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    Sometimes a little funny and cute, but this one didn t go any further for me Etta wants to turn in her V card, but hasn t had the right opportunities, as something always goes awry Lachlan is mourning his late wife and wallowing in guilt over the accident Etta cleans his house on Fridays where she lusts after him by sneaking glances his way He, in turn, lusts after her from afar watching closely to avoid being caught She needs money to fulfill her dreams of travel He needs to get rid of his built up frustration, so he contacts a professional service to help him out He doesn t realize that Etta has just begun work for this agency Of course, he is set up with her as his date At first, he thinks he has read her all wrong and that maybe she is an experienced call girl, instead of the pure and innocent girl of his dreams However, once he starts arranging to see her he discovers her inexperience accidentally Etta begins to have feelings for the patron she sees through the agency But he is so guarded of his identity Unfortunately, for me, these characters were uninteresting I didn t get into them any than I would have a cardboard figure of a couple, so the steam and comedy fell flat on me I just couldn t get invested in caring I think I read most of the book on autopilot as a result and it was just reading words and flipping pages.Voluntary review of ARC.

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    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book Choicesshould I or shouldn t I That s what we all say from time to time Etta Grayson is no different She feels stuck in a rut and only her fantasies to keep her going Her fantasy of being with her boss Lachlan Pierce Such a gentleman No chance Longing to travel the world she has to make a choice How to make money other than her cleaning job with Mr Pierce Now Lachlan has choices too Keeping his secrets and longing for Etta Two people, wanting in life but how to to do it I thought Etta very brave joining The Agency but sometimes you just , as I say, have to make choices Secretly meeting with Mr Mysterious is a very decadent experience for Etta As the story unfolded, you find yourself wanting happy things for Etta Building up and building up then wham, Lachlan leaves I was so shocked for Etta This story really draws you in which is good and still leaving choices for Etta A fantastic read and it makes you want to be brave yourself Loved it.

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    3.5 stars for this funny, steamy and sugary sweet romance I really liked Etta and Lachlan, loved the intense chemistry between them and found their connection to be believable.Ok the whole secret billionaire virgin hidden identity scenario was a little far fetched and unrealistic, but the book is well written and very entertaining Etta is really sweet but not annoyingly so and Lachlan was one hot dude, both of them were very likeable There were a few side characters thrown in for extra depth in the story.The plot was well thought through, it kept me both entertained and interested throughout I found the author s writing style easy to read, with hunour that made me smile and angst that tugged at my heart No it isn t the most emotional of reads but it IS a highly entertaining and fun one I d definitely read work by this author especially when I want a fun, pick me up type read.

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    A nice little story.Etta works for a maid service She thinks one of her clients, Mr Pierce, is a hottie, even thought he is older He, of course, secretly lusts after her as well She has big dreams of travel, but can t see where to get the money, until she learns that a very exclusive escort service has openings As it turns out, Pierce, for all his middle class appearance, is a billionaire, who happens to use the escort service since the death of his fiancee He picks her, but manages to keep it a secret I liked them overall I thought her reasoning behind not going to college was very flawed Yes, I know it s expensive, but with a junior in high school I am in the midst of learning a lot about it Also, he gave up too easily.Also, there a lots of coincidences to get things to work out, especially in a short story.

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    Etta s working 2 jobs as a maid, and dreams of traveling She decides to chance it and signs up with The Agency as an escort, even though she s a virgin to earn money to go on her dream trip around the world.Lachlan daydreams about being with Etta, and to get her out of his system, he decides to use The Agency s help He finds a profile he likes, even though there are no pictures up yet, and sets up a date When he shows up on the date he s surprised to find Etta He decides then that he can have her, but he doesn t want to let her know who he is since Etta doesn t realize that he is a billionaire, nor does he want to let her know his desire for her.Will they both come clean and confess their desires for each other Hot Steamy read I voluntarily received an ARC of this book for my honest review.

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    I Voluntarily Reviewed an Avanced Reader Copy of this book This was a cute little story about grief, loss and lust Etta wants to travel the world and she s doing it by cleaning one house at a time Not to mention being almost 22 and still a virgin Time to rectify that and her decision is a bit reckless Lachlan lost his wife and has been living but not actually being presence Losing his fiance has left a gaping hole Until he meets Etta She s young and vibrant with a juicy life ahead He s her boss but he can t stop falling for her So, to get her out of his head he goes to a escort agency Low and behold, Etta is an escort This can t be true but it is and this story becomes a whole lot complicated.

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    Etta wants to travel and see the world Unfortunately, with her job as a maid she will never make enough to live her dream Needing another form of income Etta goes to work for The Agency an escort service Lachlan is hiding from the world His only ray of sunshine is when Etta cleans his house on Fridays Lachlan thinks Etta is too good for him When he hires The Agency and finds Etta is his date all bets are off Until Etta whispers three little words I m a virgin I loved this book Especially the final scene I received an Advance Readers Copy of this book which I am voluntarily leaving my honest review of

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    This is a twist on the usual billionaire virgin story, as Etta takes a job as an escort despite her lack of experience Lachlan thinks he s going to get everything he ever wanted, until he learns there s so much on the table I loved how their romance developed carefully, while their chemistry kept them coming back for .Ruby Steele s books are always great to read, with three dimensional characters, witty dialogue, and always lots of steamy between the sheets fun I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

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    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this bookI loved this book and it was not won at the beginning I Like Ruby Steel s books, so I tried.A virgin who sold herself for some bucks and to lose her virginity.again It could have been only this, but it s a lot complicated The man who meets her is her boss and she doesn t know it He s widower and he wants to forget his employee and so, he think that having randomly sex will help him.except when he find out that his blind date is his employee And then, everything becomes really, really hot.

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    I received a copy of this book and am voluntarily reviewing it This is the first book I have read from this author and it was a great fun read She is his maid and is tired of being a virgin and gets a job on the side at an escort and he is a billionaire that has decided because of past events that he is not worthly of any relationship It is a fun little story and found it interesting the way the way the author has the same characters interacting with each in a couple of different ways.

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