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    Some people smoke, some drink, some eat chocolate I travel That s my indulgence Nothing makes me feel alive than a sea of motorcycles rushing at me in Hanoi, as an old lady helps me across the street, or a guy with a machine gun yelling at me in Cambodian, when all I want to do is use the bathroom, or showering in cold water in Cuba, when it s about 50 degrees outside Traveling helps me understand why we re on this planet and what makes us all tick, regardless of culture and geographical location That s why I loved this book I loved to read about western, pampered people who think they re all that, only to be served some humble pie for dessert.

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    For me, Emily Barr is a bit problematic Her books are either a big hit or wide off the mark Well this was a BIG hit The writing was intense and Tansy is a complex character Although Tansy isn t particularly likable at the start I was still keen to follow her which is a testament to the writing The story is intriguing and didn t go in the way I was first expecting which was a nice surprise Eventually I worked out the who but it took a long time so it did not matter as I had to wait for the why to know if I was right.I loved all the travel I now know about South East Asia than any geography teacher could ever have hammered into my head This can only be a good thing This book really is a page turner and I recommend it.

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    I love fun travel adventure books, and this is one of my favorites A spoiled English girl goes traveling through Asia, learns about love, and confronts her demons along the way The settings are very well described I can tell that the author has traveled a lot herself The mystery element doesn t add much to the story, but it doesn t spoil it either.

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    I couldn t get over just how obnoxious and ignorant the main character was If the character truly changes by the end of the book instead of just the minor tweaks mostly related to being superior to other white tourists just not worth it to me to keep dragging through the first stage which lasted longer than I thought it should have.

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    First read this book when it was published and many times since Still one of my favourites

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    An unexciting and underwhelming novel about a London woman traveling through Asia after the death of her mother While the creation of experience and environment were wonderful, the characters and their relationships felt incomplete Not only were the characters lacking, the mystery that was woven through their stories felt unnecessary If the mystery was removed and the characters had a bit depth to them, this would have been outstanding.

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    Such a boring book, didn t even finish it the main character is so annoying Got about half way into the book and wouldn t go on, skipped to the end and still seemed like nothing was going on.

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    Hard to begin the book as the main character was extremely unlikable Persisted and the book got better A straight story which made it enjoyable and clues that were obvious.

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    I was reminded of Backpack by Emily Barr when I saw she had recently released a new book I bought Backpack many years ago now, a few years after its initial release I m thinking 2007 , so with a bit of digging through my cupboards I found the paperback copy and gave it a read.When I first saw this book, I remember thinking it was chick lit based on judging the book by its cover , not something I d be interested in But after I d read the blurb and it talked of backpacking through Asia with a murderer following her, I took the plunge and bought the book Once I started reading it I was so glad I did So while it is categorised on as Women s Fiction , I feel all sexes would enjoy reading this.Tansy, in the beginning of this novel, is fairly unlikeable Her mother has just died, and she s hard drinking hard drugging herself to forget about it Convinced to take some time off from her life and go travelling with her boyfriend, she books a backpacking trip through Asia Her boyfriend pulls out at the last minute and she s forced to travel alone.She arrives with impractical clothing and despising everyone, especially the backpackers who she believes herself to be above Of course along the way she meets many interesting people who she begins to trust and love As the novel progresses, news of murdered backpackers that look a lot like Tansy are showing up dead, in places she has visited Of course she becomes less of a douche along the way, and embraces the backpacking way of life.So part mystery suspense, part self discovery, part comedy, this novel deftly blends all three together into a thoroughly enjoyable read The descriptions of life on the road as a backpacker and of the places and people Tansy meets along the way are immersive, obviously written by someone who has travelled the circuit.An oldie but a goodie and glad I looked past my preconceptions based on the cover.

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    If you re looking for typical mediocre chick lit, read this book.If you re looking for an inspiring book about a woman traveling alone, you may want to pick up a different book Though parts of this one may be satisfying.At the start of this book, I wondered how I d ever come around to liking the main character a London party girl who drinks in excess and does cocaine It was not what I expected But the character does develop and change, and I appreciate that But overall I was disappointed that most of the book wasn t about a young woman traveling alone, since she falls in love with a handsome, sexy, kindhearted man during her travels a clear indication that this is fiction And yet I am inspired anew to visit Asia someday.

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