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Chronicles of Araxx pdf Chronicles of Araxx , ebook Chronicles of Araxx , epub Chronicles of Araxx , doc Chronicles of Araxx , e-pub Chronicles of Araxx , Chronicles of Araxx 204a86cde29 Lee S Life Spiralled Out Of Control When Her House Was Burnt Down, Leaving Her The Only One Left Alive After Being Held Captive For Most Of Her Childhood And Into Her Mid Teens, Lee Finally Managed To Escape The Grasp Of Her CaptorsShe Befriended Bree, A Girl Her Own Age, Homeless In London Everything Was Going Well And Lee S Life Was Taking A Good Turn, But Little Was Lee To Know That Everything Would Soon Take A Drastic ChangeWhen The Werewolves That Held Her Captive Decided They Wanted Her Back, Enlisting All The Supernatural Creatures They Can Do To Get Her, It S Up To The Araxx To Save Her, But Lee Doesn T Know She Needs Saving She Was A Part Of A Bigger Plan, One That Could Bring About The End Of The World

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    Everything that happened in the book I enjoyed, but I didn t quite connect with the emotions of the characters I look forward to reading future reads when the author comes into her own and she can suck us completely into feeling what her characters feel when something bad happens One to watch.

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    This is a wonderful young adult fantasy, and the first book involving vampires and werewolves I ve actually enjoyed Set in future London, the Araxx protects people from the supernatural beings living among them Lee knows nothing of them, or who she can trust, as she tries to make her own way Not only are there plenty of magical elements, there s a great deal of future technology that elevates the story It moves along at a good pace, laying the groundwork perfectly for sequels I will eagerly await

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    Truth be told, I didn t think I d enjoy this story as much as I did I loved Lee and her fumblings with trying to find her way and her willpower to become stronger and to understand her world The story has a strong Anime feel, and Kellie is good at painting the perfect world with her words I could actually imagine all her characters and scenes in dramatic Anime drawings on a computer or phone screen A story well told.

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    Really liked this book

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    Having read other books by this author, I was keen to check out this new release and was not disappointed The author does well in pulling the reading into Annaleah s world and you can t help but feel empathy for her throughout It was awesome when she started coming into her own and gaining strength and confidence in herself I think she is a true inspiration for anyone who has suffered from abuse or been in an abusive relationship I loved some of the technology ideas here drones and holos to name a couple It was a quick read because once I got started I could not put it down Definitely interested in reading the next book

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    Having read the author s White Ghost series and loved all three books, I couldn t wait to begin her latest series This book grabbed my attention right from the start and kept me turning pages all the way through There was enough action to keep me interested and some surprising twists I was happy with the ending and am looking forward to reading future books from this talented new author

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    Lee s life spiralled out of control when her house was burnt down, leaving her the only one left alive After being held captive for most of her life Lee finally managed to escape the grasp of her captors She befriended Bree, a girl her own age, homeless in London Everything was going well and Lee s life was taking a good turn but everything would soon take a drastic change When the werewolves that held her captive decided they wanted her back, enlisting all the supernatural creatures they can do to get her, it s up to the Araxx to save her, but Lee doesn t know she needs saving She was a part of a bigger plan, one that could bring about the end of the world.A page turning supernatural thriller, but don t let the supernatural part put you off if you are not a fan as I m not usually but I thoroughly enjoyed I was hooked from first page to last and found my heart racing and really got into the book The only downfall for me was the amount of grammatical errors but they didn t put me off reading the book This is the only reason it is a 4 and not a 5 5 star for me I am looking forward to the next book in what is sure to be a great series and I m sure the grammatical errors will no longer be a problem, every author makes mistakes and learns from them Overall a great read that I read quite quickly, full of action and strong characters with a good ending Recommend to fans of fantasy, supernatural, short stories and any looking for a fast paced read xx

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    An interesting read for younger readersEntertaining story of a captive girl who escaped to London to be chased by a variety of mythical creatures, no spoilers Can she stay safe Can she keep her friends Who are the Arraxx Story flows nicely and is easy to read This young author is going to grow in strength with her writing so keep a look out for her workOnly did three stars due to some errors that the author is currently working on

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