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The Book of Never quotes The Book of Never , litcharts The Book of Never , symbolism The Book of Never , summary shmoop The Book of Never , The Book of Never 7ab10045 Adventure Check Magic Check Sarcasm You Bet The Book Of Never Brings Together Never S First Adventures As He Searches For The Truth Behind His Mysterious Heritage And The Curse On His BloodAfter Years Of Running Down Dead End Clues, The Rogue Never Has Nearly Given Up His Quest For Answers His Blood Is Cursed And His True Name A Mystery, Yet No Library, No Healer And None Who Claim To Know Dark Magics Have Ever Been Able To HelpUntil He Steals A Map To The Mysterious Amber Isle, Which Might Just Hold The Answers He Needs But Never Isn T The Only One Who Wants The Map His Enemy, Commander Harstas, Also Seeks It And Harstas Craves Revenge For The Deaths Of His MenForced To Flee Through A War Zone, Never Soon Stumbles Across A Group Of Treasure Hunters Hoping To Discover The Wonders Of The Amber Isle For Themselves But The Deeper They Venture Into The Isle, The Deadly It GrowsTrapped Between The Greed Of The Treasure Hunters, Cunning Traps In The Isle Itself, The Threat Of Harstas Fury And His Own Desperation To Finally Uncover Answers, Never Must Find A Way To Unlock The Isle S Ancient Secrets And Escape Or Perish Without Ever Learning The Truthblurb Taken From Book , The Amber Isle

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    3.5 starsThere were some flashes of brilliance and originality in this collection of stories about Never and his mysterious heritage including his real name It was an exciting blend of myth and adventure, with rapid pacing that fit the condensed form of each offering Yet it was one of those books I felt was not quite there yet The author has talent, presenting the reader with a good tale, but the components were just slightly off the dialogue just that bit too slow, obvious, or prosaic the comedy just missing the mark the next plot point a little too clear It reminded me of reading the early Jim Butcher books, where you can see the seeds of what makes great fantasy writing but is firmly in the growing stage Ashley Capes has that same feeling, one to watch.ARC via Netgalley.

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    I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.Despite not being my usual type of book, I was very pleased with this series The first three were incredibly fast and action packed reads filled with snappy dialogue and just enough of Never s story to keep you interested The last two books delved fully into the story of Never s heritage and his extraordinarily complex family history One thing that I really, really liked about these stories was the way the author went about building the world Never s story takes places in some other reality where things as we know them don t always exist The world is in the middle of a hostile takeover and there are a lot of pieces that kind of go along with this What I ve found happens a lot of times with this is that there s a portion of the story that s heavy with exposition and forces you to try and remember all the major players and events that aren t yet relevant that didn t happen at all here We were thrown directly into the story and important things kind of came up naturally I found this fantastic for two reasons, really 1 the front end of the book wasn t weighted down with history that you need to try and remember as you progress through the book, and 2 I found that I really wanted to know about what was happening after getting little bits and pieces as I went Each place Never and his various companions traveled had a story that was either delivered to the reader through small amounts of exposition that usually gave you a bit of Never s history or through dialogue Overall, I found this to be a very well written and enjoyable read If you re looking for a fun read with a clever hero, a unique story, and a loyal group of sidekicks, I would highly recommend this book.

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    Never When I received this set of 5 books, I didn t quite know what to make of it as it isn t my usual thing But by the time I had read one chapter I was hooked into reading one of the best action books I ve ever read If you are ready for action, fantasy, wars and fighting this is something to read If you are into quests, heroes, and a little romance, pick this up The story line takes you an a great adventure and ends way to soon I m hoping that there will be many of these books All I can say is WOW I received this title as an ARC.

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    This is an enjoyable series of fantasy books about our main character, Never, who while on a quest for answers about himself etc comes across various adventures and mis adventures And I did like how, almost like some fantasy games and I suppose DD, the main character would get side tracked by a side mission or decide to help out a new character along the way into solving some mysteries he has about himself Not a spoiler I believe, but Never has some interesting traits that he s discovering, struggling to control and hide which does make him a fascinating character as both you and he, tantalisingly learn as the stories unfold Good work done here by the author The first book in the series, for me, was the best and had me gripped the most As we meet Never, strange name I know, as a lone wolf type rogue of a character Nothing original there, but it works fine Although I m going to lead on with a slight negative for me, in that as the series goes onNever becomes less thief rogue like as his character seems to change into a rounded nice guy And for me this didn t really fit or feel like character development, but almost as a new character, which was a shame.The series concludes with book 5, Imperial Towers, where Never and his brother Snow who is also an interesting character and arch enemy come to a head.So for fantasy fans, this is a good set of books to lose yourself in I liked it Four stars out of five.

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    I rated each of the Never books individually, as I read through this larger volume I like to collect my thoughts after each book in a series, plus it makes this great author look better That said, I want to emphasize that this volume is the way to go and definitely read the prequel first You ll want to have all of Never s adventures easily accessible Full of exciting lore and quick action, they start to fly by as soon as you open them.

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    I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewOVERVIEW I ve been reviewing the books individually as I go, so I m going to post those here as well, but first I ll try to give kind of an overview My separate ratings are 3 stars for books 12, 2 stars for books 34 and 1 star for book 5 As you can tell, I started out trying to give this series the benefit of the doubt I thought well I ll just give it time to warm up , but it never did and I just kept getting increasingly frustrated Basically the characters are 2 dimensional except for maybe Never, but even he is such a high fantasy trope that I would be hesitant to call him a fully 3 dimensional character , most of the plot consists of them walking places interspersed with problems that are solved with ridiculous ease or by complete coincidence, and the answers you get in the final book are not really answers at all and definitely not worth the wait Maybe if I had been able to space out my reading over several months, but reading them all together it was just like so much of the same thing BOOK ONE 3 stars This was a decent start to the series, but it didn t really pull me in Also if you re planning on reading this series I would definitely recommend you read the short prequel story first If I hadn t read that I imagine I would have been going wait what a few times in this one It s a decent little treasure hunting story although I honestly wish there had been obstacles, or at least that Never didn t solve all the problems immediately Everything just seemed too easy, like he would just look at a puzzle for a few minutes and then figure it out And the other characters didn t really seem to contribute that much, it would have been nice if there had been some puzzle Never couldn t figure out and one of the others did instead Also I just feel like there is no excuse any for not having any female characters in your novel no I m not counting that random girl that was there for 2 seconds in the beginning , but the stories are pretty short so I m willing to give the next one a try.BOOK TWO 3 stars I did find this book a little bit enjoyable than the first one We have exactly one 1 prominent female character now sigh I felt like the plot was a little bit better this time around, they had to work a little bit hard to overcome their obstacles instead of Never just amazingly figuring out 20 different puzzles immediately These are decent books and they re very fast reads, but there is just nothing about them so far that sets them apart to me or really pulls me in Everything is just very standard high fantasy and while there isn t necessarily anything wrong with that, it doesn t really do anything to make this series stand out from the 5 million other high fantasy series out there.BOOK THREE 2 stars There are several reasons I rated this book 2 stars instead of the 3 I have been giving the rest of the series, but the biggest one is because I think it suffers from what I call middle book syndrome A.K.A NOTHING HAPPENS IN THIS BOOK It s basically just a way to get Never from point A where he ended book 2 to point B where he needs to go for the next book and in between there s just a whole lot of rowing and not much else Also River God I mean I guess it s the giant fish he kind of meets once, but literally none of the plot revolves around the river god so why is that the name of the book I guess because Lots of Rowing is not a very enticing book title I m hoping the ending of the series makes this all worth it because I m starting to feel like I m wasting my time and I probably wouldn t even continue if I didn t have an ARC of all five books Also it s revealed that Never s mother died because she got raped and murdered, can t have a great high fantasy book without women getting raped and murdered, amirite loud sighing Why can t she just have been murdered, why do you always have to bring rape into it BOOK FOUR 2 stars This series just has no substance really Never s entire personality is a high fantasy cliche and the secondary characters are all entirely two dimensional And the plot is just him walking from one place to the next and like maybe getting captured a few times along the way, but he always gets out of the situations WAY too easily Like I am never sitting here biting my nails going oh no what s going to happen next because you already know because it s the same exact thing that s happened in the last however many books Also SPOILERS how is it that he s been searching his ENTIRE LIFE for answers about his past and found LITERALLY NOTHING but the absolute second he leaves the Amber Isle literally every person he meets is like oh yeah you re Amouni I can totally tell let me give you all this information And of COURSE he gets captured by some woman he used to sleep with who is now sleeping with his brother, are you KIDDING me so she helps him escape Can t roll my eyes hard enough And before he always had to use his blood to open doors but now apparently the rocks can just sense he is Amouni all the way through his shoes when he so much as steps on them Seriously Like I said, everything is just way too easy and falls into place in a way that is completely unbelievable And the things that don t fall into place are just ENTIRELY not explained I mean I m still holding out hope that the last book is actually going to give me some answers, but so far their reaction to every weird puzzle just seems to be yeah, why not In all honesty I think the main reason I ve been giving this series 3 and 2 stars instead of 2 and 1 is because they re short so it s like, they re not that good but also at least they don t take long to read.BOOK 5 1 star Standing on its own this would probably get bumped up to 2 stars, but at the end of a series that I just kept getting increasingly bored and frustrated with, it s a 1 star I struggled with this I kept trying to focus because hey we should finally be getting some answers, but my eyes just kept glazing over And we didn t even really get the answers anyway Like the only reason I continued w this series after the first book and got this ARC was because I wanted to know about Never s heritage and what we do find out is just a series of increasingly ridiculous things ending with Well maybe it s for the best that I don t know most of it The journey was the important part Ugh Sorry but this series just has no pay off The characters are all 2 dimensional and the plot fluctuates wildly between extremely boring and too far fetched unexplained to take seriously even in a fantasy environment.

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    The Book of NeverI enjoyed all books as one I would not he so happy if it ended here I just hope I ll he able to find the next series when it comes out I would recommend this series to anyone who likes a good story, without all the exttreneous fairy tale fluff This series is different, and refreshing Thanks Ashley, and Go Studio Ghibli Especially Miasaki.

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    The first one was free so maybe permafree, the others are NOT kindle unlimited The prequel 0 starts with background to the following stories see below for list to date and the 5 complete set does NOT include the prequel though it can be gotten on for free I received the 5 set from the writer via LibraryThing, yes another of my here s a free book set, we really would like you to review it, we aren t paying anything but hey free book s and not even on KU THIS ONE ALSO LISTED AS THE COMPLETE BOOK OF NEVER as ebookAdventures, magic, rogues and rakes and relics, blood curses, and a map to a sunken city, and sarcasm That is just the start to the following fantasy books Follow if you can.Never prequel The Ember IsleThe Amber Isle 1 A Forest of Eyes 2 River God 3Book of Never Volumes 1 3The Peaks of Autumn 4 Imperial Towers 5Book of Never Volumes 4 5 Book of Never, 4 5 The Book of Never Volumes 1 5Also available individually of course.I got the 5 book set, which says complete but you can get the 0 prequel free from Spliler free book tidbits for each book below 0 follow if you can 1 White Wing, and the boy doesn t swim well 2. chased to port can he make travel further, find treasures and artifacts, whose luck 3..rolling the dice, runes, secret chambers, The Master, underground rooms, kings and princes 4.Iron Pass, King s Road, Prince Tendov, Black Ember, stone wraiths, World Stair, brotherly love 5..the past, the present, the Bleak man, brothers forever, sisterly love It almost reminded me a bit of Harry Potter, and not in the magic part, in the way that each book got longer and longer and longer, and not sure to what point, and why hint at a sequel at the end of a 5 set called complete and which doesn t mention the prequel 0

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    Well done endingI enjoyed the entire of the Never series There where a few errors but well done The story finished with most questions being answered and a few new questions to be had The characters grew and developed with each novella and I enjoyed all of the plots, twists, and challenges I would like to read Snows side of the story one day Thanks

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    Fantastic This is one of the best books I have read in a while I had to finish it ASAP and couldn t put it down Read this series you won t regret it.

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