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Guts explained Guts, review Guts, trailer Guts, box office Guts, analysis Guts, Guts 7cf0 A True Story From Raina Telgemeier, The New York Times Bestselling, Multiple Eisner Award Winning Author Of Smile, Sisters, Drama, And Ghosts Raina Wakes Up One Night With A Terrible Upset Stomach Her Mom Has One, Too, So It S Probably Just A Bug Raina Eventually Returns To School, Where She S Dealing With The Usual Highs And Lows Friends, Not Friends, And Classmates Who Think The School Year Is Just One Long Gross Out Session It Soon Becomes Clear That Raina S Tummy Trouble Isn T Going Away And It Coincides With Her Worries About Food, School, And Changing Friendships What S Going On Raina Telgemeier Once Again Brings Us A Thoughtful, Charming, And Funny True Story About Growing Up And Gathering The Courage To Face And Conquer Her Fears

  • 144 pages
  • Guts
  • Raina Telgemeier
  • English
  • 02 July 2017

About the Author: Raina Telgemeier

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Guts book, this is one of the most wanted Raina Telgemeier author readers around the world.

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    Goodreads Raina Telgemeier is releasing a new book Me

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    Do you ever feel like someone is writing about your life As someone with chronic stomach pain, this sounds painfully relatable.

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    Absolutely amazing and brave of Raina to share her story to help others who might be going through the same thing Highly recommended for children who are anxious and nervous They may benefit from this book 5 stars, all the way

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    How do you read the book

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    Read in one sitting Raina can do no wrong I personally feel this is her best yet.

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    Thank you to Scholastic for the Advanced Reading Copy This review contains spoilers, and is written from the perspective of a children s librarian.It s been 5 years since Sisters, the sequel to Smile, was published From my experience working in libraries, interest in the series has only increased over time When I visit grades 4 6 and ask if anyone has read the Smile series, almost every hand goes up boys included For that reason alone, the 3rd book in the series is a must purchase for public and school libraries.Beyond that, Guts is phenomenal The best book in the series thus far The pacing, dialogue, humor, and subject matter shows that Raina Telegemeier is truly a master graphic novelist at the top of her game.As with Smile and Sisters, Guts is based on elements of Raina s middle grade life Where Smile is about Raina s insecurities about her braces, and Sisters is about her difficult relationship with her sister, Guts is about her anxiety At first Raina develops a phobia of throwing up She experiences a panic attack at the thought of getting sick While the feeling is difficult to explain in words, Raina does an apt job communicating the feeling through images of the character falling through the bathroom floor while struggling to stay above Her anxieties expand to include social situations and eating Eventually her parents have her see a therapist I found the therapy scenes to be especially well done and realistic Raina is anxious about therapy, but her therapist is patient and understanding, often encouraging her to just try, even when the words don t come easily In the end Raina receives a diagnosis related to her upset stomach, and learns coping mechanisms for her anxiety.The book also depicts a tense friendship between Raina and another girl in her class Both girls feel that the other is unfairly unkind to them, but are able to open up and realize that they aren t so different after all.Readers of all ages will take away real mindfulness practices such as grounding and deep breathing The book will help destigmatize mental health issues and going to therapy I appreciate Raina telling her story with such honesty and using her platform to help children understand how to get help.This book is easily readable in one sitting, and I can imagine many children will do just that.

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    My childhood anxiety manifested itself in severe migraines, often accompanied by vomiting I would get so anxious nervous excited about things when I was young, that I would often have to miss out because I had such a strong migraine and was vomiting Field trips to the circus and fire station Christmas caroling with families, etc Raina shares how her anxiety manifested itself I grew out of my migraines, but it wasn t until college when I began seeing a therapist and was properly medicated I wish I had this book growing up, and I am glad students will have it today, to encourage them to persevere, be resilient, and get help if you need it.

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    This is a really long book but its worth the time.From guts fan 23

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    in Guts, author illustrator Raina Telgemeier shares her journey from experiencing panic attacks and anxiety at the young age of nine to discovering that she had anxiety and phobias with the help of a child therapist I deeply felt this story Raina s depictions of panic that accosts you in the middle of class, the overwhelming sense of isolation, the inability to describe what you re feeling to friends or family, and when you do they don t understand or make it a thing I began having panic attacks at the age of 11 Like Raina, it would make me sick, it made making friends difficult, and turned me in on myself during a time when people around me were starting to bloom I felt like I was dying and Raina depicts that SO accurately in her new graphic novel The beauty of this story comes when she opens up about her experiences to a child therapist who helps her try Try to breathe, try to speak in class, try to eat an unfamiliar food, etc I wish this book existed when I was a pre teen it would have saved me years and years of confusion, guilt, anxiety This book should be in every library, every classroom, every child therapist s office, every church, everywhere Definitely Raina Telgemeier s strongest contribution to graphic novels youth literature yet.

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