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Hope Was Here files Hope Was Here, read online Hope Was Here, free Hope Was Here, free Hope Was Here, Hope Was Here a77d3fd64 When Hope And Her Aunt Move To Small Town Wisconsin To Take Over The Local Diner, Hope S Not Sure What To Expect But What They Find Is That The Owner, GT Isn T Quite Ready To Give Up Yet In Fact, He S Decided To Run For Mayor Against A Corrupt Candidate And As Hope Starts To Make Her Place At The Diner, She Also Finds Herself Caught Up In GT S Campaign Particularly His Visions For The Future After All, As GT Points Out, Everyone Can Use A Little Hope To Help Get Through The Tough Times Even Hope HerselfFilled With Heart, Charm, And Good Old Fashioned Fun, This Is Joan Bauer At Her Best

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    HOPE WAS HERE is a story of new beginnings and positivism Hope and her aunt have lost everything, and yet, they are both set on staying positive and making the best out of the little they have now, especially Hope, who feels as though she needs to live up to her new name New town, new job, new people, new challenges, Hope and Addie are ready to face it all They are strong, independent women who do not back down at the first sign of a problem.On the contrary, they want to help the owner of the new restaurant they work at make it atmospheric Hope was thinking she might find her father in the process, and she just might in the most unexpected of places A very theme filled novel Joan Bauer weaves into the storyline politics in a small town, the definition of family and the importance of letting new people in our lives.On the not so great side, it has an uneven pacing sometimes it s slow, other times fast The romance is never developed in a lyrical, heartfelt way It has such a middle grade vibe And, well, it s too short But it s pleasant and the kind of book I would read on the bus on my way to school It has a calming effect on the reader.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    I feel like the big grown up bully attacking the cute, freckled face kid on the playground with this review However, as a Newberry Medal Honor Book, the playground kind of turns into a raquetball court and the kid has to be good to play in it Consider me goggled, racquet in hand, and donning my wrist sweat bands for serious play.I really don t understand how this is a Newberry Medal Honor Book The characters were flat and one dimensional, the plot predictable and the message was dangerously simplified I m left to guess what age group Bauer wrote this for The abandonment issues the protagonist, Hope, experiences are too mature for young elementary age and older, middle school and high school aged adolescents certainly can grasp the concept of a flawed character or even impure motives She most certainly didn t write it for a 32 year old moderate who found the obvious bias of kind hearted liberal vs heartless, evil conservative over the top and unhelpful for any honest discussion about politics I didn t hate it How can you hate G.T and his good guy leukemia fighter town fixer upper cook self I couldn t I couldn t even hate Hope, and her far older than actual sixteen year old mentality even though I never understood her, or her motivation to become so politically involved because the author never let us know that She just wrote Hope that way I ll take off my goggles now and lob poor freckled face a few serves It was a nice story The boy got the girl The good guy wins The food was good and hot The end.

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    I first read this book in8th grade, I think I then went on to re read it at least five times Hope Was Here is about a 16 year old girl who lives with her aunt the two of them find work at the beginning of the book at a diner in Wisconsin owned by a man with leukemia Addie is a cook, and Hope is a waitress a really good one, too, and from the way Bauer describes waitressing, you can tell she s writing from a lot of personal experience This book is great for 13 16 year old girls who want to read stories about a real girl nothing against fantasy books, but it s nice when we can read about a cool heroine who actually lives in our world who doesn t spend all her time shopping and partying coughGossip Girlcough or pining after various boys coughTwilightcough If nothing else, read this book for the descriptions of the food they serve in the diner, which are nothing short of mouth watering.Also by Joan Bauer, and also very good, is Rules of the Road

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    W O W This book was good.Don t get me wrong, it had its flaws it s not an instant favorite of mine But it was so full of meaning and hope that I can t help liking it Lovely Things The heart This book had SO much heart to it Likewow Who would have thought that waitressing cooking could be so rich in meaning P.S I did cry in the last chapter or two And here I was thinking I could make it without getting punched in the feels soclose The setting ACK YES It had such a familiar feel to it, even though I ve never read this book before The characters acted like a family, and the town of Mulhoney, Wisconsin, felt like so welcoming and homey. I honestly just want to go to the Welcoming Stairs and eat apple pie now 3 The food OBVIOUSLY THE FOOD It s impossible to read this book without getting hungry If you do read this book which you SHOULD, you know , make sure you keep a bunch of snacks handy You ll thank me later The main character Oh yes, Hope She was awesome I don t know what else to say about her except that she s the perfect blend of hope, strength, determination, and compassion I WANT HER AS MY FRIEND, THANKS Not So Lovely Things The writing Umso I might be in the minority here, but I actually didn t like the writing style all that much It switched between past and present tense right in the middle of a scene Likewhy Maybe to evoke a deeper meaning Or something I AM ALL THE CONFUSED Thankfully, I didn t notice a TON of that later in the book, but the writing style was still not my favorite As much as I liked Hope, I didn t care for her as a narrator all that much The politics This is kind of a pro and a con As a rule, I can t stand politics, and the fact that this story mostly revolves around that was kind of annoying XD I wasn t a huge fan of a lot of the political things happening in the book, but honestly, it didn t annoy me that much Just a little bit I still really enjoyed the book despite this so that s saying a lot CONTENT Not much to mention here, but I was disappointed when they used God s name in vain a couple times There s also a kiss exchanged, though it s not dwelt on for long Overall This was a really good book I didn t totally click with it, and I probably won t be rushing to reread it, but I m still glad I picked it up It made a great summer read nods 3.5 stars

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    Oh my word 3 This book had been recommended to me by several friends so I purchased it through Thriftbooks and I am so glad that I own a copy The themes of hope and inner strength under pressure and in new circumstances were inspring and laced well I loved the entire thread of Hope trying to pinpoint her own identity and find out the true meaning of family The setting of a new town, local diner, and small town politics were cute and realistic It s an easy read, very refreshing, and worthwhile

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    Reviewed by Jocelyn Pearce for TeensReadToo.comHOPE WAS HERE is a brilliant book by an equally brilliant author, Joan Bauer When I read this book for the first time my copy is worn I ve read it so often , I was an instant fan of the author HOPE WAS HERE is worth your time, worth your money, and worth anything else that you have to do to get your hands on this book Hope is a sixteen year old waitress who has lived all across America with her Aunt Addie Hope s mother who, upon seeing her tiny baby for the first time, named her Marigold, of all things Addie s twelfth birthday present to her niece was a name change has long been out of the picture, visiting only occasionally with tidbits of advice Waitressing at the diner in Brooklyn was great for Hope, but, like all good things, it comes to an end The owner stole all of the money and ran off, leaving Addie and Hope with nothing The two of them boarded up the windows, and, just before driving off, Hope left her mark Hope Was Here, in blue ballpoint pen at the edge of one of the boards Addie and Hope are off to a small town in Wisconsin When they get there, they meet G.T., the owner of the local diner where Addie will be cooking and Hope will be waitressing G.T is a man the town loves, and he s going to run for mayor and change things The current mayor, a scheming, dishonest typical politician, isn t standing for that, though He s got to bring up how G.T has leukemia, and is dying How, he says, can a man who is dying take care of an entire town He might not be alive in a few months G.T isn t alone, though Hope, Addie, and countless others are trying to get him elected, so that he can do some good for the town Even though things are hard, they ve still got to have hope This novel is amazing HOPE WAS HERE is a book that you will not read only once, but over and over It sticks with you Part of this is due to the well thought out characters, especially Hope She is a strong character, but also a strong person She s been through a lot, and she s still around, serving up food to hungry customers Her waitressing jobs have a lot to do with who Hope is Maybe to some people you know the type not good enough unless you ve got a diploma from Harvard , waitressing seems like a dead end job, but this book shows different sides of it HOPE WAS HERE is a page turner that will keep you riveted from the first word which happens to be somehow , to the last had , and when it s over, you ll want Luckily for us, Joan Bauer has written several other books for young adults, including BACKWATER, RULES OF THE ROAD, and SQUASHED They re just as good as HOPE WAS HERE, too, and that s saying something

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    Okay, as I write this review, please note that I am a 29 year old male I would have been approximately 26 at the time I read this book This was a book that my wife and I picked up at a Scholastic Warehouse sale and so I eventually got around to picking it up and giving it a try.There, that s the background about mesomeone who I would not necessarily expect to love Joan Bauer books, but I do This was my first book of Joan Bauer and I thought it was great.1 The main character I ve read plenty of books and I ve read a variety of female characters When I read this book, I had a 1 year old daughter who is now almost 5 and I can t help but say how much I like the character, Hope For one thing, she s a very real girl written in a very real setting in a very real situation Further, her greatest assets are not her looks or her athleticism not some magical power and not even her brains She is a great, young female character because of the way she cares about her family, cares about her friends, and is willing to work hard to make her community a better place She has very real weaknesses, but in the end she doesn t let them get in the way of making good decisions.This is the type of female character that I am excited to have my little girl read some day Bonus note I ve now read 2 of Joan s books and she continuously writes great female characters 2 Teen Activism Education In this book, there is an election coming up in Hope s town She and her friends feel strongly that change is needed and that one of the nominees is definitely the man to support Hope and most of her friends, though, aren t even old enough to votebut I love that their inability to vote does not dampen their ability to share their stories and thoughts and influence the community Ever since I ve read this book, I ve wanted to take copies of this book and put them into the hands of Junior High High School social studies teachers It is one thing to learn about the election process and discuss local politics, but this is a great book that can help young students understand just what kind of a role they can play even before they turn 18.3 Content No need to entice readers with sexual innuendos No need to sneak in course language And further, a very compelling story based on the real world and not fantasysomething that today s writers seem to struggle to accomplish.Just a great book that I would recommend to anyone.

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    Wowza, this book So amazing Definitely check it out and grab a box of tissues too.

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    Hope is used to moving from town to town, finding a new job, and new set of friends Butt , she never really seems to find a new home When she and her aunt arrive in Wisconsin to run a diner, they find themselves in the midst of a controversial mayoral race and a lot of small town drama Will Hope find her place in this new town Will she and her aunt stick around long enough for Hope to make friends Will she ever discover where it is that she truly belongs This was one of my least favorite reads out of all the young adult literature I ve read lately As someone who was a teenager at the same time that Hope was supposedly a teenager, I felt that she was a rather unconvincing character Even as a fairly squeaky clean seventeen year old, I definitely never used the phrases buzz off or geez That just was not the slang of teenagers in the early part of this century Also, in all of the years I ve worked with teenagers, I have never heard one say that they had any ambition of being a waitress Even those that, in the back of their mind, know that they will end up as waitresses, do not make this a life goal Hope loves being a waitress and has wanted to have a job as one since she was thirteen Again, this is very unrealistic and highly unlikely description of a modern teenager The other characters also fell quite flat Hope s aunt, who has essentially raised the protagonist, is never featured much than to complain about other people trying to run her kitchen Braverman, Hope s love interest, spouts off a lot of political opinions, but doesn t go much deeper than that G.T Stoop, the candidate for mayor and owner of the diner where Hope and her aunt work, is basically a perfect man He never raises his voice, never makes any kind of mistake, and wants to save the town There are a many other unrealistic scenarios in Hope Was Here, but I will not go into detail Since a large part of my job includes knowing what teenagers like to read, I do not think that, in 2013, this book would resonate with teenagers Hope is a Hallmark version of a teenager with whom most of teenagers would not be able to identify For a novel classified as contemporary realism, it is not very realistic at all.

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    I love this book a lot I just picked it up again when I was in a sad mood and immediately remembered how much I had loved it the first time I adore the way it s written and I love the simple story that it tells I love the main character, she is not perfect, but she is entirely likable Her imperfections make her real and wonderful One of the main reasons I love this book is because the Main character, Hope, is just like me She s my age and temperament I spend over half of my time cooking and I love any story that relates life to food I understand it so well The relationships in this book are really sweet too I am forcing my mom and dad to read this book I recommend this book to anyone.

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