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    People love to turn certain types of outlaws into folk heroes Thieves and murderers are portrayed as varying versions of Robin Hood, and when they die, there are often stories about how they faked their deaths somehow Billy the Kid and John Dillinger were both rud to be alive long after they met their ends Jesse James was dug up and DNA testing done a century after he was killed to prove it was really him in the grave But what if there were famous outlaws who simply couldn t die Jason and Whit Fireson are brothers who lead the so called Firefly gang of bank robbers during the Great Depression The death of Dillinger has made them the top priority for J Edgar Hoover s fledgling Bureau of Investigation The book begins with their deaths Sort of.The Fireson brothers wake up in the morgue with fatal bullet wounds Confused and scared, they quickly escape and try to figure out what happened to them during their last day and how they managed to come back from the dead The police think that their bodies were stolen and Jason sees this a great opportunity to vanish forever with no one looking for them They need money to get away and they plan to pull a couple of bank jobs and then disappear with confusion about their reported deaths keeping a serious man hunt from being done But Jason s girlfriend has been kidnapped, and their uncertainty about how they died and returned is haunting them The title of the book should be a clue that the dying isn t over for the Fireson s yet.This was a unique idea for a story with an interesting structure It starts with their deaths and then uses flashbacks to tell the story of the Fireson family along with how Jason and Whit turned to bank robbery. I liked how the author didn t play along with the usual 30s era bank robber Robin Hood myth Whit has leftist radical tendencies and tries to think of the robberies as class warfare, but Jason doesn t allow himself such delusions He knows that they re just criminals.The book also does a nice job of showing the toll that this takes on the non criminal members of their family like their brother Weston, who has to try and hold onto his job even as the Bureau of Investigation is putting pressure on his employer There was also a lot of interesting detail about life during the Great Depression.Good book that put an interesting twist on the legend of the Depression era bank robbers.

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    Imagine being a bank robber in the Depression era Never mind right now what factors in life turned you to crime, you are a bank robber A famous one a hero to the poor people who have lost their jobs, a villain to the representatives of law and order As if there could be very much of that in these terrible years But then one day you wake up dead Well, you wake up after being shot dead You and your brother both And neither of you remembers how you died You just know that you have to get out of the police morgue you find yourself in, and you have to try to figure out what happened, because you have no memory of the actual dying This is how we first meet Jason Fireson and his brother Whit And other than the usual WTF moments they have during their first re awakening, the most puzzling question they had for each other was What are we going to tell Ma This was a great story from the opening scenes to the slow revealing of the family life and circumstances that led to these events, right up to the end where we all finally learn WHY I stayed up way too late last night to find that out but it was worth it I have read three Thomas Mullen titles now and will be eagerly watching for .

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    A very different kind of story featuring a couple of brothers who rob banks for money during the Depression era when the public vicariously thrill to the news stories of famous robbers succeeding until they don t As you might be able to tell from the book s title, the firefly brothers just can t stay dead Not a perfect book, sometimes meandering between stories causing bouts of confusion, but it is fun to read I will try other books by this author.This was a library loan.

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    The Many Deaths of the Firefly by Thomas Mullen is an amazing book It is one of those rare titles where everything works Starting with the outside, it has a deep red jacket with a fedora clad silhouette walking towards the reader its trench coat flapping slightly It has an intriguing title that makes you want to pick it up, and it is a hefty in size The book is about a pair of Dillinger esque bank robbers called the Firefly Brothers As you read Mullen s beautiful prose you settle into a non chronological account of two men caught up in there own story For this book is very much about story the stories in the newspapers, the stories they tell each other and the ones they don t , the history and mythology of the era, and even the stories they can t remember people need to tell there stories to place themselves somewhere solid in this great swirl MullenJason is the dapper one, as charmed as he is charming He didn t want any part of his father s store and the two strong men butted heads So, Jason took off to become a driver for a bootlegging operation Sure it was illegal, but wasn t Prohibition the real crime, seemed to be the thought process, besides he like the fast cars and the good clothes Two jail stints and his father s death, which haunts the book, escalated him bootlegger to bank robber He honestly hadn t wanted to get his brothers involved in what he did, but eventually he saw no choice, especially when it came to Wit.Wit, the youngest Fireson, is rougher around the edges then his brother and not nearly so vain He is on the path of anger fueled self destruction and Jason figures if he takes him along then at least he can attempt damage control Together they have adventures galore and the next big score is always right around the corner Jason tries not to think of the killing as his fault self defense or an over zealous conspirator He tries to reject the newspapers myth making and see himself as level headed.But, little of this do you find out right away See, Jason and his brother Wit are introduced to us waking up on cold metal slabs in a police morgue They d been killed and have the bullet holes to prove it They know who they are, but not how they got there The book bounces around in time telling you stories from various points of view Some are from past, many are from the present and the all stitch themselves together nicely Conjuring as if by magic, what it meant to live in that era, why people mythologies some criminals, and how these men found themselves in that life, even if they are not sure why they are alive She wanted to breathe the brothers back into life with their stories MullenBooks like this one enthrall me I listened to this one audio purchased from Audible.com even though I love the physical book The audio production is superb It is read by William Dufris whose voice I remembered from listening to a Richard K Morgan novel a while back He really breathes life into all the characters The author talks about the phoneme of someone speech or there geographically dialect and Dufris keeps pace with it all In the end The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers is a wonderful historical fiction that I m sure my co workers will get tired of me raving about It is the kind of wonderful that makes me afraid that any clumsiness in my review will turn somebody off to it, yet I can t just leave it at, A Must Read

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    The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers is set in the great depression and follows the immortal escapades of the Fireson brothers, Whit and Jason The tone of Firefly Brothers is fairly light, almost comical, and while the action is often gruesome and many of the events are heavy the overall feeling of the novel is kinda fluffy While the story is a good blend of the familiar clich s with a touch of originality one does feel like the story needs something Part one the first death of the Firefly brothers is mired in backstory and flashback, which is somewhat interesting but much of the history we are exposed to is too mundane and slows the pace of the story, considering we start off with the fascinating resurrection of the brothers but hardly address the issue until many many pages later And while the mystery of why the brothers are immortal is enough to propel the book forwards there is an extreme lack of good storyline beyond this Essentially the brothers continually get themselves into deadly situations until eventually lost memories surface that explain their predicament Memories which I ultimately found disappointing, while the supernatural explanation was sufficient the attempt at shocking backstory revelation, while logical and fitting, to be anticlimactic Attempts to spice up the story with a love interest kidnap might have been interesting if it was tied in with the brothers better, however it just felt like page filler while we wondered about the brother s immortality In the end The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers is a good book, and perhaps would have made or make a great movie, but doesn t quite reach the upper echelons of highly recommended.

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    More than anything, this booked skewed my views Characters that should have angered me, that I should felt righteous indignation towards, were instead viewed as dangerously dashing protagonists who were doing right by themselves, their families and their loved ones The characters that should have been applauded, who were just doing their jobs to keep the public safe, were instead vilified and set aside as incompetent, bumbling, misguided fools.Let me start with Thomas Mullen s writing To say it was evocative wouldn t be enough It went beyond seeing his images in my head It was like I was there, driving down the dusty roads with Jason and Whit, staring at the hopelessness of those around Weston, stewing in close quartered offices of the local police with Delaney I know a good author is supposed to do that with their writing, but there was something to Mullen s style It was descriptive, sure, but it was alsowell, charming, for lack of a better term And even that phrase is inadequate.So let me move on to the characters I didn t expect to like Jason or Whit, to be honest But, Mullen was able to transform my scorn into regard and wonder The lure of the crime, despite the whole it s immoral and wrong argument, dragged me further into the brothers world I fell for Jason So calm, so smart, so suave and so strong I felt less inclined towards Whit and Weston, but they do hold special places in my memory I loved Darcy s spunk, spontaneity, and grit I became engrossed by their lives I wanted them to succeed, I wanted them to survive, I wanted them to realize all their dreams, dammit I was so invested in their story and well being that by the time I hit The Second Death of the Firefly Brothers , my insides were screaming, NOOOOOO The only criticism I have is that there were a few predictable moments Like from the beginning, you re fairly certain of the identity of the snitch Then, though Mullen did an excellent job of building up the suspense of just what happened the night of the Fireson s first death, when it came to the Ah ha moment, it was just all too clear Maybe it was designed to be that way, though This reader spent the majority of the book creating, analyzing and dispensing with theories as to who did em in , and yet I never managed to conjure up the truthat least, not until it the exact moment that it was slowly dawning on the brothers So, maybe I can live with that one.There were so many thoughts that were in my head throughout the entire story I loved the small nuggets of history that were thrown in to lend a bit of background and color I enjoyed the background that Mullen created for each of the three main characters, as well I fell into those side stories, willing them to continue, and hoping it d give insight into what would happen at the end I was continually thinking, These guys are crazy thinking, They re doomed thinking, They re AWESOME And they really were All the swagger of being on the wrong side of the law aside, Jason and Whit were truly, spectacularly, awesome.Despite their flawed brotherly relationship, they managed to stick together, to grieve together Jason showed he truly cared for Darcy, and Whit sometimes showed his feelings for Veronica Throw in their feelings for their mother and Weston, and it made them whole Oh, and I must applaud the devious ending I was wondering, as I was reading it, where Mullen was going with the doings of Darcy s mind In truth, I was frightened by the unhinged Darcy that was creeping out towards the end The discussions in my mind went between shock that she was unraveling, to outrage at my shock I had to remind myself that Darcy s moods weren t so strange, especially after all she d been through I reminded myself that she had remained strong through it all, and that she was much stronger and smarter than I could ever hope to be I m mean to myself when I have these conversations And then, the ending that wasn t quite closure, but still somehow felt final I see now what he was doing, that sneaky author, and knowing that he was delivering a sort of choose your own adventure ending makes it all the entertaining For myself, I chose the only ending that would be worthy of the Fireson brothers, and I m fairly certain that I picked the best ending.

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    I would like to give this book five stars It s a great story with great characters and keeps you intrigued the whole story However, the main female character is set up to be strong and able to handle her own but she continually falls into the Damsel in Distress archetype She even finds new lows to bring the archetype to It really takes you out of the book and eventually makes you want to skip through her parts of the book.

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    Mullen s Public Enemy saga features the Fireson family Patriarch Pop is a hard working man, the owner of small grocery stores, and a man attempting to improve the lives of his family through real estate investments Bad business partners and the crash have taken care of those dreams Although Pop has attempted to instill his three sons with his Horatio Alger values, oldest son Jason has taken to bootlegging to bring in money He is his father s greatest disappointment Younger brothers Whit and Weston seem to be following in Pop s foot steps until Pop is charged with the murder of a business partner and convicted Upon Pop s untimely death in prison, Jason turns to bank robbing, a lucrative profession than bootlegging Against his best reasoning, Jason allows Whit to join his gang The Firesons soon become known as the Firefly Brothers because of their lightning fast robberies and getaways Younger brother Weston continues to attempt an honest profession However it is the proceeds of the Firefly Brothers exploits that support the family.It is no spoiler to state that Jason and Whit begin their tale by waking from the dead following an incident they cannot remember Both have been shot They lie on cooling boards in a morgue in a small Indiana town As though their earlier exploits were not enough to raise them to mythic status, their continued appearances following the reports of their deaths certainly do.John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker are all dead However, the Firefly Brothers continue to capture the imagination of victims of the economic plight of the great depression Torching mortgages in the banks they rob, giving food to the homeless in Hoovervilles across the country may seem to make them heroes However, the Firefly Brothers will not hesitate to kill whomever might be a threat to their failure or capture.During the books brightest moments, the times of the great depression are vividly portrayed There are episodes reminiscent of Davis Grubb s Fools Parade , Horace McCoy s They Shoot Horses, Don t They and Edward Anderson s 1937 classic, Thieves Like Us.Unfortunately, the brighter moments are obscured by the meaningless repeated resurrections of the Firefly Brothers The brothers make no changes in their lives for better or worse as they ponder their apparent immortality.Author Thomas Mullen s debut, The Last Town on Earth was favorably reviewed by The Washington Post, a Chicago Tribune book of the year in 2006, and USA Today s Debut Novel of the Year Mullen s second effort is not as notable.

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    The premise of this book is gripping two bank robbing brothers during the Depression era are repeatedly killed during their illegal exploits, but keep coming back to life The book opens with the brothers, Jason and Whit, waking up in the police morgue, with no memory of the events leading up to their apparent death Of course, they escape and the rest of the novel covers their struggle to evade the police and reunite with their girls It s not much of a spoiler to add that they die a few times, given the title Woven through the main narrative are many flashbacks to the events that led them to this life of crime and to that first death, as they slowly remember what happened Also included is the perspective of a young law school graduate, who finds himself working for the newly formed FBI and trying to track down the brothers who have become Public Enemy 1 But the pacing was just so darn slow The first section, in particular, as Mullen establishes the setting and characters, just drags on and on I almost abandoned the book, but I wanted to find out what happened after all, the premise is good and I really enjoyed Mullen s debut novel, The Last Town on Earth So I kept slogging along and the pace did pick up, although it was still slow at times.The characters didn t really do it for me, either Jason is the slick, ladies man, former bootlegger Whit is the angry, communist leaning, anarchist trying to stick it to the man Sticking it to the man seems to be a major theme for Mullen Like LToE, Mullen is pretty clear about who we should be rooting for, with a little sympathy allowed for some of the less evil villain types, but most being portrayed as pure evil, or bumbling idiots He showed the staggering effects of the Depression on the country as a whole, which felt very timely considering the pickle our country is currently in But I still couldn t connect with the protagonists enough to really care what happened to them.The ending left me really unsatisfied Maybe I just didn t connect all the dots, but it was far too ambiguous for my taste I feel kind of harsh only giving the book 2 stars, because Mullen is a good writer But the general information about the Depression and the outlaw culture that developed during that time appealed to me than the main plot I m interested in reading the non fiction book he recommended at the end than I was in his carefully crafted narrative, and I wouldn t recommend this to anyone, so I can t really justify giving a 3 star rating.

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    The only thing worse than a writer with no talent is a writer who squanders talent Armed with a great concept, first chapter, and even a Cormac McCarthy quote to kick off his novel, Thomas Mullen proceeds to kill off anything remotely resembling an interesting piece of literary fiction Even the backdrop of J Edgar Hoover s public enemies and The Great Depression were not enough to save it, as the research had clearly gone not one step further than Wikipedia Poor descriptions, worse choices, and a cast of characters that talked like no human beings from any era littered the pages and left me wondering when the pain was going to subside Quite honestly, I m not sure how any self respecting editor green lighted this without asking for some simple changes to beef up the story characters descriptions anything or calling for a second draft Oh, and for those of you wondering if it was truly that bad, I ve included some excerpts The place smelled of old ladies perfume and sorrow Yes, you are rather sorry sometimes She grinned But the rest of the time you re exceptional Life had returned, and she needed sustenance Then he tried to submerge that thought in the amnesia of a long kiss

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