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    Omg I had to get this because I loved the show The Killing need to read those books LOOK AT THE STAINED EDGES it s signed and numbered

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    A grizzly debut that will NOT having you dreaming of chestnuts roasting on an open fire anytime soon I d rather have Jack frost nipping at my nose instead thank you very much This debut novel details a police investigation into the murders of mothers who have had various allegations of neglect and abuse filed against them The murders are violent and gruesome He likes to take a hand here, a foot therebut he is a giver also his gift or calling card, if you will, is a chestnut man made out you guessed it chestnuts and match sticks Interesting choice of calling card but this is an interesting case What makes this even interesting that there is a fingerprint on the chestnut men left behind the fingerprint of a young girl who went missing a year ago She is presumed dead, but her parents are given hope when her print if found on the chestnut men.This had a few twists and turns, and things all do come together in the end I didn t figure this one out which was nice I liked to be surprised In the end it all made sense and had me looking back wondering if I might have missed some clues The only thing that would have made this book better for me was of the killer I would have loved to hear that POV without giving the identity away Not for the faint at heart but if you are a fan of Scandinavian fiction or the television show the Killing, this one is for you There are some gruesome scenes, but they are not gratuitous They serve a purpose to show just how sick and damaged the killer is I look forward to books by this author.Thank you to the publisher and Edelweiss who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    Taking place in Denmark, this ominous novel positively pulses with menace A murderer leaves at the scene of the crime a sinister and primitive fetish in the form of a man made from chestnuts and matchsticks which echoes a childhood song about the apple man The beginning is jaw droppingly violent and the murders continue along this grisly vein Gripping, violent and gruesome this is quite an addition to the Scandi Noir subgenre Best of all nothing is obvious although the ending did feel a bit conventional despite the length of the novel Nevertheless, this is tautly plotted with a sure hand.

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    Soren Sveistrup is the man behind the runaway successful Danish TV series, The Killing, he has now turned his attention to writing his first Scandi Noir novel set in Copenhagen The Chestnut Man carries trademark elements of The Killing, it is part police procedural, part psychological thriller, incorporating politicians whilst giving us social realism in its portrayals and insights into the lives of its diverse range of characters that inhabit the story It is dark, bleak, and brutal with a serial killer running rampant in the present day Naia Thulin is a detective in Homicide s Murder Squad led by Nylander, feeling that her workload has barely challenged her abilities, she wants and has plans to transfer to NC3 National Cyber Crime Centre She is a single mother, with a daughter Le Mark Hess has been pushed out of Europol after issues, and lands in the Murder Squad, not wanting to be there, with every intention of being reinstated in Europol as soon as possible He is partnered with Thulin, who quickly judges him to be a man that will be of little use, with a reputation for not being much of a detective.The detectives find themselves on a brutal murder scene where a 37 year old mother, Laura Kjaer, has been horrifically killed with her amputated hand missing, and left at the scene is a chestnut man A still grieving Rosa Hartung is returning to her post as politician and Minister for Social Affairs in the government after the disappearance of her 12 year old daughter, Kristine, a year ago Linus Bekker confessed to and is sectioned in a psychiatric facility for her murder, although his memory of the act was poor but evidence suggests the conviction is secure Rosa is plunged into fresh turmoil when fingerprints on the chestnut man at the murder scene are identified as being that of Kristine Additionally, Rosa is receiving disturbing death threats As further murders occur with a similar MO of mothers with children with the signature chestnut men with Kristine s fingerprints, the police struggle to find any leads whilst the serial killer runs rings around them Hess and Thulin are ordered to ignore the Hartrup connection, despite the fact it seems to be critical to the investigation Sveistrup gives us compelling crime fiction with a fascinating partnership between Thulin with her eyes on a future out of the murder squad, and Hess, with a traumatised past with little interest initially in the case One of the highlights of the novel is the development of their characters and their relationship from such poor initial beginnings Hess becomes a man obsessed to the point of falling apart, determined to get to the bottom of the heinous murders being committed None of the Murder Squad are accepting of him and the boss has lined him up as the fall guy as the pressure intensifies on the police It takes time for Thulin to see Hess as a dedicated and effective detective that challenges the perceptions of the case, dogged in his determination to find the killer and willing to enter forbidden territory, convinced the case is rooted in the past and that Rosa Hartung is central to it This is a crime thriller that will appeal to fans of Scandi Noir, a genre defined by its darkness and harrowing murders Sveistrup has succeeded in making a brilliant chilling debut, compulsive and gripping reading, packed with suspense and tension, and with great characterisation Many thanks to Penguin Michael Joseph for an ARC.

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    Serial killer fiction is one of my favorite subgenres, despite the fact that very few of these books reach a level of exceptional storytelling But when it s done right, there s no better read for me.Unfortunately, The Chestnut Man isn t done right.I often feel as if there is some outline for writers of the genre entitled How to Write the Typical Clich Serial Killer Novel of which they all follow and for some reason that s enough for the masses.That s not enough for me.The Chestnut Man follows this outline to a T I ll sum it up for you Bad cop, good cop in love hate relationship work under the threat of their up and coming superior who is concerned with his career than actually solving a crime Enter serial killer, throw in some gory scenes for distraction Sprinkle in a few red herrings even though the killer is pretty obvious to most astute readers Wrap everything up with bad cop saving good cop from killer but not before killer vomits the story of his entire friggin life as way of explaining why he started chopping people up as a hobby Good cop and bad cop live happily ever after fade to black 2.5 Stars If you re not a frequent reader of this genre then I ve no doubt that this one will be a sufficient and engrossing story If you wish to compare it to other books with depth and less clich , I can recommend a few Silence of the LambsThe Girl with the Dragon TattooPerfumeThe Collectorand a recent addition, The Butterfly Garden I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    Scandinavian police procedurals are surely some of my favourite foreign books, as they bring the story to life and do not lose impact when translated into English S ren Sveistrup does a masterful job at bringing this eerie story to life and leaving just enough out there for the reader to feel a definite chill up the spine When the body of a woman is discovered outside her home, the Copenhagen Police send their Major Case Team out to investigate Naia Thulin takes point and has been assigned to work with Mark Hess, a liaison officer who is biding his time before returning to Europol When Thulin and Hess survey the scene, it is as grizzly as they could imagine, with the woman brutally murdered and her severed hand missing Not only that, her young son was inside and came upon the body before the authorities were called A small chestnut man sold at many roadside kiosks around Denmark is found at the scene, though it is hard to determine if there is any significance As Thulin works with a less than enthralled partner, another body appears, this time with both hands removed Hess seeks to shed some light on the investigation and notices a second chestnut man at the scene Hess posits about whether the victims are mutilated for a particular reason, deducing that the killer may have than just a sadistic need to bring about pain After forensic testing, new evidence on an old case comes to light, one in which the daughter of the Minister of Social Affairs plays a central role A year ago, young Kristine Hartung went missing and was never found A man full of perverse tendencies admitted to kidnapping and dismembering her body before scattering the parts all over rural Denmark However, both chestnut men from the recent crime scenes have Hartung s fingerprints on them Could it be that Kristine Hartung is still alive, perhaps being held captive by this sadistic killer As the bodies pile up, Thulin and Hess are no closer to finding the killer, but may have a lead on how the victims are being chosen While young children sing of a chestnut man in their primary classrooms, another Chestnut Man lurks out of view, ready to strike and commit horrible crimes for reasons not yet clear Sveistrup does an amazing job in this drawn out piece that will keep readers up late into the night to find answers and wonder what lurks in the dark Highly recommended to those who love psychological thrillers and the reader with an enjoyment for well crafted Scandinavian thrillers.It is such a pleasure to discover new authors that sweep you off your feet from their debuts I have come across a few these past months and cannot speak enough about the wonders of those who have the knack to write with such confidence Sveistrup does so well in pacing out his thriller with wonderful characters and a plot that cannot be matched Naia Thulin is an interesting member of Copenhagen s Major Crime Team, though she is wrestling with many issues in her personal life A single mother with a less than committed boyfriend, she uses her work to replace much of the loss she has seen Thulin is dedicated to her job and has a passion for finding the clues that will bring a killer to justice, but cannot help showing her vulnerabilities when she least expects it The reader can enjoy much of her personality, which evolves with the book, though her grit and determination makes it hard not to like her on some level Other characters find themselves complementing Thulin, as well as making the most of their place within the larger narrative The variety of characters boasts numerous sub plots that the reader must follow to better understand the overall narrative and successfully determine where the killer can be found With a powerful narrative that is not diluted in translation, Sveistrup pulls the reader in during the opening pages and will not let go throughout the entire piece Mixing short chapters that tease with longer and move developed ones, Sveistrup takes no prisoners as he sets about to present one of the most chilling novels I have read in a long while I can only hope there are to come.Kudos, Mr Sveistrup, for making the transition from television to book writing I can only hope others will find this book as stunning and create a buzz.Like hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons, a different sort of Book Challenge

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    I was a big fan of The Killing so when I heard about this book, onto the wish list it went Did it live up to my expectations You betcha This Scandi crime police procedural comes loaded with all the elements that will keep you reading into the wee hours Two compelling MC s, an intricate plot a sinister bad guy it ticks all the boxes Set in Copenhagen, it s the story of a current investigation with deep ties to the past delivered with a stealthy rising sense of menace.The first MC is Naia Thulin She s a young cop who is slowly dying of boredom as the newest member of the Major Crimes Division Despite her intelligence tech skills, she s being wasted on the small stuff Naia decides to ask for a transfer to Cyber Crimes but her boss has one last job for her It seems they ve been saddled with a Europol agent who was demoted back to Copenhagen Her job is to babysit for a few days until he s up to speed.Mark Hess spent the last 5 years living a nomadic life with Europol But a disagreement with higher ups resulted in him being sent back to his old stomping grounds He s been paired with Thulin, a rather intense young woman, but making new friends is not a priority Copenhagen holds too many bad memories his sole focus is getting his job back Then a body is found.In alternate chapters we meet Rosa Hartung She s the government minister for social services who is returning to work after compassionate leave A year ago her daughter Kristine disappeared has never been found The tragedy left it s mark on her family she needs to get back to some kind of normal.Thulin Hess take the call about a body arrive to find a young nurse who s been murdered The area is carefully picked over but no leads are forthcoming Until they get an odd call from the forensic crew One of the items taken from the scene was a funny little doll made from chestnuts matchsticks A fingerprint was found on it they have a match..Kristina Hartung.I ll leave it at that for the plot Suffice to say there are bodies, each accompanied by a chestnut man The book opens with a ominous prologue from 1989 so you know there s going on here than just the crimes in the present This is a great read for several reasons but two things stood out for me First, don t expect to be spoon fed We learn things right along with the MC s I enjoyed being a third partner in the investigation Some clever misdirection means you have than one candidate for the killer it keeps you guessing as a good thriller should.Second, I really liked Thulin Hess These 2 characters are the heart soul of the story They have very different styles it was interesting to watch them go from barely speaking to appreciating what the other brought to the table Both are smart capable of the intuitive thinking that puts it all together The author purposely gives only sparse details about their pasts you get the feeling there is so much to learn about them Maybe in book 2 hint, hint So many procedurals rely on a character s dumb decision to move the story along it was a pleasure to read one that didn t stoop to using this device With a clever plot intelligent characters, there was no need As for the ending, just when you think you ve made it safely to the other side.well, that would be telling My reaction Oh, crap A big bowl of shiny chestnuts to translator Caroline Waight She does a stellar job of providing a seamless translation while maintaining a Scandinavian vibe that gives the book a real sense of place.4.5 stars

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    I must say it was difficult to read from time to time, as there is a lot of upsetting content in it, but it s not done in a vulgar way and put together very powerfully I loved Hess, and Thurin, both strong characters with their flaws Hess specifically fits quickly into the very likeable anti hero space in the eyes of the reader I wish there wasn t the classic encounter with the villain and action section in the end, this book really didn t needed it But the ending was beautiful I can t say too much about the plot to not to reveal but I can say Chestnut Mans will haunt you forever after reading this book Gritty, disturbing, dark Scandi crime, there are trigger warnings but pick it up if you have the stomach, you won t be disappointed.

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    My thanks to Harper Collins and Netgalley for the chance to read and review this book All for the price of a measly review So, my thoughts This book will make it to my top 5 books published in 2019 Seriously good writing I pride myself in being able to figure out whodunit, This one had my mind churning Did I figure it out Yes But then, no Then yes Crap I had changed my thinking so many times that I blew it This was one hell of a story, and just downright creepy I love chestnuts, but I don t think I ll ever look at them again without seeing chestnut people I m looking forward to from this author.

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    Look at that fabulous cover I know one shouldn t judge a book by its cover, but I simply love its simplicity It s the kind of cover I m drawn to And, the best part is that the story is ABSOLUTELY fabulous as well The Chestnut Man is the very first book I gave a 5 star this year 2019 The combination of a thrilling case with two great detectives, the tough Naia Thulin and burned out investigator Mark Hess who has been ordered to take a break from Europol They make an excellent team, well not at first, it will take some time for them to get used to each other However, I can tell you this much, the dynamic duo is now a personal favorite of mine.As for the story, great pace, intriguing case, and what a fabulous ending I did suspect the individual behind it all, but I did have some other suspects in mind as well I liked how it all was resolved and I definitely loved the open ending I ended this book both hoping for a sequel soon and a TV series based on this book I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review

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