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John summary John, series John, book John, pdf John, John 84b6062907 Now In Paperback, The New York Times Bestselling Expos Of The Real John Lennon The Time Has Come When I Feel Ready To Tell The Truth About John And Me, Our Years Together And The Years Since His Death There Is So Much That I Have Never Said, So Many Incidents I Have Never Spoken Of And So Many Feelings I Have Never Expressed Great Love On One Hand Pain, Torment, And Humiliation On The Other Only I Know What Really Happened Between Us, Why We Stayed Together, Why We Parted, And The Price I Have Paid For Being John S Wife From The Introduction

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    Dear John,You were kind of a jerk to me when we were kids first going out I mean, you really scared the shit out of me I understand all the problems you had growing up in a broken family and all It was definitely hard on you So I stuck it out and stayed with you, even when the Beatles were forming and getting big That wasn t easy, you and the boys always being torn away in different directions I didn t know where you were from one minute to the next But again, I stayed by your side and how d you repay me By shacking up with that Asian slut sorry I m sorry I promised I wasn t going to do that I m above it, I ve moved on, and so have you, obviously If I m being honest, I guess I don t fully understand what you saw in her I m not going to say anything against her, I don t even really know her But whatever, it happened I wish it hadn t, but that s life Btw, our son is doing fine, if you care Sincerely,CynthPS I am truly sorry you got shot to death.

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    It s no secret I adore Cynthia Powell Lennon, and I have for years If you come across this book without knowing her, you might expect this to be a trashy exploitative novel on what it s like to be John Lennon s ex wife In that case, you re going to be disappointed.She doesn t shy away from presenting John at his worst, but her story is neither mean spirited nor vindicative It is open and honest, a story of the way things were Her story is classic good girl meets bad boy, only the bad boy grows up to be John Lennon When she talks about being overcome with jealous nausea watching her friend stroke John s hair in their high school class this being the first time she realizes she s developing a crush on him you know exactly where she s coming from.I m glad she is finally able to stick up for herself she s given her story before, and written a book before, but things that were only hinted at earlier John s outbursts, Yoko s dismissiveness, the way John s Aunt Mimi raised him and how that affected his personality she has finally felt free to tell My only knock is that I found the retelling of the historical events in John s life and in Beatles history a bit redundant I d have enjoyed it much better if it was only Cynthia s first hand recollections though of course she needed the exposition to make the book accessible to than just people who are obsessive about the Beatles.That being said, I did learn things from this book, and it also solved some long unanswered questions I ve had regarding acquaintances like Magic Alex, Fred Seaman, and May Pang Any time a new Beatles book can actually give me something new besides a couple one liners, that s a treat.

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    This proves an interesting read for John Lennon ophiles However, Cynthia Lennon comes across as something of a deluded and unreliable narrator who unwittingly communicates to the reader that she does not have the facility to understand the complex man John was, or have any idea what he was really up to.Cynthia paints a picture of a dim young lass sat at home with the baby, naively thinking her touring husband was being faithful and was as obsessed with her as she was with him He wasn t, not by a long shot Cynthia s world view appears equally naive John, the great experimenter, could not have had gay tendencies, she muses, as he had regular sex with her, his wife, a woman case closed John himself admitted to a number of friends Shotton, Davies that he d had a dalliance with Epstein in Spain and his relationship with Sutcliff had homoerotic undertones There are those who believe that his feelings for Paul also strayed into gay territory Whatever the truth about Paul, it cannot be denied that John tried everything and it is highly likely that he tried homosexual sex at some stage that there could be such a blurring of the sexual boundries does not cross Cynthia s naive mind There is also some revisionism here one of the most quoted Cynthia stories used to be the episode on the plane back from India when John, drunk on brandy alexanders, confessed to sleeping with a multitude of other women leaving Cynthia to arrive in the UK in tears She was no longer able to ignore the painfully obvious fact that her husband was one of the most promiscuous men on the London scene Cynthia has told this story on record herself in the past, but in John she omits it completely and rather has John approach her while she was doing the washing up at home, to embrace her and tell her that there had been some other women but she was always the only one for him This version smacks of wishful thinking on Cynthia s part Also, in John Cynthia states that she pushed Magic Alex away when he tried to seduce her when she had fled Kenwood having walked in on John and Yoko Again, Cynthia has admitted in the past that she did indeed sleep with magic alex on that occasion, drunk on wine and shell shocked after the days events In John Cynthia revises that story painting herself as the ever faithful wife In truth, Cynthia probably did sleep with Alex in the misguided and drunk notion that it would rouse John s old jealousies in fact, it later transpired that John had encouraged Alex to do the same in order to strengthen his divorce case In regards to their break up, Cynthia relates a new story of how John s jealousies returned for a moment during one of her last meetings with him Yoko had left the room to get a glass of water, she says, when John launched into an attack saying Cynthia was no innocent flower and accused her of having an affair with a young American at the Ashram in India John said George had passed him a note the American left for Cynthia It is interesting that Yoko is out of the room for this incident, and John and George are no longer around to beg to differ This is an example of the incidents that just do not ring true, somehow and conveniently no one can say they did not happen In fact, John had suspected Cynthia of having an affair with Roberto Bassinini, the son at the hotel where she was staying in Italy when Alex arrived to tell her that John wanted a divorce In light of the fact that Cynthia later married Roberto, this does not seem wholly improbable And really, if she didn t, she should have Still Cynthia is determined to portray herself as the loyal doormat.Cynthia has form in regard to inventing or leaving out facts that detract from her the ideal relationship she wants to project In her first book she omitted the fact that Julian was conceived outside wedlock an important fact as her pregnancy was the reason Lennon proposed She received a lot of flack for that, and this has been corrected in John as is the fact that she was a virgin when she got together with John as she claimed in A Twist of Lennon presumably because John was still alive when she wrote it and he d believed her to have been a virgin Other aspects of her revised story still do not ring true,however, and it is hard to trust her In short, there is than a hint of the passive aggressive manipulator about Cynthia There can be little doubt that she was treated abominably by Lennon, right back to their early days together in Liverpool when Lennon had girls lined up for sex after he saw Cynthia home each night One has to ask how complicit Cynthia was in creating this abusive relationship With shocking submissiveness, Cynthia seemed than willing to put up with his cheating and selfishness akin to those biker women who write property of boyfriend s name on their jackets Cynthia never confronted John but rather was a willing doormat and then she married the guy One has to ask, why What was the pay off Why would a woman stand for such endless disrespect The answer seems to be unhealthy obsession on her part and perhaps she enjoyed the status of being Lennon s bird True, Lennon was a mere art student when she met him but he was a big fish in a small pond Lennon was the Art College s hard chaw, the rebel, the clown, the rocker and even the Art College s star pupil, Stu Sutcliff gravitated towards his charisma and aura Dating Lennon gave Cynthia Powell a lot street cred and status than dating the window cleaner s son from Hoylake whom she had been sleeping with which in itself was a pretty racy thing to be doing in 1950s Liverpool futher proof that Cynthia was never quite what she seemed It is often said that Cynthia fell for John when he was a nobody, but Lennon was never a nobody, Cynthia fell for an art school legend, who went on to become a Liverpool Mersey beat legend and finally a world legend Lennon was always a catch and Cynthia felt he was out of her league from the beginning Cynthia s Liverpool friends made sure she was aware of John s consistent cheating, but she chose to ignore their warnings She did not want to loose John which was likely to happen if she confronted him It seems Cynthia was a slave to her own dysfunctional obsession with Lennon and their marriage clearly settled into passive agressive manipulation on her part and misogyny, psychological abuse and serial infidelity on his.When John met Yoko, he finally met someone who wouldn t put up with his shit Here was a woman who demanded to be treated equally and with respect With the only insight she demonstrates in the entire book, Cynthia draws parallels between Mimi and Yoko That John saw aspects of both his mother eccentricity and Mimi strong will in Yoko, is easy to believe Yoko was, in many ways, typical of the females John had been surrounded with during his formative years In fact, the book leads one to wonder what John ever saw in the insipid, conventional Cynthia Perhaps it was a case of opposites attracting, perhaps it was that Cynthia the limpet was a safe bet who would never leave him no matter how cruel and nasty he could be Whatever it was, it is an area of Lennon s life that deserves further scrutiny Lennon dated Cynthia for four years before she got pregnant albeit with a host of affairs on the side , so he clearly had some need for her and liked having her around This book appears to want to prove that John Lennon was in love with Cynthia Powell, in fact his behaviour towards the first Mrs Lennon rather proves he was not, at least, not really This book did not enlighten me as to why he ever hooked up with, stayed with and married Cyn I ve yet to read a book that comes up with a satisfactory theory on that one Sadly for Cynthia, she never got over her Lennon obsession and it is her greatest tragedy that the man who consumed her as a young woman is now an icon and she has no hope of ever breaking free forgetting him indeed she makes her living from books and interviews about him and who can blame her as John Lennon ruined her life in so many other ways, he owes her this financial opportunity, at least.One also feels sorry for Julian, who wrote the slightly bitter forward, as he did not ask to be born into this dysfunction and his father was undeniably lacking in parental skills Still, Julian has had material compensations that he would not have had had John never made it big If the Beatles had failed and the Lennons had settled into life in Liverpool, sooner or later John would have legged it, leaving Cyn and Julian in a council house to fend for themselves Julian should count his blessings that this was not the case.If you bear all the above in mind and read Cynthia s book with that pinch of salt in hand, John is an interesting read.

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    I actually got this book by accident I was looking for a recent John Lennon biography call it a John Lennon kick I was on and w o looking at the author I put this one on hold at the library The author is his first wife, Cynthia Lennon, who unfortunately has become a footnote in the Beatles John Lennon history When I mentioned this to my wife or friends at work when they see what I am reading, they only think of Yoko Ono About the only way people do know of Cynthia is if you mention Julian Lennon s mom I guess that is fair as Yoko did so much to cement her legacy on the John Lennon name for good or ill This book was an unexpected pleasure, because it did dig deep into the pre Beatles history when John and Cynthia met as teenagers in college This was in the very early days of John having a band of any sort This perspective was fresh because it has been overshadowed and unfortunately forgotten due to how large and fabled the Beatles became in such a short time Like I said the book was a pleasant surprise from what I was expecting I usually do not like these types of tell alls and this one really was not that at all Though I did almost expect that once I saw the author s name But I gave it a shot and was glad I did I think so many people who love John Lennon and the Beatles have an almost unrealistic and mythological sense of who he was Reading about him from the very early years on to how he treated his first family and almost was able to have a reconciliation before he was gunned down, was sobering I love the Beatles and John has always been one of my favorite songwriters I also fell into that trap of believing the myth especially after seeing a movie like U.S Vs John Lennon.However you do realize that celebrities are also human With human needs and human foibles Warts and all as the cliche goes Some might read of John s sometimes explosive temper or cruelty towards Cynthia and Julian and come 180 degrees and no longer appreciate him For me, it only deepens my appreciation for him as an artist because he was real and frail And for the guy that is always seeking to stretch my musical knowledge to the limit, this book added tons of Beatles lore and trivia to my vast quantities already.

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    When Cynthia first met John Lennon he was an 18 year old teddy boy interested in being class clown and playing his guitar then focusing on school work Both students at the Liverpool College of Art, Cynthia soon found herself looking forward to seeing him, laughing at John s sharp wit and swooning when he d play a tune or two after classes It wasn t long before they became a couple, but right from the start Cynthia realized life with John would never be simple He wanted me with him for as much of the time as possible which meant that very early in our relationship I had to choose between him and my other needs and responsibilities Cynthia chose to put John first even with all that meant Within 5 years they would marry, Julian would be born and Beatlemania would become a worldwide phenomenon While fame and fortune opened many doors it also came with a significant price Fans of The Beatles were now camping outside their home, the press followed them everywhere they went and the loneliness of having John away most of the year was difficult for Cynthia Even when they were together, attending swanky events and partying with all the hottest celebrities Cynthia could never shake the feeling that she didn t belong.When John discovered psychedelic drugs, Cynthia began to feel an even greater distance growing between them Cynthia also had increasing suspicions about John s fidelity, especially after catching him lying about his relationship with an artist named Yoko Ono John would continually deny he had any sort of contact with her, so you can imagine Cynthia s shock upon returning home one day to find them lounging in bathrobes together I could feel a wall around them that I could not penetrate In my worst nightmares about Yoko I had not imagined anything like this Their intimacy had been so powerful I had felt like a stranger in my own house I cover Cynthia s side of the story on my podcast Muses Stuff Listen on our site or iTunes

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    Cynthia is an old school class act She hasn t written an ex husband bashing tell all, although she d be perfectly justified in doing so With warmth and honesty she revisits her relationship with John Lennon from their pre Beatle whirlwind romance through their marriage and divorce, until his death in 1980 It was no surprise to me to read about John s dark side I ve been a Beatle fan for many years John is my favorite Beatle and after years of reading anything about the Beatles I could get my hands on, I long ago became disillusioned with my hero worshiping of John he was far from perfect John was emotionally flawed at the best of times a cruel, hurtful bastard at his worst Cynthia s book is insightful and even the most ardent Lennon fan will find something new here This woman must be unusually observational or she kept extensive diaries because the detail found here is amazing, from what outfit she wore on a date with John 50 years ago to snarky remarks from Mimi It s absolutely fascinating Her writing style is of the unpolished sort but the stories she has to tell make up for that fact.Cynthia put up with a lot being John s wife and she still does to this day I don t know how she did it Even shocking is how she has kept her side of the story secret for so long Her forgiving nature and habit of letting John get away with all that he did is infuriating but you feel such sympathy for her and Julian Hers is the voice of a dear friend Even though I already knew the story of her walking in on John and Yoko, to hear it from her voice it was like I just walked in and found Yoko sitting on my floor wearing my bathrobe I was one of the few Beatles fans that liked Yoko Ono after all, John loved her so she couldn t be that bad, I thought After reading this my opinion has totally changed.

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    This is the other side of the story story about John Lennon, but, I guess, it s not your typical factual historical tell alls that are out there This one is written by a woman whom became involved with John Lennon BEFORE he became the legendary John Lennon, before he formed The Beatles, before he entered the music business and before Beatlemania and that alone makes it worth reading.A behind the scene books where you as the reader get a very honest look inside what went on when her husband was becoming one of histories most famous and legendary men and she was left home to raise their son and dealt with all the changes that came with it.

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    This is one of my favorite books The heartbreaking story of an over idolized and very flawed man, through the eyes of woman who loved him and was discarded by him Ever since I was old enough to understand who John Lennon was, than just a Beatle, I have always identified with Julian and Cynthia To anybody who elevates John in my presence I always say how can a man who was all about peace and love discard and abandon this wife and son and leave them with nothing There is no doubt that John Lennon was a talented man, whose death was a loss to us all There is also no doubt that he was a complicated human, with many many defects and insecurities I love how the book is written and how honest Cynthia is in her narrative Great book.

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    I read this book for a high school assignment back in the day The project was to design an end of the year presentation and booklet on something that interests you At this time I was obsessed with The Beatles, so I decided to read several books about them and the members, and this is one that I ended up buying to use I loved it It really showed John s true colors, not the picture that everyone may have of him He was an amazing man, no doubt, and a culture icon like no other The truth is, though, that he basically abandoned his first wife and son Julian after he got with Yoko Most people don t realize this, and I like this book for simply showing the reality of John s life and not just what we all believe from general media knowledge I learned a lot about John Lennon from this book, and I commend Cynthia for creating it.

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