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Hacked txt Hacked , text ebook Hacked , adobe reader Hacked , chapter 2 Hacked , Hacked 84965e Shawnee Daniels Wrongly Assumes She S Being Punished For Innocently Hacking The Police Chief S Photos Okay, Maybe Not So Innocently, But Someone Had To Expose Him For The Dog That He Is When She Arrives At The Mandatory Computer Seminar, The FBI Enlists Her Help In Stopping A Serial Killer Who S Remotely Hacking Vehicles While The Owners Are Behind The Wheel Why He S Targeted These People Remains A Mystery None Of The Victims Frequent The Same Places, Some Don T Even Live In The Same State The Only Commonality Is They All Drive Fords When Detective Levaughn Samuels Is Taken Hostage His Life Teetering On The Edge Of A High Speed Chase There S Nothing Shawnee Won T Do To Save Him, No Line She Won T Cross And When Her BFF Shows Up Unannounced With Problems Of Her Own, She Only Complicates Matters Can Shawnee Stop The Killer Before She Loses The Only Man She S Ever Loved Or Will The Ride Of His Life End In Death HACKED Is A Mayhem Series Crossover Novella

About the Author: Sue Coletta

Sue Coletta is a proud member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, International Thriller Writers, and the Kill Zone, an award winning writing blog where she posts every other Monday Sue s a bestselling, award winning, multi published crime writer in numerous anthologies and her forensics articles have appeared in InSinC Quarterly She s also the communications manager for the Serial

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    As a born and raised Western Pennsylvanian, I am always on the lookout for stories set in or around Pittsburgh When I learned that Sue Coletta, a favorite writer of mine, penned a work set in my former home, I had to check it out HACKED is part of the Mayhem series and is also a shared world crossover with Susan Stoker s Special Forces Kindle World While I m unfamiliar with Stoker s work, Coletta s name and the Western PA setting were than enough to suck me in I fell for the rough around the edges computer hacker, Shawnee Daniels, in the first book of the series WINGS OF MAYHEM Shawnee is than feisty and blunt, she s a kind of modern day, computer version Robin Hood She skirts the line between committing crimes and solving them, making her a fascinating character Even interesting is her love interest Detective Levaughn Samuels, a stalwart and devoted member of the police force in Revere, Massachusetts It was fun to visit with favored and some not so favored characters from the first book, as well as meet characters from Stoker s series I m now intrigued about Tex and want to learn about the complex and enigmatic Navy SEAL.This plot moved at a crisp pace and ended with a bittersweet note that I won t soon forget I d have loved to have seen of my beloved city, but that s just personal bias Coletta s writing hits the perfect blend of fright, desperation, despair, and hopefulness, hitting each feeling at all the right times and in all the right places At the end of this tale, readers will only want , and they re in luck her author note indicates another novel in this story world will be releasing in August.Readers of crime fiction will enjoy this novella I know I did.

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    The author provided me with an ARC for my unbiased, honest opinion This is a fast paced thriller set in the world of white hat hackers, as well as in Susan Stoker s SEAL of Protection world This means that they hack for good, kind of like Robin Hood The female lead here, Shawn, is a white hat who has been punished by her small town police department employer for publishing photos of the police chief in a compromising position You gather that he is a creep but nevertheless, she has been sent to punishment camp in Pittsburgh where two gentlemen walk into the conference room One of those is a detective who hates Shawn because of a past interaction, and one is Tex John Keegan , SEAL and member of Wolf s team Tex has a real world problem for the team and most of the hackers in the room immediately question what they are doing Shawn does not, but immediately gets to work Tex realizes who she is and begins to work with her It seems that certain cars and SUV s with onboard computers are being hacked, and Tex and Detective Odin great name, BTW are tasked with finding the hacker as quickly as possible People are dying and the powers that be want to keep it quiet before there is a country wide panic.I was not a fan of Shawn s methods, but the problem is solved in a heartbreaking way I want to know about the handsome detective who is in love with Shawn kudos to Coletta for this breakthrough and also about her best friend and the cheating fiance Please write another

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    A great book that suits the world its in I really like this book from Susan stokers kindle world Hacker by sue Coletta is just that about a hacker doing deadly deeds Shawnee is handpicked by Tex to help with a hacker case A mad man or woman is hacking the control units of ford cars and killing the occupants although one survives When shawnee s boyfriend, a detective, becomes one of the victims she does everything in her power to track the hacker down Getting closer to the hacker and finding a location can she stop them before anyone else dies With Shawnee s boyfriend asking her a question will she say yes and have a HEA An excellent book that complements the rest of the books within this awesome kindleworld.

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    This was a great read with lots of action and twist to the story The descriptions are well written and the characters are great Shawnee is such a fun character to read about and I love how she skirts the law at times The secondary characters are also very likeable and well written I have to say that this book puts a whole new spin on hacking by using cars As far as the killer goes the ending was a surprise that I didn t see coming but was a delight getting to I am voluntarily giving my honest review on an ARC I received

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    I loved this book It had so many twists and a big twist at the end I did not see coming I also loved the fact that the heroine had a background in hacking But the best thing about this book is Tex Not in it a lot but he heads up a case and wants the best and that is Shawnee I loved that she was floored that he knew who she was even though she tried to hide in the computer world I would highly recommend this book to those people that like a little romance and a lot of suspense and intrigue.

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    Rec this for an honest review.WOW This book starts like a speeding bullet and doesn t stop until it hits the target This is the first book by this author I have read but not the last I love the character of Shawnee Daniels who is tough and snarky and the cast of supporting characters add depth and color to the story BTW Susan Stoker fans, we get to see Tex in this one The story is fast paced, well written and has a twist at the end that I didn t see coming Get it now, it s hot

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    WOW I couldn t stop reading it This is my first book by Sue Coletta, and I can honestly say it was amazing The fast paced car rides make you want to read faster to see what happens The character Shawnee Daniels who is cranky, tough girl with so much force that you kinda have to get used to her abruptness Levaughn is the man in her life that tries to keep up with her With Tex in the mix you know it can t be anything but a good read Will be looking for reads from Sue Coletta.

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    I loved this book I have a Ford and this book made me question whether I should drive it again This book really brought me into the story and the writing was great I love the characters I will read of Sue s books This was my first book by her, but I love it Great story, author, and enjoyable read Thanks for such a great read

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    First time reading this author Was given this book in exchange for honest review.I loved this book It is part of Susan Stoker s Kindle Worlds This book is very fast paced It has all the things I love in a book Suspense, action, strong woman lead, and I loved catching glimpses of Tex

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    A fast rollicking ride of a story, this novella is a quick read and a page turner Loaded with action and a plot that kept me guessing, I found the end to be a surprise Computer hacker Shawnee Daniels is a great character, originally introduced in Coletta s Wings of Mayhem A modern day Robin Hood, she isn t above bending or even breaking laws This time around she gets handpicked to look into who is behind hacking the onboard computers in certain vehicles, resulting in fatal accidents The plot is fast paced, and the story brought to a satisfying conclusion sometimes hard to do within the framework of a novella Engaging characters, witty dialogue, plenty of action and a twist ending, all combine to make Hacked a great read

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