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  • Hardcover
  • 390 pages
  • Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?
  • Steven Tyler
  • English
  • 25 March 2018
  • 9780061767890

10 thoughts on “Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?

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    I m not really sure what most of the reviewers readers of this book expected They are complaining about the adolescent, egotistical, drug abusing, sex indulgent lifestyle of a rock star This was what I already knew about Steven Tyler and that description pretty much fits any other hard rocking successful star from his era or any other era He is hormonally driven He is an addict He is convinced of his own rock star immortality I think that a large part of his success comes from being all of those things I don t believe you can get up in front of thousands of people and not be convinced you are one of the best at what you do Maybe people reading this biography were looking for humbleness or haha maturity from a 63 year old rock warrior He walked the walk He was lucky to survive it He is aware than anyone of his own faults Despite hisimperfections he does realize that he has value and can still contribute music He is honest, revealing aspects of his life that many people would have felt much comfortable leaving in the deep woods where they could never be found again His deviant lifestyle left many readers aghast Unfortunately I believe that a lot of people are picking up this autobiography because they enjoyed Steven s quirky behavior on American Idol They are finding thorns and thistles than expected and finding it all a bit unsavory I enjoyed this book I laughed out loud I cringed At times I felt sorry for him because life was treating him too harshly At other times I felt he needed to suffer The book is written in his voice I could almost believe that I was sitting down with Steven Tyler over drinks and a cornucopia of pharmaceuticals The whole time I m encouraging him to tell me , and , and His mind skitters around much as you would expect it to He is a unique individual and makes people feel uncomfortable We need him to be this way I don t want his life I m not sure I would survive even a week of walking around in Steven Tyler s shoes I don t want his feet either shudder He works hard and plays hard He enjoys the rewards and suffers the consequences Overall a great ride through a life that few have the opportunity to experience.

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    Dear Steven Tyler The noise in your head doesn t bother me so much, I get a lot of noise in my own head so I can relate, to a degree, but the words in your book really bothered me A lot Because the words in your book are a poorly put together bunch of sentences and nonsensical tripe Way worse than almost any noise Except for maybe that noise Jim Carey makes in Dumb Dumber when they are having that most irritating noise contest Your anecdotes aren t even funny or entertaining Also you sound a bit whiny Did you know that I mean, look, those who know even a bit about Aerosmith know about the drugs and the girls and the antagonistic relationship you and Joe Perry share So, none of this is new s It felt like, in reading, someone doth protest too much Seriously This book could have been 100 pages shorter if the repetition had been edited properly Usually, if someone is a dick or a jerk or an ass hat but they are aware of that aspect of their personality and are upfront about said trait, I can deal with them and even find them funny or appreciate their eccentricities For some reason, your upfrontness did not translate into me caring about your story or you I didn t expect that from reading your book I thought it would be a bit of fun, a brain cleanse for the end of the year SIGH Also I didn t count but totally should never have I encountered the word placenta used so often in situations having nothing to do with birth or pregnancy I do not think that words means what you think it means So that I am not a total cranky pantsI about this read, I do have to give you props for your apparent Bookishness The literary references were cool to find and I wouldn t have guessed that about you, Steven Tyler Still, I would offer a bit of advice that I know you won t listen to, or even read for that matter but it s fun to pretend a placenta get a dictionary, look it up and then use the word sparingly and in its appropriate context b quit whining no one likes to hear a person of wealth and privilege whine and complain c find a boxing club, take Joe Perry and then hammer the hell out of each other in the ring for a while, The two of you really need to punch each other and I would say it is really time to get that shit out of your systems.d photos of nearly naked 60 year old men are never a good idea EVER I don t care who you are.e you should find something fun to do FUN Have some Preferably with laughter Antics equal not fun.I think that s it There might be but, frankly, reading your book made me tired.Best,Jennifer

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    Steven said it best, like most rock stars I suffer from Terminal Adolescence And I felt like I was reading the diary of a 13 year old His story has become cliche sex, drugs, and a little bit of rock n roll.There s no revelation here No deep insight into him, his songs, or the band In fact, you could probably guess and come close to writing the book yourself, but it d probably be better written and less juvenile and vulgar.

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    Opening line Life is short Break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that makes you smile Reading about rock stars and their insane lives of excess is one of my guilty pleasures I find the rise to success intriguing and then there are always the drugs, the girls, the inevitable rehab, rehab and the stories behind the story You know, how a song originated, what the lyrics really mean, why he fell off the stage Then there s also the feuds with band mates, personal relationships and dirty little secrets of other stars they party with Steven Tyler s bio is no different, all the goods are here, and he doesn t hold anything back understatement the only thing is in order to get to the goods you have to wade through utter randomness to find them Yes Steve the noise is your head does bother me because most of the time I can t keep up with what you re talking about This is written exactly how Tyler talks and sings with a what will he say next, conversationally feel to it And while its fun it s also bizarre, crazy and at times difficult to follow Jumping all over the place without a logical timeline and obscure song lyrics and poems thrown in whenever he feels like it He wants to sniff J.Lo, he s doing lines on tour, he s driving around in a yellow convertible with some hot babe, suddenly he s back in school, he s married, he s in rehab, it s all Joe Perry s fault, this is what black tastes like, I like to walk naked in my garden and talk to the fairies Page 90 I sat down at the drums and wrote the drum line for Walk This Way You want the story now or when we get to Toys in the Attic Hey, I never said this was gonna be a completely linear read How could it be Ha But we re on DRUMS so what the f Anyways maybe if I were a true Aerosmith fan I would have appreciated this , I don t know As it was though once I was able to turn the noise down there was a lot of interesting stuff here because at 63 and with 40 years in the business Steve has seen and done it all with everyone As expected theres a ton of drug use here which actually gets kind of boring after a while I will admit though at being surprised when after 12 years of sobriety, a slew of health problems Hepatitis C, false brain tumour diagnosis, torn ACL, broken blood vessel in throat and all the problems with his twisted feet sent him spinning out of control with an addiction to post surgery pain meds and back for an 8th stint in rehab in 2009 He goes into great detail about his wardrobe and scarves which I m sure will interest some and although his brother Joe Perry s name is mentioned throughout we learn little about their ongoing love hate relationship We also hear about his wives 3 and counting , his children 4 and counting and how Aerosmith always came before his family I personally found the sections on song writing super interesting the process, what the lyrics mean or in his case don t because sometimes he just likes how the words feel on his tongue.With 32 pages of great photos fans will lick this up however I could only give it 3 stars because it took me ages to finish and at times drove me mad.

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    To be honest, I wasn t a fan of Steven Tyler or Aerosmith until I saw Steven on the Joe Rogan podcast I had always just assumed he was a douchebag But right then and there, not even a minute in, I realized how incredibly wrong I had been Steven Tyler is a fucking sweetheart of the first order, with an aura of sensuality and charisma around him like some holy light I watched the whole thing and immediately went on a mad quest to make up for lost time I listened to every Aerosmith song and found out everything I could about this beautiful unicorn of a man This book is like diving into the phosphorescent wonderland of Steven s mind, and I m so glad I took the plunge I am in love Me in smitten sloth form

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    As a huge Aerosmith fan, part of me worried this book would be self indulgent, clearing Steven s own name while sullying everyone else s Another part of me thought it would be all about his rock roll decadence, drug problems, women Walk The Way the band s autobiography , but focused solely on Steven I ll admit that part of me wanted that, to hear his side of the story and all the juicy gossip.I didn t get it.At first, I was disappointed The narrative was scattered a section on Steven s childhood veered off into discussing his own children There was no timeline.After a few pages, I was in I got it The stream of consciousness was originally distracting, but a polished narrative would have been so This book is Steven talking to the reader You can hear him, not the ghost writer, not an editor He addresses his music, his career, the drugs, the women, but it s so much This gives me a feel for who he is than any other autobiography I ve read about anyone else It s stream of consciousness, it s how he sees the world, it s what he thinks when he writes a song STEVEN TYLER, an aging but well preserved rock star moodily stares into space He s talking into a digital tape recorder, which he barely knows how to operate jokingly writing his movie script I think this is probably the most real autobiography I ve read Steven talked into a tape recorder the ghost writer, David Dalton, transcribed it, maybe edited and organized it slightly But I think Steven took it back, went through and made sure certain words were spelled phonetically so you could hear his voice, hear him burst into lyrics and rhymes, hear his signature scat, drag words out so you feel the weight of them Much of the book is like this it s very poetic, with rhymes and alliteration.If Stephen Davis had come in and smoothed everything out, polished the tales and lined them up in chronological order, it would have been another Walk This Way But what we have is Steven Tyler To sum it all up, I would have to say this book is Steven Tyler, as opposed to being about Steven Tyler If you want the stories from his life, read Walk This Way If you want to get inside his head, read this.A fun aside while the cover looks typical, make sure you take off the dust jacket and check out what s underneath shots of Steven in action like some sort of flipbook It s pretty much the best thing ever.QuotablesOn his life Sometimes it feels like all I m doing is rearranging the deck chairs on the fucking Titanic On women She could bend over backward my kinda girl and she had a flat head where I could rest my beer On Joe s amp volume He d play so loud, even Helen Keller could sing along On fame the media they re looking at me, and what they see is this Steven Tyler entity I began to think of myself in the third person So go on, make it up By now Steven Tyler is pretty much a fictional character anyway I read about him and I don t know who it is On lyrics People ask me all these questions about Dream On What does it mean What do you mean, What does it mean It means Dream On You figure it out You re the one listening to it make up your own meaning.

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    Actually, yes, yes it does This book reads like being cornered at a party by that one guy who s a little older than everyone else and obviously went to a party one day years ago and never quite made it back That guy who just goes on and on and just when you think you re following him, he veers and you can t make sense of him again He won t shut up and you can t get away from him That s how this book felt to me One of the worst rock memoirs I ve read.

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    One of rock music s most enigmatic free spirit characters, Steven Tyler is also an accomplished drummer and song writer This book chronicles the early days of his youth, his formative years, his union with Joe Perry, and the ultimate formation of Aerosmith As may be expected, Tyler diverges down various roads and goes on tangents when the mood hits him Still, this memoir is an entertaining read, especially if you are an Aerosmith fan.

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    Yes, I gave it five stars I loved this book Most people look at me as though I am crazy for having even bought it, much less read it, and no one thinks he has the brains to write a book and don t believe that he did so But he has a very powerful voice, and I don t mean a singing one.As someone who has created a public persona, Steven Tyler is a bit over the top But he is also Steven Tallarico a boy who grew up summers in Sunapee, N.H There is no doubt that the tie in of living in the same area adds to the charm of the book He admits he is who he is But he is much than who you think he is Much.I have seen him over the years, always acting a little goofy in restaurants, but I don t think he knows how to turn himself off when he is in public I would agree that he seemed out there, and many times probably was I can picture him climbing out of a Delorean one hot summer day in front of the ice cream stand dressed in leather and feather That isn t just an everyday occurrence and you do think WEIRDO I enjoyed it, and I hope that I bump into him at some point so I can tell him so

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    This book was a little better than merely okay which is the two star rating here at Goodreads I actually give this book two and a half stars Steven is a great front man and rock singer, but not much of a writer His voice and style are too much like the way he actually talks and after a while that makes for sordid reading I enjoyed the history of his band Aerosmith I ve been a fan since 1977 I also enjoyed his own history, the descriptions of how he developed his music, touring, bands he encountered, people he met, etc What got old as I read was 1 his excessive narcissism, 2 the talking narrative he constantly used, 3 his constant gloating about how many drugs he had done over the years as if other rock bands had not done those type of things and 4 his relentless whining about how so many people took advantage of him, and how his band was constantly after him for one thing or the other Really Seriously That all got a bit childish.I have read several autobiographies of other rock stars, and have quite a few to read this year In the mix, Steven s is about average If you enjoy Aerosmith s music and would like to know about the band and it s lead singer, then this book will give you some insight I m a huge fan of Aerosmith, and I love Steven Tyler he s an awesome singer and front man one of the best ever , but this book was not as good as I thought it might be.

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About the Author: Steven Tyler

Stephen Victor Tallarico, better known as Steven Tyler, is an American musician with Italian ancestry His grandfather was Giovanni Tallarico, born and raised in Nicotera, Calabria , songwriter and multi instrumentalist He is best known as the frontman and lead singer for the Boston based rock band Aerosmith.In the 1970s and early 1980s, Tyler was also known for his heavy drug and alcohol abuse,