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Anne of Windy Poplars quotes Anne of Windy Poplars, litcharts Anne of Windy Poplars, symbolism Anne of Windy Poplars, summary shmoop Anne of Windy Poplars, Anne of Windy Poplars b1b8e621 Anne Shirley Has Left Redmond College Behind To Begin A New Job And A New Chapter Of Her Life Away From Green Gables Now She Faces A New Challenge The Pringles They Re Known As The Royal Family Of Summerside And They Quickly Let Anne Know She Is Not The Person They Had Wanted As Principal Of Summerside High School But As She Settles Into The Cozy Tower Room At Windy Poplars, Anne Finds She Has Great Allies In The Widows Aunt Kate And Aunt Chatty And Their Irrepressible Housekeeper, Rebecca Dew As Anne Learns Summerside S Strangest Secrets, Winning The Support Of The Prickly Pringles Becomes Only The First Of Her Delicious Triumphs

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    Oh Anne, you wonderfully bold and beautiful gal Life owes me something than it has paid me and I m going out to collect it I just love seeing the woman Anne s grown into She s finished college, runs her own little school and is in constant correspondence with her fiance, Gilbert Gilbert, I m afraid I m scandalously in love with you For the first time, we have a bit of switching perspectives Anne in third person throughout the novel and in first person as we read her letters to Gilbert I can see why those letters are included it s a way for the readers to remember that she s still very much in love with her fiance Yet, I cannot say that I m a fan of it It s just so eye rollingly over the top Gilbert darling, don t let s ever be afraid of things It s such dreadful slavery Let s be daring and adventurous and expectant Let s dance to meet life and all it can bring to us, even if it brings scads of trouble and typhoid and twins We only see the one sided gushing from her end and nothing from his perspective Honestly, for half of the book, I thought that was supposed to be a sign that their relationship is in the slumps Holding with the pattern from the previous books Anne meets and befriends a new grumpy person who becomes a bosom friend Anne interferes with someone else s love life later realizing that things would ve worked out without her influence And Anne overcomes insurmountable challenges with grace and poise Wouldn t it be a rather drab world if everybody was wise and sensible and good What would we find to talk about Honestly Anne, it s a bit drab considering this book 4 and we get the same exact plot from book 1 Okay, okayas much as I complain, I still enjoy these books She s still the wonderful Anne that I ve grown to know and love I just hope that things pick up a bitespecially considering the lines like this Good night, belovedest Your sleep will be sweet if there is any influences in the wishes of your own. Gag.Audiobook CommentsNarrated by Tara Ward an excellent reader Blog Instagram Twitter

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    Possibly 3.5 5 but idk yet.I still really enjoyed this book because Anne is my FAVE, but I think the back and forth between her letters to Gilbert and third person narrative was a little bit much I didn t really love that switch and I missed Gilbert throughout this book, though I understand why he wasn t in it I still love Anne as a character DEARLY and I will honestly love her forever She is so kind and compassionate and lovely and just EVERYTHING.

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    Nobody is ever too old to dream And dreams never grow old I see by the reviews that a lot of Anne fans are disappointed in this one On this, my third reading, I must admit that I was, too I think it is the lack of the old familiar Anne is away, serving as principal of a school in Summerside Gilbert is far, far away, studying medicine Other than letters, there is no repartee between the two Avonlea, and her beloved residents, is only visited during the holidays and summer breaks There are plenty of new characters, however almost too many For Anne, there are too many Pringles, the Royal Family of Summerside Resenting the fact that a relative was passed over for the job that went to Anne, the Pringles seem to have organized a cabal against her She is snubbed socially as rumors about her spread, and a virus of disobedience pervades her classroom Luckily, Anne happens on a secret that causes the entire family to do an about face.Most of this book concerns the irrepressible Anne solving everyone s problems And though she manages most of them pretty hilariously, it wears a bit thin by the end of the novel Anne and Gilbert will be reunited in the next book, so hopefully, the old magic will be back again.

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    I loved this one I think at the beginning I was a little skeptical, especially since Montgomery kept omitting the parts where Anne had the right pen to write love letters to Gilbert I wanted to READ Anne s love letters But for all that, I loved the characters in this book Rebecca Dew cracked me up, as did Aunt Kate and Aunt Chatty, with their buttermilk secrets Dusty Miller the cat Katherine Brooke Nora Nelson and Jim Wilcox little Elizabeth Cyrus Taylor oh, but that was a hilarious episode and all those old ladies with bizarre quirks, like Aunt Ernestine, Miss Minerva Tomgallon too much Dickens, quoth Anne , Mrs Gibsonand of course all the Pringles It reminded me of Rock Ridge, the town in Blazing Saddles where everyone is called Johnson I loved the chapter with the drama club, where Sophy steps in for Jen Pringle and saves the day Also, wasn t it great how Anne accidentally blackmailed the whole Pringle clan Tee hee.And now it s on to Anne s House of Dreams and Gilbert Blythe I missed him actually, I missed all of the old crowd Marilla, Rachel Lynde, Davy, Dora, Diana, Phil, even the Sloane ish Charlie I can t wait for Anne s wedding I feel like everyone she s met in the last four books will make an appearance.

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    Anne of Windy Poplars Anne of Green Gables 4 , L.M Montgomery 2009 1386 456 9789645365880 1388 1390 1392 20 .

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    I am pretty disappointed with this one I mean, in comparison to the first three books in this series, this one was rather weak Unfortunately, it just didn t keep me interested enough to thoroughly enjoy it, even if this series is reminiscent to my childhood.The writing itself was lacking any kind of interesting description, the plot was confusing and pretty much all over the place and for me, telling the story through half written letters to Gilbert, really didn t work.I do enjoy the Anne of green gables series, and I love Anne as a character, but this little book of stories, I see to being rather unnecessary and somewhat pointless I mean, did I really need a book crammed with unlikeable asses I will finish this series despite my disappointment with this one.

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    In a word.disappointing It was good enough to finish but it took 2 or 3 weeks to get through This is a good indication of my interest level, because really great books keep me up at night until I finish them This one.not so much.I didn t care for the style half letters from Anne to Gilbert, and half third person, with no good reason to switch back and forth between the two There are a ton of new characters, but the sheer volume precludes any satisfying character development Anne seems to be a miracle in the life of everyone she meets, which worked okay for a book or two, but now feels like a rehashing of the same old stories with different names attached If it were a stand alone book, I would have liked it better, but as part of a series, it felt too redundant That is the worst of my criticism, though There are some interesting stories, some very funny dialogue, and some endearing if shallowly developed characters.

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    4.5 stars I wasn t too sure about how I would like this book once I realized that most of it was just Anne s letters to Gilbert But I was pleasantly surprised by how much I did enjoy it It could definitely be a little slow in some areas, and I don t think it is in any way my favorite out of the series as a whole, but I am still glad I decided to continue on with this beautiful series that L.M Montgomery has created _ I am looking forward to reading the fifth book really soon because of view spoiler Anne and Gilbert s wedding coming up D hide spoiler

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    4.5 stars I LOVE THESE BOOKS Are they perfect No Are they very much enjoyable nevertheless YES Things I liked I really loved Anne s newfound maturity in this book She s still the young, imaginative, energetic, loving, enthusiastic Anne we know and love, but the life lessons she learned in the previous book have settled in and I really liked how grounded she was, and how secure in her engagement to Gilbert Unlike in the previous book, there was never a time when I wanted to take her by the shoulders and shake some sense into her, which was very nice, indeed.I ll also add that I once again found Anne s kindness an inspiration Some might call Anne a meddler, and yes, sometimes she does meddle and experiences the consequences However, there are also times when she goes out of her way to be kind and care for individuals she barely even knows She looks at even the grouchiest, bitterest, meanest people and tries to find something likable about them, and find a way to help them stop being so bitter and grouchy and see the beauty of the world I can t help but think, what if we all did that Instead of returning cruelty with cruelty, what if we looked at even the worst people with love and showed that love to them despite their hatred toward us The world would be a much better place Little Elizabeth I said in one of my updates that had things not worked out for little Elizabeth, I would have thrown the book at the wall, and I meant it But things worked out with such sweet perfection, I just couldn t help crying a bit out of happiness for that wonderful, dear, sweet, little girl.The widows and Rebecca Dew So quirky, so lovable And that letter Rebecca Dew gave Anne at the end 3The storylines of many other characters, too numerous to list here It was wonderful seeing those characters who were willing to grow and change.The ending Montgomery seems to have a special knack for endings They re always so satisfying, so wistful, so touching, so so superb I always find my eyes welling up in a good way and wanting to hug the book and actually hugging the book , and this one was no different Just GAH I LOVED IT 3333Oh, and while I can t necessarily say that I like this, I have to give Montgomery credit for being masterful at getting me emotionally attached to characters very easily I don t think I can give details lest I spoil a plot point for anyone who hasn t read this book yet, but there was one character who was barely around for, like, two pages, but Montgomery still made me cry over the individual when something happened a little later Things I didn t like Uh Not much I mean, just like in any Anne book, you ve got some pretty ridiculous silly characters, some of which are annoying than others, but I don t think I outright hated anyone or anything that happened Probably the most annoying characters, for me, had to be the twins, Gerald and Geraldine Having recently watched a certain movie about a certain magical nanny, I kept thinking through their whole little segment of story, The person you need is Nanny McPhee P There was also a young lady named Hazel who I found annoying because she was so melodramatic about EVERYTHING, and, after specifically asking Anne to do something, came back and chastised Anne for doing that exact thing, turning things around so it was like the whole thing was Anne s idea, not hers, and that Anne had been trying to steal her man I really, Really, REALLY wanted to throw the book at that girl s head PThere was also one little section of the book where I skipped a few pages simply because what was being talked about wasn t relevant to anything I want to be clear that what was being talked about didn t bother me on a moral level or anything like that, it was just Well, if you ve read the Anne books, you know that sometimes Montgomery allowed the characters to go off on little tangents Sometimes these tangents had relevance to the story, and sometimes it s just silliness spewing from Montgomery s imagination that added color to the story if nothing else I usually don t mind these little tangents, and read them relevant or not, but in this case it just went on too long Anne and a local woman were walking through the town graveyard while the woman gave Anne the stories of many of the people buried in the graveyard Out of 6 pages worth of these mini stories, I think only two or three of them were referenced later on in the book, so really, it was about 4 pages too much information While it s nice that Montgomery had such a fertile imagination that she could come up with mini histories for so many people and communities and make them all unique, there are times I wish I could tell her that it s okay to leave some of it out.One other thing is that I would have liked Gilbert to have had a bigger role in this story, or at least some dialog, but I guess that is what it is, and I m sure we ll get from him in later books when he and Anne are together againOther than those minor gripes, though, there wasn t anything I truly disliked about this book It still isn t quite as perfectly wonderful in my mind as the very first book, but I liked it better than book three, and even book two As such, I m giving it 4.5.Content advisory for those who want to know No swearing No sexual content.Violence Anne reads a very old journal at one point that reveals that a certain individual who has long been deceased by the time Anne reads the journal , apparently once committed an act of cannibalism The journal simply states the context in which it happened, nothing is described graphically, and everyone who knows about it thinks it disgusting and shameful.There is also a family in the Summerside community who is supposedly cursed, and many of its members are said to have died tragically Again, nothing is described graphically, we simply hear that Uncle so and so fell and hit his head Aunt whats her name had a stroke and died in that very chair, etc.There is also a non violent death of a character who, while not present for very long, is still likable, as it seems that Montgomery couldn t write a book where someone doesn t die and make you cry sigh Worldviews L M Montgomery was clearly a Bible reading and believing Christian given how many biblical references and biblically based morals she sprinkled into these stories The stories are also set in a time when it was expected that most decent, upstanding, members of society went to church, and church is mentioned from time to time, as is prayer However, just like in real life, not everyone in the book who goes to church or goes through the motions of trying to act Christian actually is a believer in Christ, or behaves like true followers and lovers of Jesus should At the same time, there are many characters who, it is clear, truly are believers and, while no human being is portraited as perfect, do try to behave as they should.Heaven is also mentioned a few times.

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    Now while Lucy Maud Montgomery s Anne of Windy Poplars is considered the fourth of the Anne of Green Gables stories according to the timeline of Anne Shirley s life and describes with both meticulously descriptive detail and often very much delightful, sometimes even wickedly hilarious humour her three years teaching at a girl s academy in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, whilst her fianc Gilbert Blythe is studying to be a doctor , Anne of Windy Poplars is actually the second to last novel of the series if one looks at its publication date of 1936 with only the sixth story of Anne s life, with only Anne of Ingleside coming later, being published in 1939 And whereas I as an older adult reader now do indeed very much consider Anne of Windy Poplars as one of my absolute and all time personal favourite stories about Anne Shirley, I also have to admit that this appreciation and intensely passionate enjoyment has in fact come rather slowly and only after I learned to enjoy to love epistolary novels for in fact, when I first read Anne of Windy Poplars as a teenager, I actually found the novel s letter based style of textual presentation both annoying and distracting, something that I of course now no longer feel AT ALL, but something that definitely very much lessened my reading enjoyment and pleasure in 1983, when I first read or rather tried to read Anne of Windy Poplars And as such, while I do very much and highly recommend Anne of Windy Poplars, I do feel that I must leave the necessary caveat that Anne of Windy Poplars is definitely and basically for much of the novel an account of a multitude of diversely episodic letters narrated by Anne Shirley about her various experiences teaching and living in Summerside, written by her to her fianc , to Gilbert Blythe who really never does make all that much of a physical appearance in Anne of Windy Poplars except briefly during the Christmas in Avonlea episode, but who is always and nevertheless at least in my opinion omnipresent in Anne of Windy Poplars as the hypothetical reader, as the recipient of Anne s letters, something that I now do absolutely love and find very if not even extremely attractive, but also something that I know many readers have in particular faulted and found majorly annoying with regard to Anne of Windy Poplars And indeed, even sixteen year old I my age in 1983, during my first perusal of Anne of Windy Poplars was at first rather a bit annoyed at Gilbert s physical absence from the the actual happenings, from most of the actual stories of Anne of Windy Poplars, although truth be told, when I reread Anne of Windy Poplars as a university student and later and after I had become majorly enamoured of letter based and themed novels, Gilbert Blythe s very absence actually made Anne of Windy Poplars increasingly a personal favourite for me since now I could in my own mind imagine Gilbert reading and enjoying Anne s letters to him without actually having to read all that much about him, for indeed and in fact, I have only really started enjoying how L.M Montgomery narratively depicts and describes especially Gilbert Blythe as a literary character once Anne and he get married, during and after Anne s House of Dreams, and not actually having to read all that much if anything about him in Anne of Windy Poplars but being able to freely use my imagination to think and depict in my mind s eye Gilbert Blythe reading, laughing and perhaps at times even crying over Anne Shirley s descriptive and full of details and interesting tidbits letters to him, that really and truly has started to lastingly cement Anne of Windy Poplars as one of my treasured favourite Anne of Green Gables series offerings.

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