

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    The award for the best ride or die bitch goes to our heroine s sister.In the preface, our heroine, Lauren, calls her sister to tell her that Lauren s husband has been having an affair When she pulls into her driveway, this is the scene that awaits her ..she is there throwing Jake s clothes out of our bedroom window.I don t see Kaleigh come from the side of the house with a gasoline container in her hand I just see her pouring it all over his clothes She walks over to me, handing me the packet of matches Let s burn this motherfucker down So, six months later, Lauren gets a temp job in an office The boss has fired 10 temps in 2 weeks because he is a major dick Like Super Dick I think he read his motivational calendar wrong.Lauren doesn t take his shit At all So, it is on They go back and forth with pranks and it s pretty funny One of the funniest is the penis party Super Dick really lives up to his name when it comes to party planning.There are so many funny moments in this book that I can hardly pick a favorite Although when Lauren s 6 year old daughter opens the door to find Dick standing there, and she calls him by the name her mom uses, I cracked up Mommy she yells loudly Asshat is at the door Well, that s how they know him Oh, but watch out if you don t want the porny scenes because they are scorching hot Get out your church fan, girls, cuz those scenes are gonna make you sweat

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    This was my first read by Natasha Madison and I can tell you that it won t be my last This story was absolutely hilarious The antics between Austin and Lauren were impossible not to laugh at OMG These two were very original with their pranks against one another I was highly entertained by them When they finally raised their surrender flags, and gave in to their attraction, things began to heat up very quickly I highly recommend this book when you need a great laugh and also some heat as well I thoroughly enjoyed this read even if some of seemed to be a bit far fetched I can t wait to read the next book in the series, as well as check out the authors other series too Well worth the time to read this book

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    BUY LINKS BN KoboThis was my first read from Natasha Madison and I m pretty much slapping myself for not reading her words sooner I loved watching Lauren and Austin battle it out in the office and it was actually a lot amusing than I was thinking it would be At the start I had a little bit of a hard time getting into the story but then once Lauren raged war on Austin with pranks I was captivated I loved their fun and witty romance and it s one I will be re reading for sure We are also introduced to a few side characters that I now can t wait to read about Bottom line, if you re looking for a easy and hilarious read then this is the one for you.

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    3.75 starsI liked the beginning and the last 25 30%.Absolutely loved how the heroine handled her cheating husband The idea with burn his clothes was great The story itself was ok, partly funny, partly very funny some things the MCs done were a bit too much odd for mine liking, but since it was fiction and not a real working environment it was ok I guess.The scene with OW who came in trench coat to H s office didn t make any sense to me, but only cheapened H s character Also some abhorrent comments between his male friends were not necessary, IMO I don t particularly like to read about H s sexual past and above all about his not really respectful relationship to OWs It wasn t over the top in this book, but the some comments ruined a story for me.I mostly liked the heroine She was very sassy and cool Didn t like several embarrassing situations she was put in also by H s actions I have less problems with reading about hero s embarrassment than about female one Yep, it s me, a woman who doesn t like when other women are made fun of Sue me.The best part was how the heroine treated her sh tty cheating ex husband As long as NM will give cheaters zero chance, I will read her books Safety view spoiler No sex scenes with OP No cheating Condoms were used till MCs confirmed their status STD screening birth control hide spoiler

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    FIVE IRRESISTIBLE STARS If you love rom coms and office romances, look no further, THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU Full of lust and great humor , this book was just perfect for me Lauren and Austin tortured each other throughout the work day, in both good and very bad ways, and ucky for us we go along for the delicious ride Tempting the boss has never felt soooo good Lauren married her college sweetheart and they had two beautiful children She stopped working and became a mother and a housewife She thought she was damn lucky to have everything she always wanted until her husband broke the news to her that he was in love with another woman, their son s teacher nonetheless Broken hearted but determined to take charge of her life, Lauren decided to start working out, trade her mommy wardrobe for a sexy modern look, and to go back to corporate America She lands a job as a temp for a CEO, and her new boss is just as sexy as he is a jerk Austin is going crazy with his new assistant, he s spends his days fantasysing between wanting to kill her and wanting to see her naked He used to enjoy coming to work every day, as a CEO of a successful business, Austin is used to getting everything he wants, exactly the way he wants it, but he has met his match with Lauren She will be amazing at her job but she will make Austin suffer Read this book and join this hilarious battle of the sexes a super fun story that will make you laugh so much you might pee your pants, and also make you fantasize about having an office fling Loved this book, it was muy caliente

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    I bust a gut laughing at this romantic comedy The hijinks and shenanigans are off the charts funny This book is the perfect mix of funny and sexy I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of it This is only my 2nd read from Natasha Madison I really enjoy her mix of high handed alpha hole male leads and spunky, take no crap heroines I m looking forward to reading many books from this author Audiobook Review The narration was perfectly sufficient The narrator did a good job capturing the tone and timing of the novel.For of my reviews My Blog Book Twins Reviews Facebook Blog Page Twitter Subscribe to Blog

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