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The Little Pot files The Little Pot, read online The Little Pot, free The Little Pot, free The Little Pot, The Little Pot a5abd41a6 Learn A Lot From A Little Pot How Do You Teach Young Children About The Value Of Patience And The Loving Omniscience Of Their Creator Introduce Them To The Little Pot, A Wise And Winsome Tale Soon After A Potter Lovingly Forms A New Pot And Declares That He Has Important Plans For His Creation, The Little Pot Begins To Wonder What Its Purpose Will Be Will It Be Used To Hold Important Documents Great Riches Beautiful Flowers As Various Expectations Prove Wrong, The Little Pot Is Cautioned To Wait And See Gradually, Little Pot Comes To Realize That Its Creator Knows Best And Has The Most Wonderful Of All Uses Planned For It Young Readers Will Realize That The Same Is True For Them That, Like The Little Pot, They Were Designed To Be Vessels That Bear Fruit Anyone Who Has Ever Had Trouble Seeing God Working In His Or Her Life Will Realize That, While His Work May Not Always Be Evident, It Is Always There The Author S Warm Illustrations Beautifully Enhance This Charming Allegory About Patience And Fulfillment A Valuable Teaching Tool For Parents And Educators, The Little Pot Is A Simple Yet Profound Story About Inevitable Reversals Its Timeless Message Will Be Enjoyed By Many Generations To Come

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    What a beautiful childrens book with a wonderful storyline teaching children a lesson many grown ups would do well to learn Beautifully illustrated, this story centers around a little pot that is continually being emptied, poured out, and refilled Great word picture for opening a child s mind to the concept of giving oneself away Children will identify with the feelings of loss each time the little pot is emptied and rejoice as it becomes filled again.A great story time book that can be read and reread again to help children learn to look beyond what they may loose and rejoice the hope of what God plans to fill them with.

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    Little Pot by Dawn Stephens Most humans wonder what their purpose in life is.Many do not look to God for their answer and might never find an answer on their own.In Dawn Stephen s, The Little Pot, Little Pot waits patiently for its creator to let it know its purpose This enthralling children s story shows its young readers that their purpose is in the loving and caring hands of God and they need not feat wht lay ahead for God s plan holds the best outcome This is a story for all ages.Dawn Stephens is a wonderful author and illustrator My four year old grandson, Luke eagerly listened to the whole story He loved that with each job Little Pot go made Little Pot and important Luke said, It was good that the Little Pot waited review by JD Holiday

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    The Little Pot by Dawn Stephens is a children s storybook that teaches a lesson in patience as Little Pot wonders and worries about what he will become.The story has several ups and downs to keep a child as well as the adult reader interested and wanting to know what will happen next The relationship between the potter and Little Pot is unmistakably parallel to the relationship between God and his children, yet the story does not preach The message can speak to both child and adults alike as we struggle to understand what our purpose in life must be.Children and adults will enjoy the colorful illustrations The pictures make me feel like I m in the room with the potter and can feel the texture of the unglazed pots Little Pot s playful expressions add a whimsical touch.I exchanged books with this author with the hope for book reviews as appropriate This book is easy to love and did not disappoint me in any way The review is freely given.

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    An ideal storytime read.

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