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Thong on Fire: An Urban Erotic Tale chapter 1 Thong on Fire: An Urban Erotic Tale, meaning Thong on Fire: An Urban Erotic Tale, genre Thong on Fire: An Urban Erotic Tale, book cover Thong on Fire: An Urban Erotic Tale, flies Thong on Fire: An Urban Erotic Tale, Thong on Fire: An Urban Erotic Tale 65234c1932f22 I Was Just A Lost Little Girl Forced To Make It In A Grown Woman S World A Child Turned Out By The Rulers Of The Game When You Get Thrown Into A Snakepit You Better Learn How To Wiggle It S All About Survival, Baby And Not Only Did I Learn The Code Of The Streets, I Made My Own Damn Rules And Got Paid In The Process So Listen Close, But Watch Your Pockets I M A Harlem Girl A Scandalous Chick A Ruthless Mama Me And This City Are Just Alike Grimy And We Never, Ever Sleep It S A Hard Knock Life For Saucy Sarita Robinson And The Rules Of The Game Are Clear Get Yours Or Get Had When Her Father Gets Popped In An Armed Robbery And Her Mother Turns To Drugs, Saucy Is Left To Scratch Out A Life For Herself On The Streets Of Harlem, And This City Slick Vixen Refuses To Become A Victim Young, Hot, And Hungry For The Spotlight, Saucy Has A Full Package And Uses Her Assets To Get Whatever She Wants Th Street Has Its Own Rules, And She Knows Them Well With Sex As Her Weapon Of Choice, Saucy Hustles Her Way Straight Into The Heart Of The Hip Hop Underworld, Preying Upon Any Man Or Woman Who Might Help Her Get Ahead But Hottt Saucy Just Can T Get Enough Her Calculating Nature And Insatiable Appetite For Power And Prestige Tempt Her Into Dangerous Waters, And Before Long She Finds Herself In Too Deep The Shot Callers Of The Hip Hop World Have A Few Tricks For Saucy A Gutter Plan To Force Her Back Onto The Very Streets That She Came From But Saucy Refuses To Go Down Easy She Plots Her Revenge Against Some Of The Most Powerful Playas In The Music Industry, Never Suspecting That Her Enemies Will Fight Backand Fight Back Hard

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    There was a thong, yes There were, in fact, many thongs of every hue and decoration imaginable paraded before the reader s eyes, but nary a one was on fire Nope.

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    I am shocked by the amount of negative reviews for this book I have read hundreds of books and I usually forget them just as quickly as I pick up the next book That is not the case with Hot Saucy baby I can t seem to forget her In a way, Thong on Fire is a cautionary tale There are a lot of Saucys out there and no matter how much you root for them they can t get right There were times in this book where I had a glimmer of hope and she d turn right around and snatch that from me That to me is what sets this novel apart from so many others It s easy to Love the main character and hope they get their fairytale ending but Saucy is the one you Love to hate I get why she is the was she is but I also want to shake her and make her see the potential that lies before her if she could give a d for a half second But hey, it be like that sometimes Saucy was Human I appreciate that.

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    Why I say somewhat ok is because the beginning got my eyes from the get go but, then it s started getting slow to me and I just couldn t keep myself into the book any long Didn t finish at all I have to say G Spot got my eye then this book.But, this book was about Saucy that was growing up being abused by her mom s partner parters Saucy dad was killed when she was little her mom was the only one she had but, her mom was so druged out at times Saucy then noticed that she wanted so much when it came to her life clothes and money She seened that her cousin had a lot when it came to the things she didn t have so after her cousin died she took on the roll of living with her uncle so her uncle can spoil her with the best of everything that her cousin was getting.Saucy then jumped from one man to another to live like she wanted to live Then she step into the entertainment business where she because dancers for well known artists but, she also sleep her way up the ladder.But, was ok but, then I started to get bored after awhile got up to 200 and something just couldn t finished but, from what I read I would say 3 stars at the most.

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    I give this book four stars for sheer offensiveness The only reason I didn t give it five is because nobody in the book got AIDS I give you the best quote to be discovered in its pages I don t know who cried harder, Free or me I mean, I had tears coming all out my eyes and running down my face Free s tears was in his heart, but I could still see them sh s And I cannot say anything about it better than my friend Mikey Potter did How can one sentence do so much Somehow it manages to be grammatically mind bending while simultaneously wrenching at one s soul The beauty of the tearful heart metaphor, which could have devolved into a clich , is given a gritty realism with the sudden concluding jolt Free s tears was in his heart, but I could still see them sh s, could be the sentence that connects, and also defines, our generation.

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    Saucy Robinson.what can I say.we meet Saucy as she is introduced to this world as a child of Asian and African American backgroundthen we sympathize with her as a child who goes through sexual abuse, neglect, and then the loss of her father.But, as Saucy grows, we quickly understand that she is one of those sad cases of a young woman that feeds into her situation rather than rise above it.She gives in to money, drugs, and an uncontrollable sexual desire that ultimatly gets the best of her.Noire has done it again with this book and it is a must read if you enjoy African American Fiction with some fire to it I enjoyed this book because once again it was painted with vivid colors of a reality that is far too common now days Can t wait to read the next one by Noire.

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    A very familiar urban tale of a beautiful young lady in the inner city, with no family support or understanding of family structure or nurturing is starving for attention through fame, and dirty money looking for it in all the wrong places Destined for a road of heartbreak, no foundation, no loyalty or love This fiction depiction of a common street tale confirms how a large portion of our youth males female in the inner cities are brought up by the streets, taught by the images which are on television, videos and movies We glorify money and material things which make those with no guidance worship these things with no value for human life, or relationships Very sad reality.

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    A coworker gave these books to me back in 08 almost a decade ago At least they got me reading again lol and now I work at the local college library where my book selections have definitely changed but still I m sure most would consider my to read shelf quite eclectic to say the least I can t forget the books that got me reading again after many, many years soa thank you to Sammy Noire.

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    Hot damn

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    um, you need a fire hose to put out THIS THONG TH THONG THONG THONG

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    Saucy Sarita Robinson is a despicable person and has no qualities of redeeming value Saucy is the victim of sexual abuse starting at the age of six at the hands of her prostitute mother and her various sexual partners Saucy feels alone in the world except for her friend Tai Even at a young age, Saucy sees an opportunity to live a better life with her Uncle Swag and makes this happen by telling her teachers of her sexual abuse Saucy is removed from her mother s home but then encounters problems with her Aunt Ruthie and cousin Paris due to her traumatic upbringing Saucy idolizes her uncle and experiences some of the best years of her life when she s living at his house During Saucy s teen years, she acts out by smoking, drinking and dancing Despite Tai s warnings about her reckless behavior, Saucy hooks up with numerous guys and becomes a famous video girl Saucy wants though and is willing to step on whoever she needs to get to the top She s unapologetic about how dirty and grimy she is and could care less what others think of her.Saucy is a sad case in the she sees herself as a body and uses her parts as currency Even when she finds someone who genuinely loves her, she doesn t understand this concept and gets bored Years of sexual abuse has led Saucy to feel that men are only useful by what things they can buy her She ll play with men s mind in order to get their money before moving on to the next guy.It was hard for me to finish this book because Saucy is so hateful Saucy constantly lashes out at everyone and destroys anything that stops her from getting what she wants I was happy that the book ended the way it did because I felt as though Saucy s bad behavior was never going to catch up with her.

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