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Beauty Shop for Rent: . . . fully equipped, inquire within summary Beauty Shop for Rent: . . . fully equipped, inquire within, series Beauty Shop for Rent: . . . fully equipped, inquire within, book Beauty Shop for Rent: . . . fully equipped, inquire within, pdf Beauty Shop for Rent: . . . fully equipped, inquire within, Beauty Shop for Rent: . . . fully equipped, inquire within 5a990bef06 Abbey Garner Has A Plan To Earn A Million Dollars By The Time She S Thirty Five Financial Independence Will Allow Her To Break The Cycle Of Unhappiness Endured By The Women In Her Family Determined To Fulfill Her Dream, Abbey Works At Granny Po S Struggling Beauty Shop, Where The Feisty Gray Widows Go To Primp, Polish, Perm And, Of Course, Gossip There, Among The Hair Dryers And Perm Rods And With The Help Of A New Friend Abbey Finds The Courage To Open Her Heart And Take Risks Required For Her To Live Life To Its FullestDebut Author Laura Bowers Creates A Funny And Touching First Novel About Family Both The One We Are Born To And The One We Create Ourselves

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    I would really rate this book 3.5 stars, but it appealed to my sentimental side so I m rounding up.Some girls like to read about glitz and glamour, high society, balls, gorgeous clothes, and the decidedly upstairs portion of Upstairs, Downstairs Actually, lots of girls do, which is why franchises such as The Princess Diaries and Gossip Girl are so popular, and why society as a whole just can t stop obsessing about Hollywood starlets or young royals And yes, I like that too, sometimes But those girls don t capture my heart, not like Mattie from A Northern Light or D.J Schwenk from Dairy Queen or Kel from the The Protector of the Small books In fact, if you go through my favourites list, most of them are books about girls who work I am proud to add Abbey from Beauty Shop for Rent to this list Fourteen year old Abbey lives with her great grandmother, Granny Po, who runs an old school beauty shop No gleaming walls or fancy spa treatments instead there s 70s decor and the biting wit of a group of old ladies No one under fifty is seen in the shop except for Abbey.The problem, of course, is that the beauty shop is operating at a loss, which Abbey is acutely aware of She s an oddity a tenth grader who takes far interest in finance and investments than she does parties or popularity She works every weekend and after school, sweeping, cleaning, shampooing, manning the register Abbey, having been abandoned by both of her parents when she was eleven, never wants to rely on anyone and sees financial independence as the solution to everything I give the girl props, she wants to be a millionaire by the time she s 35 And as Abbey well knows, the sign Beauty Shop for Rent has been up for two years, with no prospective buyers until Gena comes along.The characters are fantastic Caddie and Rosemary and the rest of Granny Po s Widows are unforgettable, and Gena is one of the best role models a girl could have Unfortunately, Abbey has mommy issues, which was excruciating but understandable to read You just want to smack her for pining over her mother despite being let down again and again, and still hug and feel sorry for her And don t even get me started on Mitch Still, this book is ultimately empowering and everything that should happen, does It s like comfort food for me, hearty and warm with the plus side of not making me feel guilty.

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    I admit that because of the cover I wasn t expecting much from this book I ended up liking it a lot than I thought I would quick overview Abbey lives with her great grandmother and works at her beauty shop saving every penny for her MBTF millionaire before thirty five plan to be finacially independent She is determined not to end up like 3 generations of women before her Getting pregnant young, what seems to be a tradition for her family When the beauty shop is finally rented by Gena, a young stylish women, things seem to be going well She s making money and is sure to reach her MBTF plan But when her mother who left her with her great grandmother four years earlier and has had little contact with Abbey since then show s up she is forced to look at her life, and in the end realizes who her family really is I loved the characters, they were so funny and real I was cheering for Abbey the whole time and was happy when she had a happy ending I loved the message and Abbey s story.

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    Guess where I found this on an awesome list of the books to review on Book Muncher Book muncher, for those of you who don t is a blog where a girl Rachel, is that her name reviews many books I discovered this because I saw several of her reviews and got curious, so now I m converting you Here s a link to the site on to the book I loooved everything about this book The characters are well developed, the plot is original, it held my interest all the way through I also liked it because, although it s a romance, you don t get sucked from the story to the romance and that s what holds you in But I won t give away what happens, so enough with the romance The main character, Abbey, has lived with her great grandma in a beauty shop for about three years if I got it right She s worked in it for about as much time After, she has to earn a million dollars by the time she s thirty five Why does she want to do this To prove she s not like her mother, grandma, and great grandma, pregnant and way over their head at a very young age So she doesn t want to fall in love, doesn t want to be poor But it s going pretty slow, in a beauty shop that only the Gray Widows and their pals, her did I mention great grandma s gang go to By this time they ve pretty much given up hope on that, considerng how long their BEAUTY SHOP FOR RENT, INQUIRE INSIDE fully equipped sign has been hanging on their front lawn.But then someone does come to rent it duh And her mother visits Another thing I like about this book it s not a chick flick Though I was expecting it to be one a tiny bit, the entire thing was real problems and real life Excellent, fun funny read Maybe it had to do with the fact that I was up reading it late, but I cracked up laughing sooo many times

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    Reviewed by Safia Abdul for TeensReadToo.comThere is nothing like Polly s Parlor, where a free dose of gossip comes with a manicure For Abbey Garner, her great grandmother s old fashioned beauty shop and the familiar elderly customers are home and family to Abbey ever since her mother left her several years ago Now fourteen year ld Abbey works alongside her great grandmother, Granny Po, giving perms and haircuts and investing her earnings towards her goal of becoming a millionaire before the age of thirty five But in the last few years, the outdated Polly s Parlor hasn t been doing too well due to competition from modern beauty salons In fact, Granny Po has been trying to rent out the beauty shop, but nobody has been interesteduntil now Gena is a fun and ambitious woman with big plans to turn the beauty shop into a friendly modern day spa Can the beauty shop be transformed and still remain Abbey s home In addition, between work, high school, and thinking about boys, Abbey is also worrying about her fragile, depressed mother When she shows up for a surprise visit, Abbey s world is about to be turned completely upside down BEAUTY SHOP FOR RENT is the story of a girl growing up and trying to find a place in the world Realistic, yet humorous, this is a satisfying novel that I m sure many readers will be able relate to.

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    A little different from the kind of books I usually read, but this one held something really beautiful Just awhile ago, I was telling my friend about the difference between the family you re born to and the family you make for yourself, unconscious that it was from this book where I got that same idea I love how it has the right mixture of everything a book like so is supposed to have Plus, the funny moments and dialogue the author tried to put in are genuinely laughable.

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    This book is different from what I thought it would be The girl has real problems and I can understand why she is the way she is Its has some depth in it, but not anything confusing or unbearable It has its fun parts too.

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    From Follett, Raised by a great grandmother and a bunch of beauty shop buddies, fourteen year old Abbey resolves to overcome her unhappy childhood and disillusionment with the mother who deserted her This book is a Missouri Gateway Award nominee for 2009 2010 I really enjoyed reading it and I didn t think I would The cover makes it look like fluff, but it has a good message for teens.Review from Publishers Weekly May 21, 2007 Fourteen year old Abbey Garner, the star of Bowers s debut novel, has lived with her great grandmother Granny Po since her mother abandoned her three years earlier Abbey believes the women in her family are cursed because, starting with Granny Po, each had a baby by age 17 Not only did the women in my family inherit overly fertile eggs, they each married men who were total, complete, and absolute duds Abbey is determined to avoid the same fate instead, she intends to become a millionaire by age 35 Working at her grandmother s beauty shop and on her neighbor s horse farm, Abbey is well on her way to her financial goal, yet she still hopes to be reunited with her mother Then Gena Hopkins breezes into town and rents Granny Po s beauty shop, transforming it into a posh day spa and giving Abbey a new job and an ambitious, entrepreneurial role model During a rare visit, Abbey s mother promises they ll be reunited as soon as she can afford a down payment on a house Reluctantly, Abbey hands over her savings, but she soon discovers her mother has deceived her Teens will find Abbey s emotional turmoil rings true, as does the reason behind her final act of forgiveness But it s the multigenerational friendships the feisty, sniping conversations with Granny Po and her close circle of friends, The Widows, brim with humor that make Bowers s first novel a delight Ages 12 up May Copyright 2007 Reed Business Information.

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    Ambitious Abbey Garner spends a lot of her time hard at work at her great grandmother Granny Po s quaint though struggling beauty shop It s all part of her MBTF plan Abbey has vowed to make a million dollars before she is thirty five so she can be financially independent and not follow in her family s tradition of getting pregnant young with the wrong man When Gena, a posh young woman, decides to rent the beauty shop and turn it into a modern spa, Abbey is both excited and little apprehensive She fears losing her job, but once Gena assures Abbey that her employment is guaranteed, Abbey realizes that she will be able to make some real money But Abbey s carefully constructed plans are altered when Abbey s mother, who abandoned her four years earlier, reenters Abbey s life Abbey must learn to see though the lies and figure out who her family really is.There is something so down to earth about Beauty Shop for Rent that makes the story so likeable The characters have no shame, which was sometimes a little shocking but mostly refreshing because of their honesty I loved how all of the characters were nicely developed, especially Abbey and Granny Po, who were my favorite characters I also loved watching Abbey mature through the story All the characters connections were easy to understand I really loved Abbey s family of friends, because though each contrasted another slightly, they all fit together perfectly Laura Bowers wrote this story in a way that even though specific years and locations are given, it seem that this story could happen anytime and anyplace I had a hard time believing Beauty Shop for Rent was a debut novel because it was so incredibly well written.Fans of Stephanie Kuehnert s I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone will also enjoy Abbey s coming of age story in Beauty Shop for Rent I definitely recommend this funny, cute, and beautiful story to all readers.reposted from

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    Three generations of women in Abbey Garner s family have made the same mistake teen pregnancy followed by an early marriage and dependency on an unreliable man Abbey is determined to break that chain She has a plan to be a millionaire by the time she s thirty five Only then, once she s successful and independent, will Abbey consider marriage and children It s a solid plan and workable, too As her fifteenth birthday approaches, Abbey already has than seven thousand dollars in the bank.Most of the money Abbey s saved came from her job at Granny Po s beauty salon Granny Po is actually Abbey s great grandmother Polly and Abbey has lived with her ever since her mother dropped her off four years ago with a promise to return soon Abbey s stopped running to the mailbox and jumping when the phone rings, but a part of her still wants her mother to come back for her Another part, though, is happy with the life she s got with Granny Po and the other Gray Widows Caddie, Rosemary and Edith The ladies look out for her and she has her job at Polly s Parlor, so life is pretty good.Abbey s life looks to get even better when twenty something Gena rents the parlor and turns it into a day spa Abbey is making money and life is even a little bit exciting Then Abbey s mother Grace returns with a scheme to bring the two of them back together in their own home Now Abbey is torn between her settled life with Granny Po and the Gray Widows and the wild unpredictability of life with her mother.

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    This book is so sweet I loved it because the main character was strong despite her unmeasurable vulnerability I appreciated the honesty and underlying message of what you do now may screw up your kids later.

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