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Supreme Clientele files Supreme Clientele, read online Supreme Clientele, free Supreme Clientele, free Supreme Clientele, Supreme Clientele c81b9bb1a Every Hustler S Reign Ends In One Of Two Waysison Or Death Refusing To Let The Prediction Become A Reality, Julius Jules Carter Creates New Rules To An Old Game Strategically, He Forms One Of The Most Notorious Drug Operations Harlem Has Ever Seen Jules Thought The Game Was His Biggest Challenge That Is Until He Meets Tish Young And Ambitious She Is Determined To Escape From Harlem S Allure, But Her Love For Jules Has Her Rooted She Gets Tangled In His Web Of Lies And Deceit When She Finds Out About His Past Demons And Connects Them With Her Own, She Soon Finds Out That There S A Thin Line Between Love And Hate You Can T Turn A Bad Girl Good, But Once A Good Girl Turns Bad She S Gone Forever Julius Finds Out The Hard Way That Everything Done In The Dark Eventually Comes To Light Ashley And JaQuavis Narrate A Fast Paced, Suspenseful Tale Of One Of Harlem S Biggest Drug Lords, His Rise To Power, And The Woman Behind Him

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    This was a street lit page turner from the first to last page Zya really turned out to be the opposite of what I expected In the beginning i thought she was just a drug dealers stupid girlfriend, but she turned out to be so much She was a strong, intelligent, and extremely resourceful woman Snow was her perfect match because he was almost the man version of her The way these two handled their business was off the charts, and their little love story was very believable also Jules was really dealt a bad hand I kind of felt sorry for him in the end I have to say this is the first Ashley and JaQuavis book that didn t almost totally piss me off in the end This one actually ended on a good note, and has me wanted to read about these characters.

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    Love this book

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    Even though I just found out that it is a part of a series, I loved this story I m not surprised I mean I can never go wrong, when I pick up and Ashley Jacquavis story I will be reading the other two books very soon.

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    I really enjoyed this one I was happy to see Anari come back.

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    I thought this book was a really good read Can t go into too many details without giving the book away Well put together I do recommend

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    I didn t realize this was a series Therefore I read book three first Very easy to pick up on but I will make sure I ready the entire dirty money series It was awesome Great job True friends never snitch and they have your back, ride or die

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    I liked this book my first time reading anything by these 2 authors and I have to say great job I have 2 other books by these authors but, yet to pick the books up.Zya is a woman that is just trying to make it after her may Jules get locked up She was going to hold him down until she found out that he was holding another woman down that was pregnant So she left him alone doing her own thing in the drug business She decided to use Jules name in order to get connected with the ones she can get drugs from and sell drugs to.Zya came up on the map after getting involved into a drug business with the man diva at the round table She helped her get on the map Zya got connected while working with Snow, Snow was Jules connect before her got locked up.Zya and Snow was bring in the money making millions of money by working with the Supreme Clientele But, there is a cop name Wade that is trying to take down the made diva Anari out by using Zya to set it all up.So Zya have to either give up the information or go to jail for some stuff that Jules did that wasn t her fault Book was great Great details liked it from the start to finish.

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    Hoping theres a 4th but even if there isnt this was a pretty good end Still can tell that this is one of their earlier books but i could see the progressiononly complaint is how they just switch up between points of view from line to line sometimesmade it hard to keep track sometimes but over all another great story from my favorite authors

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    Another good read

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