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I Just Dont Love You pdf I Just Dont Love You , ebook I Just Dont Love You , epub I Just Dont Love You , doc I Just Dont Love You , e-pub I Just Dont Love You , I Just Dont Love You 9e33bb21d52 Coming From Columbus, Georgia Where The Street Life Is Gritty, Damian Rises Above It All And Escapes The Place He Calls Home When He Gets Drafted To The NBA By The Hawks With His Loyal Girlfriend, Cassidy, On His Arm, Life Is Good His World Slowly Starts To Crumble When An Old Friend Shows Up And Wants A Favor Damian Knows That He Has To Do Exactly What Is Asked Of Him, Because If Not, The Secret That He Buried Long Ago Will Be Revealed Cassidy And Her Brother, Aaron Came From Nothing They Relocate To Atlanta With The Hopes Of Building The Life They Never Had A Chance To Experience Things Are Going Great Until Cassidy S Longtime Boyfriend Gets Mixed Up In Something That He Can T Get Out Of Soon, Her Once Happy Life Is Shattered By The Murder Of A Close Friend Broken Hearted, Cassidy Turns To The Ones She Loves For Support, But What She Fails To Realize Is That The Culprit Is Closer Than She Thinks LaDeedra Is Known For Getting Exactly What She Wants Because She Refuses To Take No For An Answer When A Well Known NBA Player Catches Her Eye, She Immediately Comes Up With A Plan To Get Him He Can Help Her Achieve The Lifestyle She Feels She S Owed The Problem Is That He Has A Longtime Girlfriend Once Her Plan To Draw Him In Fails, LaDeedra Must Figure Out Another Way To Sink Her Claws Into Her Meal Ticket Even If That Means Taking Out The Competition

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    Oh wee didn t want this end Sick character

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    Good ReadGood Read Ibluv the way the story was plotted out Deedra is something else she came and turned everybody life upside down with the help of Damien Aaron need to take his blinders off and get his life partner Vic back before he destory everything he built for himsself I felt bad for Aubrey but she kind of brought things on herself I feel bad for poor Cassidy I hope everything works itself out for her I can t wait to read part 2 I was left on the edge of my seat with the ending

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    Wow I love the series I had to put the book down only because Damien was pissing me off man I can t believe he wasn t no man enough to stop this when he saw it hurting people he claims to love I was so shocked for the ending because a good question is why is she getting arrested I can t wait to read the next two books

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    Tonya ReviewI don t like Damian nor Deedia crazy self Cassidy needs to leave Damian I am sorry about what happen to Aubrey She got it alright I hope Cassidy get her name clear Aaron disappointed me Vicky gonna found her someone I hope that the truth comes out in Book 2

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