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The Cartel files The Cartel, read online The Cartel, free The Cartel, free The Cartel, The Cartel 7c8cd18c2 The Port Of Miami Brings In Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Cocaine Every Year, And The Cartel Controls Eighty Percent Of It The Diamond Family Is A Force To Be Reckoned With, But All Hell Breaks Loose When They Lose Their Leader The Most Ruthless Gangster Miami Has Ever Seen, Carter Diamond Leaves Behind A Wife, Twin Sons, A Daughter, And A Secret The Secret Is His Illegitimate Son, Carter Jones When Young Carter Learns Of His Father S Death, He Comes To Town And Is Introduced To The Legacy Of The Cartel Miamor Is A Woman Who Uses Her Beauty To Enhance Her Skill As A Contract Killer She Is The Leader Of The Murder Mamas When Her Crew Is Hired To Take Down The Cartel, They Get Caught Slipping, And Miamor Loses Her Sister In The Process She Is Determined To Get Revenge From The Cartel Unknowingly, She Meets The Son Of Carter Diamond, And He Immediately Catches Her Heart She Is Sleeping With The Enemy, And When She Finds Out, She Is Torn Between Love And Revenge Young Carter And Miamor Lead Two Different Lifestyles They Are On Opposing Teams, And When Their Worlds Collide, The Truth Will Be Unveiled In An Unpredictable Ending

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    I read this book because my students were so into the series, but I had to force myself to finish it Reading it made me anxious and a little bit upset.The story deals with the struggle for power between fictional modern day crime families There is non stop action between what I would call the action scenes bullets fly , the sex scenes graphic , and the money scenes Carter stood up smoothly and put his hands in his 400 Armani slacks Ultimately, I think the reason I had such a strong reaction to this book wasn t the sex or the violence, but the storytelling I don t see the artistry in the writing, maybe there is something I don t understand, and as a result, the book is a surprisingly painful read The world is governed by the iron fast rules of family loyalty and the pursuit of opulent wealth There is little to question, and little to invest in emotionally or intellectually Basically a non stop series of revenge killings and power grabs, to me this book never stopped to consider the question, Why Reading this book has raised for me the question of how far I can willingly extend my sympathy in the realm of literature, and I am going to make it a point to read books in this genre in the future, although right now that resolution is looking a lot like homework than it did before I started The Cartel What constitutes quality I am going to think about what I can be enthusiastic here And in the meantime, I m actually looking forward to going back and reading canonical fiction Perhaps this last revelation will be my cloud s silver lining I tried not to be two faced here, that is, to write a review that I wouldn t mind my own students reading It would make an excellent study in the use of plot in literature, I guess And I think that any book that can get my students interested in reading is probably a good thing After reading this book, I am going to have to seriously reconsider my presumed open mindedness as a reader.

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    Did not expect to like this book as much as I did, but I could not put it down..from the first chapter you are drawn into the luxurious, extravagant and dangerous life of Carter Diamond, a legendary ganglord in Miami and you are introduced to his family and then abruptly exposed to his death..And it takes off from there. the existing Diamond family of mother, twin boys and a sister are introduced to their half brother also named Carter who is a big man in his own right in Flint, Michigan As the drama unfolds chapter after chapter you fall into the lives of the family eventually forgiving the fact that the characters are not fully developed but instead recognize the realness about them..Allowing them the silliness, material fashion name dropping and creative liberties of hood fiction you can allow yourself to get deep in their drama and love it..The Diamond family starts to rebuild their life after the death of their patriarch and Carter moves to Miami in part to help them and on the other hand to get closer to the intriguing and beautiful Brooklyn bad girl Miamor The side story of Miamor and her crew of gangstresses the Murder Mamas was a little farfetched but definitely entertaining as they take assignments to murder men catching them unaware with charm and banging bodies..Miamor is contracted to pull a hit on one of the Diamond twins that goes wrong with her own older sister ending up a casualty Driven by money and a personal vendetta against the entire family she pledges to take them down, until she meets young Carter and falls quickly and deeply in love Figuring out whether to follow her head and murder the Diamond family or her heart and allow herself to love Carter is Miamor s dilemma..what to do roll with your friends or side with your new man There are many other side plots such as the surrounding circumstances of the death of one of the twins Monroe AKA Money, the downward spiral of the other twin Mecca, the budding relationship of Breeze Diamond and her bodyguard and the treachery of the New Cartel s newest member..all these are worth exploring and definitely warrant the second book as I definitely plan on continuing this entertaining trilogy..It is too seldom that I read this kind of novel and was pleasantly surprised by some of the depth, kinda puzzled and amused by the many gratituous sex scenes, and excited to find out what happens next..Diamonds are forever right

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    What can I say about The Cartel Its characters live in a world where it s uncool to speak without swearing, wrong to use words of than one syllable and unthinkable to speak in the English that grown ups use The men are muscle bound hunks and spend most of the time waving their weapons both kinds around for some reason all the women have gigantic asses.It s like a 12 year old has been told to rewrite Scarface in the style of Kidulthood with all the characters played by cartoon versions of the imaginary offspring of Snoop Dog and then ordered to remove anything that resembles a plot The book even ends mid scene I know it s part of a trilogy, but come on For the first few pages The Cartel was quite amusing, but the heavy handed Whassup style of writing soon began to grate which brings me to the one positive note like a filling at a good dentist, it was over mercifully quickly.Update as a footnote, I m now sampling the delights of Raymond Chandler s The Big Sleep It s a great example of how to use words to make the English language cool, unlike the misjudged attempt in The Cartel.

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    Soooo this book was freaking mind blowing The story was crazy I promise y all I didn t see half of the stuff coming that happened in this book The only reason why I couldn t find give it 5 Stars was because of the writing which didn t quite appeal to me in some aspects I got tired of people saying ma and stuff and the constant need to describe what labels the characters were wearing It became draining but other than that the plot was phenomenal I have never read anything like that and the cliff hanger at the end forced me to go on and order the next book I can definitely tell this is going to be a series that I m going to fly through I need to see what can be recovered from the shamble of a family that was left after the events in this book If you haven t read it yet definitely give it a try.

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    Man, I love this book I had this book sitting in my room for almost six months so I finally decided to check it out This is one of the best books I have read, they really need to make this into a movie Young Carter was my favorite character because the homie handled his business and came in and took care of the family even though he had just met them I think that Mecca was another one of my favorites because he reminded me of my big brother, but after, well I don t want to tell the story, so for those who read it can probably figure out where I was about to go, but I regained respect for him toward the end Overall, I loved all the characters The authors did a good job with this story Now I got to wait for part 2 and 3 to come in the mail Please check this story out if you haven t.

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    Good StoryEnjoyed this from beginning to end Mad at some of the deaths Bout to cop part two I m sure it will be just as good as this page turner.

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    Carter Diamond and syndicate, called the Cartel, rule Miami The drug king seems untouchable, until a rival Haitian syndicate manages to take him out At his funeral, his family is introduced to his estranged son Carter Jones The Cartel follows this crime family as it deals with the aftermath of Carter s death and some twisted love situations.With an intriguing story line, this book had some great potential For the most part, I liked the characters I liked the gun fights, and I loved the mob feel However, the actual writing is a huge disappointment Typos abound to the point where it becomes distracting I expect publish works to not repeatedly mix up to and too At some point, Carter magically appears from Michigan to drive Mecca s car in Miami for a paragraph The book could be redeemed by arguing that it reflects some issues of the African American psyche, but considering that the authors do not comment on any of those issues, I doubt they were intentional.All in all, it is not bad if you just want to read a quick and easy, ok organized crime story with little regard for writing or editing quality like I said, I liked the story line and the characters However, I will not be purchasing or likely reading the rest of the series Wikipedia and Good Reads summaries will do for me Sadly, this book is an example of why I am so frequently put off by urban fiction.

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    OMG There were very few things that were predictable but for the most part, there was so many twists and turns that made the majority of the plot unpredictable I did have a problem with the weird transitions between time periods and characters, for example, there was a time jump where Young Carter and the twins were on cool to neutral terms Well how did they get to that point in their relationship, what did Young Carter do earn the respect in the Twin s eyes especially Meeca he s the type to put up a fight, as you ll see in the book with his childlike attitude which those of you who ve read the book is dangerous for an adult with a gun showing many SIMP NI A character traits my least favorite character But all In all it s been a long time since a book made my eyes pop out.

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    2.5 starsThis book was everything I thought it would be By that I mean typical In my younger years when I first really got into reading, somewhere around middle high school, I loved urban street fiction At 29 years oldnot so much I say that because once you ve read one you ve read them all By looking at an average rating of 4.7 stars and all the good reviews I figured The Cartel would have been the exeption I was sadly disappointed It was all sex, drugs, and money to the point of overkill It seemed to lack an editor with all the typos and a couple contradictions What really bothered me is it seemed the authors promoted unsafe sex And the repeated use of the same words became annoying too And the plot line was annoyingly predictable.I will give them credit by saying it kept my interest Something to read after I exhaust myself from the likes of Morrison, Walker, and a list of motivational self help books and I m looking for something simple to read in between books It was a pretty good book if all you are looking for in a novel is a pretty good book It s not thought provoking it s not stimulating No imagery, simile, or metaphors No beautiful language It s no Toni Morrison novel All you get is big butts, thick thighs, long hair, etc The authors seem really shallow as well They seem colorstruck imply being mixed with dominican and black or being light skin equates to beauty Also, everything has to be designer They can t just say she had on a red strapless dress with black shoes, it has to be a red Gucci dress, with black Fendi Manolos and a black Hermes bag They can t just get in their car No he has to put his Prada shades over his head while stepping into his black Benz Even the mother s pajamas were designer It s like we get it they are hood rich All throughout the whole entire book I felt like I was reading a designer magazine it was actually annoying SPOILER ALERT FROM HERE I also don t think it has enough character development at the beginning to allow the reader to really care about the characters For instance, the Dad died too quickly The prologue was awkward considering three chapters later it picked up at the prologue which, to me, means the prologue was unnecessary They didn t allow us to get to know the father but I think we were supposed to care about him I didn t care when Miamor nearly died at the end because her story wasn t well developed, nor did I care when the mom died I didn t care when anyone died The only character who I liked was Young Carter Actually I may have had a baby crush on him but that s another story lol I haven t had a crush on a character since Midnight in The Coldest Winter Ever Also, I thought it was too much killing in this story Most of it unnecessary And way too much sex for me Especially considering all the sex scenes were extremely long and drawn out, yet exactly the same as the last sex scene The authors aren t very creative And a lot of the story line didn t make since it was just ok But considering Ashley and JaQuavis are so young perhaps they have time to grow in writing.

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    It s hard for me to rate this book It took me forever to read it because I felt like it s the same ole hood story that I ve read over and over again It had action, I can t take that away from the book but I dont know something was left to be desired I m giving it 4 stars because the action was interesting but all the drama in between all the deaths just seemed like overkill to me I couldnt sympathize with Miamor s plight because she created the mess in the first place Quite a bit of all the horribleness that happened was her fault and I can t get behind a character who refuses to own up to her mistakes Had she not been trying to kill people in The Cartel in the first place, no one would have offed her loved one Did she truly expect to try to kill someone and they not retaliate That s stupid And it s business, it s not personal Any person apart of organized crime knows this She messed with too many people s lives trying to get revenge for something she set into motion And the fact that she never realizes this in the book makes me feel like there is no pay off I m not really interested in the next book or the third for that matter I can pretty much predict what s going to happen Obviously Carter is going to be pretty angry at Mecca and the drama will start there Zyir will probably spend his time trying to get Breeze back and then a war with Ma tee will ensue So hmm no dont really need to read the next two books I am interested, however, how this will play out if they make this book into a movie, which I hear they may do.Also, I may be slightly interested in what may happen with Leena and her baby along with Polo.Final rating 4 Stars

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