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    Whoa whoa whoa..this book was a headbanger full of plot twists, betrayal, tragedy and page turning drama and I loved it, finished it in one day and had to immediately start on Book Three. I honestly have gained alot of respect for this genre and these authors, they really crafted an intriguing story and family with characters you will never forget..This story takes off exactly where the last one left off and tries to answer some questions that you have but leaves you in just enough suspense that you fiend for the last chapter in the Diamond family sagaIn this book you are reintroduced to Miamor and how and why she became a Murder Mama..this I suppose is the primary intention of the book to just introduce her gang and make you understand why she is so ruthless, coldhearted and why she fell so hard for Carter, the second one to touch her icy heart..You also meet Murder, the protective, confident and capable killer she named herself and her crew for and wonder what will happen with those two when they are reunited..There are also references to the most drawn out character, the insane Mecca but you never know how his twisted tale ends and if his terrible secret about his twin brother Monroe will ever be revealed..Breeze and Zyir and their young love story is also dealt with and you are heartbroken they will never have the opportunity to be together again in this book, or will they And finally you see a thug feel real love as Carter finds Miamor broken and bruised and mans up to take care of her, that is until she reveals who she really is..I loved the way I couldnt get enough of the story and had to know what was happening next, then couldnt believe it and had to reread it..The novel was truly addictive and real which is why the ending pages are such a shock..Literally I screamed aloud and was so infuriated at what happened but will not ruin it for anyone else just know you have to read this trilogy it is like that..highly recommened urban lit..

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    ______ Smh I was so excited to get my hands on this second book, and I m reading through, and I m like YES but then I get to the end and I m like WTFF Idk out of the two authors whose idea it was to do it that way, but it just did not work for me at all When they did flashbacks of Miamor and her sister s past, the music and fashion were all wrong during the supposed time or era they were writing the setting in I m a early 90 s baby, but I def knew for sure the songs, clothes, and other ideas mentioned did NOT come out during that time, it was hard trying to ignore the mistake Nothing was answered, non of the events really happened, I felt like it was fantasy filler until they got they sh t together and figure out how they really wanted to end the series Good thing I did not start reading the series until now, because all I have to do is go to the library and get the third book now to find out what s really going to happen To be honest, I feel like we were cheated I hope its a lot better, and really the only couple I m rooting for is Zyir and Breeze, because I just can t take it any lool

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    Yo good book 12 but 2 pissed me off at the end It was all a dream R u serious Carter the man tho Once I got to knw miamor I began to like her moRe n But mecca is a beast wit it Ruthless ass nigga He a favorite just cuz he don t give a fuck Can t wait to get 3 but it seems like i ll b reading 2 all over again So I guess matee bitch ass still alive wit breeze captive huh Oh and what ever happened to Polo He play a major part n 1 Why isn t he n 2 Hope he s n 3 Anyway, overall its a good read especially when murda n carter cum face to face But u only get four stars because its just a dream Oh n my favorite part is when mecca finally get at miamor and went out blazing wit a smile on his face That boy a beast wit his

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    Wow oh my goodness.this book literally had my ass shook Please keep in mind that this is second book in the Cartel series so you will find spoilers in my review belowPlotAfter finishing the first book in series, I was desperate to get my hands on the second book I needed to know whether Miamor was able to successfully survive what happened to her after Mecca and Fabien got a hold of her I was constantly surprised by what was occurring in this book especially in reference to poor Breeze Her story broke my heart over and over again What I loved the most about this story was the flashbacks where we get the opportunity to learn about Miamor s origins I knew that she had a rough upbringing however, I did not realize the magnitude of how rough her childhood was It explains why she became such a cold hearted killer Overall, the plot was fast paced and kept me turning the pages As a result, I ABSOLUTELY cannot wait to pick up the next book in the series The plot twist at the end had me blown I ve seen a few comments say that they did not like the way that the authors decided to end the book, but I thought it was unique and fantastic CharactersI really enjoyed the characters except for Mecca Mecca is impulsive and has no sense of how to conduct himself and causes problems than necessary for the family He is incredibly arrogant and it s extremely difficult for me to actually read any parts that are related to him He s actually the reason why I couldn t give this book 5 stars He had this obsession with Miamor which I can partially understand that crossed several lines After all, Mecca did kill his own brother Miamor and Murder were the most interesting characters in this book and I definitely can t wait to see what they have in store for me in the next book WritingThe writing didn t really improve from the last book however, I ve grown accustomed to it I could still do without all the ma references and the authors spelling out everything that Haitians say phonetically There was even a point in the book where a character who had an accent wrote a letter to someone in jail and everything that she said was spelled out phonetically which would lead readers to believe that she couldn t spell or write in English which didn t make any sense I know that the writing probably isn t going to improve, but the overall plot of the book does make up for it If you are interested in street lit then I would definitely recommend checking out this series.

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    Well, my hope that the writing would get better was in vain, because the same adjectives got used over and over again in this book as well Luxury, sophisticated, feminine, classy, someone please get these kids a thesaurus.There is something to be said about researching the time period you are choosing to set your book in This was supposed to be mid late 90 s early 2000s, but Drake was not out then It was jarring to read about labels, artists, fashion trends and cars that were not even out in the time the book is set to take place.The ending really pissed me off I felt ripped off It s almost as if it was thrown in at the last minute because they decided to go in a different direction with the characters.Still, I will read book 3 to see what happens next.

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    Feel free to entirely ignore this unresearched joke of a novel.

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    This book had me so mad at the end Really Overall, I really liked this book It was so intense but some things really didn t add up Now to think about it, should I really be mad then

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    This book went a deeper into the lives of MiAmor and the murder mamas I enjoyed reading about her background and everything that occurred to make her a stone cold killer If you re looking for a fairy tale this book definitely isn t it because no one was safe and the game showed that it had absolutely no loyalty I kind of liked the fact that the Cartel was not untouchable it made it just a little realistic Young Carter continued to be the MAN and I was even feeling Zyir but I still have no love for Mecca s crazy behind Overall I liked the flow of the story but I absolutely hated the ending My mouth is still wide open.4.5 stars BTW I hated the accents and found myself skipping over the dialogue.

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    Man this book was confusing, it had you all hype up in emotions and then Bam Great Read

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    Wow This book was good I listened to the audiobook Drama, betrayal, suspense, it s all there Gotta listen to book three to find out what REALLY happens next.

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