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  • Älskaren från huvudkontoret
  • Camilla Grebe
  • 16 September 2018

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    I m not even sure I can pinpoint exactly what it is, but something about this clever and well crafted tale felt completely different like a breath of fresh Nordic air Camilla Grebe will take you by the hand and lead you down a path that seems obvious, but be prepared, it s anything but It s obsession at it s darkest Maybe it was the three very distinct perspectives, all told in first person, which is a tad unusual, that sparked the feeling of this being different somehow I have a hard time even deciding which perspective was my favorite because each character was delivered with such depth and a unique mindset.Peter is one of the investigators called on to unravel the mystery behind a woman found beheaded in the home of a well known and kind of shady CEO, Jesper Orre For once, a detective was created that wasn t a raging alcoholic That s a win for this genre, in my book Granted he was still completely messed up and stuck inside of his own head Unable to commit to anyone or anything other than his job, he leads sort of a miserable existence But oddly enough, there was still something likable about him I found myself rooting for him to do something with his life to take a risk and put himself out there.In steps Hanne, a former criminal profiler asked to assist on the murder case, and boy do her and Peter have a history A sordid and honestly, kind of heartbreaking past She s struggling with early onset dementia and the reality of how awful it would be to spend her remaining time wallowing in the unhappiness of her own marriage There was something exciting about watching her make that leap and go after what she s always wanted.And last, but certainly not least, enigmatic Emma Her whole life she s been told there was something different about her, that she was odd Until she meets her fianc , that shady CEO, who claims to be a kindred spirit someone completely misunderstood like her She s willing to do anything for him, even hide their relationship So the million dollar question becomes why propose, abandon and ultimately decapitate her I think we all know, for any crime novel to be considered great, it has to have a stellar twist Don t worry, this one delivers big time Seriously, is there anything better than the elusive twist the one I somehow missed among all of the scattered pieces of this puzzle The ending is the perfect fit for this cunning and wholly enjoyable read THANK YOU to Random House Ballantine Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    THE ICE BENEATH HER By Camilla Grebe is a Swedish psychological thriller about a mystery woman who is found viciously murdered in the home of Jesper Orre, the CEO of a very large company This is the author s debut as a solo author in this genre.A young woman is found beheaded in an infamous business tycoon s marble lined hallway.The businessman, Jesper Orre, and suspect is missing without a trace.Who is the dead woman And who is the brutal killer who wielded the machete This is a riveting and alarming story about love, betrayal and obsession that I found impossible to put down It is fast paced with captivating well developed characters with shocks and twists at every turn peaking with an end you won t see coming.The novel is told from three perspectives, Peter, a shy detective, Hanne, a psychological profiler recently diagnosed with early onset dementia, and Emma, the fianc of Jesper Orre Jesper insists that their love affair be kept secret Emma s account starts in the past and moves forward to present day, whereas both Peter s and Hanne s account start in the present.Could this beheading murder be related to a similar event which the team worked on years earlier Then alarming things begin to happen to Emma, and she suspects Jesper is responsible But why would he want to hurt her I kept trying to figure out who was murdered I couldn t sleep last night, so I stayed up and read this novel in one sitting I was shocked by the ending but it held my attention right to the end.An enjoyable read Thank you to NetGalley, Bonnier Publishing Zaffre, and Camilla Grebe for an ARC of this book.

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    A body is found in the residence of a controversial CEO Jesper, headless, staged and Peter and his crew are brought in The woman is unidentified but there are similarities to a murder of a man from ten years past that had never been solved They bring in Hanne, who had worked with them on the previous case, somewhat of a profiler, but she is dealing with a silent enemy of her own Narrated by three different characters, Peter, Hanne and a young woman who had a relationship with Jesper, we travel inside the minds of these three people A police procedural as well as a character study, this is an interesting and very well written look at how the case is solved as well as the personal lives and connections of these characters.Grebe s first solo novel is well done, a solid and well thought out read ARC from Netgalley.

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    4.25 The ending took me by surprise, I wasn t expecting it Very good book, I almost want some of these characters to be part of a series.

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    It feels as if I m falling into a deep black hole again And outside, the rain keeps falling over Stockholm Even the sky is crying I ve been eagerly waiting to read this debut novel by Camilla Grebe, and I can say that, as an avid reader of Nordic thrillers, I was not disappointed.There are many distinct characteristics of the genre in this book The different POVs, the bleak atmosphere, the dark, psychotic plot, all those elements that have brought the Scandi Nordic thriller at the top of the literary world Here, we have three narrators, Peter, Emma and Hanne Peter is the police officer that takes over the case of a particularly gruesome murder, Hanne is a woman that aids the police with the profile of the murderer and the particulars of the crime think Criminal Minds and Emma is a young woman with a troubled past and even worse present.It is extremely difficult to write a review without spoilers, so I will not delve further into the plot I will tell you, however, that the main emotion that this book gave me was anger So much angerAnger because Emma had to put up with so much shit from the very early stages of her life Anger because there are and will always be bastards that take advantage of those who are carried away by their emotions, in spite of all the little voices that act as a warning.Another thing that I really liked was the realistic plot While in the majority of, say Lackberg s novels for example, the story is a bit too neat and the events a little too convenient, here the pieces of the puzzle fall into place in a better pace, in my opinion I loved the fact that Grebe turns the beautiful city of Stockholm into a major character, bringing forth the dark, urban side of it This adds dimension to the story, and enriches the atmosphere The rainy autumn afternoons are certain to win you over.The three characters that allow us into their lives and thoughts are interesting and well written Peter is interesting in the sense that he doesn t represent the typical, problematic police officer who s always fighting his demons.He seemed absolutely fine to me Emma is the heart of the story,and Hanne is the figure of the tranquil power Jesper is better left without comments and Emma s mother wins the trophy for best mum in ScandinaviaExcept NOT What I have to admit, though, is view spoiler that I had no interest in the romance between Peter and Hanne It was clich and boring hide spoiler

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    This was an engaging book, but in the first few introductory chapters, everything felt so depressing.Three main characters are telling their stories Peter Lindgren is a homicide detective He has issues with an ex girlfriend who is the mother of his son with whom he has no relationship Hanne Lagerlind Sch n is a criminal profiler She is bored with her marriage and wants out, and she has a history with Peter Emma Bohman works in a retail clothing store Her childhood was not idyllic, but she s fallen in love and is engaged to be married The crime victim is found in the home of Jesper Orre, who is Emma s boss, future husband, and missing.The further I read into the book, the questions I had The characters and my questions were developed through the use of the characters memories of their childhoods, their parents, their loves, their betrayals Ever so slowly, as the investigation proceeds in the present, things became clearer and answers were given I correctly suspected how the book was going to end, and thus there were no surprises, but the book held my attention and I enjoyed it.

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    A Dynamic Thriller The Ice Beneath Her by Camilla Grebe is a Psychological Thriller about a mystery woman who is found murdered in the most brutal of ways, in the home, Jesper Orre, the CEO of a very large company, who appears to be missing and is of course, the prime suspect The novel is told from three perspectives, Peter and Hanne a detective and psychological profiler who investigate the crime and share a past, and Emma, the fianc of Jesper Orre Emma s narration starts in the past and slowly moves forward, to present day, whereas both Peter s and Hanne s narrations starts in the present day.The main characters are extremely well developed and well written Hanne is kind, smart and wounded, in ways than one, while Peter is a vapid character who has nothing to offer Hanne or anyone else Emma, on the other hand, is a multi faceted woman, who questioned everything and had me questioning everything I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out who was murdered and enjoyed all of the twists and turns that Ms Grebe threw the reader s way I, for one, was not prepared for the ending and was completely shocked by it I read the entire book in one sitting it was a quick easy read and kept my attention all the way through.I look forward to reading from Ms Grebe in the future Thank you to NetGalley, Bonnier Publishing Zaffre, and Camilla Grebe for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review Published on NetGalley and Goodreads on 8 21 16 Will be published on on 12 27 16.

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    The Ice Beneath Her is one of the best novels I have read within the past year. There are those books that very early on in your reading of them cause you to think, unless something really changes, this is going to be a five or six star read for me I was not even halfway done with The Ice Beneath Her when I knew I was reading something special.The Ice Beneath Her satisfied so many of my crime fiction preferences Most of the novel is a masterclass in show, don t tell. I have rarely been so moved in a work of crime fiction by so many scenes of great emotional depth and poignancy scenes that flow through the narrative naturally scenes that the reader feels in their heart The characters are deeply human, and are the meat of the work. We resent and detest some of the characters at times, as we are meant to, and at other times, we sympathize with vulnerabilities Just like in real life, none of the characters are just one thing all good or all bad Bits and pieces of their layers are revealed to the reader throughout Their histories and life experiences contribute to making them who they are And discovering who the characters are, dear reader, in all of their unreliable complexity, is the delicious, mind bending journey that this novel takes its readers on. While The Ice Beneath Her does have a gripping plot with unexpected twists and surprises, is it a 100 mile per hour roller coaster ride with shocks throughout I would not say so, and if a reader approaches it with those expectations, it may not be the right book for them If, however, a reader enjoys his or her crime fiction with a literary bent, this novel is tailor made for them It is moody, and atmospheric, and nuanced The plotting of the story is excellent, and the mystery itself never failed to hold my interest, yet it unfolded like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, with its rich rewards.The Ice Beneath Her has introduced me to a wonderful writer It has also reintroduced me to a sub genre of crime fiction hailing from the Nordic countries which has its own distinct flavor and perspective, and which I will absolutely be reading much of in the future.

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    My book ish Blog InstaHoly Nordic crime fiction, Batman Ughhh, please just completely ignore that I started this book review with a holy batman exclamation.If you re a fan of the aforementioned genre, you will love this novel It s really hit or miss for me, but this one is a hit.Let s start bookworm asses at the beginning, shall we A unidentified, decapitated woman is found in the bed of a moderately famous, very wealthy CEO And he, Jesper Orre, has seemingly disappeared.DI Peter Lindgren is lead detective on the case He s a despondent, sullen character He has an ex wife who hates him and a troubled teenage son, whose issues could probably be traced back to his ongoing search for a connection with his father Only time and again, he finds that Peter has been, and always will be, interested in his job than his family.Also lending us their insight is Hanne She s a former criminal profiler who has had to leave her career behind once the effects of her early onset dementia left her unable to do her job to the best of her ability She s stuck in a loveless marriage with a controlling man, and can t even trust her own mind So, when she s asked to consult on the case of the headless woman, she says fuck it and finds her strength to make the leap into independence, despite her illness Yas, girl She was a total badass in a very classy, understated way And I totally aspire to that But for now I m a messy contradiction swamp demon But still I m aspiring.Last is the perspective of the enigmatic Emma Hers is the only POV which is told in the past, as she recounts her relationship with fiance Jasper Orre A secret relationship, because he is her employer Emma is sweet and naive, having gone through life being told that there is something odd about her, something different that has always made her feel alone Until she meets Jasper and feels as though she s found a kindred spirit.My overwhelming urge to scream RUN BITCH RUN at Emma stayed with me through most of the book and that s an interesting emotional level to maintain, I ll tell you that Sweet, poor, stupid Emma Pinning all her hopes and dreams on a man because he makes her feel like a person who finally belongs You do that for yourself You love yourself, you belong to yourself.But, I digress because that s really the crux of the story What is real love What kind of love do we accept When does love become obsession When does obsession lead to betrayal And when does betrayal lead to anger and revenge It s deep, people But I can t really talk about it any without giving plot elements away.Ultimately, the character voices in this one were strong and vivid and unique The mystery is the body of the plot, but these characters are the heart that keeps everything working They illicit honest emotion from the reader, with depth and attention It is a clean and tight example of show, don t tell writing, and expert pacing.Is it a thrill ride No I won t lie But it is thoughtful and poignant and emotionally addictive The true definition of a page turner, action packed or not.And let s talk about atmosphere just for a second, because this book is making it RAIN no pun intended with its cold and bleak autumn setting I could feel it right through my leggings Granted, leggings are pretty thin, but still.This is a smart, well plotted novel, that delivers a perfect ending of a plot twist I m talking, like, a pick your jaw up off the floor, kick you in the crotch plot twist Even for the most seasoned mystery fiction reader, the ending is evasive Somehow you just keep missing what s sneaking up behind you And honestly, is there anything better than reading a book like this and being completely fooled The detective story differs from every other story in this that the reader is only happy if he feels a fool GK Chesteron Get you kicks, bookworms And if anyone can let me know what the title has to do with anything, that would be swell.

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    More about character discontent than a gruesome murder suspense.The format and the structural decisions made in the storytelling did not work for me First person point of view is powerful when used correctly Unfortunately, here the rotating first person point of view between multiple characters was disorienting and felt like head hopping combined with the multiple memory flashbacks with no sections breaks or indications was baffling I had repeated instances of needing to reread the beginning of a new section because it was presented as merely a successive paragraph belonging to now, when it reality I was thrust backwards in time The pinball timeline jumping was horrible I was expecting of a suspense, actively watching the case unfold, than a tangle of character angst and ennui The decapitation was a good touch, but it felt glossed over and lacking the horror It was concerned with characters shoes getting mucky than chilled by the violence and dedication such an act requires The lack of emotion seems to be key, and I m not just talking about the reserved quality of Scandinavian cultural norms it felt blahThere are some amusing descriptives, but there is also a great deal of minutae that just filled the pages and felt like flipping through a catalog instead of being immersed in the scenes This kept me separated and fed my disinterest as it proceeded from one tale of a character s discontent to another Eventually, I decided I really did not want to finish it because I didn t care what happened Overall, disappointing.Apparently, Nordic Noir is becoming a thing for me That, and the lure of decapitation, which unfortunately, did not live up to my hopes ARC provided by NetGalley

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Älskaren från huvudkontoretcharacters Älskaren från huvudkontoret, audiobook Älskaren från huvudkontoret, files book Älskaren från huvudkontoret, today Älskaren från huvudkontoret, Älskaren från huvudkontoret ea2f8 Winter S Chill Has Descended On Stockholm As Police Arrive At The Scene Of A Shocking Murder An Unidentified Woman Lies Beheaded In A Posh Suburban Home A Brutal Crime Made All The Disturbing By Its Uncanny Resemblance To An Unsolved Killing Ten Years Earlier But This Time There S A Suspect The Charismatic And Controversial Chain Store CEO Jesper Orre, Who Owns The Home But Is Nowhere To Be FoundTo Homicide Detectives Peter Lindgren And Manfred Olsson, Nothing About The Suave, High Profile Businessman Including A Playboy Reputation And Rumors Of Financial Misdeeds Suggests He Conceals The Dark Heart And Twisted Mind Of A Cold Blooded Killer In Search Of A Motive, Lindgren And Olsson Turn To The Brilliant Criminal Profiler Hanne Lagerlind Sch N Once A Valued Police Asset, Now Marooned In Unhappy Retirement And A Crumbling Marriage, She S Eager To Exercise Her Keen Skills Again And Offer The Detectives A Window Into The Secret Soul Of Jesper Orre But They Re Not The Only Ones Searching Two Months Before, Emma Bohman, A Young Clerk At Orre S Company, Chanced To Meet The Charming Chief Executive, And Romance Swiftly Bloomed Almost As Quickly As The Passionate Affair Ignited, It Was Over When Orre Inexplicably Disappeared One Staggering Misfortune After Another Followed, Leaving Emma Certain That Her Runaway Lover Was To Blame And Transforming Her Confusion And Heartbreak Into Anger Now, Pursuing The Same Mysterious Man For Different Reasons, Emma And The Police Are Destined To Cross Paths In A Chilling Dance Of Obsession, Vengeance, Madness, And Love Gone Hellishly Wrong

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