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I Just Dont Love You 2 chapter 1 I Just Dont Love You 2 , meaning I Just Dont Love You 2 , genre I Just Dont Love You 2 , book cover I Just Dont Love You 2 , flies I Just Dont Love You 2 , I Just Dont Love You 2 7c4edda84b9f8 Damian Walks Around With The World On His Shoulders When He Realizes That He Is The Reason His Secret Lover Has Been Murdered Looking Into Cassidy S Face Every Day Knowing The Dark Secrets He Keeps Hidden From He, Is Harder Than He Thought It Would Be In His Moments Of Despair, He Turns To An Old Friend And Decides To Remove Himself From Deedra S Wicked Ways But What Will It Cost Him When Cassidy Is Arrested For The Murder Of Her Best Friend, Aubrey, She Is Left Astounded And Filled With Confusion The She Goes On With Life, The Things Get Out Of Control, And Damian S Affairs Don T Make Her Situation Any Better Damian S Lack Of Understanding Causes Cassidy To Act Out In A Spiteful Way, But Will That Cause Her To Lose Damian Is He Even Worth Keeping With Not Much Wiggle Room, Deedra Has Made Her Way Into The Circle Of Mr Aaron Cummings And Causes Mayhem As Soon As She Enters When Everything Is Falling Apart For The Ones Around Her, She Is Joyful, But Her Happiness Soon Crumbles When Aaron S Past Comes Barging In Knowing She Is Once Again Losing Him, She Does Whatever She Can To Keep Her Man, Even If That Means She Has To Get Rid Of Her Own Child When A Secret Of Aaron S Is Revealed, Deedra Is Filled With Rage And Refuses To Allow His Betrayal To Go Without Punishment In The Cummings Circle, No One Gets In The Way Of What Deedra Wants And She Is Going To Make Sure Of It

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    WowGood series I hate that innocent lost their lives due to people not telling the truth man I wonder will Cassidy find her love or will her life shatter due to the outcome of the black widow Deedra Still mad at Vicky for not sooner coming to the thoughts of she should have heard him out Just like I always say ppl always know what type of person you are till it s time communicate.

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    Good ReadWhhheeeewwww what a read that Deedra ain t nothing nice Damien made a deal with the devil herself and it backed fired on him I cant wait to read part 3 the ending left me on the edge of my seat

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