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    I really hope this does not end up being One Fat Disappointment

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    It s rumoured title is Last Dark Queen AS I SAID ITS JUST A RUMOUR

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    3 29 19With this synopsis it seems Pietyr really is gone and buried 2 6 19Omg this cover and title reveal This finale is going to be insane view spoiler 1 What happens to Katharine Is she still in control Or have the evil dead queens totally taken over Does Pietyr survive their wrath 2 Is Mirabella really going to join forces with Katharine And if so, will she be able to rescue Katharine from herself 3 Will Arsinoe still stand by Jules now that she s likely gone mad Will she heed Daphne s words and sacrifice her sister in the name of saving the island hide spoiler

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    release date september 3rdWE HAVE A COVER WE HAVE A TITLE WE HAVE A TITLE AND A COVER AND THEY ARE AWESOME ok, i didn t get my guess right about the title, but wow five what the fuck the triplets, jules and the island i have so many questions._____________________my guess about the title is four dark queens because of the triplets and jules.let s see can t wait

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    21 Apr 19 My other reviews for Three Dark Crowns One Dark Throne Two Dark Reigns My expectations for this book 1 Mirabella must dieIt does not please me to say this, because if I had to choose One Sister to Rule Them All, it would be M.But, if the author wants to remain consistent with the prophecy the Blue Queen left behind if she isn t afraid to pull any punches if this series is to end with any depth or meaning, then Mirabella must die.2 Jules needs to be a villainBy villain , I mean her insanity must be fore and front most It needs to be embraced, known, a driving point of the plot A threat to Fennbirn s existence.And not in the is still redeemable at the end way, either It was said that Legion cursed people would lose their mind this rule must also remain consistent with Jules, otherwise she is nothing than an authorial Golden Child.3 Pietyr must remain deadPlease do not undermine the gravitas of his sacrifice in the previous book by having him somehow returned to life My predictions for this book 1 Mirabella tries to unite all her sisters They probably end up trying to defeat Jules save Fennbirn from her madness.2 Katharine dies maybe in an attempt to redeem herself This would be the only ending I deem acceptable for her.3 Arsinoe takes the crown.4 The mist is destroyed gone, and Fennbirn re connects with the rest of the world The tradition with the whole pitting sisters to the death thing will be put aside Questions that must be answered by the end of this series 1 WTF is Braddock and why how is he still tame despite Arsinoe no longer using low magic on him I cannot take this point seriously, since it only highlights what a special cookie Arsinoe is.2 The side point in either Book 1 or Book 2 that Mirabella kept having dreams about her sister when she was supposed to have forgotten all about them kind of went to nothing I still want to know why the f she was having these memory dreams And no, I do not want to have to read a novella to find out.3 Still wondering why, in Three Dark Crowns when Jack s rooster pecked ingested Arsinoe s blood, and Madrigal who handled Arsinoe s blood several different times, didn t die Arsinoe is clearly a powerful poisoner If Katharine who is not even a true Poisoner only possessed by the spirits of some poisoners kills men who simply has sex with her, then Arsinoe s bodily fluids should also prove just as lethal.

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    I need this book like yesterday

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    We have the title and the cover everyone And we have a five in it, not a four Though, we have four books in the series, so there is a four So, Five Dark Fates of course there are Mirabella, Katharine and Arsinoe, as for the two others, do you have theories

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    02 10 19How can it be just 320 pages long I don t want this to end so fast

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    9th FEB 2019 WOW I CAN T BELIEVE I WAS RIGHT WITH THE FIVE.Bring on Five Dark Fates 26TH OCT 2018 Okay, after having a think, Four Dark Queens is most likely to mirror the triplets and Jules However, I could also see this being called Five Dark Queens It wouldn t make sense with the title numbering, as there s been One, Two and Three already, so naturally Four would follow, BUT consider also that Illian will play a big part in 4, and that makes five queens.Either way still H Y P E.9TH OCT 2018 Calling it now this will be called Four Dark Queens I am H Y P E.1 THREE DARK CROWNS 2 ONE DARK THRONE 3 TWO DARK REIGNS

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    Review for book 1 in series

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Five Dark Fates download Five Dark Fates, read online Five Dark Fates, kindle ebook Five Dark Fates, Five Dark Fates 6b40fc13d8d9 After The Battle With Katharine, The Rebellion Lies In Tatters Jules S Legion Curse Has Been Unbound, Leaving Her Out Of Her Mind And Unfit To Rule Arsinoe Must Find A Cure, Even As The Responsibility Of Stopping The Ravaging Mist Rests Heavy On Her Shoulders, And Her Shoulders Alone Mirabella Has Disappeared Queen Katharine S Rule Over Fennbirn Remains Intact For Now But Her Attack On The Rebellion Exacted A High Price Her Beloved Pietyr Without Him, Who Can She Rely Upon When Mirabella Arrives, Seemingly Under A Banner Of Truce As Oldest And Youngest Circle Each Other, And Katharine Begins To Yearn For The Closeness That Mirabella And Arsinoe Share, The Dead Queens Hiss Caution Mirabella Is Not To Be Trusted In This Conclusion To The Three Dark Crowns Series, Three Dark Sisters Will Rise To Fight As The Secrets Of Fennbirn S History Are Laid Bare Allegiances Will Shift Bonds Will Be Tested, And Some Broken ForeverThe Fate Of The Island Lies In The Hands Of Its Queens