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    Kate and her husband, Charles, are called up to the mysterious Glamis Castle to covertly search for the missing Prince Eddy, who has been in hiding after his staged death 10 years before The murder of a local servant woman, in addition to the disappearance of Prince Eddy, has Kate and Charles scrambling to find out the truth amongst local gossip, rumors, and lying townsfolk.I enjoyed this mystery, mostly because of the human interest, the little romance woven into it, and the continuing backstory of Charles bachelor days before he met Kate Every character we meet has their own little part to play in the mystery, and their own hopes and motivations that propel them into the adventure or keep them out of it.The writing is very repetitive, going over the same clues and revelations over and over again as each individual character learns about the mystery I got really tired of having to read AGAIN who the murderer was, as first Charles, then Kate, then everybody else discovered the clues It could have been condensed down into a much shorter book, or even a short story Not great literature, but a fun and fluffy read I keep reading this series because I just love Kate and Charles relationship They are so adorable together

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    3 stars This series is getting pretty frustrating in that it s so clearly written by someone who doesn t understand the country in which they re setting their plot it s full of anachronisms Americanisms that come from the wrong characters.

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    Death at Glamis Castle by Robin Paige is the 9th book in the Kathryn Ardleigh Sir Charles Sheridan historical mystery series Sir Charles is summoned by the king to urgent and secret duty in Scotland, at historic Glamis Castle Kate is enchanted by a tour of the castle, during which she learns that Scottish visitors always slept under their own plaids, including Bonnie Prince Charlie Charles is put in charge of a manhunt Lord Osborne, long term resident in the castle actually imprisoned there , has gone missing A castle servant has been murdered The victim s body was discovered by her daughter on her way to work in the castle Obvious to Charles, from his forensic knowledge, is that the body was not killed at the location where it was discovered He is certain the murder ties in with the missing man But did the man commit the murder, or was he abducted Chapters alternate between Kate s and Charles independent sleuthing, and the loyal servant aiding and abetting the missing man, who thinks he s Bonnie Prince Charlie Of course her name is Flora MacDonald Once Charles and Kate pool their knowledge, they are able to solve the mystery, catch the killer and meet the royal fugitive Light, entertaining, quick read mostly predictable, but a few surprises included.

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    I love this series, but this book captured my heart inadvertently by the author s with the poem in the prologue It s from Songs of Travel by Robert Louis Stevenson If you watch the show Outlander, you will know the words..I love that show So the book was off to a very good start The main characters of the series, Kate and Charles, are always wonderful The people they meet and know each outing bring Victorian era history to life for me It s as much the enjoyment for me as is the mystery they are solving I think it must be fairly difficult to get the accents across to the reader each time, but I could absolutely hear the Scots folk speaking in my mind as I read the book Each time I read one from this series, I think it s my favorite This one might stay my favorite, not get ousted by the next one I read A neat twisting turn of historical license maybe, but I like the what if aspects each time, especially in this story I can definitely recommend this book, series and author s.

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    Charles and Kate are off to Glamis Castle on another secret mission for the King This time to locate the mysterious Lord Osbourne the supposedly late Prince Albert Victor who has gone missing from his exile in the remote Scottish Castle.I am all for using historical figures as a backdrop and the whole conspiracy theory aspect of Prince Eddie being alive and well and living in the home of the present Queen s mother is amusing This is a cosy crime of the cosiest kind and the authors are playing wild and loose with history, which is fun, but does need to be kept in mind in all fiction of this ilk.On a downside, there are many Americanisms that sneak into the narrative, which UK readers may find irksome and the Scottish accents of the local folk are on a par with the mockney tones of a certain Chimney sweep from a well known musical film This is the 9th in the series and though I read this with wry amusement and enjoyed it as a well enough written and quirky romp, I am not sure I will read any Perhaps, just as the series has slid out of its now inaccurate Victorian Mystery tag , so the exploits of Charles and Kate may have reached their natural end.

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    Always a favorite author and series, my 2nd times reading this one The author s note always explains that some of these scenarios are, of course, conspiracy theories This one about Prince Eddy who died young or did he is such a one.The mystery always flows well and the characters are enjoyable to me.

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    This series is becoming a bit too self referential for my taste, and the writing in this one was only so so Charles gets a serious backstory, which he really should have told Kate a long time ago, and Kate has a German nemesisbut she may have just prevented him from ever entering the British Isles again Where is the drama to come from in the rest of the series

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    I read this because I really like Susan Wittig Albert s China Bayles series and because I recently went to England While the story and characters are just ok, it is fun to explore spots in the UK that this series takes readers to.

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    I liked this.I know glamis castle quite well and enjoyed the Edwardian mystery Mus t begin reading this series.

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    First half of the book was VERY slow, but it picked up in the second half and was very enjoyable.

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