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Echo in the Wind (Donet Trilogy Book 2) quotes Echo in the Wind (Donet Trilogy Book 2) , litcharts Echo in the Wind (Donet Trilogy Book 2) , symbolism Echo in the Wind (Donet Trilogy Book 2) , summary shmoop Echo in the Wind (Donet Trilogy Book 2) , Echo in the Wind (Donet Trilogy Book 2) 1b632ab0 Regan Walker Sweeps You Away To A Time And Place You Ll NEVER Want To Leave Danelle Harmon, NY Times USA Today Bestselling Author England And France Cast Out By His Noble Father For Marrying The Woman He Loved, Jean Donet Took To The Sea, Becoming A Smuggler, Delivering French Brandy And Tea To The South Coast Of England When His Young Wife Died, He Nearly Lost His Sanity In Time, He Became A Pirate And Then A Privateer, Vowing To Never Again Risk His Heart As Donet S Wealth Grew, So Grew His Fame As A Daring Ship S Captain, The Terror Of The English Channel In The American War When His Father And Older Brother Die In A Carriage Accident In France, Jean Becomes The Comte De Saintonge, A Title He Never Wanted Lady Joanna West Cares Little For London Society, Which Considers Her Its Darling Marriage In The Ton Is Either Dull Or Disastrous She Wants No Part Of It To Help The Poor In Sussex, She Joins In Their Smuggling Now She Is The Master Of The Beach, Risking Her Reputation And Her Life One Night Off The Coast Of Bognor, Joanna Encounters The Menacing Captain Of A Smuggling Ship, Never Realizing He Is The Mysterious Comte De Saintonge Can Donet Resist The English Vixen Who Entices Him As No Other Woman Will Lady Joanna Risk All For An Uncertain Chance At Love In The Arms Of The Dashing Jean Donet

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    This is just so unbelievably good It is an exciting tale, the relationship between Jean and Joanna is steamy and tender They are a sensual and seductive couple, who you like instantly It has everything you would ever want in a Historical Romance, intelligently written atmospheric and engrossing.A hero who can make any woman swoon with just a smouldering look, he is an enigmatic and suave individual who has a breath taking Gaelic confidence and charisma A heroine, who is not a wilting wallflower she is vibrant and strong willed independent woman who has her own beliefs and views on the world and she isn t afraid of voicing them Together these two are a force to be reckoned with but they compliment each other too.The plot is the pi ce de r sistance of this, it is a resounding success You have smuggling, pirating, shootings and emergency surgery at sea, done by the Captain no less It is action packed from the very start and all wrapped up with some incredible Historical fact.I just love it I have been hooked with Walker s work since reading the amazing Viking Warrior s she draws you in with her skill and knowledge, she ignites a fire in your imagination that makes you believe that you have left your comfy chair and you are in another time and place and this is no difference, in fact this is something special Echo in the Wind is flawless, it flows seamlessly it takes you on an exhilarating adventure through a dark and dangerous time, you become absorbed into the era and you never want to leave.I cannot recommend this enough this is a complete and utter triumphant Historical Romance.Outstanding This was a ARC copy via the author in exchange for an honest review.Full Review at Chicks Rogues and Scandalshttps chicksroguesandscandals.wordp

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    Echo in the Wind Donet Trilogy book 2 By Regan WalkerRating 5 starsHeat 4 Jean Donet cast out and disowned by his domineering father because he chose to marry the woman he loved when he was a young man Forced to turn to smuggling to support his young family, like a siren that cast her spell he realized that the sea would become his mistress His wife s death almost destroyed him and he vowed to never love again He became a notorious pirate privateer amassing great wealth and many enemies The deaths of his father and brother foisted on him the family title that he cared nothing for and his brothers daughter as his ward Traveling to England for his grandsons baptism he has a run in with a mysterious young smuggler that will forever change his life in ways he never thought to experience again.Lady Joanna West the sister of the Earl of Torrington is no stranger to heartache having lost her beloved parents and older brother is sympathetic to the less fortunate She has no dreams of ever getting married, marriages within the ton are business transactions She turns to smuggling to help the poor of Chichester with the help of her younger brother, that keep food on the tables of the poor, and the wealthy enjoying their tea and other goods Her older brother Richard being none the wiser for it She meets the alluring Jean Donet at a ball her brother is hosting and feels an attraction to him.no other man has made her feel that way before, unknown to her that he is the french smuggler she s been dealing with The situation is about to change for Lady Joanna the authorities bent on capturing all smugglers her fate is now in the hands of one very handsome alluring privateer captain.Set in England and France at a time of uncertainty Regan Walker does an excellent job at portraying the opulent lifestyle of the French monarchy the lavish details and portrayal of the French countryside A fast paced romance with passion, danger and an attempted abduction the drama unfolds with mystery and intrigue, leaving the reader with the all the emotions that Joanna embarked on with her life alongside the man that spoke to her heart Jean Donet gets a second chance at love with the very bold and fearless Joanna West Joanna gets the love that she never dreamed of ever having They make an awesome pair she s bold and fearless which speaks to Jeans pirate soul Together they navigate through their emotions for a chance at a life altering love As always Ms Regan Walker never disappoints with her amazing stories Full of descriptive detail you are pulled into an era of long ago, an engaging read that will leave you captivated, I highly recommend.I received a complimentary copy from the author for my honest opinion.

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    I couldn t put this book down The hardest part of writing a review for a book I loved is saying enough to entice you to read it without spoiling the story When you read one of Regan s books, you not only get a wonderful story, but accurate historical knowledge of the time period Jean Donet, handsome widower, Comte, privateer, free trader, uncle, appeared in Ms Walker s previous book To Tame the Wind His daughter, Claire, is the heroine of that story He is in England for his grandson s christening and possibly some business smuggling He will not be there too long as his brother has died leaving a young daughter, Zoe, who Jean is now responsible for.Lady Joanna West, 25, has no desire to wed and prefers her family home in Sussex to London She and her younger brother, Freddie, help the poor tenants and villagers by avoiding the high tax on tea, brandy and other assorted goods from France This means buying from ships like Donet s Joanna meets Jean at a party at her country home and again in London He recognizes her from their smuggling, even though she always dresses like a boy when she is buying goods from him She returns to Sussex and while checking the smuggled goods on his ship she is shot by someone on a revenue cutter His ship escapes the cutter and he takes her with him to France During their time in France she recovers, he discovers his father and brother were murdered, they fall in love, marry and agree Zoe will live with them and not be sent to a convent school And so much that I ll not say and spoil it They do return to England to see her family but will reside in France I can easily recommend this wonderful book which can be read on its own You do not need to read Claire s story to understand this one I m looking forward to reading Zoe s HEA in 2018 Regan I certainly wouldn t mind if her hero was Freddie Thank you Regan for sending me an ARC.

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    Echo in the Wind by Regan Walker is an outstanding Georgian Historical Romance Donet Trilogy , Book 2, but can be read as a stand alone Set in England and France in 1784 The story begins in West Sussex, England.This is the heartwarming story of Jean Donet, comte de Saintonge and Lady Joanna West Donet, was disowned from his family in France by his father, because his father did not like the woman his son wished to marry, so, Jean, made his own way and fortune by smuggling and others things to feed his young family Donet gave up all for the love of a woman.Then his beloved wife dies, leaving him with a young daughter Donet is bold, handsome, dark and a privateer, he s the Captain of the la Reine Noire Joanna, is the oldest sister of Lord Torrington She s a smuggler with her younger brother, Freddy They are smugglers to help the poor villagers of Chichester Joanna is looking for adventure.Love of a lifetime, second chances in love and life, adventure, danger, a bit of mystery, suspense, romance and a few surprises makes Echo in the Wind a page turner.The mysterious and handsome Jean Donet and the elegant but advanteous Joanna make an excellent match I absolutely loved their story Well written with Ms Walker s usual aplomb, her historical details, her characterizations, and her vivid details, draw the reader into her stories and held them in awe Her details of the countryside, makes the reader feel as if they are there, as if you can breath in the fragrant scents and feel the wind on your face Simply breathtaking I felt as if I was there, along with the characters It was easy to feel Donet s heartache and his reluctance to love again My heart broke for both him and Joanna.A fast paced drama, with passion and romance The plot was magnificent, engaging and intriguing, as Ms Walker s stories usually are The characters are strong willed, bold, well rounded, very believable and realistic Once again, Regan Walker brings readers a story of adventure, and romance, that will keep readers fully engaged I was glued to the pages from the first sentence forward Magnificent Another masterfully and brilliantly executed story Bravo Ms Walker definitely knows how to write Historical Romance I love her stories and Echo in the Wind , was no different A absolutely wicked but delicious story Another must read by Regan Walker Beautiful and heartwarming story I received a complimentary copy.Rating 5Heat rating MildReceived by AprilR

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    Regan Walker has to be one of my favourite authors in the historical fiction genre Her writing takes you to another time and place, with beautiful settings and characters that capture the imagination.From fearsome Medieval warriors with hearts of gold to dashing Georgian pirates, Regan excels in creating memorable fictional heroes Jean Donet may well be her best yet or at least my personal favourite Part sea captain part nobleman, he s the perfect gentleman with an intense and dangerous streak Ruthless with those who cross him he has a reputation across the continent, yet he has a passionate soul and would protect those he loves with his life.Then of course there are the unconventional female characters Always feisty and independent, Regan s women are a force to be reckoned with On the first page of Echo in the Wind we are introduced to Lady Joanna West, a high born lady moonlighting as a male smuggler Unbeknownst to her, the dark and mysterious captain providing the goods is none other than Jean Donet, who sees right through her disguise.Joanna is reluctant to marry into the ton, fearing a life of boredom and an unfaithful husband She is perfectly content to remain a spinster smuggler, until Donet turns her world upside down The two characters were wonderfully matched they had chemistry from their very first meeting and I loved how the story was told from both of their perspectives As in Regan s other works, even the secondary characters in this story are well defined, making the fictional world they inhabit all the three dimensional I particularly liked Jean s quartermaster Emile and would love to find out about him.The historical details in this novel have been impeccably researched It was a time of uncertainty, and with the chapters set in Paris you can almost feel the undercurrent of the impending French revolution Regan says in her author s notes that she hopes readers will feel as if they have travelled back in time while reading Echo in the Wind, and I most certainly did From the rugged English coast to the opulence of Versailles I was transported utterly into Jean and Joanna s world, and I didn t want to leave I was very pleased to read therefore, that there will be another novel in the Donet series the story of Jean s ward Zoe I can only hope and assume that Joanna and Jean will make an appearance, as there is certainly to come from them Full of passion, danger and adventure Echo in the Wind is a novel of seizing life, and love, and following your heart.Review also posted here

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    Jean Donet is a self made man, disowned by his father for marrying the woman he loved, Jean walked away from his aristocratic life without a second thought To support his wife, he turned to the sea, as a privateer, spy and smuggler When his wife dies, Jean is sure that he will never love again, he puts all his passion into his work, but a chance meeting with a smuggler and the death of his father and brother will change everything.Lady Joanna West is the sister of the Earl of Torrington and she too has known her share of loss, when she learns the villagers on her brother s estate are engaged in free trade, she jumps in to help She formally meets Jean at a reception for the Prime Minister she is attracted to him, even though he is much older than her and has a married daughter not much younger than Joanna Jean immediately recognizes Joanna as the smuggler he met and becomes fascinated with her When another smuggling run brings them together and things go wrong, a revenue ship tries to capture them And in the midst of the battle, Joanna is shot, leaving Jean no choice but to take Joanna with him He cares for her wounds and insists on taking her to France to his surgeon But once they arrive, he is not ready to let her go.Together they will journey to his family estate and on to Paris trying to figure out they mystery of his father and brother s deaths Along the way, Jean will discover that his heart didn t die with his beloved wife, but with war on the horizon, can love blossom between them I thought this was a very good story, but the first half is a bit wordy and there is a lot of information that is interesting, but really not necessary to the story, once they get to France, things pick up and don t stop until the very end The characters are likeable, the writing is good, the love scenes are mild and the ending is sweet This is the second book in the Donet Series, but it can be read as a standalone with no problems I am voluntarily leaving a review for an e book that was provided to me.

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    Actually, this wonderful story could easily be read after To Tame the Wind in the Agents of the Crown series, because the hero, Jean Donet, is the father of the heroine, Claire, in To Tame the Wind It is a marvelous romantic adventure with Joanna, the spinster daughter of an English Earl and the widower, Jean Donet, a former pirate privateer who has inherited a great holding with vineyards in France from his deceased father and older brother I do not want to give away here how they first met, but it was an exciting chance meeting that later became a love affair and second chance romance for the hero A truly swoon worthy historical romance by a most excellent author

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    To read a Regan Walker novel is like taking a step back in time Her excellent writing skill brings the sights, sounds, and smells to life not to mention her extensive research into the history of the time pre French Revolution Echo in the Wind is no exception.Jean Donet, disgraced son of a French comte, pirate, privateer, loved his wife deeply and mourns her loss still Wealthy on his own he now finds himself comte de Saintonge after the death of his father and brother with all the responsibilities that go with that distinguished title including the care of his young niece.To satisfy his love for the sea and a yearning for adventure Jean continues by smuggling goods into England and evading the Excise men Little does he realize his latest run and encounter with the young lad in charge will change his life in ways he thought were lost to him forever.Lady Joanna West, sister to an Earl, has no desire to marry for anything less than love With no prospects of that happening Joanna turns all her energy into helping the poor of the local village The method she chooses helping the local smuggling ring bring free goods into England and using the profits to help the poor.Little does she realize the dark pirate from her last run before returning to London for the season, a chance meeting with the enigmatic comte de Saintonge, and a run in with Excise men sets her on a course that will forever change her life.With a fifteen year age difference, the animosity between the English and French, the difference in religion, and the love for a dead woman prevent a Happily Ever After Or like an echo in the wind will love come a second time

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    What can I say about Regan Walker s writing that hasn t been said before, nothing, she still takes you on a wonderful adventureThis is the story of Claire s father, the Comte de Saintonge, Jean Donet and Lady Joanna West, a lady who cares nothing for London Society and its whims, she sets her mind to helping the poor by buying contraband from a smuggler with the help of her younger brother Lady Joanna meets Jean Donet at a ball her eldest brother is hosting at his home not realising that he is in fact the smuggler with whom she had been dealing with.Lady Joanna in disguise is shot when on Jean s ship by the authorities bent on capturing smugglers and to escape is taken to France.This is a fast paced story filled with danger, intrigue and romance amongst the backdrop of England and the French countryside.Once again this is one you won t be able to put down and will continue to read and read.I received an advanced readers copy from the author and I voluntarily leave my honest opinion.

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    Set in England and France in 1784, Echo in the Wind is the second book in what was to be Ms Walker s Donet Duology and which has now become a trilogy The first book To Tame the Wind served as both the start of a new series and the prequel to her Agents of the Crown series They can be read as standalone although I strongly believe the experience is even better when one reads both series as they complement each other and bring on interesting details.Historically accurate, filled with well defined characters both main and secondary and I dare anyone not to like Franklin, aka Ben , resident cat on La Reine Noire, Jean Donet s main ship , with a dash of mystery, danger, and adventure along with some humoristic moments and beautifully turned sentences, this is a story that will stay with you for a long time after you finish the book The historical aspect is particularly interesting, so much so that I found myself digging into the time period described in the book which is always a plus for me when I read a book This book is definitely a well written page turner.

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