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    I liked this book a lot It was very educational about the life of this bird it was very well written You almost felt as if you were this bird.

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    This dude I met in Paso Robles gave me this book hardcover nice.

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    This would be a good book for a middle school student interested in the Arctic, falconry or birds of prey, or a good read aloud book for the parent of a younger child Do pay attention to the original copyright date the book was first published in 1963, so it alludes to some environmental issues that have improved, at least somewhat, in the last 50 years.The author does a good job of making the non human protagonist, Varda the peregrine falcon, relatable without overly anthropormophizing There were places where his attempts to include educational bits of natural history felt a bit forced to me, but I don t know that a younger reader would be bothered by them Although I am not a falconer, I have spent a lot of time observing peregrines, and his descriptions accurately called up a lot of scenes from my memories.

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    wonderfully written tale.

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The Peregrine Falcon download The Peregrine Falcon, read online The Peregrine Falcon, kindle ebook The Peregrine Falcon, The Peregrine Falcon e9fd5536a161 One Of America S Favorite Nature Writers Tells The Story Of A Year In The Life Of A Remarkable, Untamed Creature Varda, A Young Peregrine Falcon Her Journey From The Canadian Wilds, Down The Atlantic Coast To The Florida Keys, Is A Constant Challenge To This Proud Bird S Endurance And Cunning