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To Live Is to Die: The Life and Death of Metallica's Cliff Burton pdf To Live Is to Die: The Life and Death of Metallica's Cliff Burton, ebook To Live Is to Die: The Life and Death of Metallica's Cliff Burton, epub To Live Is to Die: The Life and Death of Metallica's Cliff Burton, doc To Live Is to Die: The Life and Death of Metallica's Cliff Burton, e-pub To Live Is to Die: The Life and Death of Metallica's Cliff Burton, To Live Is to Die: The Life and Death of Metallica's Cliff Burton 02c8098b66d Metallica, The Seventh Biggest Recording Act In American History, Are Consummate Musicians But It Wasn T Always That Way A Significant Proportion Of Their Playing Expertise Was Acquired From A Pivotal Three Year Period In Their History To During Which Their Music, A Potent Variant Of Thrash Metal, Evolved From Garage Level To Sophisticated, Progressive Heights Thanks To The Teachings Of Their Bass Player, Cliff Burton The San Francisco Raised Burton, Born In , Pushed The Band To New Musical Levels With His Musical Training, Songwriting Ability And Phenomenal Bass Guitar Skills Across Three Albums Kill Em All , Ride The Lightning And Metallica S Undisputed Masterpiece, Master Of Puppets Burton S Awe Inspiring Playing, Derived From A Unique Blend Of Classical And Punk Approaches, Received Worldwide Recognition From Fans And Bass Players Alike He Was The First Heavy Metal Bassist Since Black Sabbath S Geezer Butler To Regard The Bass As A Lead Instrument, Delivering Intricate Live Solos Based On Classical Fugues And Even Laying Down A Solo Track On Metallica S Debut Album Cliff S Life Was Short But Influential His Death Was Sudden And Shocking At The Age Of Just , He Was Killed When Metallica S Tourbus Overturned On A Remote Swedish Mountain Road In The Early Hours Of September , For Reasons Which Have Still Not Been Ascertained He Was Crushed To Death After Being Thrown From His Bunk Through A Window The Driver, Who Has Never Been Identified, Told The Rest Of The Band That The Bus Had Hit Black Ice, Leading To The Accident Singer James Hetfield Refused To Believe Him And Has Often Spoken Publicly About His Doubts With Cliff S Death, Metallica S Most Critically Acclaimed Period Of Activity Ended They Went On To Record Huge Selling Albums, But By Their Own Admission Never Pushed The Creative Envelope As Radically As They Had Done In The First Four Years Of Their Career

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    Such a great character If you re a Metallica fan, this is mandatory for you The book reads really quick and nice, and this will make you like Cliff and Metallica even .

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    Just finished To Live Is to Die, and as one of the few books I ll be fortunate to finish all summer, I must say it proved quite entertaining Picked it up at Twist Shout on a whim, and didn t expect it to be nearly as engrossing as it was Metallica fans will already be well acquainted with the tragic ending on a lonely stretch of highway in Sweden, in August 1986 , but for those who want a glimpse into one of the man who gave the band its defining charisma during their heyday, definitely worth checking out.In his cruelly short life, Cliff Burton rewrote the book on what the bass guitar could be in a rock band, so it s fitting that a book has been written about him The brightest parts of this book are where Cliff s multi faceted personality, as a musician, a band member, and a person, come out Cliff is described, by many who knew him best, as one of a kind, yet wholly down to earth and easy to rlate in the best parts of the book, it s not difficult to imagine sitting in the same room with him, jamming at rehearsals, partying back stage, or talking about H.P Lovecraft in his parents San Francisco home.Author Joel McIver has published several renowned books about the history and classification of heavy metal, and this one was clearly a labor of love Exhaustively researched, To Live Is to Die offers excellent interviews from Cliff s bandmates, family members, his girlfriend Corrine, and countless other figures in the legendary bassist s life These interviews offer a very candid presentation of an exuberant personality, and an innovative playing style that made Cliff Burton s name synonymous with bass guitar genius McIver s best writing emerges when he lets Cliff s loved ones do the talking for him While the interviews are great, and make up the most memorable content of the book, McIver often veers into subjective, unwarranted summaries of Cliff s life or philosophy This is especially evident in the book s final chapter, Cliff s Legacy, in which the author plays a heavy hand speculating what Cliff would have contributed to the band had he lived to see middle age These sort of personal predictions cut away at the book, but are a reasonably subtle blemish on an otherwise fine biography.What McIver sacrifices in journalistic integrity, he certainly makes up for in deep analysis of Burton s playing and musical contributions to Metallica Each chapter is broken up by a series of months, or studio albums, and offers an appreciable attention to detail The chapters that cover the band s first three LPs each feature the kind of close up examination of Cliff s contributions to Metallica s sound These passages are written with musically adept readers in mind, but are simple enough for casual fans to digest as well Bass players in particular will appreciate the nitty gritty details that McIver picks out of Burton s playing style, narrowing in on interesting fills and licks that were his trademark It gave me a new appreciation not only for Cliff s playing, but record production, Metallica s arrangements, and bass guitar in general This coming from an avowed metalhead and music lover Call the book an eye opener.This book may be the epitome of a niche read , as it will likely appeal first to die hard metalheads, with open minded music lovers finding something to appreciate it would be a great gift for the Metallica maniac in your life It s over 250 page of sheer, adolescent headbanger worship, with little room for much else With that being said, To Live Is to Die is remarkably adept at painting a picture of a unique and exciting time in one band s career, and is no slouch at shedding some light to one of the most fascinating personalities that heavy metal has ever produced.

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    I m a huge Metallica fan, especially old Metallica, but lately I ve been disappointed by most rock biographies that wallow in sleeze and debauchery I m looking at you, Motley Crue s the Dirt or after the fact bios that try to support a thesis I m looking at you, Jim Morrison Life, Death, Legend by Stephen Davis But as a fan of both Metallica and the legendary bass playing of Cliff Burton, I decided to give this one a shot This was a fascinating read While Burton died at the tragically young age of 24, he left behind a volume of innovative bass playing that still resonates in the rock and metal scenes today While the story doesn t delve too deeply into Burton s life most of his friends described him as a private person who generally didn t indulge in the wild behavior that originally earned his band the nickname Alcoholica it did reveal many things that I didn t know Such as his reading habits I remember the first thing that attracted me to the then new Master of Puppets album in 1986 was the track The Thing That Should Not Be which paraphrases HP Lovecraft, whom I was literally reading at the time There was also the passage where replacement and current guitarist Kirk Hammett and Burton initially bond over their mutual love of Dungeons and Dragons books The other thing that attracted me was the analysis of Burton s bass playing Most rock bios tend to stay away from the musicianship side of the rock life style This book analyses Burton s style of playing from his bands Trauma and Metallica, and how he brought a level of musical knowledge to the band, constantly raising the bar for them and transforming what would have been a simple garage band to become stadium rock gods As a former bass player myself, I found these chapters engrossing and fascinating Nothing has made me want to pick up my bass again as these chapters Even the last few chapters that analyze Metallica s post Cliff years, his impact and influence on Metallica through And Justice For All and the Black Album, and his ongoing legacy on Metallica and the metal scene in general From other reviews, I was prepared to hate this section but I was facinated as they viewed Metallica s future through what we knew of Cliff Would the mellow Black Album have happened Most likely Would he have cut his hair and changed to a commercial hard rock Probably not But it added an additional layer to an already fascinating read So for metal fans, bass players and other Metallica fans, definitely check this out It is well worth it.

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    While it s great that McIver got to interview people very close to Cliff Burton ie, his parents, Trauma band members, girlfriend , this book is a padded, repetitive, and ultimately, wasted opportunity Yes, Cliff was a major influence on Metallica, a great guy, a fantastic bassist, and an open minded music fan, but does the reader need to be constantly reminded of this every few pages And worse, McIver sways between being a historian and a very vocal music critic, feeling the urge to over emphasize what he sees as the band s pluses and minuses Thanks, but I have my own opinions about Metallica, and I don t need someone else s to be rammed down my throat.

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    To Live Is To Die is not your typical biography and it s jarring sometimes to read because I ve read enough of these to know the formula The person we re reading about finds fame, life spirals out of control, and then after hitting bottom they rise from the ashes with a renewed purpose and sense of self McIver s book is a tribute to a man and his legacy that is still felt to this day While Cliff was only with us a short time his passing still affects us because he was so damn good, and his influence is still being felt by new generations of musicians It s hard to believe that we only had Cliff for three short years, but those years were pure magic This was a man who was loved by everyone who knew him, and the book is a celebration of a man who loved music and never allowed it to go to his head In a biography you expect moments of excess but Cliff s story isn t like anyone else s because he never felt like a rock star even when the band began to gain attention Cliff was just Cliff, a man everyone loved and respected As I read this, I began to see just how important he was not just as a musician, but as a person For fans of Metallica who loved those early albums this is a tribute to a man who helped change the landscape of metal You get a true sense of who he was, what he was like, but the only real tragedy is that he was taken away from us too soon There was great deal of sadness that I can t help but feel when I listen to Master Of Puppets because it would be the last time Cliff would ever appear on a Metallica album Who knows what he would have achieved if he had lived The first three Metallica albums were a landmark moment for metal and introduced us to a genius called Cliff Burton.

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    To druga, po biografii Slayera ksi ka tego autora, kt ra trafi a w moje r ce I znowu jedno wida od razu facet naprawd lubi ten rodzaj muzyki i bardzo, ale to bardzo chce o nim opowiada Nie znaczy to jednak, e jest w tym dobry, niestety.Jest to biografia, kt ra przez ani moment nie stara si nawet udawa obiektywnej Nie mam z tym problemu, je eli autor by jest totalnym fanem Burtona, jest oczywistym, e ca o b dzie napisana maksymalnie subiektywnie Gorzej, e autor nie tylko jest fanem, ale zdaje si by wr cz fanatykiem, i takie stawianie na piedestale zmar ego tragicznie przed laty muzyka mo e bardziej zaszkodzi , ni pom c Bo o ile trudno dyskutowa z rol Burtona w Metallice, tak podj cie si analizy co zrobi by dalej muzyk, gdyby y i jak potoczy a by si historia zespo u to lektura nawet nie enuj ca, co wr cz tragiczna A autor bez wahania przedstawia przer ne scenariusze, kt re wed ug niego mia y by miejsce No kurde, r ce opadaj.Jednak nim biografia robi si pozycj w dorobku autora kompromituj c , jest to ca kiem sprawnie napisana rzecz I nawet nie tyle ciekawe jest ycie muzyka, co dog bne analizy jego tw rczo ci Autor mocno skupia si na poszczeg lnych utworach zespo u, analizuj c co ciekawsze fragmenty co do sekundy, zwracaj c uwag czytelnika na momenty, kt re czasem mo na przegapi To czyta si nie le, podobnie jak o stosunku Burtona do samej muzyki, kt ry to stosunek zmieni odczucia ca ego zespo u, co zreszt doskonale s ycha w r nicy mi dzy Kill em All, albumu komponowanego w przewa aj cej wi kszo ci bez Cliffa a kolejnymi dwiema p ytami, jak e dojrzalszymi i o wiele bardziej skomplikowanymi.Podsumowuj c nawet najwi kszym fanom zespo u polecam t ksi k tylko w dobrej, promocyjnej cenie Wtedy warto.

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    After reading the Mustaine bio, Enter Night about Metallica and this book, there are some common themes WWCD What Would Cliff Do After Master of Puppets, Black Album, Load, etc., we don t know, Metallica doesn t know, Dave Mustaine doesn t know NO ONE KNOWS Leave it alone, move on, focus and celebrate Cliff for what he brought to Metallica and music overall One single truth is evident without Cliff coming to Metallica, there is no Ride the Lightning or Master of Puppets in the form we all listen to today I do agree with the author that Cliff not only changed Metallica to develop into the mammoth they would become, but also heavy music overall.

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    The book about Cliff Burton is a story of his impact on Metallica and people all around him during mostly 1983 and 1986, when in September 27th he died in bus accident in Sweden, while touring with Metallica s third masterpiece album Master of Puppets untold story of great musician interviews and comments of Mettalica s bandmembers and other famous musicians a piece of history of greatest metal band of all time author contradicts himself many times in the book author glorifes Cliff Burton all the time no criticism or different opinion author repeats himself many times

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    Make no mistake this book will further mythologize Mr Burton.Like an inane fan McIver will offer his look on what Metallica would have become if Burton would have survived which is totally uncalled for, not to mention preposterous.In essence he argues that Metallica would have turned out pretty much the same after Puppets if not even mellow because A Burton had a versatile taste in music as opposed to his band mates , B he had had professional musical training, and because C Burton was actually sometimes caught saying something anything to the press about this or that issue something he usually avoided for some reason or the other.Right Sounds like a fanboy to me.Yes, Burton took his music seriously Yes, he even OMG actually studied music Yes, he listened to than just NWOBHM He dug classical music, old school rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Ted Nugent, etc , and even early R.E.M The reader has to assume that James, Lars and Kirk merely listened to metal music because McIver is too indifferent to actually ask them to verify this I for one do not think that assessment to be entirely or at all valid But this is how mythologies are of course built.I feel strongly that latter days chroniclers like nothing better than to portray Cliff as larger than life figure even when most people who actually knew him and spend time with him would describe the man as being very much fun loving down to earth kinda guy who didn t take himself seriously at all, who just liked to play some loud music, smoke pot, drop some acid and drink beer with his buddies and of course read his books and romance the ladies.He was essentially a hippy who was or less into creepy or just weird stuff, death, horror, zombies, mythologies etc just like millions of teenaged guys the world over before and after him.I d like to draw parallels with Cliff and Dave Mustaine They were both self assertive guys if not adamant and or borderline obsessive, smarter than average, older than their age would imply, who both drew inspiration from variety of musical genres and last but not least who were both motivated if not down right driven to succeed in life.Cliff surely in part out of respect for his supportive family and for his deceased older brother in particular, and Dave because he was dealt crappy cards in life from the get go Mustaine had and probably will always have a life long trauma that requires him to constantly prove that he is worth something, too, that he can become someone important , as well.Dave found family in Metallica a band he essentially turned from just a daydream into a reality until he had nothing again except huge load of bitterness on his shoulders.The other guys in Metallica knowingly decided Mustaine s fate in the band days if not weeks before in full secrecy without giving him a proper chance to even try and mend his ways What s even worse is that they waited until the very last minute to sack him before his replacement would arrive in town If that s not a betrayal of epic proportions, I don t know what is Mustaine felt betrayed by the very same people he called his friends and whom he loved I would have felt exactly the same had I been in his shoes.This is the kind of a shame that James and Lars will eventually take to their graves I assume.I think the only real difference between Cliff and Dave would arise from their outer personalities Dave was always extroverted kinda guy or who probably just figured that by adopting this so called fuck off Mr Tough Guy attitude, people would likely leave him be.I believe that we all develop one or defense coping mechanisms in order to not feel as hurt and or to not be an easy target for others to begin with Some decide to use their fists Dave , others to use their tongues Dave, Lars, Cliff, James Many decide to use their legs Lars, James, Kirk , and most just try to become or less invisible Kirk, Jason But again most people probably tend to use what ever method or combination of methods they assume would best suit for any particular situation Some tend give it a thought, others tend to just react Chances are that if you happen to be intoxicated, you probably mainly react In vino veritas, as the Romans were fond of saying.Cliff on the other hand was most likely always a bit introverted kinda fella Maybe because he had such a luxury by being the youngest child, coming from a middle class, supportive family where kids were raised to be so called free spirits Dave never really even had a proper family and generally had or less chaotic upbringing and at times very religious indoctrination, something that James would probably have understood only too well if they ever spoke about it, and I m pretty sure they did if only when intoxicated.I think in the USA particularly people are quick to label an individual as either shy reserved quiet or loud people person happy go lucky I think it s almost never this clear cut case.Yet once again people tend to see Cliff as shy, James as shy, Hendrix as shy, Cobain as shy, Slash as shy, and yes, even Axl Rose as shy only to name a few well known rockers They are amazed to see how these same people positively come to life on stage as if someone had set them on fire They are puzzled why they really only seem sociable when they happen to be intoxicated on alcohol, drugs or live performance rush or all three.We used to call such folks manic depressive, now the politically correct term is bipolar We need to medicalize these people because we can t accept them as showing different aspects what it is to be, nay, feel human I tend to think that if a person doesn t feel strongly about most things in life, then s he s mostly not alive at all YMMV.In conclusion, Metallica had four guys who all wanted to lead James, Lars, Cliff and Dave in no specific order.Because I m a nice guy and because I want to believe that most of us are pretty decent folks, I d like to believe that Dave was let go because everyone kinda understood that he had the necessary attitude to make it happen for himself Both Lars and James were cocky but ultimately wimpy who might never have mustered enough courage to actually play professionally without Dave s and Cliff s contribution and dare I say it their stage presence and natural charisma.At least that s my interpretation, folks Just some food for thought I could be totally wrong though I rarely am.

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    My gosh that was BORING If you remove all Cliff was so awesome from here, there would be no book I mean, there s literally no interesting information whatsoever You re reading a very short Cliff s story unfortunately his life was very short indeed which is basically 10% of information and 90% of oh Cliff was sooo great , Oh Cliff was sooo unbelievable , Cliff has invented metal and Cliff has found the cure from cancer Sometimes you might think you re reading a little girl s secret diary Then the story ends and you see there are still 50% of the book left What the hell has the author written there Oh, you won t believe me 50% of the book is the short Metallica story with tones of speculations on How do you think would Cliff react to this and that Are you stupid These idiotic Would Cliff be against Load and Reload would be good yet still boring on a fan forum, but in a book Are you kidding me So yeah Don t waste your time on this one Very boring, very repetitive, very empty book.

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