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Three Quarters summary Three Quarters , series Three Quarters , book Three Quarters , pdf Three Quarters , Three Quarters 6386844135 A Stand Alone Novel By Graeme De Timms Plague Brings The World To An End In An Insane Frenzy Of Lust And Violence And A Party Of Survivors Search For Reason In A Holocaust Of Decaying Humanity Extract Jelly Fish, Stewed In The Boiling Sea, Flopped Around His Head The Sand Was Red And Sizzled The Pebbles Burned And A Prune Walked Across His Stomach In His Mouth, Where The Teeth Were Crumbling Lemon Pips, Where The Tongue Lay Stiff And Ragged, His Brain Poured In The Sky, Black And Thick, Fell His Feet Screamed And Floated Away Across The Steaming Water And, Still Screaming, Sank He Tried To Howl, But Between The Lipless Hole The Brain, Grey And Steamy Red, Came And Clogged His Cry Across The Sands His Hands Fled On Bloody Fingers The Sand Sank And He Lay, Pulsating And Throbbing, In A Wealth Of Rum He Soaked It Like A Sponge He Dissolved In A Fleshy Vapour And He Knew Somehow That Here Was Hell

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