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The Season chapter 1 The Season, meaning The Season, genre The Season, book cover The Season, flies The Season, The Season 56953b5f04b8f Seventeen Year Old Lady Alexandra Is Strong Willed And Sharp Tongued In A House Full Of Older Brothers And Their Friends, She Had To Learn To Hold Her Own Not The Best Makings For An Aristocratic Lady In Regency London Yet Her Mother Still Dreams Of Marrying Alex Off To Someone Safe, Respectable, And Wealthy But Between Ball Gown Fittings, Dances, And Dinner Parties, Alex, Along With Her Two Best Friends, Ella And Vivi, Manages To Get Herself Into What May Be Her Biggest Scrape Yet When The Earl Of Blackmoor Is Mysteriously Killed, Alex Decides To Help His Son, The Brooding And Devilishly Handsome Gavin, Uncover The Truth But Will Alex S Heart Be Stolen In The Process In An Adventure Brimming With Espionage, Murder, And Other Clandestine Affairs, Who Could Possibly Have Time To Worry About Finding A Husband Romance Abounds As This Year S Season Begins

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    Can I just say that I LOVED this book Yes another fangirly moment brought to you by TSS I just want to snuggle it while I m sleeping and pet it s shiny, pretty cover I love a historical fiction, especially the ones that are set in the regency period, there s just something about it that utterly captivates me And I shouldn t fail to mention that I m a huge fan of romance, nothing feels better than being in love So already this novel had two things going for it before I even cracked it open And then when I started reading, well I was just blown away Sarah MacLean say hello to your number one fan I adored Alex s character She posses all the fine qualities, that I think a real lady should Smart, honest, witty, confident, and she s obviously not afraid to do what she think is right, despite how it may appear to others, it was very refreshing to see that in a regency setting I was intrigued by the mystery and although I had the killer pegged from the beginning, I was still surprised by the revelations that unraveled soon after he was outed, now that I did not see coming MacLean s writing as I mentioned before really blew me away It s always an adventure for me when I read a new author, because you never really know what to expect, and I can tell you that I will happily continue reader her novels The Season was beautifully written without being superfluous in unwanted descriptions MacLean painted a perfect portrait of her world that included even the finest details that really made the story one of a kind I usually get lost in an ample description, and I find myself even skipping over the mundane details, but with MacLean, I was to perfectly imagine what she set out to portray in her writing I felt like I was there dancing and gossiping My most absolute favorite aspect of the novel was the relationship between Gavin and Alex and how their life long friendship grew into something else The Season was such a fun read Smooth writing, enthralling characters, intriguing mystery Recommended

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    UGH Where should I start With the fact that the characters sound nothing like they belong in the early 1800s Or with the fact that the author uses every GD cliche in the book Sometimes twice in the same chapter, within a page or two of each other Maybe I should be begin by talking about how shallow I found the heroine s intelligence to be Or by the fact that the book goes so shallowly into the truths of the time women were moved around like chess pieces to ensure their families places Or how annoyed I was by the fact that the main character repeatedly rolls her eyes at her mother, and how we were supposed to think that that little tic meant that she was independent and spirited instead of bratty and spoiled Know what I m tired of young adult heroines who are like this They act stubbornly and that s supposed to be some sort of manifestation of spirit, rather than petulance Bella Swan, I m talking to you I m tired of the cliches of teen girl narrators and how they do nothing to forward understanding of character The story in this book a murder along with a coverup almost feels like another half to this book If you get your rocks off by reading period pieces and bodice rippers, then I think this book won t do you any harm If you love Jane Austen, proceed with caution.

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    Alexandra Stafford and her best friends, Vivi and Ella, are seventeen, beautiful, and experiencing their first Season in Regency London They are also willful and independent and have absolutely no interest in being on the marriage mart They have no patience for men who think women should be seen and not heard, and Alex takes great pleasure at shocking men with her entirely unladylike opinions on politics much to her mother s dismay When the Earl of Blackmoor dies in a mysterious accident, Alex finds herself helping his son, the handsome Gavin, in investigating his death Alex has known Gavin for years, and he has always been like another brother to her But as the plot thickens, so does their relationship until Alex can hardly be sure what she wants But there is at stake than the danger to Alex s reputation Someone has murdered the Earl of Blackmoor to protect deadly secrets and he is willing to kill again.I was totally on board with this book from the description It reminded me of a less magical Sorcery and Cecilia or Maerlon the Magician, and I was excited Fiesty heroines who have no patience for fancy dresses, and who have minds of their own Sign me up Unfortunately, Alex and her friends are independent minded only in the author s imagination Though the narrative describes them as independent thinkers with personalities, we never actually see them exhibit any of those traits Aside from the fact that Alex is the protagonist, all three of them could be completely interchangeable.Alex claims to be an independent woman who has no interest in being married off, who is looking for depth and a relationship, but that lasts exactly as long as it takes her to get to her first ball and see Gavin looking all spiffy in his formalwear, and suddenly she realizes new feelings for him she never knew she had They fight a little, and just like that, bam they re in love Gavin claims that no other woman can measure up to Alex, and her humor and beauty and spunk and etc etc etc make Alex such a delicate and special flower But the second she says something he disagrees with, or does something he doesn t like, he completely shuts her out and treats her like a child.And guess what Alex does She flounces off to sulk Like a child And then throws herself at him again a few pages later.The mystery is entirely predictable from the first time we meet the murderer, it s quite obvious that it s him but it s not that the writer meant for it to be obvious It just is.I almost put this book down and didn t finish it, but then I decided to give it another try to see if it improved It didn t.

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    Un roman interesant despre sacrificii, prietenie si iubire Recenzia mea completa o g si i aici

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    don t take my word for it, though.

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    La verdad es que despues de leer las dos sagas de esta autora, cogi este libro con muchas ganas pero las expectativas han caido en picado Se nota que es el primer libro de esta autora y que, aunque se nota el estilo, le quedaba mucho por pulirLa historia es simple y plana, no he sentido la emocion ni la historia de amor entre los personajes principales no he visto la quimica ademas de ser todo muy precipitado y la trama de espionaje , se ve a leguas quien es el traidor y el por que Ademas se resuelve en las ultimas 20 paginas y es muy precipitado.La trama daba para mas de si pero no ha sabido sacarle todo el jugo una pena con el buen sabor de boca que me han dejado las dos sagas

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    Really 3.5 starsand a frothy, enjoyable romp in the best possible way The book is light on the mystery but quite delightful in the manners of the day While Alexandra and her friends do have the expected modern attitudes and anachronistic tendencies, the language is overall very polished and does not feel nearly as out of place or stilted as it often does in many other historical YA novels.Some contemporary readers may not appreciate the book, but in truth, this is what a girl had to worry about back in the 19th century the match she makes determines the whole course of her life Most fans of Austen should enjoy this modern albeit much less serious take on romantic Regency fiction.Would love to see books like this from this author.

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    Let me admit to something straight off the bat if your character s name is Alexandra Elizabeth and she s a brunette, you ve already got yourself an interested reader in me If your book is also set in Regency England, you ve just made a sale No questions asked If you then make the book so interesting and captivating, with lively characters, attention to detail and gorgeous gowns described well you just earned yourself a dedicated reader until you stop writing.The book begins with the start of the Season the height of the ton s social gatherings for four months of glittering balls, strolls through the park and social call after social call not to mention dinner parties, al frescos, lunch get togethers, rides in carriages and Lady Alexandra s debut into the society She doesn t hold much hope for excitement for the Season she much prefers books and spending time with her two closest friends Ella and Vivi Both of whom share her passion for the intellectual pursuits and wariness of formal gatherings.The strength of the book relies on those three and their interactions with each other and the world at large They each view the world differently, but look to each other for support and guidance Just how many crazy schemes those three got into as children isn t said, but from the plans they make in this book one can only imagine with horror and humor equally Our romantic leads Alex and Blackmoor Gavin follow a typical romance storyline, that of old friends who see each other differently as adults, but thankfully neither of them is blind Alex doesn t suddenly become a simpering miss, determined to behave differently in order to win him and Gavin doesn t suddenly start treating her like a delicate flower Neither do they admit to harboring feelings for years, they both recognize that it wasn t until recently they began to see each other in a romantic light.The mystery, that of Blackmoor Senior s death, is fairly easy to guess at, but its not a primary focus of the story Not till closer to the end when things begin to heat up Many chapters begin with a person s thoughts sinister thoughts that serve to advance the mystery plot without needlessly having the characters run around.A highly recommended read for young adults who enjoy romance, fashion and a little bit of intrigue and for adult fans of the regency genre

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    I enjoyed this a lot than I expected to I became a fan of Regency romance quite a long time ago, and frankly, I ve gotten sick of the genre Everything became scripted, plots have become rote, or in some cases, just nonexistent, and too many h h I ve read lately have had the personality of lukewarm dishwater This book is a lighthearted romp through Lady Alexandra s first Season, and it is thoroughly YA There is romance, duh, since it is about catching a husband after all, but there s not much of it and it s playful and sweet than anything This book s steam level barely reaches PG 13 There is a mystery plot, but it does not get bogged down, and I loved Alex s entire family and her set of closest friends.Some qualms ALL of Alex s brothers have titles Unless I m severely mistaken on peerages, only the eldest son gets the entailed titles, but not only brother Will gets the pre ducal marquesate, but middle brother is an Earl, and youngest brother also gets a title Unless it s entailed in some really weird way, or they each got a title bestowed upon them unlikely at their very young age this isn t terribly realistic Way too many dukes and duchesses I swear every other character is a duke duchess dowager Everyone is too perfect Alexandra s life is largely filled with open minded, kindhearted people Her friends are delightful and breathtakingly lovely It makes for some pleasant reading, but does not altogether ring true.

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    There was a girl in the orangery Find her I figured I might as well include this line, considering it was the only compelling line in the whole book Otherwise, be prepared for flat, dumbed down prose, clich d characters, and predictable everything in the first book I ve ever read that has earned the distinction of Worse Than Montncy This review is rather long But I don t feel ire towards The Season so much as I resent the trends in historical fiction and chick lit that this book so epitomizes It s for girls, but it makes the assumption that girls like clich s, need empowering heroines, and can relate to one dimensional insert self here characters Edit 2018 this review was written 4 years ago when I was 17 and than a little tetchy towards the fiction I was reading Had I to write it now, I d temper the tone a little As it still gets occasional hits, I ll indicate errors in my own edits I also think it s worth noting that thanks to recent feminist movements, some of the issues I address have widely known terminology that I didn t utilize then Alex s mindset might be described as I m not like other girls syndrome, and I hadn t read enough to know that how the author depicts tense class relations might reasonably be called erasure That being noted, it s worth remembering that I m not the only one who s evolved over many years author Sarah MacLean has too As an columnist for the Washington Post, MacLean frequently uses her Twitter as a platform to highlight issues like racism and sexism in the romance novel industry The Season is pretty much a historical artifact at this point, and a good thing too Lady Alex which is short for Alexandria, because tomboy names just happen in Regency England , is witty read not nearly as witty as the author thinks she is , independent read pugnacious , and fiercely ahead of her time read she hates men and worships Jane Austen Edit I concede that men are often worth hating The book begins with her being fitted unwillingly, of course into a fabulous dress and complaining about being a debutante in this year s Season Of course, it opens with her complaining about having to wear a corset.Her two friends, Vivi and I Forget the Other One, feel the same way I don t know Maybe feminism is a local epidemic, because it just so happens that the three most forward thinking ladies in England live within a mile radius of one another There must be something in the wells Their other neighbor, Lord Blackmoor ahem Gavin because Regency aristocrats have skater names and Justin Bieber haircuts is mourning the loss of his beloved father, a renowned horseman whose horse mysteriously and accidentally fell off a cliff wink wink But luckily, Gavin s antisocial, gloomy, shifty eyed uncle Lucian whom the family hasn t seen in years and suddenly shows up at Blackmoor House is there to help him manage the estate view spoiler Durr, I wonder who the murderer is hide spoiler

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