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Serpent & Dove chapter 1 Serpent & Dove, meaning Serpent & Dove, genre Serpent & Dove, book cover Serpent & Dove, flies Serpent & Dove, Serpent & Dove 43b9c9d39072d Bound As One To Love, Honor, Or BurnTwo Years Ago, Louise Le Blanc Fled Her Coven And Took Shelter In The City Of Cesarine, Forsaking All Magic And Living Off Whatever She Could Steal There, Witches Like Lou Are Hunted They Are Feared And They Are BurnedSworn To The Church As A Chasseur, Reid Diggory Has Lived His Life By One Principle Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Witch To Live His Path Was Never Meant To Cross With Lou S, But A Wicked Stunt Forces Them Into An Impossible Union Holy MatrimonyThe War Between Witches And Church Is An Ancient One, And Lou S Most Dangerous Enemies Bring A Fate Worse Than Fire Unable To Ignore Her Growing Feelings, Yet Powerless To Change What She Is, A Choice Must Be MadeAnd Love Makes Fools Of Us All

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    4.5 Stars Such a beautifully rich fantasy debut I was so pleasantly surprised to find how attached I became to the characters and overall story This is not a book you are going to want to miss Full review to come I received a copy of this book from Harper Teen in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own

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    Few things compare to that feeling you get after finishing a book that lived up to your expectations Ever since I read the blurb of this book I knew I was going to love this and I WAS NOT DISSAPOINTED.It had everything I adore addictive easy writing enemies to lovers marriage of convenience witch witch hunter romance slow burn intricate magical system heart warming female friendship morally grey characters inner battle of right and wrongIn the land of Belterra witches are burned at the stake and the Chasseur Witchhunters , with the Archbishop as their leader, are ruthless Their number one rule Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.Two years ago Lou left her coven for reasons I shan t go into and was forced to live a life of suppressing her magical nature and living in constant vigilence She has to do what she can to survive That being lie, steal and kill if necessary For life is hard in the city of Cesarine, especially for a woman She s managed to live for two years undetected She was careful up until one burglary gone wrong set the wheels in motion With the Chasseur on her tail and enemies of her past close on her heels, Lou slips up again and ends up in a compromising position with the Caption of the Chasseur The Archbishop comes up with a solution Lou can either go to prison for the rest of her life or she can marry the Captain and save his virtuous reputation Lou, being the smart girl she is, chooses marriage to the handsome Captain Diggory Being married to a Chasseur also grants her the protection she desperately needs from those who also hunt her.Reid Diggory is a dedicated witch hunter Despite his views on witches, he is honorable and loyal It was such a pleasure reading about him He is so set in his ways and it was amazing to see him loosen up and change.The beginning was really funny as neither of them trusted the other and they were always bickering Watching as Reid and Lou s relationship slowly blossomed, how they opened up and became than two people stuck in an unwanted marriage was so beautiful I knew who you were I knew what you believed and I fell in love with you anyway. Their relationship reminded me so much of Matthias and Nina from Six of Crows So if you loved those two, you re gonna love this I d actually tag this as of a New Adult than YA A warning for the youngins or for anyone not comfortable with it there is an explicit sex scene Kinda like ACOMAF The romance is a big part of this story but Lou has a part to play in the war between humans and witches and we re always made aware of what could happen if Lou s enemies were to find her This whole story revolves around the Church against the Witches I liked that neither side was portrayed as comepletly good or comepletly bad Each side despicable a twisted perversion of what should ve been Each side suffering Each side capable of great evil And then there was me.I looked around at the worshippers once the men and women who pleaded for mercy and cried for my blood on the same breath How could both be in their hearts One of the most important things for me when reading is whether I connect with the characters And I feel like the author did a fantastic job in that regard I felt their joy and their inner turmoil and by the end I would give an organ for any of these precious characters They might ve all been hypocrites, but I was the biggest of all I just loved everything about this book The romance the action the plot twists IT WAS BRILLIANTLY DONE I could go on and on about how much I love this book but I think I ll stop now.Publication Date 3 September 2019 Quotes might change after final publication Many thanks to the publishers and edelweiss for this ARC

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    Holy Fuck deceased Full review to come.

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    I was lucky enough to read SERPENT DOVE before publication, and it quickly became one of my favorite books of all time If you re a fan of Sarah J Maas mature themes, then this is a MUST READ Below I ve jotted some other reasons to pick this up Don t mind my scrambled brain Also, PICK THIS BOOK UP YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT Things SERPENT DOVE has that I never knew I needed until the second I did in random order because I said so 1 Forced Marriage I swooned with the rest of the world while reading Outlander and seeing Jamie and Claire s relationship blossom, but the marriage of convenience in this is so good Like, blow your socks off, melt your brain, and make you binge on Ben Jerry s good.2 Chasseurs AKA French Witch Hunters Affiliated with the Church Brooding fae men with wings are hot Vampires are sexy BUT THIS BOOK S WITCH HUNTER, REID, IS THE PERFECT COMBINATION OF HOT, SEXY, SWEET, AND PURE I will fight for Reid I will die for him And I will die for this dynamic of witch and witch hunter thrown together AND HIS CHARACTER ARC UGHHHH This is a man who learns his lesson Multiple times And it s fantastic.3 L O U Our main heroine is so spunky, so sassy, you ll be cracking up with her on every page With a tragic backstory, and, tbh, a tragic present, it s amazing she never once turned mopey or broody She leapt off every page, and I don t think it took a single chapter before I knew she was going to be my best fictional friend She s strong, funny, independent, and she puts Reid in his place often So often When life throws a challenge at Lou, she smashes it to bits and demands a sticky bun in return SHE IS THE HEROINE YA NEEDS.4 The Sides being a bit than Sides Okay, so I could put each of these wonderful side characters into their own sections, but then I d want to spoil and gush, and I CANT DO THAT YET GAH BUT, I will say, Coco, Ansel, and even lovely, stubborn Beau, will split your heart into three as you toy with who to give it to Just share it between them and be done with it Trust me None of these characters feels forced, all of them have personalities and dreams and lives, and the way they compliment each other gives me SO MANY FEELS I want to weave all the moment of Lou and Coco together and use it as a blanket THIS IS A GOOD FRIENDSHIP LADIES AND GENTS THIS IS A FRIENDSHIP I WILL WALK THROUGH FIRE FOR.5 Villains Being Beautifully Gray THERE IS NO GOOD SIDE TO TAKE IN THIS STORY EXCEPT PROBABLY LOU S ALSO BECAUSE I SAID SO There are motives abound This isn t some hastily put together nemesis who blabs about taking over the world and destroying enemies This is real and raw This is an age old fight between two sides both in the wrong Both in the right And it s executed to actual perfection There are so many layers to each antagonist, each read through is a new, eye opening experience.6 WITCHES I know I know This is a witch book, and I was unaware I wanted witches Going into this, the only witch stories I d read were urban fantasies I ve never seen witches utilized in a historical fantasy such as this There is darkness and depth Maturity Nuance Shelby Mahurin made me of a fan of witches than I imagined possible Their magic system is so unique, so fresh, I want it etched into my brain forever as a HOW TO WRITE MAGIC PROPERLY example And the witches relationships with one another, and to the earth, makes my heart pound double time I love them so much Even if they re a tad creepy and bloodthirsty.7 OTHER THINGS I CAN T SAY BECAUSE SPOILERS Wow This plot is something else You get pulled in because of the characters Their dialogue took seconds to drag me under, but the plot kept me hooked It s new It s different And I m so obsessed with how this story plays out The main plot, the romance, the friendships, everything ties together in the most poetic way possible It s like reading Shakespeare, except I can understand it All in all, SERPENT DOVE is one of my favorite books of all time because it s different, but not It has tropes we love in YA hate to love, a bubbly, real best friend, war, tricky relationships, but it spins them on their head It s not typical hate to love It s not your usual bubbly best friend because Lou is equally as bubbly It s everything I wanted in a book after devouring ACOMAF Mature relationships and developed characters Witty dialogue and beautiful prose This book delivers in every way possible I m 1000% certain this book will RUIN the world In the best way, of course.

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    WITCHES BE BACK with my favourite fantasy book this year Conscious of the Chasseurs eyes on me, I forced a smirk and bumped my husband s hip, pretending that it d all been a show A laugh That I d just been goading him to get a reaction That I wasn t a witch in Mass, standing amongst my enemies and worshipping someone else s god.Our lives reflect our hearts.They might ve all been hypocrites, but I was the biggest of them all What a splendid debut What a freaking phenomenal first book of a series.There is literally nothing I didn t love about Serpent Dove.If a few months ago, someone would have asked me what elements a book must include for me to fall head over heels with it, I would have pulled out a list A long one, I may add Now, after reading Serpent and Dove, I can just point at this book with my finger and be like there, that s all I need Because ladies, gentlemen, witches and huntsmen, this book had it all Magic, witches, an atmospheric setting, addictive writing, witch hunters, a battle of morals, a forbidden love, a marriage of convenience, a frenemies, a slow burn romance, an honorable hero that I want to keep for myself Does it even get better than this whispers no it doesn t I can t really stress enough how much I enjoyed every single word, page and detail of this book Serpent Dove climbed to my top fantasy books as soon as I read the last word in the last page Although to be honest, it probably happened at some point between chapter 2 and 3 Set in a compelling and enchanting 17th century France, follows the story of Louise Le Blanc A witch escaping her past and her legacy, surviving as a thief in a city plagued with witch hunters or chasseurs The last thing Louise expects is to end up tangled into Reid Diggory s life, a respected chasseur whose existence is solely dedicated to hunt down witches like Lou A man who the last thing he wants or needs is Lou s chaos, but one that when he is thrown into a marriage to save both their asses, never hesitates to swear to protect her Despite their differences Despite not trusting her for a second Despite her being everything he opposes in the world even when he doesn t know that Lou is a witch But that doesn t stop Reid from giving her his loyalty and his protection at a time when Lou may need it the most Spoiler alert Lou is the last woman in need of aid when it comes to kicking ass but that doesn t make me swoon any less for Reid.And guys, that s only the beginning.Man, this book was a total page turner The world was enthralling, the magic system was fascinating, there were secrets ticking and waiting to be unveiled, and of course, my favourite part, the romance A slow burn rolled up into the uncertainty of an impossible and forbidden love between two characters that not only come from different worlds but that they represent everything their morals and beliefs go against That they were raised to hate what the other stands for It was bliss Pure bliss, you guys Seeing Lou and Reid go from enemies to friends to becoming each other s world was sweet, delicious bliss.And one of the best things on top of it all It releases in September So be ready, because magic and witches BE BACK THIS AUTUMN, and these are here to stay Also, if you guys are like me, and think that we need a genre like New Adult for all those books that seem to be in that grey area between YA and Adult, you are in luck By my standards, Serpent Dove is New Adult.Oh, and before I go I m calling dibs on Reid So hands off You have been warned ARC provided in exchange for an honest review The quote can change after publication.

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    A witch witch hunter love story Yes please gimme gimme gimme

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    Thank you HarperTeen for the gifted review copy in exchange for an honest review When I first read the synopsis for Serpent Dove I knew I had to read it, and although I was excited to start I didn t really have that high expectations And there dear friends, is where I was wrong This book was everything I wanted it to be This book has so many amazing elements including witches, witch hunters, enemies to lovers, and forbidden love The book had me on edge for the two days that I spent reading it yes, I loved it that much.Lou is our main characters After fleeing her coven she takes to hiding herself and repressing her magic to avoid being caught by the Chasseur, a group of witch hunters who burn witches at the stake Lou is sassy, strong, independent, and I can guarantee that you ll love her she had me laughing at every page., and worrying with her about her chances of discovery by the witch hunters Multiple times It didn t take much to consider her one of my new favorite characters Truthfully, I fell in love with all the characters Reid is a Chasseur and it took a bit of time to get used to him and actually liking him, but in no time the author had me loving even him.Really loved the magic system, and just overall this book is officially one of my favorites There were some twists that took me by surprise and some that I guessed but it didn t ruin the experience for me at all Surprisingly it made me even excited To be honest I m super excited for book two I can t wait to see what the author does next

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    As soon as I read this blurb, I was like, count me in Witchy is my name and witchy wars are my game However, I wasn t sure what I would get, but what I got is one of my favorite books of the year I loved both points of views Lou was ambitious, perfectly flawed, spoke what was on her mind, and down right awesome Reid was strong willed, innocent yet not innocent, and so dang swoony And the chemistry between Lou and Reid was so freaking good Don t let me forget the side characters Coco Ansel Beau You three were beautifully created beings I must say, there were some amazing descriptions with the witchy things, and the world building was wonderful There were twists, multiple ones in fact And the writing was so addicting that I finished this huge masterpiece rather quickly for me Now to wait for book 2 will be utter agony

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    ARC provided by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Wicked are the ways of women and especially a witch Serpent Dove is set in a 17th Century French inspired landscape It deals with a war between witches and the Church The story focuses on a witch, Lou and a witch hunter, Reid, who are forced into marriage Serpent Dove was a surprising read and the evolution throughout the book was insane This is not AT ALL where I thought the story was going but, DID I ENJOY IT YES MA AM Shelby Mahurin created a very compelling world with a great magic system and I would love to learn about it I liked her writing style, clear and eloquent I felt completely immersed in the story you know that feeling when you read and it s basically like a movie is playing in your head and you forget you re reading Yeah, that s how good it was I loved the use of French vocabulary and insults Lots of them French is my native language and I can attest that the insults were on point The characters Lou she s provocative and sarcasm is her second language Lou was An Absolute Icon during the entire book She s cunning and witty while having a heart of gold Lou is also a survivor and most of her choices are rooted in her past trauma and childhood which we get to learn about, I m not spoiling but it s gOOd I really enjoyed seeing her arc and progression Reid he was such an interesting character because even though he s a religious by the book witch hunter, he also gave off a bit of a bad boyish vibe which I think was accentuated when he became comfortable around Lou I liked his moral compass and how he came to question his beliefs Coco I enjoyed Coco s storyline very much and the lengths she was willing to go to help Lou Girls supporting girls It s all I need Ansel you know what, I m gonna say something I never say because it makes me internally cringe but I ll make an exception Ansel is A True Cinnamon Roll and I don t take any form of criticism His silent acceptance of Lou and his affection for her was so heartwarming and beautiful The Relationships The Hate To Love Trope aka Reid and Lou I m sold, what else can I say There s just something about two characters from opposite sides, with different beliefs, developing feelings for each other and become willing to question the system they were raised in and become mentally independent from what was essentially drilled into their brains I just love it Lou and Reid are the dynamic duo I deserved The Themes Your god hates women We were an afterthought That isn t true I finally turned to face him Isn t it I read your Bible As your wife, am I not considered your property Do you not have the legal right to do whatever you please with me The place of the Church in defining women s role in society witches are rejected in this society but than witches, women are looked at as the ultimate sinners and temptress Most of the choices made by the witches are somewhat questionable However, I was still rooting for them, which leads me to my second point and major theme Maiden, Mother, and Crone, I murmured He nodded approvingly, and warm satisfaction spread through me An embodiment of femininity in the cycle of birth, life, and death among other things Tis blasphemous, of course He scoffed and shook his head As if God could be a woman Claiming back the power this war is mainly between the witches and the royal family but with that comes the power of the Church and its influences The witches want revenge but they also want their land back, which were taken away from them I liked the fact that there was history there and Lou wasn t the cause of this war She unfortunately was a catalyst, inadvertently She was forced to play a part in a war that wasn t hers So in a way, I think it s also about Lou claiming back her power and her identity These are my thoughts regarding Serpent and Dove I really enjoyed it, than I thought I would and it was a true pleasure to discover Shelby Mahurin s writing I strongly suggest you listen to God Is A Woman by Ariana Grande and Take Me To Church by Hozier while reading this book because I did and for some reason, it was PERFECTION.Blog Goodreads Twitter

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