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About the Author: Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis is is a rock journalist and biographer, having written numerous bestsellers on rock bands, including the smash hit Hammer of the Gods He lives in Boston Librarians note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.

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    Ah a aaaahhhhHAAAA Ah a aaaahhhhHAAAAAA It s been a long time since I read this bookIt s been a long time, but let s have a lookWhat a whole lotta love Davis has for Zeppelin What a whole lotta love Here s a fanboy who s sure all that glitters is goldAnd he s written the band into heavenAnd if you said you were a Led headOh what fun this book would beMe, I m gonna ramble onI m gonna find a new read to quench my greedRamble on

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    I ve heard it said that rock n roll ain t pretty.I never it expected it to be quite so repugnant, however Read this book if you want information than anybody needs about what goes on when young adults are allowed to have no limits absolutely.I d have to blame most of the raucous behavior on the road manager, Richard Cole, and the band s manager, Peter Grant I d only been a casual fan of Led Zeppelin collected all their cds but preferred my 70 s hard rock a bit Purple or Black , so I had not previously heard of either of these guys Between the two of them, they basically set the musicians of Zeppelin as idiot kings, able to satisfy every whim and never worry about consequences Not a good recipe.I d read a similar account in the Alice Cooper book Billion Dollar Baby Their manager, Shep Gordon, used this tactic to vault the band to stardom If you act like stars, and are treated like stars, then the confidence you gain might actually make it true In Alice Cooper s case, it was also to the eventual detriment to the band Only Alice himself a true sheep in wolves clothing was able to get past these excesses, although his battles with alcoholism were not minor What price, fame And in Led Zeppelin s case, you can read in this book how things fell apart Jimmy Page starts out as quite a nice young man, wise with session experience and seemingly smart enough not to get spaced out like the elder Yardbirds he had joined In fact, it s his vision that helped allow Zeppelin to craft such superior quality music.But you ll find out too many disappointing things about Jimmy as you read the book to its end.Robert Plant comes across as a pretty nice guy He goes wild at first but does seem to rein things in a bit as time goes on.John Paul Jones may be the only one to retain his good sense throughout the band s tenure Not coincidentally, the book speaks at length about the distance he kept from the band He was not one to spend his time with the carousing crew like Bonzo.And Bonham what can be said Described as a nice guy with a heart of gold when he s sober, he s probably the kind of guy who would have troubles fitting in due to his temper and love of drink in an ordinary life But with Richard Cole and Peter Grant around to keep encouraging the worst sort of behavior, and also to help him avoid any serious consequences, it s no surprise that he eventually met with tragedy.But enough with the excesses of rock n roll Being only a casual fan, I did learn quite a bit about the band in the early days of recording rock groups, the producer would bring in the group of choice Often he d have a song picked out for them If some of the musicians couldn t play their parts quickly enough, a session musician would immediately step in to finish the track That s how Jimmy Page pre Led Zeppelin got such great experience It s also the way that Ritchie Black got his start before Deep Purple, but that s another story Jimmy s first real group was the Yardbirds, but he joined at their zenith They fell apart, leaving him the name In fact, the first set of shows that Led Zeppelin did was under the name The New Yardbirds image error

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    this was really a crappy book i give it two stars because of the interesting but lifeless information it gave me facts they had a lot of groupies they fucked some girl with a shark they caught fishing out the hotel window they did cocaine, then heroin bonham bought a lot of cars but couldn t drive jimmy had a 14 year old girlfriend he kept locked in his hotel room robert plant s dog s name was strider john paul jones played bass some other shit most of it interesting some not.but no insight into any of the guys in the band at all i don t even think the guy who wrote the book ever even talked to them most of it seemed to be info from the manager and tour manager this happened, then this, then we went here, there were girls, we fucked them with fishes, etc.and john bonham was a DICK and i was glad when he died true fact of course then the band broke up, because you need the insane violent drunk asshole to hold the band together by making everybody else bond with each other to deal with him while he s assaulting people and trying to rape female reporters and stewardesses he s gone, suddenly there s no shared sense of purpose and everyone wanders off to do heroin and make shitty albums with david coverdale.

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    This book is disappointing, which is odd because the story it tells should be so interesting Unfortunately, the author simply doesn t write very well.The story reads like a list of events than a narrative, and to provide interest and emphasis his primary tool seems to be the use of italics.The redeeming quality of the book is that the author takes each studio album and breaks it down song by song, citing influences and inspirations behind the music.Otherwise, apart from the infamous shark incident which through his insipid writing he even manages to make sound dull this book doesn t have much to offer.I have to believe there are better Led Zeppelin books out there if anyone knows of any, please let me know Update Now there does exist a better Led Zeppelin book See my review of When Giants Walked the Earth.

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    Great band Actually THE greatest ever, in my opinion Not a great book I ve read it twice Just not written very well I d like to find a better bio on Zeppelin and read it, if I could actually part from romance erotica long enough

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    started 5 26 08finished 5 29 08First of all, no rock and roll book could possibly be any shocking then Motley Crue s The Dirt lol Hammer of the Gods is a must read for any Zep fan, really A classic book about a classic band It is completely up to date, until 2007 that s only last year people P I really enjoyed it, I always wanted to know what was coming next and I just about cried when it reached 1980 and it was time to say goodbye to Bonzo Maybe because I love the band so I m emotionally attached anyway I loved getting to know Jimmy and Robert and co , insight into their personalities and lives Highly recommended for Zep fans and rock and roll fans in general A must read Also, I d like to note, that I read this book exactly forty years after the inception of the band 1968 2008 Sweet.

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    Sex, drugs and rock n roll These guys invented it Yeah, baby.

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    Cigarettes with batteries in them Beer with no alcohol in it Backstage passes to spiritual gurus, therapists, personal trainers, and dietary consultants instead of groupies and dope peddlers Trading Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort for super grande venti machiatto double skim, light foam, extra hot soy latte frappes Come back, Keith Moon Wake up, Johnny Thunders Save us, Chuck Berry The man bun, coffee swilling, smart phone worshipping, skinny jeansification of rock and roll is in full swing I ll be the first to admit that Led Zeppelin found stardom through a rough combination of dues paying and genuine talent, not custody battles, smoke, mirrors, and wardrobe malfunctions, but I could never muster up the gusto read spray painting Led Zep all over the walls of our high school, scouring the library shelves for anything by J.R.R Tolkien, and performing stoned satanic rituals out in the woods most of my pot addled classmates had for them as I could for say, The Who, in their prime perhaps the greatest band to ever draw air I always considered Zep s back catalog sort of patchy There, I ve said it For every unrelenting Godzilla stomp, guitar ramalama, hobbit squashing funk riff Jimmy Page came up with Misty Mountain Hop, Black Dog, or Trampled Underfoot, anyone , there was a Christ my hair just turned white slogfest like No Quarter, Since I ve Been Loving You, or The Rain Song waiting just around the corner to darken your doorway like a Biblical curse.Based on the show I caught at Olympia Stadium in Detroit when the band touched down on their Houses of the Holy tour in 1973, they weren t much to write home about live either Maybe they just had an off night Everything seemed just a hair out of sync and Page was paler than the half eaten guy from Jaws who floats out of the boat and scares Richard Dreyfuss in the scuba diving scene Houses of the Holy was never my favorite album anyway but the band went down in flames pretty spectacularly trying to recreate some of their studio trickery out on the boards Let s just forget D yer Mak er ever happened, deal Despite my constant petty grousing, there is no arguing they conquered the world several times over during the 70 s and beyond, in no small part to Stairway to Heaven being played what seemed like once every hour on local FM crotch rock motherships from Boise to Boston I d rather hunker down in front of a PBS special about the potato famine than hear it again but that s just me Your results may vary Don t even get me started on The Song Remains the Same Although it s hard to separate much of what passes for fact here from myth even with a crowbar it s nearly untouchable when it comes to tawdry, lurid, cheap thrills, everything from rud Faustian bargains with Lucifer to groupie, baked bean, marine life, cocaine, and heroin abuse to manager Peter Grant and tour manager Richard Cole stopping just short of doling out the same helping of bullets parmigiana that Michael Corleone gave Solazzo and McCluskey in The Godfather to protect the band s best and sometimes worst interests Along the way, the timid, effeminate Page uses Cole as his wingman to procure trysts with obscenely underage girls, John Bonham punches his own ticket with 40 shots of vodka, Robert Plant harbors a fetish for women s clothing, and invisible man John Paul Jones somehow manages to stay above the fray and below the radar, sleepwalking through it all In Detroit, the band steps around a homicide unit still swabbing the carpet in their hotel lobby for blood evidence and in London a loud mouthed, bleach spiked Billy Idol, speaking on behalf of the Year Zero brigade, heckles the dinosaurs with obscenities, taunts, and general verbal abuse, prompting Bonham to ask, Who was that guy The theft of a few hundred grand in cash from a New York hotel safe, Plant s automobile crack up, and the deaths of his son and Bonham start rumors swirling about a dark cloud of negative energy read curse hanging over the band but it was all moot by the time Bonham checked into the Wooden Waldorf, Led Zeppelin realizing that soldiering on without him was pointless Although had they considered it, Bonham s son Jason might have been a good fit on the drum stool but there was just one problem the kid was only 14 at the time.Thirty seven years on at the time of this writing, as we re still adjusting to a kinder, gentler, fuzzier, and warmer music biz but infinitely fucked up in most other regards Hammer of the Gods will still leave you feeling unclean for having read it Worth tracking down.

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    Hammer of the Gods is missing historical context I realize Davis was writing about four people and could not cover them all as profoundly as he could have, but despite the actual writing, I think in 1985 he was lacking both the historical perspective and the maturity to be able to give Zeppelin its full due.Despite the selling one s soul to the devil bit, which is merely a catchy framing device, he starts out well, chronicling Jimmy Page s early musical growth and subsequent session work, understanding that it was a laboratory for his development and his output with the Yardbirds This portion was fascinating and gave real insight into Page s vision as well as documenting the intelligent business decisions and transactions he and his manager made, which transformed Rock and the way performers were remunerated.However, the other three members of the band and their early development are merely glossed over Jones is given credit as a solid supporting player Bonham and Plant are depicted as yokels who had the extreme good fortune to be picked up by Page.1985 was perhaps too soon to understand the social impact of the 1970 s and so Davis makes the band seem particularly narcissistic as the story moves away from their creative process and musicianship and devolves into a series of debaucheries Though he is careful to document the antics of the roadies and managers and separate those incidents from the bands actual transgressions, he fails to put those events into context In fact, the seventies were a time of great excess all around the sexual revolution was gaining momentum, women s liberation was in its early days, the the social movements of the 60s had gone underground and morphed into all sorts of self exploration including those featuring the occult and transcendence.Again, though Davis details the recording sessions from a technical perspective, there is no insight into the band s creative process, aside from that of Stairway to Heaven and this is where the lack of first person interview really comes into play Some pages are spent on the marketing of the band to a mass audience, but there is little analysis why the band was despised by rock journalists who adored the Stones, and older fans who worshiped Hendrix and Cream, for example Poor lyrics are suggested as the reason, but listening to Zeppelin s powerful sound forty years later, I think a deeper analysis of the social and historical zeitgeist is merited Though Zeppelin didn t reach a mass audience until 1973 4, they did arrive in L.A in 1969 so it is inconceivable that the mature audience had already moved on As an afterthought, although Plant, Page and Jones were exceptionally good looking, they never exploited that fact in their marketing like the Beatles, Stones, Morrison and others did which might account for their lack of social prestige and lack of interest from the art crowd and that their appeal remained predominately limited to a younger male audience, which was concentrated on the sound and the intensity of the performances.Personally I was impressed with the professionalism and integrity of the band in relation to performing for its fans There is no gross self indulgence on stage aside from long solos members made it a point of showing up under the most adverse conditions and giving it their all I don t know about you, but I have to take a nap after working out or doing a bunch of errands so I can t imagine the kind of stamina it would take to not only tour but to perform night after night raising the kind of energy necessary to whip up the audience to a certain level.Maybe I am overthinking this and should just uncork the champagne and turn up the volume, but I would like to see a do over by the author and a serious analysis of Zeppelin with less concentration on bedroom antics and on the music.

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    I read this book because it s one of the only books that my husband has ever read than once I wanted to see what was so great about it, so off I went.First off, this book is not for me In my view, this is a zero star book Smack headed pedophiles, angry violent drunks, and dudes who marry a women, have kids with her, divorce her, then marry her sister and have kids with her also, don t really do it for me Seriously those kids are siblings AND cousins WTF Not only did my husband love this book and read it multiple times, he wrote an entertaining book report about it way back in 1990, when he was a wee lad of 13 He rated the book excellent , so I ve gone ahead and given it three stars that s a nice balance between his five star rating and my zero star rating.Because it is highly entertaining, here is my husband s book report, verbatim and sic Hammer of the Gods, the Led Zeppelin Saga Rating Excellent March 12, 1990 Led Zeppelin was a rock group of the late 60s, all of the 70s and the early 80s the band consisted of four members, Robert Plant, who was the lead vocals, Jimmy Page, electric guitar, John Bonham, drums and John Baldwin, alias John Paul Jones, bass and keyboard The group started in 1968 when they recorded their first album called Led Zeppelin It only cost 1,750 pounds to produce, but grossed over 7 million by 1975 Their second Album named Led Zeppelin II was recorded the following year It was Attacked by critics, but the kids loved it It sold 800,000 copies in forty weeks Led Zeppelin s Third albumyou guessed it Led Zeppelin III was also critisized heavily but the common people thought it was great When they put their fourth album out Led Zeppelin IV in 1971 the assault from the critics was quite slight In 1972 and 1973 they went on a world tour while writing the lyrics to and recording the next album Houses of the Holy They put the album out after the tour and it went platinum They took some time off after that Their next album, made in 1975 called Physical Graphitti was also a smash hit album By 1976 they started to loose some of the sparks they had in the last 7 years They put out an album named Prescence which not many people liked and neither did the critics They were also drug addicts or Alcoholics by then Led Zeppelin had split up for a little less than two years and Roberts son, Karac Plant had died from a respirritory disease Elvis Presley had died too who was a good friend of the bands In 1979 the band got back together to make another album called In through the Out Door It did fair on the charts and the critics didn t like it that much They released it in 1980 One night in 1981, John Bonham got really drunk and passed out They laided him down at the Hotel he was staying at and the next morning he was dead The group put out one last album named Coda from songs never put on the other albums It was put out in 1982 and the group split up Each member going solo Robert was the most successful.Hedonistic Devotion to pleasure.Gendarme A French National Policeman.Truncheon A short stick carried by Policemen.Troth good faithTherme A unit of heat equal toUmbrage OffenseFracas noisy quarrelWrangle to dispute AngrilySpiel to say at lengthTumescent swollenRobert Plant Was a tall, slender, young man with blonde hair, blue eyes and had quite light skin He wasn t emotional or shy, he was quite strong and had an average endurance.How many children did each group member have Robert Plant had three kids, one girl, two boys One of the boys died John Baldwin had three girls John Bonham had one son who has his own band now.

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