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    So the boys are facing the reality of life back in college Both with wacky roommates I was thinking Bryan s roomie Jay was a pup and Maddox was rooming with a vampire bully lucky for them both some good luck came their way

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    The summer s over and Bryan and his Daddy are anxious about going back to school Going from living together all summer and establishing the type of relationship that worksfor them, it s going to be an adjustment with no privacy and hardly any time to get away and be together This, as I ve said before, isn t really my thing but I m so caught up in them as a couple, I can t help but keep reading them They re adorable in the way that Bryan is shy and uncomfortable and he needs Maddox to take care of him And of course, Maddox is well into his role as Bryan s Daddy and loves taking care of his boy.School is harder than they anticipated though and while Bryan s mom is accepting and very helpful and just an all around good mom Maddox s parents are show parents it s the only way I can describe them All about imagine and what Maddox s role in life is to make them look good Ugh, that d be exhausting I m surprised he turned out as great as he did Things are hard, adjusting to college life and these guys have their share of hurdles to jump over, but together.they do it and they even manage to meet some new friends along the way Friends that I am insanely curious about so you know I ll jump into that next book with the quickness.What I didn t like, was how the story just seemed to drop off and finish without warning There were so many unanswered questions and I was like what It s just over What a weird place for an ending point lol but maybe that s just cuz I was so in it I dunno I wasn t ready I m looking forward to the next one though 4 stars from me.

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    A great continuation Brian Maddox s story Summer is ending the guys only have a few days before going back to college Maddox is settling into his role as Daddy Both he Brian are thriving in their roles, although they are both worried about the challenges that will arise once they are back at school Living being apart from each other both having crappy roommates make life that bit difficult I loved watching them learn to maintain their roles in difficult circumstances how they try to overcome these challenges together Making new friends re evaluating old onesI really hope this is not the last we see of Brian Maddox.I received an ARC from the author.

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    Bryan is finally coming into his own, and Maddox is still working hard at being a Daddy even when they re at college and they can t always be together I skimmed over a bit in this 3rd book, but I still like these guys and want to see their HEA.

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    Note this book is not a standalone you ll want to read the first two books in this series first This was a great continuation of Bryan and Maddox s story, as they continue to grow into their roles as Daddy and little In this book, we wrap up their summer staying at B s mom s house, and go back to college, where our heroes have to figure out how to continue their lifestyle with the challenges of roommates and classes and such As in the other books, there are both sweet and sexy times Mad tries so hard to meet B s needs, and it s so fun to watch them explore and grow together B s reaction to new things is ADORABLE It s clear these guys are in it for the long haul, and they couldn t be perfect for each other There are some GREAT side characters including a few that will be familiar if you ve read other books by this author that I m hoping to see of This was a fairly quick and highly enjoyable read.

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    Our Perfect Puzzle is book 3 in the story of Maddox and Bryan.ln the previous books we learned all about the alternative lifestyle,that the boys were cautiously and steadily embracing and living.ln book 3 Maddox and Bryan have to start college, so they need to leave their cocoon of safety during the Summer and have to face the real world.Will the boys adjust to living in separate dorms Will Bryan cope without having his Daddy to ground him Will Maddox be happy not giving his Boy the Play Time they both craved so much Their friends Sarah and Richard from the lifestyle try to help them with possible scenarios they can expect to face, and with ways to overcome problems.The new characters add so much colour to the story , there s innocent , gormless, clueless, and adorable Jay ,then there s Jeremy and Kevin , 2 new friends from the alternative lifestyle.The author has woven so much intrigue, around these 2 characters, that l am actuallydesperate to learn about their kink and their story.The boys are still adorable , and the story still very heartwarming,l hope there will be in this series , as the ending didn t feel like a final.l love these boys.

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    ryan and Maddox are back at college, and they are trying to continue their age play relationship They have so many obstacles to overcome now, including roommates from hell and lack of quality private time how will they make it work This is the third book in the series, and I am still crazy about these guys My stress levels increase every time theirs do and I feel relieved each time Maddox is able to be the Daddy that Bryan needs Their love, while it is kinky, is still so sweet And when Jeremy and Kevin from the Loving series show up, it just makes things even better This new friendship should give each couple the support they need to be comfortable in their alternative relationship I can t wait for of this story, especially when Jeremy and Kevin reveal their secret I also recommend the Loving series to open minded readers for the background of Jeremy and Kevin I m enjoying each stage of the relationship between Mad and B, and I look forward to seeing them continue growing together.

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    An Advanced Reader Copy of this book was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review All opinions that follow are my own.Writing Story Characters Overall 3.33 I love this series, not just because it caters to the niche of age play readers but since it somewhat falls into the New Adult realm it also features a fairly unique BDSM couple I also really enjoy seeing these two grow and spending time with them beyond a single book However, this book seemed a bit like a bridge i.e., I m hoping there is at least one Bryan and Mad return to school in this one and face new challenges there but for some reason, this part of the story felt unfinished as their relationship did not quite progress as much as I would have hoped Whilst the content of the story justifies this I still find myself wanting .Nevertheless, I do truly love the escape M.A Innes delivers to her readers and cannot wait for .

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    Going back to school upped the tension a lot for Maddox and Bryan Not having enough time to play starts taking its toll and they both know that they have to do something because they will never be able to make it the entire year this way It doesn t help that they both were stuck with horrible roommates either Maddox being the amazing Daddy that he is does a great job of working with what he s got to give Bryan what he needs even if its not quite enough for either of them and Bryan continues with building confidence in who he his.The only criticism I have for the story here is that it seemed like things were going somewhere with the new friends but nothing really comes of it It was almost the same with the friends that they met over the summer Maybe things are going to continue or there will be a spin off book or something though

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    This review is for all three books since I read them back to back This one hit all my buttons two strong, sweet main characters who build a friendship before they enter into relationship territory I love how protective Maddox was of Bryan, and how he helped him accept that part of his sexuality Bryan s mom was amazing I m always excited to see supportive parents in LGBTQ fiction, since it s so often an extra source of conflict and angst The relationship was super sweet, and the book is way about the relationship than about the kink and the sex but if you ve read any other books by this author, you ll know to expect this Out of the three in the series, this one was a little less, I felt, mainly because of the unlikely plot with two obnoxious room mates I loved the ending, though.

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Our Perfect Puzzle (Pieces, #3) download Our Perfect Puzzle (Pieces, #3) , read online Our Perfect Puzzle (Pieces, #3) , kindle ebook Our Perfect Puzzle (Pieces, #3) , Our Perfect Puzzle (Pieces, #3) 1cea2d7a092d Bryan Knew Going Back To College Would Change Things Between Him And Maddox, But He Never Expected How Much With New Living Situations And Problems, Bryan Didn T Think His Junior Year Would Be So Difficult Going From The Perfect Summer With Maddox To A Crazy Roommate Who Doesn T Respect Boundaries Is Pushing Him To The Edge Can Maddox Be His Daddy When There S No Place To Play And No Privacy To Be Themselves Maddox Knew Going Back To College Would Change Things Between Him And Bryan, But He Never Expected How Much He D Spent The Summer Learning To Be The Perfect Dom And Daddy For Bryan, But When He Can T Even Find The Privacy To Give His Boy The Spanking He Needs, Things Have To Change The Only Option Seems Radical, And He Can T See A Way To Make It Work Can He Be Bryan S Daddy If He Can T Make Things Right For His Baby K Words Story Contains M M Sexual Content, Mild BDSM, Age Play, Mild ABDL Authors Note This Is Not A Standalone Story It Is Meant To Be Read After His Missing Pieces And My Perfect Fit