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Love in a Cold Climate and Other Novels chapter 1 Love in a Cold Climate and Other Novels, meaning Love in a Cold Climate and Other Novels, genre Love in a Cold Climate and Other Novels, book cover Love in a Cold Climate and Other Novels, flies Love in a Cold Climate and Other Novels, Love in a Cold Climate and Other Novels 39dfd6ecd4a81 Contains The Pursuit Of Love Love In A Cold Climate The Blessing Nancy Mitford S Love In A Cold Climate And Other Novels Casts A Finely Gauged Net To Capture Perfectly The Foibles And Fancies Of The English Upper Class, And Includes An Introduction By Philip Hensher In Penguin Modern Classics Nancy Mitford S Brilliantly Witty, Irreverent Stories Of The Upper Classes In Pre War London And Paris Conjure Up A World Of Glamour, Gossip And Decadence In The Pursuit Of Love, Love In A Cold Climate And The Blessing, Her Extraordinary Heroines Deal With Armies Of Hilariously Eccentric Relatives, The Excitement Of Love And Passion, And The Thrills Of The Social Season But Beneath The Glittering Surfaces And Perfectly Timed Comic Dialogue, Nancy Mitford S Novels Are Also Touching Hymns To A Lost Era And To The Brevity Of Life And Love From One Of The Most Individual, Beguiling And Creative Users Of The Language

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    The sequel to The Pursuit of Love, this book has Fanny married to a husband who may as well not exist, for the purposes of the book watching in amazement as Polly, the great beauty of the season and daughter of the socially conscious and fabulously wealthy Lady Montdore, refuses all suitors until finally claiming a husband amid such scandal she is disinherited Enter Cedric, a fabulously outr homosexual, who now stands to inherit all, and who becomes fast friends with Lady Montdore, introducing her to all manner of self improvement and Continental ideas about fashion.As amusing as the first book was, this sequel is easily its superior the officious, deluded, condescending Lady Montdore and the larger than life, colorful Cedric are both brilliant characters unforgettable, unpredictable, hilarious, and strangely alluring despite their flaws The humor here is also less subdued, less sly than in the previous book Lady Montdore sniffs that hardly anyone had heard of India until her cipher of a husband served as secretary there Uncle Matthew comes upon Cedric in a shop and is so overcome with rage at his coat with contrasting colored piping that he begins shaking him, like a dog with a rat Mitford somehow makes all her characters, no matter how outlandish, also sympathetic, this is true even of the nasty Boy Dougdale, who is some sort of sexual predator and pedophile and ends up in a miserable, loveless marriage Everyone dismisses Boy s groping of the underage Radlett sisters with a shudder and a shrug, as merely a breach in manners rather than a loathsome crime Well, it was a different age.

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    This nice little trilogy of Nancy Mitford s most popular fiction is as light and frothy as they come, peppered with giggle out loud moments and some of the most beautiful turns of phrase The first two books, The Pursuit of Love and Love in a Cold Climate , are part of a series and focus on different characters, many of whom appear in both novels and have the same narrator, Fanny They both, as many English novels seem to be, are focused on the all important task of finding love in the right social class and holding a marriage together In Mitford s world these are often not part of the same equation The stories are firmly set in the universe of the U as opposed to non U descriptors that Mitford is credited to have evolved to distinguish between upper class and non upper class In addition, it captures as if under glass the vanished world of the English country aristocracy in interwar period In both these senses, it is a travelogue into an unknown and often hilariously bizarre realm of etiquette, fashion and chauvinism Even where heartbreak and betrayal lurk there is an overriding sensation of putting a brave face forward till candyfloss frivolity takes over again Many of her characters are eccentric and endearing all at the same time and you get the sense that while she makes us laugh at their expense and puts them in all sorts of ridiculous situations, she is quite fond of them Thus while we may laugh we sympathise as well Fans of P G Wodehouse and Evelyn Waugh will not be disappointed.While I enjoyed the first two books in this volume the third The Blessing which focuses on a very U French family and and its English bride was just not as captivating and felt like of the same Or perhaps I just need something a little real after that off read a gruesome thriller of some sort now

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    It s okay, not an amazing story line But somehow I was still very interested in it.

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    Love in a Cold Climate and Other Novels long time has passed since I had the unfortunate displeasure of running into a book that I simply cannot finish The last one, which gave me such trouble, was Gabriel Garcia Marquez s One Hundred Years of Solitude Frankly, I just don t get why Bulgarians picked it up as one of their 12 most favorite books I may be shallow, but this magical made up world of his was too much to bear So after 200 pages which seemed like ages One Hundred Years of Solitude joined the sad thank God really small part of my library, dedicated to novels I simply hated.I waited for my exams to be over to dive blissfully into Ayn Rand s third novel We the Living A friend of mine, however, gave me Nancy Mitford s short novels and I decided to check them out before Rand Wrong, completely wrong Nancy Mitford was born in the UK in 1904 in the family of a wealthy baron She didn t receive any proper education, not counting being taught to ride and speak French Having read her novel I am hardly surprised She indeed doesn t know what she is talking about In The Pursuit of Love Mitford attempts to portray the life in the English high class between the two World Wars Trust me, it took me 100 pages to understand the time period as she didn t mention it at all Mitford doesn t consider the two most disastrous events of the 20th century THAT important to the story as her characters just floated in no time and space trying to figure out what to do with their life The author depicts a wealthy family, where the children are not educated, as education is considered superfluous going back to her background we understand why Big surprise they only ride and from time to time speak French Indeed, Mitford overwhelms us with riding, hunting, and French as obviously those are the only things she really knows anything about The main character is a spoiled rich uneducated girl in the pursuit of love During this disastrous pursuit she changes husband after husband, becomes the mistress of a wealthy French man and at the end dies Just like that I read 150 pages without anything important, interesting, or provoking really going on Mitford s obsession with wealthy high class lords and barons simply results in naive, simple, and uneducated characters, from whom a passionate reader cannot learn anything And frankly, I don t see the point of JUST reading to pass by time, especially novels that are just words, black on white, with no meaning, no theme, and no moral whatsoever Read

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    A few years ago in the book club we read a fabulous biography of the famous Mitford sisters Aristocratically born early in the 20th century, the five sisters came to adult hood between the wars where they literally took the world by storm Nancy, the oldest, became a writer of biting satire towards her class, Unity and Diana were fascists Unity in cahoots with Hitler and Goebbels, and Diana marrying the very well known fascist Sir Oswald Mosley who ended up going to prison for his troubles Jessica became a journalist and went off to report on the Spanish Civil War not on the side of the fascists, and extraordinarily the youngest, Deborah became the Duchess of Devonshire And what is they were all incredibly beautiful, rich, opinionated and famous.So any writings that come out of this mix are bound to be interesting if nothing else Along with The Pursuit of Love, Love in a Cold Climate takes a satirical view of upper class society at a certain point between the wars before the stock market crash of 1929 and after The story is narrated by Fanny Logan, an 18 year old girl who lives with relatives due to her parents either being incapable or unable to care for her Money however is no object In this particularly wealthy area of England the Lord and Lady Montdore and their daughter Polly, also 18 live Recently returned from being Viceroy in India, they are totally full of themselves and their position so high up the food chain Except for Polly who really could not care less, and certainly does not want to be married off to the first available suitor as her mother wishes Until Polly takes control of her own life of course, seriously threatening her mother s esteemed position in society, and forcing Lord Montdore to disown his only child This results in the arrival of the male heir, Cedric from the colonies of Nova Soctia and the upheaval he so delightfully foists on this small corner of English landed gentry.As one expects the plot dances along, with sparkling and witty dialogue and gorgeous characters The stereotypes abound Lady Montdore is a monster, Polly is the beautiful, angelic dumb blonde, there are mad and lecherous uncles and dotty aunts, absent minded professors, and of course the completely foppish and outrageous Cedric.A lot of fun and easy to read But I don t feel I need to read another of her books.

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    Ik pikte deze Penguin pocket ooit op bij een boekenmarkt, omdat mijn zus oude Penguins spaart Op mijn uitgave staat ook nog een Cupidootje dat zich in de verkleumde handjes blaast Na alle ellende in de vorige boeken had ik wel behoefte aan iets lichts en ik meende dat bij Mitford te kunnen vinden Helaas konden de personages me niet boeien en zat er weinig ontwikkeling in het boekje Mijn kwalificatie saai.Het verhaalStel je de adellijke kringen voor in het Groot Brittanni van de jaren 30 van de vorige eeuw De jonge Fanny, die door haar tante en oom worden opgevoed na de scheiding van haar ouders, moet als debutante haar opwachting maken in de Society Daarna wordt ze door de steenrijke en zeer invloedrijke Montdores uitgenodigd om hun enige dochter Polly, die zij op latere leeftijd kregen, gezelschap te houden De meisjes zijn samen opgegroeid, maar hebben elkaar uit het oog verloren toen Polly met haar ouders een aantal jaar naar India ging De Montdores zijn recent teruggekeerd met als doel om Polly gesetteld te krijgen.Terwijl Fanny met veel zin vooruitblikt naar dat wat het leven voor haar in petto heeft een huwelijk, kinderen, een eigen bescheiden plekje in Society, lijkt het wel alsof Polly probeert dit vooruitzicht te verdringen De band tussen Polly en haar moeder bekoelt daardoor enorm Tot zover is het een behoorlijk saai boekje Geef mij Evelyn Waugh dan maar, die ook over de adel in deze periode schreef in zijn Brideshead Revisited.Tot blijkt waarom Polly geen aanstalten maakt om met de eerste de beste geschikte jongeman in het huwelijk te treden Dan ontploft de situatie Vanaf dat moment had het leuk kunnen worden, maar helaas raffelt Mitford het verhaal daarna zodanig af dat je met een soort van nou moe gevoel achterblijft.

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    this falls somewhere between Evelyn Waugh and P G Wodehouse being neither as serious and cutting as Waugh nor as funny as Wodehouse the people are the same though , posh and a bit ridiculous coming out in these days was for debutantes not for cissies or pansies as they would have called them and if one is talking balls it is dancing one is referring to , not nonsense there is no story to speak off just loads of peculiar people who never work and do anything except socialaise with their own kend it all so tewibbly luverly and gay.if one lives in oxford it is amusing to find that the Mitre in the High was a fashionable meeting place , hard to imagine today , also living in Banbury Road was orfully infra dig no wonder Nancy Mitford moved to France where it was warmer.i felt embarrassed buying the book since my version had a chick lit cover featuring a lot of pink and scrolley writing.

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    Jolly good I m glad of the recommendation I ve read the third book in this volume, Blessing I think for the first time in my life I had to skip to the ending due to the tedium of the last third of the book There is a child, a blessing to the estranged parents who thoroughly spoil him, and I found him insufferable Happily, just as I was cheating to make sure there really was an end in sight everything shifted for the better All this is to say, no need to read it at all except that it is quite charming until Grace catches her husband in the act, and even then it is quite charming when that good for nothing ten year old is not in the scene.

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    While there were 3 novels in this omnibus edition, I only read In Pursuit of Love and Love in a Cold Climate , leaving aside The Blessing I adored Mitford s wit and sparkling prose and its many memorable characters I also appreciated her down to earth and quite open attitude to sexuality, sexual s and orientation It has meant the novels have aged well seeming quite modern in their sensibilities with Cold Climate especially notable for its rare positive portrayal of homosexuality in mainstream fiction of the period.My only real issue was that the omnibus edition I had used a very tiny font, which made it hard to read even with glasses.

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    An interesting, slightly odd ball read I enjoyed the commentary on the attitudes, manners and behaviour of the English high society between the Wars The narrative is acerbic and witty.

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