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Szatan z siódmej klasy chapter 1 Szatan z siódmej klasy, meaning Szatan z siódmej klasy, genre Szatan z siódmej klasy, book cover Szatan z siódmej klasy, flies Szatan z siódmej klasy, Szatan z siódmej klasy 9c1313ff2ff53 Liczna Dziewczyna O Fio Kowych Oczach, Niezwyk A Zagadka Tkwi Ca W Pami Tniku Oficera Napoleo Skiego Wracaj Cego Spod Moskwy, Niebezpieczna Szajka Gotowa Na Wszystko, By Zdoby Skarb, Oraz Sensacyjna Akcja Okraszona Hum S Ownym I Sytuacyjnym No I Oczywi Cie Nie Mo E Zabrakn G Wnego Bohatera Tytu Owego Szatana Z Si Dmej Klasy, Kt Ry Logik My Lenia Pokonuje Najt Sze Umys Y Powie Ta Od Wielu Lat Nieprzerwanie Znajduje Si Na Li Cie Bestseller W, Doczekala Si R Wnie Ciekawej Ekranizacji

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    Don t let the cover fool you This is not a kids book And if it is, I m a really dumb adult Granted, I rarely read Polish these days, but still not only is the writing not dumbed down in any way, the narration keeps referencing Greek tragedies and Roman politics So if any kid you know can keep up with references to Iliad and Odyssey, well, the kids you know are a whole lot smarter than the ones I find myself surrounded with Also, the title is misleading Satan from the Seventh Grade Well, this kid is not satanic in any way and he s also 17, so back in the 1930 s school must have started when kids were 10 Or maybe it was like middle high school I don t know But picturing him as a seventh grader will not do.This book is a classic in Poland, as it should be It s witty, clever, and has an incredibly solid moral backbone Not really a good vs evil kind of story the bad guys are to be sympathized with and well, there is the French guy , but the kind of story that carries a message of friendship, honesty, solidarity and bravery It doesn t beat you over the head with it either It s a mystery Kind of a Nancy Drew mystery, full logic puzzles and adventure Also, although it was first published in 1937, the writing is fresh and the dialogue is free flowing Feels very contemporary to me but yeah, I guess I don t read a whole lot of contemporary Polish fiction.Anyways, it s brilliant If you can read Polish, it s a must If you can t, I m so so sorry.

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    Step 1 Learn PolishStep 2 Buy this bookStep 3 Read it

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    Beautiful girl with violet eyes, engaging secret hidden in a diary of Napoleon s officer retreating from Moscow, dangerous band ready for everything to get the treasure and great action with humour in words and situations The title character is a satan from the 7th grade, who with logics of his mind defeats the brightest minds Adam Cisowski, a pupil from a gymnasium , goes with his history teacher, professor G sowski, who asked him to visit his brother and help in solving a case bothing all his family One of those books you had to read in school, but you liked it type of school in Poland that in interwar period til the school reform of 1932 lasted 8 years pupils in age 10 18 and since 1932 gimnasium lasted 4 years age 12 16 and than 2 years of high school In both cases education ended with matura in years 1932 1948 there was small matura like O levels and great matura like A levels It came back in 1999 as a school between primary school and secondary school pupils are in age 13 16.

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    Pi kna ksi ka napisana cudownym j zykiem.

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    Ulubiona lektura z podstaw wki.

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    Nobody liked this book except me

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    As a child I read this book and loved it Could not put it down, i want to read it again

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    Czyta am z wypiekami na twarzywspania a ksi ka dzieci stwa.

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    pocz tek genialnykoniec wietny rodek okropny

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