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    This trilogy did not disappoint, it was fast paced and kept me guessing until the end Sara had me crying, laughing and cursing throughout the series I loved the romance and friendships I am still speechless Great book I want

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    I really enjoyed this book It takes a good story, well developed characters and a little bit of unknown to really draw me into a book And, Sara did that for sure

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    I received this book in exchange for an honest review.As with Daniell s other novel that I have read, the Holly Nather trilogy is so incredibly unique and unlike anything else I ve read It s not vampires, it s not zombies, it s not ghostsit s witches, in a sense, but with a great twist.You have this college aged girl, Holly, who is living her normal life with guys, Facebook, textingah yes, texting It s a text message that changes her life and throws her world into madness that kept me guessing all the way through the three books The male lead is, wow, definitely amazing and yet he has the right amount of flaws and quirks to be believable and memorable What the romance in this book reminds me of was the tv show Roswellif you enjoy that show, you ll love the Holly Nather trilogy Each book is intriguing and well thought out, but the last one is definitely the best I read through Choices in a matter of hours because I just HAD to find out what happened next.Overall, the trilogy is part New Adult, part fantasy, part mystery, and a whole lot of heartmelting romance At times it s goofy Daniell clearly has a lot of sarcasm because it shows through in her relatable character Holly , suspenseful, intense, and beautifully romantic I can t wait to see what else she comes out with

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    A clever fantasy series It begins as a seemingly simple boy meets girl or rather stalker meets girl, but develops into a rich story of otherworldly mysteries, secrets, duplicitous scheming and power plays.Holly is pursued by good looking Luke who seems like a weird kind of guy at first, but she s inexplicably drawn to him nevertheless There is something mysterious and intriguing about him, and all that Holly thinks she knows, she doesn t There is so much to discover, and in this trilogy she is taken through a terrifying adventure in which she is hunted, demeaned, and targeted by villainous characters from the world of Terre.Luke fights against the arranged marriage which two powerful families have contrived for him, and following his visions sets himself to the task of protecting the girl of his dreams and the girl of his true desire The story is like a high speed car chase as Holly and Luke run from the hunters Magic abounds power struggles are cleverly depicted in the backdrop, and there s a whole lot of action and surprise as Holly must discover her own hidden powers and save herself and her new love.Good read, lively paced, and recommended for those who enjoy a speedy adventure packed with fantasy and romance.

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    Some editing snags detracted from the story, but otherwise it reminded me a lot of evren Sassy, funny lead with some common sense issues But the author had enough wit to point out exactly when her character was doing something stupid I appreciate that Instead of other ya s pretending that this incredibly stupid thing their lead is doing is a totally normal reaction Lamesauce It wasn t magical as it moved at a ridiculously breakneck speed, but it was entertaining and not the same rehashed story we have all read a hundred other times.

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    I took this trilogy on vacation with me and had a blast reading it The story follows Holly through a great adventure as she learns she is not the average girl next door All three of the books are fun and well done I enjoyed this and I also think the YA audience will as well Luke is the leading man in this books and is adorable If your looking for a fun read this is a great book

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    Super fast read Loved it

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A Life Unexpected summary pdf A Life Unexpected , summary chapter 2 A Life Unexpected , sparknotes A Life Unexpected , A Life Unexpected 8510fa8 Holly Is Just Your Typical College Student She Goes To Classes During The Day And Spends Her Nights Either Hanging Out With Friends Or Wasting An Embarrassing Amount Of Time On Social Networking Her Life Is Ordinary, Nothing Interesting Or Extravagant That Is Until She Meets Luke This Enigmatic And On The Verge Of Stalker Guy Brings Excitement Into Her Dull, Routine Life, Introducing Her To A World Outside Of Her Own A World Of Magic A World Called Terre As The Saying Goes With Knowledge Comes Power And With Power Comes Danger Holly Is Quickly And Unexpectedly Thrown Into A Life Of Chaos, A Life That She Believed To Only Exist In Science Fiction Films Visions Of This Day Have Finally Come Into Play, Secrets Have Been Told, And Choices Must Be Made

  • Paperback
  • A Life Unexpected
  • Sara Daniell
  • English
  • 23 December 2019

About the Author: Sara Daniell

Sara Daniell s story started in the quiet little town of Cedarburg, Wisconsin until her dad s job transferred him to Arkansas She thought life would officially be over with that move, but to her surprise, Arkansas is where she found love, married her best friend and had her two amazing daughters For years, Sara was a closet writer Something most knew nothing about because she felt like she d be