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I Me Mine summary I Me Mine, series I Me Mine, book I Me Mine, pdf I Me Mine, I Me Mine f8dfc0232c Cherished By Fans And Collectors Since Its First Publication In , I, Me, Mine Is Now Available In Paperback The Closest We Will Come To George Harrison S Autobiography, It Features George In Conversation With The Beatles Spokesperson Derek Taylor, Discussing Everything From Early Beatlemania To His Love Of Gardening The Lyrics To Over Of His Songs, Many In His Own Hand, Are Accompanied By His Uniquely Intimate And Humorous Commentary Fifty Archival Photographs Of George With The Beatles And Solo Capture A Journey Of Creative And Spiritual Transformation Brimming With The Wit, Warmth, And Grace That Characterized His Life, And With An Introduction By His Wife, Olivia, I, Me, Mine Is A Treasured Portrait Of George Harrison And His Music

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    I ve read this book countless times It isn t a typical autobiography Anyone who wants the intimate details of George s personal relations, some scuttlebutt on Paul McCartney, or other types of ankle deep nit picking won t find it here Instead, I, Me, Mine is like a fireside chat with a classy, fascinating, witty, and dignified friend We read about George s history and interests, brief mentions of his enormous cast of friends, and details on each song Derek Taylor s editorials are delightful It s easy to love Derek right alongside George I wish the pair had lived much, much longer, to enjoy wry humor and garden strolls, and also selfishly an updated copy of the book.God bless George He is one of a kind.

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    This is not an autobiography by George Harrison I repeat This is not an autobiography by George Harrison It even says on the back of the book, that I Me Mine is the closest we will come to George Harrison s autobiography.If you open this book expecting an autobiography, you are in for certain disappointment If you, on the other hand, expect to get a little closer to Harrison, understand him at little better and learn about his views of life, other people and death while he also lifts a little on the lit covering the secrets of how one of the world s greatest songwriters ever handles his craft then you are in for a treat.The first part of the book is Harrison in conversation with his friend Derek Taylor an English journalist, writer and publicist, best known for his work as press officer for The Beatles , after Taylor has briefly introduced himself and how he got to know Harrison and the other Beatles.The major part of the book and for me the pi ce de r sistance is a lot of Harrison s lyrics all introduced some briefly than others by the man himself Some of these songs have been played probably everwhere thousands of times and it s interesting to hear how they came about and what they mean to him.Some of the highlights from the book for me are not among the lyrics, though, but some quotes by Harrison from the first part of the book Friends are all souls that we ve known in other lives We re drawn to each other That s how I feel about friends Even if I have only known them for a day, it doesn t matter I m not going to wait till I have known them two years, because anyway we have met somewhere before, you know Those people who you know much easily or quickly are people whom you ve already known in other lives The Beatles were doomed Your own space, man, it s so important That s why we were doomed because we didn t have any It s like monkeys in a zoo They die And his answer when asked the question if the ex Beatles are a bit removed from reality Reality is a concept Everybody has their own reality if they are lucky Most people s reality is an illusion that I am this body I am not George I am not really George karma name only I am this living thing that goes on, always has been, always will be, but at this time I happen to be in this body The body has changed was a baby, was a young man, will soon be an old man, and I ll be dead The physical body will pass but this bit in the middle, that s the only reality All the rest is the illusion, so to say that somebody thinks that we, the ex Beatles, are removed from reality is their personal concept It does not have any truth to it just because somebody thinks it They are the concepts which become layer upon layer of illusion Why live in the darkness all your life Why, if you are unhappy, if you are a miserable time, why not just look at it Why are you in the darkness Look for the light The light is within That is the big message What a guy.

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    George Harrison tells in his own words about his life with and after the Beatles He takes his music seriously, but is not afraid to parody himself and the Beatles as his collaboration on the Rutles with members of Monty Python proves Harrison had to fight for his space on the Beatles records Two of the Beatles biggest songs, Something and Here Comes the Sun were Harrison tunes After the breakup of the group his songwriting skills flourished on the classic album All Things Must Pass His mega hit My Sweet Lord was penalized by a lawsuit for unconscious plagiarism Lots of interesting stories here as one might imagine from a member of the Beatles and buddies with Eric Clapton The one known as the quiet Beatle has a lot to say in this book.

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    Immersed in the middle of In Search of Lost Time about 2 3 into my second reading of The Guermantes Way and stuck at the beginning of Robert Fagle s translation of The Iliad that pretty much sums up my reading life for the past two months Not to get too personal, but 2016 has been a rather trying year and it has been difficult finding the desire or concentration to read lately, and I ve found Homer and Proust to be particularly challenging to continue on with at this time I felt I needed to read something lighter, and George Harrison s autobiography if it can justly be called that , I Me Mine, proved to be just the sort of read I needed light as angel s food cake, but not mere fluff In a review of another work I made it clear that of the four Beatles, George is undoubtedly my favorite Maybe John and Paul were superior songwriters in terms of quality and overall output, but George wrote some of my favorite Beatles songs While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Here Comes the Sun, I Me Mine, For You Blue, Within You, Without You, Something, You Like Me Too Much, If I Needed Someone, Savoy Truffle, Love You To, The Inner Light, Only a Northern Song, Old Brown Shoe This output was great enough that I can forgive him for the amusing, but slightly self indulgent commentary that is Piggies though I did find it amusing while reading this book to discover that George s mother contributed the line, What they need s a damn good whacking And post Beatles the music of both George and John have given me endless hours of enjoyment But not only is it that I appreciate George s music and particularly his guitar playing ability but George s spiritual journey has always been very interesting to me He and John, as he explains in this book, dabbled in psychedelic drugs together a couple of year before Paul and some time before Ringo , which both expanded their consciousness and drew them closer together Yet, whereas for George these experiences led him on a search for the universal and divine, John was the skeptic George felt he had found Something on his spiritual journey, whereas John tried to find something anything but found nothing To John the material world was all there was manifested in love ins, creating social change, Yoko, Sean but to George there was a universal consciousness, immense potential in every individual, endless quantities of artistic inspiration More than this I think I m drawn to George because he seemed the least egocentric of the Beatles the quiet one or the thoughtful one and in this respect really the anti McCartney For George, being human, possessed that little something we call an ego, but he was in constant battle trying to suppress it or overcome it many times without success , and in this sense George seemed to be very honest almost to a fault and often to the point of embarrassment If he liked someone he d write a song for them or just simply tell them When it came to subjects like love and religion, he shared his feelings on the matters honestly and often very simply, knowing that others may find his views puerile, but exposing himself and his weaknesses nonetheless Plus, George s quirky sense of humor he was after all good friends with Eric Idle of Monty Python and produced Monty Python s Life of Brian , which shines throughout this work in lines like BLUE JAY WAY was written at a time when I d rented a house in Los Angeles on Blue Jay Way, and I d arrived there from England I was waiting around for Derek and Joan Taylor who were then living in L.A The mood of the song is slightly Indian Derek Taylor is slightly Welsh , has always had a sort of magnetism for me because I, too, have a bit of an unusual sense of humor and, also like George, I am not beyond doing things like writing a piece on some obscure subject that might appeal only to a handful of other people if it is of personal interest As George explains, it wasn t beyond him to create songs that might be classified as piece s of personal indulgence things nobody else knows or cares about, except maybe two people Why waste time just trying to please others Now all that said, about the book itself I suppose if I had to rate it I would assign it 3.5 stars 2.5 stars to the very uninformative autobiographical section, which was short and choppy and 4.5 to the second part, song lyrics plus commentary That first section was co written by George and Beatles publicist Derek Taylor and at about 70 pages it was scant on detail and covered very little of George s life, like a very casual conversation with one who is easily distracted the sections written by Derek Taylor were italicized and made up about half of the 70 pages Published when George was merely 37 twenty one years before his untimely departure from this material world and with George largely dismissing his years as a Beatle, there was not much ground to cover and many things a reader might want to know about his relationship with Eric Clapton, the years with Pattie Boyd, his marriage to Olivia, musical or other influences, etc were hardly mentioned let alone discussed in any detail This first part was, to say the least, disappointing And the photos included at the end of this section were fun to see, but poorly labeled one has to flip to a caption section at the end of the book for image details And throughout the whole book there were a few typos, which was a bummer considering that the work has been republished since 1980, my copy being a 2012 edition As disappointing as I found the first part of the work, though, I found the second part, containing lyrics and commentary to many of George s best known songs, fascinating and very informative Here are a few of my favorite tidbits Don t Bother Me, George s first song was written simply as an exercise to see if he could write a song See Yourself is about Paul s experiences with LSD and the fact that he admitted it to the press While My Guitar Gently Weeps came about because George then highly influenced by the I Ching and the notion that all things are relative to something else opened a book at random while visiting his parents house and saw the words Gently weeps and decided to make a song based on those first words he read upon opening the book, believing the words and thus the song would be relative to that particular moment in time Eric Clapton s sweet tooth was the inspiration for Savoy Truffle and the different sweets listed in the song were actual names of candies in a box of Good News chocolates that George had lying on his table Here Comes the Sun was written while walking around the garden at Clapton s home The Cream song Badge was co written with Clapton and got its title because Clapton couldn t read George s handwriting mistaking the part of the song labeled Bridge as Badge George s favorite cover of Something the James Brown version he s also fond of Smokey Robinson s cover he would later write the song Pure Smokey about his admiration of the iconic songwriter Miracles front man What is Life was originally written for Billy Preston I d Have You Anytime was written while in Woodstock, where he d been invited by The Band and where Bob Dylan who contributed some lyrics to the song was also staying at the time The Art of Dying, to which there is a lengthy two page note, is about certain laws of Karma very interesting to read about All Things Must Pass was influenced by Robbie Robertson and The Band Like John Lennon s How Do You Sleep, George s Run of the Mill can also be read as a criticism of McCartney as can a few other songs Wah Wah came from the headache that was Let It Be and the breakup of the Beatles, when four very big egos clashed this difficult period also being the inspiration for I Me Mine Behind That Locked Door is about Bob Dylan and was jotted down on a record sleeve Deep Blue dealt with the passing of George s mother and with human mortality in general You was originally written for Ronnie Spector, but after an unsuccessful go it was abandoned for several years Sail Away Raymond recorded for Ringo s Ringo album Ringo joined by George and most of The Band was inspired by Donovan and Irish folk music So Sad is musically and lyrically one of George s favorites, but is a sad reminder to him the song about his split with Pattie Boyd The Miss O Dell in Miss O Dell is a real person Chris O Dell, a friend who worked at Apple Sir Frank Crisp was again a real person, and it was his house that George bought following his success with the Beatles the words to Ding Dong came from a carving on a wall of the estate from Lord Tennyson Yesterday today was tomorrow Tomorrow today will be yesterday The Answer s At the End also came from something Sir Frank had painted on the walls of the estate Far East Man was a collaboration with Ronnie Wood the title came from the wording on Wood s t shirt Dear One written for Paramhansa Yogananda Learning How to Love You written for Herb Alpert Crackerbox Palace was inspired by a story told to George by George Greif mentioned in the lyrics of the song about the comedian Lord Buckley This Song was essentially light comedy relief written amidst the He s So Fine My Sweet Lord lawsuit Nature and his experiences in Hawaii inspired most of the songs on the George Harrison album Blow Away was inspired by George s desire to write a song for the Formula One racers with whom George had become chums Being a fan of George s music, I greatly enjoyed reading the lyrics to songs that I had heard so many times but never really paid enough attention to catch all of what he was saying And, than this, I was fascinated in learning about the things that influenced George s musical output friends, acquaintances, experiences, philosophies I suppose if one asked me which Beatle I would most liked to have met I would have to say George, because to me he is a kindred spirit, and I believe in a way not unlike George or someone like Andr Breton or Jack Kerouac that we may be drawn to certain things and people for a reason Breton postulated that certain objects find us And George that drawing on the ideas of Paramhansa Yogananda the people we get to know most quickly are people we ve known in other lives that souls are attracted to one another and sometimes these may cross generations Sir Frank Crisp who died 24 years before George was born influenced directly or indirectly several songs that George wrote and he George feels he was magnetically drawn in some way to have lived in Sir Frank s former estate Whether or not any of this is true I don t know and no one can know this with any certainty But in line with this I do feel that we may be attracted to those people or things that are at a given time meant for us Reading this book by George was in some ways like visiting hidden corners of my own mind and in other ways like spending time with a dear friend, someone I ve known all my life And so, seeing George as a friend on this road of life, despite his flaws as a storyteller or writer, despite his egoistic impulses that contradicted so often his life philosophy, I feel that I should take his lyrics in The Answer s At the End and apply them here, overlooking his faults and focusing instead on his strong virtues of character and his strength as an artist and it s for this reason that I give this work 4 stars instead of 3 Scan not a friend with a microscopic glassYou know his faults now let his foibles passLife is one long enigma my friendSo read on, read on, the answer s at the endAnd don t be so hard on the ones that you loveIt s the ones that you love, we think so little ofDon t be so hard on the ones that you needIt s the ones that you need, we think so little ofThe speech of flowers excels the flowers of speechBut what s often in your heart is the hardest thing to reach .You know my faults now let my foibles passLife is one long enigma my friendsLive on, live on the, the answer s at the end.And so Let it Roll.

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    Beatle George was a mere 36 when this was written As autobiography, this being the only attempt at the form by any of the fabs, it s terribly disappointing The first section is comprised of anecdotes , some of them interesting, recalled by George in taped conversations with Derek Taylor, the Beatles publicist and apologist Then there is a lengthy section of pictures, followed by an even lengthier collection of reproductions of scribbled on sheets of paper, mostly hotel letterhead, torn spiral notebook pages, record company stationery, and napkins These contain nascent and completed song lyrics and notes, and the occasional doodle To these George adds comments about how each song came about, again, some interesting than others, usually in a paragraph or less This lengthy section contains commentary on many of George s lesser works, and there are plenty of those in his solo career George is famously known as the quiet one and became terribly fame averse and fiercely private after the Beatlemania period So I guess it s natural he came up with a patently unrevealing autobiography And a really lazy job of it, too.

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    This is a true story Last month I bought myself a copy of George Harrison s Concert for Bangla Desh, coz I had never bought this on c.d it was a Unicef donation, which was cool.Anyway, the other day I lift this book off the library shelf to read Only half a dozen chapters of recorded George, talking about his childhood, Liverpool, Beatles, his soul and racing cars.The book contains a photo section, mainly pics I ve not seen before, and a section on his song lyrics, with some explanations of how they were composed.It s only when I m into the book that I discover it s the 25th of February Happy birthday George

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    I was a bit apprehensive about reading this because of the reviews I saw on Goodreads, but in my insatiable quest to soak up as much information about the Beatles and my favorite Beatle as possible, it was obvious I had to read this Anyone who knows anything about George the quiet Beatle that never shut up is that he wasn t one to talk about himself too much so of course this was bound to be hilarious, straight to the point, and about the music than him Whatever this book is, I loved it It s always great to discover new songs when I think I ve covered all the good one s so this was awesome Now if I could just follow through with my Here Comes the Sun tattoo then I think my obsession would be complete

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    I am a huge fan of George Harrison and was so excited to read this book I was so disappointed I found the first third of the book difficult to follow Attimes it was unclear if it was George speaking or Derek Taylor It was seemed to jump back and forth in time, so it was confusing There were also printed sketches in this first section, with out any captions It wasn t until I got to the second and middle section of photos that I was able to figure it out.none of these pictures had any captions either so frustrating Well at the end of the book there was a table that had the page numbers of the sketches listed with a description of each The same was true for all the photos This was so annoying You had to keep flipping back and forth to read what the sketches and photos were of The book just seemd so poorly put together I was also looking forward to reading all about George s songs That too was disappointing as for the majority of them all George had to say was where or he was when he wrote the song and when it was, or what chord or instrument he used It seemed to be about the music end of it and not so much about the meaning of the lyrics or what inspired a song There were a few in which George did delve into the meaning behind a song, but not for the most part.This book could have been so much better..

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    The first half of the book is a strange m lange of commentary from George Harrison s second wife Olivia, a friend named Derek Taylor who conducted a number of tape recorded interviews with George from which he quotes, and those quotes from George Harrison himself Olivia s and Derek s commentary are in italics, and George s own words are in plain text, but it s still hard to follow sometimes whose commentary you re reading I would have expected things to be arranged chronologically, but they re not in an order I can figure out Then come some 30 40 picture plates The rest of the book is lyrics to George s songs the lyrics typewritten and then a reproduction of his original written lyrics with edits on different papers and so forth George writes some amazing music, but I wasn t expecting an autobiography to be half song lyrics I was expecting it to be all about his life I haven t finished reading the first bit, but skimming it, I ve seen no comments at all about later years like his time with the Travelling Wilburys or his hit Got My Mind Set On You which he d actually written many years earlier I feel like I learned about his life at least his early life and fame from reading his first wife Pattie Boyd s autobiography.

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    Not your typical memoir, I, Me, Mine is comprised of some anecdotes and then, for 3 4 of the book, lyrics handwritten and printed and brief descriptions of Harrison s songs.If you aren t well versed on Beatles lore, you might be disappointed I am, therefore I m not I wouldn t mind owning a copy of this book for the lyrics alone.

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