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    Poet, charismatic, artist wordsmith.Intellectual, shaman lizard king.Loose cannon, risk taker, drunk.Jimmy, Jim, James.Jim Morrison was definitely one of a kind A muse to a generation, still idolised decades after his sad untimely demise in Paris, 1971.Stephen Davis book explores the life of the man behind the myth The face of the Doors and iconic poster boy of the 60s.This is a damn decent read It deftly captures the tone of the 60s, a time of tumultuous change and upheaval, with Doors music playing in the background as the defining soundtrack.Whether you re a fan or not, a rabid obsessive, or discovering Jim Morrison for the first time, just open this book and immerse yourself in another era and mindset Jim was a wild guy He lived life on the edge all the time Jim had a burning fire inside of him He was testing life all of the time Robby Krieger Doors guitarist

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    Jim Morrison, Life, Death, Legend, by Stephen Davis, is without a doubt the most researched and most informative one of the six books I have read about Jim Morrison Although it does not solve all the mysteries about his life and death, it presents a very detailed and believable description of a young man, who really just wanted to be a poet, but simply could not deal with the stress and pressures caused by his revolutionary rock star image It includes details of extreme and self destructive behaviors and suggests that Morrison may have had serious mental emotional disorders and possibly medical conditions It also reveals the many destructive relationships with friends and sycophants who failed to help him, even though they had to know he desperately needed help This book also provided information about most Doors concerts, which helped me determine that the Doors concert I attended at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh took place on the weekend of September 19 21, 1969 The description of that concert states In Pittsburgh, the kids got so excited by Light My Fire that the cops stopped the show Bill Siddons came onstage and said that the band would do another song if everyone got back into their seats p350 The police actually lined up across the front of the stage to prevent fans from reaching it My recollection of the concert was that the police and others, presumably including Siddons, tried to restore order, but the crowd did not settle down until Morrison himself told us that the cops would not let the concert continue unless the crowd got under control He asked us to let the band continue playing, and it was amazing that the crowd did as he asked It was truly an amazing experience, although Morrison certainly did not give one of his best performances Other books about Jim Morrison that I have read No One Here Gets Out Alive, by Jerry Hopkins and Daniel Sugerman 1980 some refer to this book as Nothing Here but Lots of Lies Riders on the Storm, by John Dens 1990 Break on Through, by James Riordan Jerry Prochnicky 1991 Rimbaud and Jim Morrison, by Wallace Fowlie 1994 partially read Light My Fire My Life With The Doors, by Ray Manzarek 1998.

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    Finch esisteranno, gli uomini potranno ricordare le parole e le combinazioni delle parole Nient altro pu sopravvivere a un olocausto, solo la poesia e le canzoni Finch esisteranno gli esseri umani, canzoni e poesia potranno continuare a vivere

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    I have mixed feelings about this one As a biography, it does its job right retracing the life of Jim Morrison in great details and it was especially interesting to learn about his childhood and relationship or lack of with his family as well as his very last days in Paris.That said, it s a very long book and because it was writen in such a chronologically linear way, it often felt repetitive But I guess it is to be expected when you want a thorough history of the man and of the band My real issue with the book is how dead it felt There was no excitment, no passion in the way it was written Very often I wondered if the author was a fan of the band at all or had a true appreciation for the music and the lyrics I wanted someone to tell me the story of Jim Morrison, but what I got instead is something that felt closer to an encyclopedia.My point is if you re not already a fan of Jim Morrison or of The Doors, don t read this book because it won t make you understand nor like the man or the music.Listen to their albums instead or watch some live videos of the band.

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    The program for this evening is not new, you ve seen this entertainment through and through Jim Morrison.Stephen Davis is the author of the acclaimed Led Zeppelin biography Hammer of the Gods, so it was probably a no brainer for someone to think he would write the definitive biography of Doors singer Jim Morrison Unfortunately, that s not what happened Jim Morrison is a derivative biography relying on the interviews and research of previous biographies It was the Morrison biography No One Here Gets Out Alive that got me excited about The Doors However, this book provokes no such excitement about The Doors At times, it doesn t even seem as if Davis gave The Doors catalog a thorough listening as he claims that on Roadhouse Blues Lonnie Brooks played guitar and that you can hear Morrison yell do it Lonnie, do it when it s clearly do it Robby, do it Referring to Doors guitarist Robby Krieger When Davis does seem to show up for the writing of this biography, it s to claim Jim Morrison was a closeted homosexual based on the evidence that he hung out with some famous homosexual poets This, at best, seems ridiculous I bought this book when it first came out After reading it, I gave the book to a cute girl neither of which I saw again It s unfortunate about the girl.

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    I ve read practically every biography on Jim Morrison The Doors are my all time favorite band , from the original albeit suspect pulp No One Here Gets Out Alive, to Stephen Davis addition to the funeral pyre, Jim Morrison Life, Death, Legend In the latter, Davis factual errors makes Jerry Hopkins Lizard King seem exhaustively researched in comparison Not only that, the author wastes the first 302 pages on rehashed information contained in nearly every book published up until June 2004.Most criminal, though, would be how the author does an Albert Goldman nice eponym, no , who died before he could finish his Hefty Bag bio on Jim, doing to Jim what he ostensibly did to Lennon in 1988 That said, Davis claims that Jim fit of the role of a Lavender King than that of the notorious and beloved Lizard King Listen to Jim at his raunchiest thanks to An American Prayer and the Bright Midnight releases and you ll know for a fact that Mr Mojo Risin dug tacos, not weiners However, this spin on the Morrison legend only skims the surface of the problems associated with this pitifully written book.Only when we get to James Douglas Morrison Book Three does the author tantalize us with palatable minutiae, like Hard Rock Cafe as the working title of Morrison Hotel actually the name for the A side and the song HWY9 as the original title of the legendary Roadhouse Blues Flash forward to The Last Interview we get, what I contend, may be the inciting incident that prompted Davis to write this book in the first place the confession of one of Max Fink s golf buddies that revealed that Jim would be exterminated in jail unless Mr Mojo Risin beat a path out of town The anecdote reads like a cloak and dagger yarn and pure Hollywood but, hell, why should fantasy stand in the way of a potential buck, thinketh Davis Plus, Rolling Stone Magazine the zombie of all magazines, Jann Wenner paid him well for an excerpt, even though Rolling Stone, that rag, has a history of Morrison bashing.Yet Davis really goads this reader when he attempts to merge unrelated Led Zeppelin and Brian Jones minutiae with the Morrison universe Now, don t get me wrong, I dig Zep and The Stones I just suspect that Davis lacked much by way of sources and felt the need to fatten his calf a bit And hey, he had extensive sources on The Stones and Zep, having written bios on them, too Irrespective of the pompous Robert Plant s musings about an over the hill Morrison at a 1969 concert in which The Doors and Zep shared the bill and the fact that Jim made sure fans at the Aquarius shows received his Ode to Brian Jones poem upon entering the venue, what worth does it serve to the Morrison universe Stuff the book under the leg to level out your dining room table, but only do that if you received the book as a present Spend the money on John Dens s book. Jim lives, just not in Davis I can t get Zep or Brian out of my mind recycled exploiter Peace.

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    If you ve read other Morrison Doors bios, you ve heard most of this info before Davis doesn t really break any new ground here, biographically But then again, Morrison s been dead for 37 years, so how much new info could there be The most interesting section of the book for me the post Miami, Paris time Davis evidently had greater access to Morrison s notebooks and papers than did previous biographers He gives an insightful look into Morrison s work habits as a writer that I found fascinating Davis also spends time analyzing Morrison s poetry than other biographers did treating JM as an actual poet, not merely as a rock star who dabbled in writing.I also liked the even handed portrayal of not only Morrison, but of the other major figures in his life No saints or devils here only very human people, with all their flaws and attributes Davis treatment of Morrison s still for some mysterious death is also handled well and in detail It s obvious that our pal Jimbo died and yes, it s clear by now that he is truly dead of some form of self abuse Whether it was booze, cocaine, heroin or mixing the aforementioned three with prescription drugs remains unclear The details behind Morrison s botched burial were somewhat surprising, given the glowing account of JM s burial in NO ONE HERE GETS OUT ALIVE Outside of consulting a psychic medium, Davis has delivered as thorough an account of these events as one can expect.So I d say Stephen Davis has done a damn fine job of delivering some new insights from very well covered ground If you ve never read a book about Morrison before, start with this one If you ve read them all, give this one a try You won t be disappointed.

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    I will readily admit I ve been a disciple of Jim Morrison since I was in middle school, so I can call myself both an expert and an admitted fan boy I ve read all of Morrison s work in fact, I own first editions of much of his poetry I ve also read all of the biographies, from No One Here Gets Out Alive through the various faked death theories, and now this latest tome In fact, I read Life, Death, Legend twice.I think Davis tries a little too hard at times to be objective, as if the only way to prove his objectivity is to be excessively critical of Morrison Nonetheless, I found his approach refreshing He made me realize that others may have been too kind, and that Morrison s obsessive, quasi sociopathic personality had to be hard to take at times perhaps even MOST times.If you try to bend Morrison into some boy next door, it s futile We don t want that, anyway He s the Lizard King, for god s sake.For all of his drunken, debauched, slurred, stumbling behavior, Davis is the first I ve read who shows Morrison s narcissistic, antisocial behavior actually threatening to eclipse his genius Bandmates couldn t count on him to show up in the studio or at a gig When he did show, he might put on the performance for the ages Then again, he might puke on your shoes Or proposition your wife Or your Mom.Morrison s myth lies in his pain and his clarity, and Davis delves into them like no Morrison biographer I ve read It s slow in spots and misses some important details, but the honesty in the way Morrison s personality is dissected makes this perhaps the seminal bio of the reincarnation of Alexander the Great I had to throw that in.

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    I tend to read musician s biography s than most other types of biographies The main reason being that some of these musicians were true poets Mr Mojo Risin anagram for Jim Morrison was definitely one of them.Obsessive personality checkTortured soul checkSubstance abuse checkAbility to use words that effect one deeply checkNot all poets follow this list but the good ones usually do.As for this book I have to say that this is what a biographer should do Davis pulled no punches He portrayed Jim in a very human way His constant bouts of drinking that would lead him to miss shows and even wind up sleeping in the bushes His heartfelt love for a woman that basically helped destroy him His shyness that lead him to sing with his back to the audience unless he was was bolstered with alcohol His true anguish at trying to portray what he wanted you to know His seeming indifference at times to the band itself which infuriated and saddened the other members.This book showed Jim in his stages of good, bad and ugly but it never judged It also never bored While all the facts were there it was told in a way that kept you devouring each page only to stop and look up some of the information on the internet to learn even All in all it made me see why The Doors music has aged better than a lot from this time period and also why I file any book I own by Jim under poetry.

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    Oh my goodness, yes This was such an in depth biography of the Lizard King I could not get enough of this book I put off reading the last section because I didn t want him to end Jimmy Morrison had a beautiful mind and a tragic life to match Such a shame he never made it past 27.

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Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend download Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend, read online Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend, kindle ebook Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend, Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend 2f562f4d6ddd As An Artist And Persona, Jim Morrison Epitomized The Late S, Bridging A Burgeoning Counterculture And Popular Culture, While Acting Out The Iconoclastic Rage, Rampant Libido, And Spectacular Flameout Of A Tumultuous Era The Music He Created With The Doors Has Sold Over Million Records Worldwide With Over Million In The Last Decade Alone, As Their Songs Have Been Embraced By A New Generation But Despite Morrison S Seminal Importance, There Has Not Yet Been An Authoritative Biography That Does Justice To Him And His Creative Legacy Until Now Stephen Davis, The Preeminent Rock Biographer And Author Of The Classic Led Zeppelin History Hammer Of The Gods Over , Copies Sold In Three Editions, And A New York Times Bestseller , Has Uncovered Never Before Seen Documents, Conducted Dozens Of Original Interviews, And Scoured Morrison S Unpublished Journals And Recordings To Write The Definitive Biography Of A Misunderstood Legend Jim Morrison Is Packed With Startling New Revelations About Every Phase Of His Life And Career, From His Troubled Youth In A Strict Military Household To His Blossoming As A Rock Icon Among The Avant Garde LA Scene To His Voracious Drug Abuse And Secret Sexual Experiments Davis Also Investigates One Of The Greatest Mysteries In Rock History The Circumstances Surrounding Morrison S Mysterious And Unsolved Death As He Pieces Together New Evidence To Tell The True And Heartbreaking Story Of Morrison S Last Tragic Days In Paris Compelling And Unforgettable, Jim Morrison Is Destined To Become A Classic