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    Oh boy Oh boy oh boy oh boy That s high ratings than I expected to see 0Okay well, let s see Number one this is mediocre at the very best There is nothing, and I do mean nothing, here that separates this story from the rest out there I don t like when authors urban fiction authors to be exact feel the need to explain their slang Who do they think is reading their books A nun An old white man who has never come closer to a black person than standing in line at the supermarket Newsflash to the authors your books are targeting an audience for a reason Believe it Now, different drugs are called different names in all parts of the world Hell, weed and heroin have about 20 different names each just here in little old Delaware I ve never heard heroin called O Wee and I wouldn t be surprised if I found Ervin made this up for no express purpose Doesn t matter though What did matter is that I didn t need dope in parenthesis to make sure I got it If you have to add an explanation for something into the story leave it the hell out It s better all around.The editing Wasn t the worst I ve seen, by a long shot, but it s surely is not properly edited I found numerous mistakes throughout the story like wandered for wondered , fly the coupe , etc That s just a pain in the ass to deal with Especially for someone like me who does read well edited books I shouldn t have to deal with this Take some pride in what you put out people I think it s real tacky to talk about yourself, your friends, your other books, their other books, etc in your own story Tacky, tacky, tacky and classless A shameless plug Put in an ad for it in the back if you want to do something Market some other way Don t make yourself look like this Girl, you been sleeping, it s this book out called Flip Side of the Game that s killing the game right now The author s name is Tu Shonda Whitaker There s also a book out called Every Thus Needs a Lady by Wahida Clark and one called Little Ghetto Girl by Danielle Santiago I mean The beginning of Chapter 19 is just plugs for friends And it s tacky If I was Whitaker, Clark, or Santiago I d be pissed I wouldn t even want mention like that My God Have some class Ervin, did they mention you in their books Hmmmm And, if they did, they need to take a class or two in tackiness themselves.

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    This was an awesome book It s about a young girl from St Louis, Missouri who falls off track when meets a guy She starts off as an all A student, who values friends and success However, when she meets Tyriek James, a local hoodlum, she begins to neglect her schoolwork and her friends At first, they are in love and everything is great until Tyriek decides he doesn t want her any It s great I would recommend this book to everyone

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    Synopsis In this book Chyna is raised by her grandma and she feels as if her grandma is the only one who cares about her In her early teenage life her grandma dies and Chyna has to go live with her mom,that she never did get along with She goes through many ups and downs and learns lessons that will help out later on in life Classification This book is targeted on teenagers and adults because the things the charaters go through only are realted to adults and teenagers It wouldnt be appropriate for kids because they wouldnt really understand whats going on.Teenagers would probrably be the best because the main charater is a teenager and she goes thrrough most things other teenagers do.Criticsim This book is good literature I like how the story seems realistic and makes you feel like you know the characters or been in there situation Some of the things in the book dont really connect to the story and shouldnt be in there.

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    This book right here reminded me a bit of myself when you first start dating there is always that one guy that has you that way Your First Love, no matter how you try to justify the situations he puts you in you just can t seem to let go of something you tried so hard to work on You feel as though you could not have been through all of this drama for no reason and it has to mean that you guys are meant to be In some cases that might be it but in most cases they are lessons for you to grow and mature as a person I loved reading this book because it took me back to when I was in high school and the things that Chyna went through was real shit I m glad that she had her Friends and family s help in the end Very Good read

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    This was a good urban book The synopsis definitely tells you NOTHING about the book but it s nice to have some mystery The first chapter had me drawn Chyna is definitely a wild child I m not sure I m going to continue with the series This is one of those books that I think would be better as a stand alone novel.

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    Urban novelThe book was just o.k Wasn t realistic although it had some good moments Don t like the girl was so young, I really couldn t get into it I just kept thinking that this was a child, so unbelievable

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    Love the story and the characters Chyna went through alot but some of the things that happened was her fault I hope her relationship with Tyriek work out time will tell I think Jaylen was her true love

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    This Book was one of those books non stop page turner so relatable so believable so real its filled up downs heartbreak love lost I highly recommend

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    Great read Started off with the first wives club and so now I have to back track but I m enjoying it Can t wait to start on the rest of the characters.

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    Siobhan Good book glad that Chyna woke up and realized she needed to do better for her and her daughter Her Tyreik were a toxic couple

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